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Viral Rating Maximizer by jenniferaine1992


									                  Viral Rating Maximizer

Mark Thompson just released a very powerful new WordPress plugin
called “Viral Rating Maximizer”. This new plugin inserts rating stars
into your WordPress blog pages and posts, as a result, the search
engines will rate your site higher in their listings based on the
increased "User interaction" as well as social signals.

Very cool stuff, Isn’t it?

Imagine looking at a Google search results page and seeing 10
listings. Each result looking similar to the next, except ONE that stands
out. A 'Rich-Snippet' listing that has a 5 star rating and "34 Votes"
next to it. Naturally your eye is going to be drawn to that Google
search result listing.

So how do you create eye-popping 'rich' listings that can boost your
click-through rates and traffic by up to 30%?

                  Click Here to See a Live Demo

Viral Rating Maximizer is a brand-new WP plugin makes it dead
simple to have your content stand out from the crowd.
This is an overview of what this plugin does:

   •   Increase   in   Click-Through Rates
   •   Increase   in   Site Traffic
   •   Increase   in   Social Interaction / Viral Sharing
   •   Increase   in   Valuable SERP Real Estate

The best part of all, it takes literally 2 minutes to setup.

Also, the Viral Rating Maximizer is launching at a 75% discount and is
only going to be available for next 2 days. Plus, they are increasing the
price every time someone buys a copy. So I recommend acting fast.

Click Here to Download Viral Rating Maximizer at 75% Discount

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