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					            Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

    Ad Swapping for List Building
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                      Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation


Legal Earnings Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------- 3
Ad Swapping – What Is It? ----------------------------------------------- 5
Researching Your Market-------------------------------------------------- 7
How To Find Some Places To Advertise ---------------------------------- 9
Types of Ad Swaps ------------------------------------------------------- 10
Choosing The Right Newsletter For Your Ad -------------------------- 11
The Power of Aida -------------------------------------------------------- 13
How To Write Your Ad --------------------------------------------------- 15
Using Ad Swapping To Build Your Email List -------------------------- 16
The Ad Swap Process ---------------------------------------------------- 19
Ad Tracking --------------------------------------------------------------- 22
 Which Ad Worked? ........................................................................... 22
Do Not Just Stand There Capture The Market ------------------------- 24
Effective Advertising Tips ----------------------------------------------- 25
How To Do It Right And Wrong! ---------------------------------------- 26
 The Right Way ................................................................................. 26
 The Wrong Way ............................................................................... 26

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Legal Earnings Disclaimer

The author and publisher of this EBook and the accompanying materials
have used their best efforts in preparing this EBook. The author and
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                               warranties    with        respect    to    the    accuracy,
                               applicability, fitness, or completeness of the
                               contents     of    this    EBook.     The        information
                               contained     in    this     EBook        is   strictly   for
                               informational purposes. Therefore, if you wish
                               to apply ideas contained in this EBook, you are
                               taking full responsibility for your actions.

The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied),
merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and
publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect,
punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly
or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is”, and
without warranties.

Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her
background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor, there
is an inherent risk of loss of capital. There is no guarantee that you will
earn any money. This book will provide you with a number of suggestions
you can use to increase your chances for success. We do not and cannot
guarantee any level of profits.

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

This eBook is written with the warning that any and every business venture
contains risks, and any number of alternatives. We do not suggest that any
one way is the right way or that our suggestions are the only way. On the
contrary, we advise that before investing any money in a venture you seek
counseling and help from a qualified accountant and/or attorney or lawyer.

This Publication is provided “AS-IS” and is distributed with the understanding
that the Publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other
professional advice.

The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or
applicability of any services or sites listed or linked to in this EBook. All links
are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content,
accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.


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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Ad Swapping – What Is It?

Ad swapping is exactly what it says on the tin, it is the swapping of adverts
with other publishers.    So you advertise in their newsletter and they
advertise in yours. You advertise on their web site, they advertise on yours.
Some people even swap ads in ebooks, although ads on newsletters are by
far the most popular.

Why swap ads? Well first, it is a very cheap and effective way of advertising
to a completely new set of potential customers. It you manage to advertise
on a large network of new readers, and then you have the potential to grow
your own mailing list and thus advertise to them again in the future. As a
secondary benefit, you have some new content for your own site.

Ad swaps are a great idea but there are a few cons to ad swapping. You
need to choose your advertising medium and potential market very
carefully. We will show you how to do this later in this eBook. In addition,
you need to be sure that you are not going to be advertising a potential
                             customer to your own customers.

                             Overall, ad swapping is a great, free way to
                             build   your   list   and   find   new   potential
                             customers. This very simple concept is a great
                             advertising method!

                             If you are already building a list then you’re
                             well on the way.

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                       Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

If you do not currently build a list from your site but want to get started you
need a solid mailing list provider with the flexibility to allow you to build and
host multiple lists.

The potential benefits are huge if done right. The provider of choice makes
this very easy indeed and you can be up and running with your first list in a
matter of minutes.

This   is    the    same   mailing   list   provider   I   use   and   comes   strongly

            Please click here to check out the market leading mailing list

Now on with the rest of the ebook and the ad swapping process.

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Researching Your Market

Always do some basic common sense market research before you begin
putting together your advertising campaign.       This research will save you
time, money, and frustration in your advertising and garner more results
than if you ignore this vital step.

Make up a checklist of questions that must be answered before you embark
upon any project or get too deeply involved in any advertising situation.
Such a checklist should answer the following questions:

   1. To whom will I sell it?

   2. Do these people really want, and need it?

   3. How large is the market?

   4. How will I reach these people and get them to buy?

   5. Is anyone else selling a similar product, service or eBook?

   6. What makes my product and strategies different?

   7. Can I supply the product at a price the customer will pay, and still
      make a profit for myself?

   8. How much time, effort and money will I have to invest in order to
      reach my profit goals?

   9. Do I really have the resources, and the stamina to carry this idea
      through to success?

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Once you have completed this bit of market research, then you can start
planning exactly how you intend to sell it, and map out your advertising
strategy from there.

You will find success in any selling effort, much easier, and much more
profitable, if you honestly and objectively answer these "check list"
questions before you begin. One thing that you should not overlook is your
potential competition.   If you think there are too many then try to find a
niche for your advertisements.

Ensure that you only advertise where your potential buyers will be –sounds
simple but it is a difficult thing to achieve. Look for forums, interest groups,
subjects that are close to yours. Design your ads to appeal to the people
that you are chasing.      Do not try and sell women’s stuff in car care
magazines – that is pretty dry ground. Conversely not a lot of mechanics
like flower arranging – so choose your venue well.


                         Who are your customers?
                              Where are they?
                            What do they want?

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                    Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

How To Find Some Places To Advertise

There are several places that you can find people to swap ads with:
      Your own friends and fellow business people: These can be off
       line or on line as long as they have a mailing list.
      Ad Swapping web sites: There are a number of these on the
       JV partners: You may have worked with other marketers on a joint
      venture in the past. Now is the time to set another one up with you
      swapping ads to your respective mailing lists.
       Your own research: Undertake some internet searches and find a
      complimentary web site that also has a mailing list. Offer to swap ads
      with them. Join each other’s mailing list so that you see the ads go out
      to your members.
       Your own computer: Search through your past contacts, emails and
      ebooks that you have on your computer and see if you can find a match
      for your ads and then drop them a friendly email, stating that you are
      already a customer of theirs.
       Your own mailings: If you receive regular newsletters from another
      company, then contact them with your proposition.

Do not be afraid to contact people about ad swapping, it is such a great idea
and has no cost to either of you. They will probably be interested, you get a
new ally and both of you win from ad swapping.

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Types of Ad Swaps

There are a number of ways that you can swap ads. These can be:

     Newsletter Ad: This is the most popular method. You place an ad in
    a newsletter and in return, you place the publisher’s ad in your
     Website Ad Swap: This is the second most popular method of ad
    swapping. You place an ad on your site in exchange for an ad on their
    site. This has the added benefit of also counting as a link as far as the
    search engines are concerned.
     Thanks Page: As the title suggests, ads are swapped on thank you
    pages. This has the advantage of being a “soft” advert.
     Up Sell Page: Some internet marketers swap ads on up sell pages.
    These are the pages where web site owners are selling other items after
    they have sold an Introductionary item.
     Recommendation Swapping: This is a first cousin of ad swapping.
    You recommend their product, they recommend yours.          This could be
    done on your web sites or blogs.

In a newsletter, you can choose one of three options: top, regular or solo
advert. The top ad is as it says, at the top of the newsletter. The regular ad
is usually found at the bottom of the newsletter amongst a few others. A
solo ad is the premier ad – it is the sole content of a newsletter that is sent
out to a list. It is usually accompanied by a recommendation from the list

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                    Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Choosing The Right Newsletter For Your Ad

There is one rule in choosing the right newsletter for your solo ad: it is not
the number of subscribers that matter, it is how responsive they will be. Big
is not always beautiful. You may be more successful with a small readership
of only 5,000 readers that have been chosen with care and are really
interested in what the newsletter has to say.       Large subscriptions of say,
10,000 people, may have just signed up for a great free gift and now are
largely uninterested in the email that arrives each week! Small newsletters,
particularly if they have a focused audience following a relevant niche are
your choice of advertiser. To find the appropriate responsive newsletter here
are a few questions to ask:
      Is the niche that the subscribers are following, suitable for your
      Will they be interested in what you have to say?
      What is the average number of subscribers who make a purchase from
       the newsletter? You can ask about special offer take up or any change
       in web site visitors or sales just after a newsletter has gone out.
      Do they have conversion rates on the sales?
      What is the interest in the newsletter article? How are the subscribers
       captured?   Is it a great free gift or a genuine interest that attracts
       them to join?
      How many other advertisers do they have? Is this too many other ads
       for your advert to stand out?
      What is the repeat advertising business that they usually have?

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

A mutually profitable ad swap comes from companies in similar or
complimentary niches. In this way, visitors and newsletter readers will have
an interest in both topics. Ensure that your ad swap partner has visitors and
newsletter readers that are likely to be interested in your services and
products.   Ideally, your companies should complement each other such as
flowers and weddings.       There should be no conflicts of interest or
competiveness between the companies or the products being offered. Also,
be careful with your brand image, find a partner that you can logically team
with and work with in the future. Even if it is a small focused list with few
conversions, but your newsletter is similar, then an ad swap is still feasible.
You can help each other grow.

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                    Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

The Power of Aida

Once you have chosen your ad swap method it is time to write your ad Keep
in mind AIDA

       Attract the attention of your prospective customer.
       Interest them in your product.
     Introduce   Desire for your product
     Ask them for   Action.

This is the basic rule of all advertising and is one core idea for an
entrepreneur to remember. If you ad is not noticed it cannot be acted upon,
if it is not acted upon you get no sales and if you get no sales…….. So how
do you write this winning ad?

Find 10 small ads that have caught your attention and then 10 that you are
sure are really appalling. Examine each of them with the above formula in
     Has the ad caught your attention?
     What made you interested?
     Do you feel that you want to click through the ad and see what is for
     What action does the ad want you to take?

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Now look at the bad ones.
     Why did you think that they were bad?
     What can you learn from these ads?
     Did you overlook them the first time? Some ads are bad in order to
    attract your attention.
     Do you think that you would tell your friends about them? Why?
     What impression did they give you about the products or company?
     Why did they do this?
     Is there a call to action on the ad?

Now you should have a good idea as to what makes a good and a bad ad.
Take a good advert that is similar to the ones that you want to write. Now
write your own ad in the same style. Does it conform to AIDA? Now check
it against the bad ones, just to ensure that you have not made the same
mistakes. Keep practicing until you are sure you are ready to publish.

A good classified ad reads like an old-fashioned telegram. A few words but
they mean what you want them to mean.

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

How To Write Your Ad

Now you can get down to the actual writing of the ad.
     Decide on a format: Do you want a straightforward advertisement
    or something to interest the reader such as a coupon or a competition?
     Start with your headline: This should capture the interest of your
    readers.    Free and other such headings are largely ignored by advert
    weary readers so try for something unusual that will fascinate your
    readers enough to compel them to read the rest of the advert.
     Be Brief: You are not writing a complete sales page, just a means of
    capturing the attention of your intended market.    Make it informative
    but do not over promise or tell people what to do. Suggest that you can
    solve their problems or meet their needs, now or in the future.
     Be Concise: Attention spans are short and you will restricted by the
    amount of words or space you can use. Get to the point or bored
    readers will move on.
     Show the Benefits: Focus on the benefits of using your product,
    going to your web site etc. Answer the question “What is in it for me?”
    and you are almost there.
     Impress Upon Them The Urgency: Or the call to action. Tell them
    why they should be quick. Put a time frame on the opportunity. Give a
    discount for quick action.

These guidelines would assure that you will be investing in an ad that will
bring you your desired results.

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Using Ad Swapping To Build Your Email List

Every marketer knows the value of having a good list for regularly marketing
purposes.   Unfortunately,   list   building   can   be   a   challenge   for   most
businesses. There are several ways to build a list; one of the easiest and
cheapest is through ad swaps. Using ad swaps is not a widely used
technique for list building which is a mistake because it is a very effective
way to add subscribers.

The aim is to swap your advert with another list owner in a joint venture
(JV). You broadcast the advert of your JV partner to your newsletter list and
they do the same with your advert.        You both endorse the ad to your list
such that you are both cross promoting.

The primary objective is to swap an even number of leads with a business
that would likely have leads that will be interested in your products and
services. However, you also do not want to give a business all of your leads
so, consider swapping a small portion of leads to begin with separately or in
combination with swapped web advertising. Work with the business to see if
you are obtaining the levels of results that you desire. If so, continue the
relationship. If not, make adjustments or find other businesses to with which
to collaborate.

Picking the right ad swap partner is critical to the success of your list
building and getting the maximum benefit from ad swapping. Your partners
should be in niches that are related to yours but not in competition with you.
Readers of unrelated newsletters are unlikely to subscribe to your list.

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                    Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Do not be afraid to approach marketers with a much bigger list than yours.
Many of these list owners may be willing to enter into a partial list ad swap
with you and some just want to help out the “little guy”. Some will turn you
down, however the smart ones know that they still get the benefit for
virtually no work even if you get a bigger benefit. Conversely do not just
automatically reject a trade with a marketer with a smaller list.

You should set up your advertisement with the aim to get as many
subscribers possible from the other newsletter publisher’s mailing list to sign
up for yours. The result: you grow your mailing list. You only have to do this
with one newsletter publisher a few times, because their subscribers become
your subscribers as well so that you can keep in contact with them in the
future. You are also receiving a ringing endorsement for your products.

The reason using ad swaps for list building works so well is the same reason
that using lists to make sales works. As you build up trust with your readers,
it becomes easier to make a sale. Most sales are made after several
contacts. A recommendation from the list owner will convert far better than
an opt-in on a web page. Trust is essential in internet marketing and that
includes list building.

Ad swapping is different from a link exchange because the goal is not to
improve search engine rank. The goal of an ad swap is to give your website
or products exposure and increase your mail list. The success of an ad swap
is measured by the amount of visitors it attracts to your website, the
amount of sign ups you get and or sales or downloads from your web site.

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

List building can be challenging, but using ad swaps can greatly simplify the
task. Trading ads with fellow marketers is one of the most efficient and cost
effective ways to add quality prospects to your list and should be a staple of
every internet marketers list building strategy.

Perform ad swaps with selected newsletter publishers and soon, you will
have a large mailing list of your own – built free. Just make sure that you
want to endorse each of these publishers and that you do not bore your own
subscribers with too many ads!

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

The Ad Swap Process

You have chosen your partner, written your ad and are ready to start ad
swapping. Obviously, you do not send your mailing list, you send your ad
copy to the partner to post on their list, and they do likewise.       At the
beginning, you will need to send proof of your list to your potential partner.
You can do this from most reliable autoresponder services. You should ask
for proof of their mailing list numbers as well.

To check the ad listing, you can both sign on to each other’s list. Now check
each other’s products and web site to ensure that you wish to be associated
with this company. There are many sharks out there and you do not want to
give them access to your mailing list.

Now you need to set up your ad swap agreement. You can do this via
emails, no need for long contracts, unless you both have very big newsletter
lists. You need to include details such as:
     When the ad will run.
     How often the ad will run.
     Where the ad will be placed.
     Which list it will be placed with.
     How big the ad will be.
     What products or services will be promoted.

Once you are satisfied, that you have found your ad swap partner and you
have both agreed on the details, you need to prepare your web site:
   1. You need a page to receive the traffic from the ad swap. To aid in ad
      tracking (more about that later) you should use a page just for the
      swapped ad and obviously not your home page.

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

  2. Ensure that the page is fully optimized and customized just for the ad
     you are running.
  3. This page should have links to the rest of your website (ensure that
     they open in a new window) and can be for one of the following (in
     order of preference):
                        Lead capture to your newsletter list.
                        Lead capture to request further information.
                        A selling page for a low value item.
                        A selling page for the item advertised.
                        A welcome page that introduces your services.
  4. Set up a customized welcome email for your new customers,
     recognizing where they came from.

You note that you should be concentrating on capturing details first, selling
second. Selling can sometimes take a lot of contact before a potential buyer
trusts you enough to make a purchase.        Adding them to your mailing list
ensures that you have not lost them.

Now send your ad details and landing page link to your ad swap partner.
When you receive their details, you can set their ad up for them in your
autoresponder service.     You should be receiving the ad soon with your
partner’s newsletter. Check it over and ask for any mistakes to be corrected
on another run if necessary.

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

It is not a good idea to undertake too many ad swaps with different
partners, you do not want to dilute your list too much by giving away too
many of your newsletter customers to others.          You should also choose
niches that are similar but not the same as yours. Choose a partner that
understands the process and that builds their mailing list carefully. Think
carefully about how to approach other marketers, take your time and do
your homework. The rewards are very profitable.

If the swap went well on both sides, then you should try to solicit referrals.
If your swapping partner benefited as well, then they will be only too willing
to recommend you to one of their existing partners.

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                      Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Ad Tracking

On the internet, you ad is going to be competing against thousands of others
and it is important to understand which of your ads are working.        That is
where ad tracking comes into its own.          There are a number of software
programs that can assist you with ad tracking, but sometimes the easy
methods are the best.

Web Logs
Investigate your web logs on a regular basis and check where your traffic is
coming from.
         Is it from the page where your ad is placed?
         From an email system so that you know that newsletter ad worked.
         From a social network place or forum? That is great as that means you
      are being mentioned and talked about.

Newsletter Logs
If your newsletter partner is using one of the leading auto responders, they
will be able to provide you with records as to which of your links were clicked

Which Ad Worked?
If you are split testing – that is using more than one ad, you will also want
to know which of your ads is working. You can do this by:
       Seeing where the potential customer came from by either of the above
       Using a slightly different email address or telephone number for each
      ad.    Skype or other VOIP numbers are relatively cheap to obtain and
      very useful to your business.

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                       Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

       Using a different coupon code or number on your ad to differentiate
      the offers. Do not use different amounts as this will only annoy your
      potential customers,

When checking your campaign you should review how you displayed your
ad: pop up, newsletter, article or website.

Also, check your keywords and headings as these can make a great deal of
difference to the ad response.

Based on these results you can analyze the whole program and incorporate
the necessary changes. If there is a particular ad design that has attracted
the   attention   of    more   audience,   you   can   formalize   your    campaign
accordingly.       Selling       your       products         requires        efficient
campaigning and this immediately brings you in contact with                      your

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                  Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Do Not Just Stand There Capture The Market

The more market saturation you can get to the same audience, the better
the possibility that you will get noticed. These days getting noticed amongst
all the other information clutter and adverts is everything. In today’s world
you get noticed only by continually reaching the same potential customer
with a consistent theme, message, look, and feel. Even if you take a small
schedule and a small ad, by consistently letting it run in an appropriately
targeted vehicle, over time that ad will have an impact. People will see your
logo, company name or product, it will register, and they will start to look
out for you.

Once you have contact with your customer, try to get them to join your
mailing list. As an example, your customer spends $50 with you, but if you
spend money advertising, you need to recoup that amount and this could
mean you needing far more customers.         If you buyers become regular
buyers then you need far less new customers. The key here is to look at the
“lifetime value” of a customer. A customer who spends $25 a month and
comes to your store only once is only worth $25 to you. However, if you can
get that customer to be a repeat customer, then that customer is worth
$300 a year, or $1,500 over five years! Advertising brings in the customers,
but it is your job to keep them buying from you.

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                    Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

Effective Advertising Tips

  1. Never try to sell expensive items from a small ad. Use a two-step
    method where you interest your reader enough to visit your site
    and/or register their interest. The second step is to contact them and
    up sell your product.
  2. Study other adverts, copy the good ones, and learn from the bad ones.
    Review the design, headline and copy to see what works and what
    does not work.
  3. Advertise in the right place to attract your expected customers.
  4. Test, test and re test until you have a group of adverts that work.
    Then go and write some more so that your adverts are always fresh.
  5. Advertise in several different places so that it looks as if you are a
    much bigger company than you are. People will start looking for you.
    That is how the big boys do it!
  6. Freshen up your copy with new headlines, different lengths, new
        wording, power words, appropriate humor, details, interesting facts,
  7. Split test several ads at a time to see what is working best and where
    you are wasting your money.
  8. Keep records of everyone who responds to your ads. Follow up
        with appropriate messages about your product.
  9. Test out your ad on some free classified ad sites before you try your
    ad swaps and JV’s.
  10.        When you are waiting in the line at the supermarket, check the
    ads in the magazines – they are written by experts to get your
    attention in a small expensive space.

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                     Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

How To Do It Right And Wrong!

As with all good things, there are still the wrong ways to do things.

The Right Way
You should ensure that:
       Your ad is pertinent and unique.
       Your landing page should be tailored to your ad and only there for the
       Your ad should promote a low cost or free item.
       You should capture leads before you try and sell.
       You use ad swapping sparingly with quality partners.
       You have a fair sized mailing list to start with.
       You have products and services to sell that will interest your ad swap

The Wrong Way
        Sending out ad swaps to saturate the market. People hate receiving
       the exact same ad from multiple people, particularly if they are solo
       ads. The most annoying are when the people are from the same group,
       and then they are all sending emails for the same people, so all of them
       are sending you the same product offer.
        Your ad does not describe the offer in the solo newsletter heading.
       Therefore, the readers have no idea what they are receiving.
        Sending more than one newsletter from a particular swapper about the
       same offer, especially when it is in the same day. I have received
       numerous emails later on in a day that ask me if I received their offer
       earlier in the day – so annoying and destined for the delete button!

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

     Sending the same email from different newsletter publishers. If you
    must use more than one publisher, change the ad.
     Your potential customer receiving numerous different newsletters with
    the same affiliate ad but a different link. If you must advertise, affiliate
    products    then   change     the   ad   drastically   from   that   which   is
    recommended. Laziness breeds annoyance.
     Sending a welcome email that is just standard, tells them they are
    missing out on something etc. etc. Your welcoming email should just be
    that. Sell on the later ones, interest your customers first.

Ad swapping is easy and it is profitable, you just need to follow the correct
procedures itemized in this eBook. Good luck!

                         Start ad-swapping now
You now know about the benefits of ad swapping and what it can do for you
– generate traffic, build your list, forge JV partnership using the leverage of
your growing list etc. All that’s left now is for you to get started.

This really is a fantastic way to grow your list and connect with other like-
minded people who want the same as you. The connections you make can
lead to much more than increasing the size of your list – for example there
are joint venture possibilities also as you get to know the ad swapping

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                   Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

I use these tactics personally to get traffic to my web sites and new
subscribers to my email lists every day and a barely have to lift a finger –
it’s as automated as it can be.

Why don’t you get started right now?

To your success,

Andy Machin

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             Ad Swapping And Traffic Generation

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