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									Blackberry Bold Vs Iphone 3GS Review
Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3GS. Blackberry or iPhone? That is the question I hear
every day from any person looking to obtain one of the cool gadgets. Well my friends, this review will
most certainly shed some light on both phones, and hopefully you will be able to draw some
conclusions at the end.
As you know from my previous post: Gadget Review: iPhone 3GS, I am quite the happy iPhone
owner. I do not own a Blackberry Bold, but a lot of my friends are in possession of the competitive
Research In Motion (RIM) gadget. I have played around with it several times, and I believe I have
established a fairly good "rapport" with the Blackberry.
The Blackberry Bold has a very sleek design, unlike its predecessors. I fancied the look of the gadget
very much. The QWERTY keyboard was always easy to use, as the buttons are very well designed
for data entry on this neat gadget. Now, one of the bigger features on the Blackberry Bold is the
screen. The gadget features a half VGA resolution 480 x 320 pixel color display. The quality of the
picture is extremely crisp, and I would be very satisfied to watch the latest episode of Two and a Half
Men. The email on the Bold is superb. I do not think there is any real competition for that particular
aspect of the Blackberry, as it is the main feature that RIM strives to improve on with every new
gadget release. And of course there is the Blackberry Messenger. Loved by many and desired by
others. This Blackberry service is free, and it features on every Blackberry released. This cool digital
gadget reduces your bill greatly on text messaging. Now of course, this is only available to Blackberry
phones, hence making it such a unique feature for the RIM device.
Now for the review of the cons....yes there are always cons! The Blackberry Bold is fairly big in size.
Its bulky size does not allow for seamless blending into your pocket. If RIM manages to reduce the
size of Blackberry Bold to one of that the Pearl sports, I think the customer base for the gadget would
increase dramatically. The Blackberry Bold browser, while an improvement, is still ways away from a
user friendly interface. Navigation is done with the trackball that is located in the middle of the gadget,
and the constant scrolling to navigate through the pages can become fairly annoying and tiring. I
hope RIM thinks of something for the future Blackberry phones. The screen, while crisp is only a half
size. But that is the trade off with most non-touch screen gadgets. Finally, the camera leaves
desirable improvement. Blackberry Bold does in fact come with a flash, and the camera is a 3.2
megapixel camera, but the Sony Ericsson CyberShot dwarfs the Blackberry gadget in comparison,
however we will leave the Sony Ericsson gadget for another review.
The comparison of the Blackberry Bold to the iPhone 3GS is a fairly daunting task (unlike my
previous comparison of the iPhone and the Nokia N-95), as in my opinion both gadgets are intended
for different target markets and meant for slightly different purposes. However, let us attempt to
compare and contrast the two gadgets.
The screen comparison is fairly simple: you get a bigger screen with the iPhone, but the quality is
better on the Blackberry Bold. Now, do note that the screen on the iPhone is the glue that holds
everything together. While it is big, it is also almost like putting all your eggs in one basket - lest the
screen crack, the gadget performance might suffer. Such is the double-edged sword nature of the
touch screen phones!
If you prefer real tangible buttons for data entry such as on the Blackberry Bold, as opposed to
digitized keyboards on the iPhone, the choice is fairly obvious; this one is really down to user
preference. I personally happen to love the iPhone keyboard, but I do not have a problem with the
Blackberry one either; it is simply that I prefer a bigger screen, and the iPhone keyboard makes it a
very efficient gadget.
The camera. To be quite honest, this comparison of the two gadgets in the picture-taking aspect can
be described as a Special Olympics race. Now, I have nothing against the handicapped population of
our world, and apologies if you found it offensive, but to simply put it, the two cameras of the iPhone
and the Blackberry Bold are simply not on par with what is out there. Blackberry trumps the iPhone by
1.2 megapixels and a flash, however it is not really something I would be particularly proud to show
off to all my friends. Moving on.
Email. Absolutely no competition. Blackberry phones were designed for email. IPhone does have a
decent and simple email client, but it does not even come close to the RIM gadget.
Blackberry messenger is something I would love to have on my iPhone. I am a huge admirer of the
iPhone text messaging system, but if I could also send texts for free, well let's just say that even
Gollum from Lord of the Rings would overlook his Precious for a feature like that!
Browser. Once again, no contest, but this one goes to the iPhone. Easy to use, big screen, fast Safari
browser. Once you have used the iPhone browser, I would dare anyone to find a gadget that aces the
Apple phone. Blackberry Bold is blown out of the water, country, planet and solar system in this
Finally the size of the two gadgets is very comparable. Personally, I find the slim form factor of the
iPhone extremely convenient, however it does make it more fragile. Don't forget it's in your back
pocket, or you will end up having a nice spider-web design on the screen of your precious gadget.
The Blackberry Bold, as mentioned earlier is fairly bulky, but it does make it much sturdier than the
iPhone. I give this to the iPhone, but as with most aforementioned comparisons, this one is once
again user preference.
The verdict....well there simply is no winner in this battle. Many of the comparisons of the two gadgets
were ultimately down to user preference. You have to ask yourself: what am I going to use my phone
for? If it is for email and organizational purposes, then I recommend the Blackberry Bold. If it is for fun
and browsing, I recommend the iPhone. The choice is yours. Both gadgets are very capable of
performing every task, but their design and approach to these tasks is significantly different, and you
are the one to make the call - Blackberry Bold or iPhone.
I hope you found this gadget review useful, and I welcome comments or discussions on the
Blackberry Bold or the iPhone. Both gadgets are fantastic pieces of technology, however, as this
review outlines, the ultimate target audience is different.
Stay tuned for more reviews such as this "Gadget Review: Blackberry Bold vs iPhone 3GS", from the
Gadget World.
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