Welcome Letter Spring Shootout 2012 by 8aMAyL


									Welcome to the 2012 Spring Shootout basketball tournament – May 12th – 13th, 2012.

Thank you for your team’s participation in this year’s event. Due to the increasing interest and the
popularity of the event over the past 6 years; we had a tremendous number of teams that has entered
to participate this year. We have over 125+ teams in attendance this year so with the increased
amount of participating teams there was a need for more court space and facilities to be utilized.

We will have 13 courts going for the two day event at three separate facilities. Please take a close look
at your court numbers and gym facilities for each specific age group.

Good luck at the event and I hope that you have a great weekend of hoops. Tournament Director – Jeff Smith

    1. West Allis Central High School – 8516 W. Lincoln Ave. West Allis, Wi. 53227

         (Courts 1-4)                         Site Director – Barb Smith                      414-750-8730

         Teams playing at this facility: 3rd grade boys, 4th grade boys, 5th grade boys, 6th grade boys, 7th
         grade boys & 8th grade boys

    2. Pleasant Prairie – Rex Plex – 9900 Terwall Terrace Pleasant Prairie, Wi. 53158

         (Courts 5-10)                        Site Director – Shelby Reynolds 414-305-9478

         Teams playing at this facility: 4th grade girls, 5th grade girls, 6th grade girls, 7th grade girls, 9th
         grade girls, Varsity Girls, 10th grade boys & Varsity boys

    3. Wisconsin Lutheran College – 8800 W. Bluemound Ave. Milwaukee, Wi. 53226

         (Courts 11-13)                       Site Director – Jeff Smith                      414-750-9890

         Teams playing at this facility:      8th grade girls, 10th grade girls & 9th grade boys

Shopping Mall opportunities within 5-10 minutes of all three gym locations:

Southridge Mall: 5300 S. 76 Street Greendale, WI 53129                    (near West Allis Central High School)

Premium Outlet Mall: 11211 120th Ave. Pleasant Prairie                    (near Pleasant Prairie - Rex Plex)

Mayfair Mall: 2500 North Mayfair Road Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226          (near Wisconsin Lutheran College)

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