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									                            Hypnosis And Making A Cosmic Order

 There is no one who wouldn't like to make their lives a little better and all of us want a little piece
of the good life for ourselves. Most people have heard about cosmic ordering.

Information about the cosmic ordering. We constantly strive to acquire all those comforts in life
which allow us to feel good about ourselves and while many recipes for success exist, none are
quite as good as cosmic ordering.

Cosmic ordering can be defined as a spiritual practice which allows you to obtain everything that
you desire from the universe. It can be likened to an ordering service, where you will get whatever
you ask for or want from the universe.

This is a spiritual practice, but you don't need to do years of good works and spiritual exercises to
learn how. Anyone can use spiritual ordering.

In simple terms cosmic ordering means manifesting your goals and dreams through the spiritual
way. You can ask for anything or order anything that you desire from the universe from changing
your life to getting the partner of your dreams.

According to Drs. Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, you must be within your 'field of intent' to
successfully place an order with the universe. The field of intent is an energy field, while obviously
invisible, connects our spirit to the universe. When this connection is made, our conscious desires
are returned.

Interestingly enough, most people have used cosmic ordering successfully in their lives at some
point but the problem is, they just never realized it. For example, when all of a sudden you get
something you're longing for, most people tend to think it just happened by chance.

It's never a coincidence, it was just cosmic ordering.

Effective use of cosmic ordering has a great deal to do with the power of intention. This is a
combination of both our desires and the belief that we are able to create a better situation along
with the belief that we truly deserve whatever it is we are asking for.

For this reason we can see why it is said that this entire ordering process depends on the power of
your intent.
Simply saying, 'I want a better job' or 'I need a new car' and then believing in your heart that you
should have those requests since you did nothing to earn them or you put no effort into getting
them will insure that your order is not filled. If you really want a better life, then you must believe
deep within your soul that you do indeed deserve a better life.

Practicing cosmic ordering is not difficult. In fact, cosmic ordering is by far the easiest thing you
can do to change your life. Is there a down side to cosmic ordering? As with everything in life,
there are always two sides.

Furthermore, with this process, the only barrier we need to break down is the tendency to allow
ourselves to think in a negative way.

Hence, people who are always scared of losing their job may even see their fear coming true one
day. Therefore just think of the good things that you want. Don't think about the bad ones.

Most people have had so many years living in unhappy circumstances and seeing themselves as
being undeserving' that it is impossible for them to manifest what they want.

In some cases, your subconscious mind works against you in an effort to keep circumstances in
your life exactly as they are at this moment. For true success with cosmic ordering, your
subconscious mind must be prepared to accept the fact that is right for you to seek change in your
life, allowing you to receive all that you want.

Communication with your subconscious mind is not difficult; it can be done with meditation, self-
hypnosis, and positive affirmations.

People have successfully changed their lives by practicing cosmic ordering. Do you believe that
you should be able to live the life that you truly want? Now is your chance to use cosmic ordering
to live a truly fulfilled life and realize your dreams.

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