The Horned Toad Prince Study Guide by 0Xds8Yhy


									                           The Horned Toad Prince              Name

                                   Study Guide

Write a sentence for each vocabulary word.

1. prairie

2. lassoed

3. riverbed

4. favor

5. offended

6. shrieked

7. bargain

Answer the following questions with complete sentences.

1. How did Reba Jo like to spend her time? Why did the author give this

2. Reba Jo was going to “be in a peck of trouble” with her father. What does “a
peck” mean?
3. Why did Reba want to stay near the riverbed at first?

4. What happened right before the horned toad spoke to Reba Jo?

5. What is the setting of the story? How do you know?

6. How many favors will Reba Jo do for the horned toad and why?

7. What was the last favor that the horned toad asked for?

8. When was the prince turned into a horned toad?

9. What lesson did Reba Jo learn in this story?

10. What was the author’s purpose for this story?

11. What language did the toad speak and why?

12. Why did the prince leave Reba Jo so quickly?

13. What was the clue that this story is fantasy?

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