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					                    Why Doesn't The Cosmic Ordering Service Work?

 Throughout time people have searched for improvement of their lives. People long to live a life
that allows them to have all the things that want and need and have time to enjoy what the have.
Most people have heard about cosmic order.

Learning about cosmic ordering. We constantly strive to acquire all those comforts in life which
allow us to feel good about ourselves and while many recipes for success exist, none are quite as
good as cosmic ordering.

Just what is cosmic ordering anyway? Cosmic ordering is asking the universe itself for what you

While it is true that cosmic ordering is a spiritual practice, dont be dismayed thinking that you have
to behave as a saint behaves and only do good deeds in order to reap the rewards of cosmic
ordering. While behaving well is a benefit, it is not required.

Cosmic ordering aids in manifesting your goals and dreams the spiritual way. You only need to
order or ask the universe for what ever you want. You can ask for anything from changing your life
completely or circumstances to fulfill your ambitions.

Noted spiritual gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra reveal that you need to enter a
particular energy field known as the field of intent to manifest your desires. This is nothing but a
kind of a frequency where we form a spiritual connection with the universe and that's when our
desires are physically manifested by the cosmos.

You have likely done this before without even being aware of it. Likely, you can remember a time
when you really needed something or wanted something very badly and by an amazing
coincidence, you got what you desired.

This wasn't coincidence; this was cosmic ordering at work.

Using cosmic ordering relies a lot on the power of intention. The power of intention is the
combination of our desire to create an improved situation and our belief that we really deserve
what we are requesting.

In order for cosmic ordering to work, you must truly want what you are asking for, but you must
also believe that you are worthy of receiving it.

If asking for a new car or wishing for a better job while believing that you really shouldnt have them
because you have done nothing to earn them or didnt put forth the effort needed to get them, then
your order will not be filled. If you really want a better life then you have to believe, with every fiber
of your being, that a better life is what you deserve.

Cosmic ordering is probably the easiest thing you can do to make changes in your life. It is not
hard at all. Is there a negative side to cosmic ordering? As with all things in live, there are pros and
cons, depending on how a person uses it.

If you believe that negative things will happen, cosmic ordering will also deliver that.

If you go through your days feeling sure that you will get fired from your job, it wont be long until
these thoughts become a reality. You will get fired. Always focus on positive things. Focus
constantly on the things that you want most in your life.

Most people have had so many years living in unhappy circumstances and seeing themselves as
being undeserving' that it is impossible for them to manifest what they want.

Many a times your deep rooted subconscious beliefs can become your biggest stumbling block in
the manifestation of your desires. Successful cosmic ordering can only happen when your
subconscious mind can truly be conditioned to understand and accept the fact that you are worthy
and prepared to receive all that you have ever wanted.

Communication with the subconscious mind is not a big deal. Simple affirmation, hypnosis and
meditation can accomplish this.

Cosmic ordering has made positive transformations in the lives of many why not you? You too
can use cosmic ordering and start living the life you want.

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