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EDG 2701 The Artifact by 0Xds8Yhy


									The Artifact
Each course within your teacher preparation program has an artifact. The artifact
demonstrates your progress in your accomplishment of the course FEAPS. Each
of these artifacts will become part of your final program portfolio and the
collection of these artifacts will be reviewed and rated to determine your
eligibility for graduation. Your program advisor will be responsible for the final
review and acceptance of your portfolio (collection of artifacts). Each of your
course professors will determine your accomplishment of their particular course
FEAPS and will rate, using their artifact rubric, your course artifact.

The course artifact for 2701 is “An Analysis of Self in Relation to 2701
and FEAPs.” This analysis, presented as a web page with links to each of the
major assignments of the course, asks you to examine your progress towards
excellence in FEAPS 5,6,2,9,2,11 and 7. FEAPS 12 is demonstrated in your
presentation of your artifact.

To develop your course artifact, examine your progress towards excellence in the
course FEAPS; and use your course assignments as evidence of your progress. For
example, use your field project to demonstrate your knowledge of the importance
and application of the FEAPS. Your service project design is an excellent example
of your understanding and awareness of the issues surrounding our course FEAPS
and your ability to actively address these issues. The group research presentation
will demonstrate your in depth understanding of one particular issue and your ability
to work cooperatively and effectively to research and present information to your
peers and professor. The Introduction to Self provides and excellent introduction to
who you are today and your goals and beliefs about yourself…today. Your course
Diversity Journal provides hard copy and an extensive documentation of your work
and your professor’s comments and evaluation, and the course artifact provides a
vehicle to demonstrate your accomplishments as part of your electronic program

Rubric Analysis of Self in Relation to FEAPS

  Component             Excellent                        Proficient         Needs improvement
Content         Addresses each of the     Addresses each of the course    Addresses some of the
                course FEAPS and          FEAPS                           course FEAPS.
                provides excellent        Evidence of accomplishment is   Evidence is sparse or
                evidence of               Uneven, unclear or minimally    lacking.
                accomplishment of each.   developed. Appears to have      Accomplishment of all
                Detailed, well written    achieved proficiency in a       course FEAPS
                                          strong majority of the course   Questionable. In need
                                          FEAPS and shows effort in the   of work and attention
Analysis         Relates course tasks to        Relates course tasks to            Relates some of course
                 FEAPS and discusses            FEAPS. Shows beginning             tasks to some course
                 strengths weaknesses           understanding of weaknesses        FEAPS. Shows little
                 and/or need for                and strengths and need for         understanding of
                 additional work or             improvement Uneven in              progress towards
                 experiences to become          analysis or poorly written. A      accomplishment.
                 excellent in all areas.        beginning that shows               Uneven, poorly written.
                 Provides clear                 significant promise.               Needs much attention to
                 understanding of                                                  approach proficiency.
                 progress and next steps.
                 Well written.
Examples         Uses course tasks              Uses some course tasks linkage     Uses some course tasks
                 introduction to self, field,   to FEAPS. Weak or                  to link to some FEAPS.
                 service design group           inconsistent. Clearly              Beginning
                 research and class             demonstrates an understanding      understanding of
                 participation to               of FEAPS and is beginning to       relationship of FEAPS
                 clearly illustrate and         link those understandings to       to course tasks. Uneven
                 discuss your                   examples and course tasks.         poorly written. Needs
                 accomplishment/                                                   much attention.
                 understanding of each of
                 the course FEAPS.
Presentation     Presented as web page          Presented as web page with         Presented as web page
                 with links to excellent        links to adequate examples.        with links to some
                 examples. Work is              On the whole, work is edited       examples. Quality of
                 edited and professional.       and professional. Some             examples is uneven.
                 Well written. No               grammatical, spelling or layout    Work in need of
                 grammatical, spelling or       errors. Connection to FEAPS        development and /or
                 layout errors. Logical         and personal progress at           editing. Connection to
                 connection to FEAPS            beginning level.                   FEAPS and personal
                 and personal progress.                                            progress unclear and/or
                                                                                   poorly developed.
Conclusion and   Presents concluding            Presents concluding analysis       Conclusion missing or
synthesis        analysis /synthesis of         synthesis of some course           poorly developed.
                 course requirements and        requirements and FEAPS and         Errors in grammar or
                 FEAPS. Thoughtful,             personal progress.                 spelling. Does not
                 reflective, well written.      Uneven in analysis or does not     demonstrate
                 Demonstrates                   synthesize( pull together as a     understanding of self in
                 understanding of self and      whole)                             terms of
                 knowledge of FEAPS             Demonstrates beginning             accomplishment and
                 and their application in       understanding of self and          need for further
                 relation to 2701               knowledge of FEAPS/course          development. Marginal
                                                         Well written,             tie of FEAPS to
                                                thoughtful                         understanding of self.
                                                                                   Seems to lack
                                                                                   thoughtful reflection
                                                                                   and attention to detail
Overall rating   Presents clear electronic      Presents clear electronic          Electronic depiction of
                 depiction of self and          depiction of self and progress.    self is not complete and
                 progress towards               Received rating of proficient in   or clear. Received a
                 FEAPS. Received rating         all areas and accomplished         rating of needs
                 of excellence in at least      excellence in some                 improvement in several
                 4/5 components                                                    areas
The following is the rubric for our first project under "Introduction to Self" and will be
presented and discussed in class.

RUBRIC: Self Portrait/Collage
   self portrait      detailed, 11x17,            some detailing,       weak detailing,
                      timely                      size is not as        size is off or is
                                                  assigned or is late   late
    emphasizes multi      uniqueness,             detailed,             weak detailing,
    cultural              detailed,               thoughtful,           does not
                          thoughtful,             presents some         emphasize multi
                          emphasizes multi        multi cultural        cultural or is
                          cultural                uniqueness,           fragmented and
                          characteristics,        presents a whole      without
                          integrated into                               wholeness
                          meaningful whole
    written               well written,           a few errors in       errors and or
    discussion            thoroughly              write up,             does not address
                          discusses collage,      marginal              assignment or
                          emphasizes multi        coverage, not         discussion not
                          cultural                clear or minimal      presented with
                          characteristics, ties   detail of multi       collage
                          together into a         cultural
                          presentation of         uniqueness, does
                          personal                not present a
                          uniqueness              whole "picture”
                                                  of self

Some students have laminated their color copy.

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