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What has happened to America? It seems since this country was attacked by terrorists on September
11, 2001, we have been expected to apologize to every Tom, Dick, and Harry for our actions in the
world. The Bush Administration seemed to ignore those requests but unfortunately that is not so true
of the current administration.
Just today, President Obama made a reference to the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba and his
desire to close it. One of the reasons he cited was that it was a motivation in the terrorist world to
continue attacks on America. Now, let me see if I have this correct. We will avoid further attacks on
America if we do what the terrorists want us to do. Really? I wonder how quickly the next list of
demands will show up after Gitmo is closed down.
The Imman Rauf indicated in one of his interviews this week that America is opening itself up to the
violence and retaliation of the Islamic world if the mosque is not built at Ground Zero. Well, that sort of
puts things in a different light doesn’t it. Oh we know you are not threatening us directly but simply
advising us of our options in this critical situations. Afterall, if you listen closely to his statements he
does employ the reference “our country” as if to say that he has embraced it as his own. Yeah, when
pigs fly!
Oh, and let’s not make those folks down in Mexico mad by shooting back at their ass when they set
on the other side of the border firing high-powered rifles into America towns near the border. What do
they have to do before we get mad? When do we as a country grow some balls and show these
yahoo’s how the cow eats the cabbage? When do we quit walking softly and start looking for that big
stick that we use to keep close by?
The truth of the matter is we do not now have a leadership willing to stand up for America. Oh don’t
point at Afghanistan…that’s nothing but a distraction that keeps us busy while the terrorists are off
doing other things. We don’t have the leadership willing to draw a line in the sand on any subject
regardless of how it threatens America’s security and say, “That’s far enough.” Hence, we have a
number of factions in the world who will continue to escalate situations waiting to see how far America
can be pushed.
Iran continues to work their magic with nuclear devices claiming only to want to make electricity. We
do a little talking and beg them to sit down and negogotiate about it. They thumb their nose at us just
as Saddam Hussein did for so many years. They have already taken the course. They have watched
America sit and do nothing. The same can be said of North Korea and the list continues to grow on
an annual basis.
Some of you might remember a time back in the 80’s when the dude down in Libya could not keep
your tractor-driving mouth shut. He was providing a haven for terrorist training and continually running
his mouth about what he and his followers would do to the good old USA. Ghadafy’s timing was about
as poor as it could be because he ran his mouth when Ronald Reagan was President. Reagan
quickly tired of it and send a flock FB-111 fighter bombers to shred Moammar’s tent in the middle of
the night. The French did their damn best to stop the retaliation by deny us use of airspace for the
FB-111’s to pass through. Reagan simply routed them around France and provided in-flight refueling
as part of the plan. It was a long night in the cockpit but none of the crews complained. In fact, I think
they downright enjoyed kicking Ghadafy’s ass. You might note that he has shut his pie-hole and
spends most of his days driving his tractor now…a farmer.
Appeasement has never worked and never will work. Next time you see a bully working some kid, go
over and try appeasement and see what happens. The only thing it does is send a message to the
other side that says that they are in control, they write the rules, and they can escalate the situation at
will. Appeasement sends the message that we had rather not have to do anything other than beg.
America did not get to be the land that it is by offering appeasement every time a situation arose. Oh,
we have generally played fair but in the past, the message was clear…’don’t mess with us.’
There is no bargaining power in weakness. There is no deterrence in perceived weakness. There is
no repentance by those who would do evil when you give them a pass. Those folks only understand
one way. When you put enough torque on a bolt, it either turns or it breaks, it’s that simple. There is
pride in strength; there is honor in strength; and no apologies are necessary.
Some things do not change with time or complexity. Appeasement is one of them. The only thing
appeasement ever accomplished was getting appeaser moved to the back of the line of folks who
were waiting to be shot. Who does the bell toll for? It tolls for thee? We still have people in America
that do not get that concept. They do not get it the idea that you can only feed scrap meat to the
wolves so long before they start wanting something a little nicer, a little fresher, and still living. Next
time the wolf knocks at the door, try appeasing him and see what it gets you. Otherwise, you better
buy a damn good door.
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