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					                                  Voices of the Community
Photovoice is a chance to share your ideas about where you live and how you live. La Paz County Health
Department is gathering data on what makes a Healthy La Paz. You’ve volunteered your time and talent
to help put together a comprehensive picture of what a Healthy La Paz is. Since statistical data only tells
one side of the story, your pictures, your voice will give the other side of the story.

Deadline: October 30th, 2012

Submit: .jpg format only, 8 pictures in each category, 24 pictures total for the entire group. Submit by
email to, by thumb drive or by CD.

What do I take pictures of?
You are answering these questions with your photos: 1. What are the problems and concerns of my
community? 2. What are the strengths and assets of the community? 3. What are the unique
characteristics of my community?

Think about:
    • What do you see in your everyday life?
    • Pretend you are taking pictures to send to someone from another part of the world. What
       would you want to share about yourself and where you live?
    • Make a collection of pictures showing all the things about your city that you are proud of.
    • Make a collection of pictures showing all the things about your city that you are disappointed
    • Use your emotions: consider where you live and how you live. What gives you a strong
       emotional response (excited, angry, afraid, sad). Tell that story.
    • Talk a walk around your neighborhood. Do you notice anything different?
    • What is important to you? What is a big part of your life? Take pictures of objects, services,
       people, and places.

Stay safe!
    • Don’t take any risks
    • Don’t go anywhere you wouldn’t usually go, or do anything you wouldn’t usually do
    • Take a friend
    • Be aware of what’s around you
Be respectful
    • Always ask first, even if this means missing the perfect shot
    • You must have permission before taking pictures of people
    • Remember, the goal is connect with others and share ideas. Don’t upset people. This just gives
        the whole project a bad name.
Large crowds, landscape or scenery
    • You do not need a Consent Form if people are too small to be recognizable
    • It’s still a good idea to ask permission before taking a picture of private property (someone’s
        house or yard)
For pictures with people
•   Have your subjects sign a Consent Form before taking any pictures
•   Be especially careful when taking picture of children. Talk to the parent’s first, and have a parent
    sign a Consent Form.
•   Do not take pictures of people who are “in private,” such as through a window into their home
•   Ask yourself, “would I mind if someone took a picture of me in this situation?”
•   Remember to offer the person a digital copy of the picture.
                                        Healthy La Paz
                               La Paz County Health Department

                                        CONSENT FORM

La Paz County Health Department is conducting a special project called Healthy La Paz to work
in partnership with the community to improve the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors
in La Paz County. This consent form must be read by each Healthy La Paz participant and

By participating in this project, I understand that:

1)     I will be involved in an activity in which I will take photographs of where I live now, my
       neighborhood, and things related to health that are important. I will also meet with the
       Healthy La Paz team and other people who are participating in the project to discuss the

2)     Over the next two months, I will:

       a)      I will be taking pictures.

       b)      I will meet in small groups to discuss the photographs with other people who are
               participating in the project.

       c)      The group will select a few photographs that are the most meaningful to all of us
               and a more in-depth discussion will take place.

3)     The photographs that I take will be used to help inform the Healthy La Paz coalition, La
       Paz County Health Department staff and policy makers in the county about citizens’
       views of the health needs of La Paz County. The photographs may be used at public
       events, in a community exhibit, at lectures, conferences, and in published materials. No
       photographs that identify me, my family, or other individuals will be released without my
       separate written consent and the separate written consent of others photographed. The
       photographs will be kept confidential to the extent provided by federal, state, and local

4)     I will be given the photographs that I take. The negatives are my property to keep and
       may be lent to the project team to make reprints or enlargements if and only if I choose.
       No photographs or any of the associated stories will be used without my permission.

5)     Participation in Healthy La Paz is voluntary. I can refuse to participate in or withdraw
       from the project at any time without penalty or loss of any benefit.

6)     One possible risk of participating in this project is being unsafe when I am taking
       photographs in different places and when I am attending the series of group meetings.
7)     I am a voluntary participant (without compensation) in this community-based program
       and will hold the La Paz County Health Department, its agents and all employees
       harmless for any physical injury.

8)     If I have any questions, we can call:

       Katie Turnbow                 669-9364          

One copy of this consent form will be provided to La Paz County Health Department and a
second copy will be given to me to keep.

I have read the information given above. I understand the meaning of the information. Katie
Turnbow has offered to answer any questions I have concerning the project. I hereby consent to
participate in the project.

Name (please print)                               Signature                          Date

Contact Phone Number ___________________________________

                                     CONSENT FORM

You are invited to have your picture taken by one of the photographers involved with the
Healthy La Paz, voices of the Community. Healthy La Paz is a community coalition whose vision
is to:

Voices of the Community has four goals:

   •   It helps people to record and think about their community’s strengths and problems
   •   It identifies important issues through group discussion and photographs
   •   It gets the attention of decision makers
   •   It gives a voice to the statistical data of a community

Picture taken in Healthy La Paz will be shown to others in order to create awareness about the
needs of those who are facing hard times. This may include gallery displays, presentations to
decision-makers and published on the La Paz County website. Others viewing the pictures may
recognize you, but there are no names or contact information.

Please sign this form if you agree to have your photograph taken by a participant of Healthy La
Paz, Voices of the community.

If you would like a copy of the photograph taken of you, please write down your address or

Subject name



Name of Photographer

Description: Voices of Community is a project of La Paz County Health Department. Quartzsite, Parker, Salome, Brenda, Bouse, Ehrenberg, Cibola and citizens in La Paz County will produce photo essays depicting the Quality of Life.