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Review of the KEF HTB2BL SE Subwoofer

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									                                       KEF HTB2BL (SE) Compact Subwoofer Review
                                       If you are looking for a compact subwoofer that delivers clear and tight audio the KEF
                                       HTB2BL (SE) is definitely something you should be looking into. KEF is known for making
                                       small speakers that outperform the competition.

                                       This modern looking subwoofer is designed to put out tight and clear bass audio in a small
                                       package. The KEF HTB2BL is designed to be used as a part of a home theater system
                                       and is best used when paired with a good receiver.

                                  The HTB2BL has a 10" driver and a matching 10" passive radiator. The frequency response
                                  ranges from 30Hz-250Hz, which is what you would expect from a subwoofer of this size.
The KEF HTB2BL has a built in 250 Watt amplifier. It can put out enough volume for most rooms and the quality of the sound is
good for a compact subwoofer.

  Pros:                                                                Cons:
     ● Clear and tight sound                                             ● No gain control
     ● Easy to use                                                       ● No adjustable crossover
Because there is no adjustable gain, it's best to use the KEF HTB2BL when hooked up to a receiver. It does have a phase switch,
which can be switched to 0 or 180 degrees. It also has a bass boost for 0, +3, or +6dB. You can stand the subwoofer on it's side or
attach some legs that allow you to lay it horizontally as shown in the two pictures. This will give you more flexibility in where and how
you place it.

Overall, if you want a great compact sub with loud, clear, and tight sound for your home theater, the KEF HTB2BL (SE) is a very
good option. At $900, it may be a bit expensive for some but it is well worth the cost.


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