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List of performing animals with circuses in India - Sukanya Kadyan


Points not yet replied by the CZA: 1. Facilities with the Circuses / rescue centers. 2. Equipments to handle the animals as required in Circuses / rescue centers. 3. Rescue of abused animals in Amar circus etc. 4. When Elephants ordered to rescue then why not yet rescued from Zoo / circuses. 5. Blind Hippo's are compelled to perform, why? 6. Why wild animal species with rescue centered? 7. No FIR lodged against the offenders in performing bears matters, Why? 268 dancing bear rescued for Agra with out legal action. 8. Why these rescue centers owners are part of CZA / Member CZA of the Committees? 9. Why unwanted animals with the Circuses / rescue centers? 10. Why and how Camels and Elephants are being shifted from one place to another? 11. Why Elephant trading allowed by CZA in Amar circus matter, female elephant and blind Hippo not yet rescue and rehabilitated? 12. Why blind Hippo's are being compelled to perform with Amar circus, Famous circus, Natraj circus and Gemini circus?

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