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  One Last Gasp
  Across the nation and across the world, freedom is under assault. There is nothing
  different about this particular fact, any more than the fact that evil has always existed
  since the dawn of time. As it has been since the inception of the universe, the forces of
  light and darkness are eternally engaged in struggle, with the balance of power an
  ever-changing, amorphous entity.
  However, in the past century, something has fundamentally changed. Something is
  happening. The forces of light that roam the earth have undergone a dramatic near-
  extinction, with the persecution of its ranks reaching intense and exponentially brutal
  What we have beheld is a systematic eradication of goodness, decency, and nobility.
  What we have witnessed is the intentional and specific elimination of the forces of
  light. Some pockets of resistance still remain, their declining numbers making it all the
  more easier to isolate and polarize them. It has also had the converse effect. The
multiplication of evil in the world has only clarified the contrast between it and
Here in the U.S., we have witnessed a strategic erosion of the freedoms our fathers
bled and died to attain. Traitors and seditionists within spew falsehoods and lies about
our history – they commit sacrilege in their desecration of this nation’s sacred
foundation. Lies surround us; they have woven themselves into the national fabric.
Generations have arisen with subsequently increasing falsehoods that truth becomes a
rarity, a white whale, a spectre one strains to glimpse.
The reasons for this are many; the infiltration and subsequent takeover of the
American school system, the subversion of the entertainment institutions, and the
militant capture of the national media. The flow of culture is influenced by these three
pillars; the schools, the media, and the entertainment complexes. They knew they had
to conquer these arenas of thought before they could be victorious.
And so we are left with a country that teeters on its foundation. Weakened and rotting
from the inside, only one avenue of resistance remains: the body politic. Even now, the
enemies of righteousness swarm and crawl upon the carcass of fair elections,
distorting and crippling its legitimacy. This is the only place the people can make
themselves heard, the last bastion of freedom.
Liberty has one last chance. It breathes in for one last gasp, and perhaps even that is
overly optimistic. The people hunger for good men, and find none. They search for
men of character and integrity, only to discover that their father’s house has become a
den of thieves.
And yet there is a glimmer of light. The average man, the worker, the father, the
simple man rises up to reclaim that which was stolen. Nowhere is this more evident
than in the case of Doug Hoffman, a simple man who never desired public office. These
are the type of men we must entrust the nation to, not those who will embezzle and
deceive, exploiting their great responsibilities to enrich themselves and bribe voters of
weak moral fiber.
A wave of simple patriotism is sweeping the nation once more, and Hoffman could be
the spark that lights the inferno. A dark horse challenger who entered only after deep
persuasion, he has risen quickly on his message of responsible stewardship and lifting
the financial chains of bondage from the American people.
Only time will tell if this match, feebly fluttering in the wind, represents something
greater and bigger than itself; only the pages of time will write Hoffman’s chapter in
history as that of a man who heralded an exodus from darkness or a footnote in time.
Anything can happen. My own opinion is far darker than any I currently offer here,
and perhaps in time I will share what I envision occurring farther down the road. This
isn’t the time or place.
What is needed is a fundamental change in perspective; what is necessary is the
realization that we are engaged in a war, a war of good and evil, light and darkness,
righteousness and iniquity. There are saints, sinners, traitors and patriots,
            collaborators and men of good faith. The enemy wishes to neutralize you by
            convincing you we live in times of peace and times of plenty. Nothing could be further
            from the truth. We have never been closer to evil on a scale never before seen. We have
            never been closer to the tipping point. The enemy would like nothing more than to
            paralyze its adversaries by inaction, by lulling them to sleep or relegating them to the
            sidelines by feeding their vices.
            This cannot happen. What is of primary importance is that we fight the enemy at all
            times; that we pray without ceasing, that we keep our shields up and our vigilance
            eternal. We must always be on the attack, we must always be exposing the works of
            darkness by shining the light of truth, and we must always be pressing forward. Only
            by our steadfast resolve and determination does this nation, and the nations beyond it
            stand any chance at salvation. Be a conduit of light and an emissary for God, and all
            these things will be added unto you.
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         2 Responses to “DEATH OF LIBERTY?”

1.              Steve says:

                                                                              November 7, 2009 at 4:23 am

         Excellent writing :)

2.              Edward Ross-Adams says:

                                                                                   July 4, 2011 at 8:57 am
“Across the nation and across the world, freedom is under assault”
At the heart of the erosion of these assaults lies the salesmen of socialism; they sell the socialist idea so as to
establish the stepping stones necessary to bring about communism.

In thousands of ways the talk is SAVE LIVES.

In thousands of ways the talk is AVERT VIOLENCE.

In thousands of ways the talk is ENERGIZE.



Remember you this:
He who will not be a slave cannot be a slave.
Chains only find willing wrists.

That is why there are so many salesmen of socialism, they seek to persuade you and all the can with sweet talk ,
how wonderful and safe and secure you will be; TO PLACE THE CHAINS ON YOURSELF WILLINGLY.

In thousands of different ways.
Every government has been infiltrated by these salesmen.
Consider the question of who is responsible for your own security. Many people hire security companies to ensure
guarding and armed response. When one does that one has already lost security… it is long gone. Security is
something personal, your security and your families security requires your own personal attention at all times.
Reliance on outside sources opens the door to insecurity.
So too it is with your own freedom. It is personal to you.
The salesmen seek to sell you … that you socialize so that you too can



and willingly place chains on your own wrists, BY AGREEMENT.

Agreement is necessary for there to be a flow.
This is all about the nature of infiltration, the nature of subversion and the nature of weakening and degrading whole
populations to the end of making slavery under communism.
Added to which you have the slant which comes from Psychiatric Eugenics, by which those classified as not worthy
get euthanased or eliminated by Genocide.
By Brainwashing and propaganda people can be led to classify many people as “monsters” or “inhuman” so as to
Whose responsibility is it to face these horrible things. It is YOUR OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.
One cannot afford to gloss over these things.
The article above is excellent.

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