TIPPING POINTS by BrianCharles



        “Obama is a pawn in all of this …resources have been utilized …information
      gathered….this is a global crisis. Barack Obama’s election in 2008 was itself the
               signal. Now those forces are moving… and quickly.” – WSI
    “Soon, some will ask “how did we get here?”, and the others will only laugh bitterly…”

                               Tipping Points
                                            by Theseus
  The self-evident truth of the global Marxist conspiracy is growing clearer and clearer.
  The bloated and weakened bureaucracy of American government gasps and plods along,
  beset on all sides by thousands of biting and striking scorpions. The communist
  serpents strike and retreat, leaving their mark, one after another. Through the most
  wasteful of means, they have sucked 15 trillion dollars of debt out of the American
  name, leaving its once gold-standard rating to be trodden in the dust.
  The Sequence began ever since the Apparatus gained a foothold through the election of
  the Impostor. It has been counting down to the inevitable destruction of the American
  citizenry ever since, if they do not make one last attempt to stop it in time. The Sequence
follows a precise Blueprint and is in fact two-pronged. As Sun Tzu said, the greatest
battle to win is to take your enemy’s city without firing a shot.
Barack Obama as a strategist, as a tactician, is virtually worthless. As an actor, as a
trained orator, as a hand-puppet who can read the same speech over and over again,
and make it sound as if he is coming up with these ideas on the spot, he is superb. That
is his only talent. That is all he can do because that is all he has to do for the Apparatus.
That is his role.
What many Americans do not understand is that the election of Barack Obama in 2008
did not merely represent the election of a man, regardless of how flawed and totalitarian
his ideology. It was the election of a Gang who was concealed behind Barack, a gang who
used Barack’s trained gifts as an orator, employing carefully designed speeches, to bring
the entire Machine into the White House and subsequently bring the entire United
States of America executive branch under their control. It was quite a feat; in fact it was
the first time it has ever been done in American history, if not human history.
Once they had their foot in the door, Barack Obama settled firmly into his role of a
facilitator. He said what they told him to say, did what they told him to do, read the
speeches they told him to read, and (most importantly) nominated the agents they
wished him to nominate. That is all he does because that is all he is capable of, but more
importantly, that is all he is meant to do. It is plausible deniability and proxy warfare all
rolled into one.
His election was a momentous occasion not because he was dark-skinned, but because
he was a communist agent. His election made history not because of his Arab-
American ethnicity, but because it was one of the first times in history one
nation literally took over another nation through the use of democratic
America is now over 3 years into the Sequence and the results are becoming plain to see.
It is leftist Democrat policies on steroids, in short communism. Everything has been
kicked into hyperdrive because this is the final countdown. The dollar has been
completely devalued, industry has been completely hollowed out, unemployment is
skyrocketing, theft and laundering from the federal Treasury into Apparatus bank
accounts has exploded, and we have begun to see the first starts of the political
assassinations that so defines Communists.
For those wondering how it is that a man with the power of the presidency of the United
States could possibly be controlled by others, there are several indicators to pay
attention to.
By numerous accounts, he is a man with a potential weakness for substance abuse,
including a potential inclination towards those of the same sex. Additionally, there are
no real academic achievements to speak of. According to a former Clinton staffer, it was
common knowledge that he wasn’t eligible for the presidency due to not being a citizen
of the country. Just one of those facts would be enough to blackmail anyone who was
President; taken together, you could make Barack do just about anything you want.
Therefore, it is logically sound that President Barack Obama would propose reducing
the American strategic nuclear arsenal from roughly 5,000 warheads to 300. From 300,
it is a small matter to destroy the pitifully small number of remaining warheads,
rendering the nation utterly defenseless to a nuclear attack.
Communist strategy, while historically maintaining the vision of total domination and
absolute power, has also always been tactically flexible. A careful observation of current
events and the various moves of the global Communists reveals two possible desired
outcomes for them:

   Conversion of America from a democratic republic to a Communist dictatorship. Beginning with
      an economic Depression triggered by the global Communists, this transition would involve mass
      riots, civil unrest, and the imposition of martial law followed by the suspension of Constitutional
      freedoms and rights. In the government crackdown that would inevitably follow, the American
      Communists would consolidate and strengthen their power by commencing a pogrom against
      their prearranged list of enemies. This list would include media figures, business leaders,
      political opponents, activists, and possible military figures. It would also include leftists who are
      no longer useful to the Communists and would become vicious enemies of the new dictatorship
      once they realized they had been deceived. In addition to the murder of the Global
      Communists’ most powerful enemies, there would also be the construction of “enemy camps”
      where future patriots would be sent for torture and murder, a common element in Communist
      dictatorships. This transition could conceivably make the use of Russian and/or Chinese troops
      under the guise of “UN peacekeepers” if the Global Communists deemed it necessary.
   Elimination of the indigenous American population for re-population and looting of natural
      resources. Beginning with the economic Detonation triggered by the Global Communists, this
      scenario is exacerbated by strategic nuclear devices placed by Russian proxy tactical forces
      under the guise of “Islamic terrorists”. Chinese biological weapons would also be used to
      increase the number of casualties and clear the way for the invasion. In the massive death and
      chaos that ensues, the Communist agents in the government would internally sabotage the
      military, paving the way for a traditional Soviet nuclear strike. It is virtually impossible to
      determine the sequence, but there could also be Iranian(Russian proxy) or North
      Korean(Chinese proxy) inter-continental ballistic missiles launched over the US, sparking an
      EMP attack and destroying the power grid at the very beginning.

Domestically, the Communists are escalating the general mood of the public and
normalizing them to murder under certain circumstances. This is imperative because
murder will be pivotal to their tactics in the coming months and years. The Trayvon
Martin propaganda is a case in point. In this case, they took an issue virtually
impossible to argue against and used it as the foundation for an argument for murder
(“Zimmerman wanted dead or alive! Kill Zimmerman twitter account”). Since they are
behavioral science experts, this was a sophisticated propaganda campaign as usual and
moved the nation spiritually that much closer to acceptance of murder “for certain
reasons”. There are key reasons for them doing this.
  Every step leads to the next.
  The gangs of anarchists, socialists, and communists disguised under the banner of the
  “Occupy” movement are nothing more than one of their military arms. The psychotic
  black supremacists disguised as the “New Black Panther Party” are nothing more than
  another of their military arms. The psychotic quasi-Islamist anti-Jew fanatics disguised
  as the “Nation of Islam” are nothing more than another military arm. And there are
  many more.
  These will coalesce. One important thing to note is that it is impossible to fully
  determine which option they will choose. Circumstances will dictate which path they
  will follow. It could be that they will choose a combination of both, i.e. martial law and
  disarmament followed by a nuclear first strike.
  To say that the situation is under control at this point would be laughable. So would be
  saying that the US is at some type of critical tipping point. The truth is that America is
  so far past the tipping point, all that’s left is a question of timing.
  It is a DefCon 1 level, sirens sounding, red-light flashing situation we are currently in.
  Preparations for personal survival are of course first priority. Warning others is the
  next. The last, but hardly the least important, is organizing others who are of like mind
  and building networks.


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