IMPACT STATEMENT TEMPLATE

    1. Applicant Details


First Name:




Project Name:

Email address:

    2.   Meeting participation

If your impact statement is selected you will be invited to make a short presentation based on your
impact statement at the next UKCCSC Early Career Researcher Annual Meeting 25-26 June, at
University of Leeds. Please indicate whether or not you will be able to attend if your statement is
selected by the Review Panel. Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed for speakers.

Yes, I will be able to attend the meeting

No, I will not be able to attend the meeting

    3. Impact Statement Strands

Please identify which Pathways to Impact your statement covers. You need to chose one from
both areas, but no more than three from each area.

Academic                                               academic disciplines
                                                       Training highly skilled researchers
                                                       Innovative methodologies, equipment,
Enhancing the knowledge economy                        techniques, technologies and cross-
Improving teaching and learning                        disciplinary approaches
Contributing towards the health of                     Worldwide academic advancement

Societal and Economic                                  Attracting R&D investment
                                                       Increasing public engagement with
Changing organisational culture and                    research
practices                                              Improving health and well-being
Enhancing the research capacity,                       Improving social welfare, and related
knowledge and skills of public,                        societal issues, social cohesion
private and third sector organisations                 and/or national security
Enhancing cultural enrichment and                      Wealth creation, economic prosperity
quality of life                                        and regeneration
Environmental sustainability,                          Commercialisation and exploitation
protection and impact                                  Enhancing the research capacity,
Evidence based policy-making and                       knowledge and skills of public,
influencing public policies                            private and third sector organisations

4. Publishable Summary
   Please provide a short summary of your impact statement. Please note that
   this may be posted on the UKCCS Research Centre website.

5. Assessment of Academic Impact
   (impacts could include new collaborations and partnerships with industry or
   other academics, training of students, outputs in terms of influential
   publications, etc)

6. Assessment of Societal and Economic Impact
   (impacts could include reducing the cost(s) of CCS, contributions towards
   commercialisation, research that informs and underpins policy, contributing to
   sustainability and environmental protection, etc)

7. Future Work
   (how future steps in your current research focus could lead to RCUK-identified
   impacts. Discuss needs that could help realise these impacts)


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