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									Street Naming & Numbering

Request New Addressing for Developments
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are

      Building more than one property
      Re-developing an existing property into multiple dwellings
      Developing a large estate

Please provide the following information and complete this form:

      Copy of your site layout plan (showing building(s) location, relevant boundaries and main
       access). Scale 1 :1250.
      Planning Approval number.

Email to or send FAO John Meager/Julie Fisher
Environmental Management Dept. Huntingdonshire District Council, Pathfinder House, St Marys
Street, Huntingdon PE29 3TN.

If you want to allocate a building name eg. to an apartment block, this name must be used in
conjunction with the street name.

If you are a developing a large estate involving the construction of new road(s) you can propose
new road name(s). We would only consider a new road name for four or more properties, although
each case is looked at on its own merit. H.D.C. will give preference to names with a local or
historical connection. Streets can be named after people related to a particular area or site, as
long as that person is deceased.
Street names should not duplicate any similar name already in use in the district. Street names
should not be difficult to spell or pronounce or cause offence. Please liaise with your local town or
parish council until an acceptable name is agreed.

Please note that Developers are also responsible for providing and erecting street name plates
before the new properties are occupied. The name plates should conform to H.D.C.’s standards.
H.D.C. has responsibility for the street name plates thereafter. For details of H.D.C.’s preferred
supplier please visit the link for P.G.M. signs on the right.


Correspondence Address



Proposed Buildings Name: (if relevant)

Proposed Street Name: (if relevant)

Planning Application Number:


Please Enclose a copy of the Site Layout Plan with this request

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