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									* 20,000 visas may be exempted from the cap each year for applicants applying under the master's exe
Report created August 14th, 2012

System: CIS Consolidated Operational Repository (CISCOR)

Office of Performance and Quality (OPQ), Data Analysis and Reponing Branch (DARB) DL


Fonn Number = 1129; Class Preference HI B; pan_2_ 1, part_2_2, partb_q I, partb_q2,

 panb_q3, partc_q4, partc_q5 = N

Receipt Date, Approved Date, Denied Date, Action Date for Withdrawal (EK or IT) between 2007 1001 and 20 120630;

Excludes any cases with an assoc iated receipt number = "TCE", "GUA'', or "CNM".

                                                                                U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                                                                                National Records Center
                                                                                P.O. Box 648010
                                                                                Lee's Summit, MO 64064-8010

                                                                               U.S. Citizenship
                                                                               and Immigration
September 17, 2012

David Rubman
Attorney at Law
53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 750
Chicago, TIL '60604

Dear David Rubman:

This letter is in response to your FOIA request dated May 18, 2012, in which you requested the following

    •    FY 2009 [application period April1, 2008 to April 8, 2008];

    •    FY 2010 [application period April1, 2009 to December 22, 2009];

    •    FY 2011 [application period April 1, 2010 to January 26, 2011]; and

    •    FY 2012 [application period April1,.2011 to November 22, 2011].

         The requested statistics for each of the requested years are:

    a)           Number ofH-IB visa applications for cap-subject
         initial employment

    b)          Number of approved H-IB visa applications for
         . cap-subject initial employment;
    c)        Number of denied H-1B visa applications for cap-
         subject initial employment;

    d)       Number of withdrawn H-1B visa applications for
         cap-subject initial employment
We have completed our search for records that are responsive to your request. The record consists of 4
pages of material and we have determined to release it in full. The enclosed record consists of the best
reproducible copies available.

The National Records Center does not process petitions, applications or any other type of benefit under
the Immigration and Nationality Act. If you have questions or wish to submit documentation relating to a
matter pending with the bureau, you must address these issues with your nearest District Office.


All FOIAIP A related requests, including address changes, must be submitted in writing and be signed by
the requester. Please include the control number listed above on all correspondence with this office.
Requests may be mailed to the FOIAIPA Officer at the PO Box listed at the top ofthe letterhead, or sent
by fax to (816) 350-5785. You may also submit FOIAIPA related requests to our e-mail address at


Jill A. Eggleston
Director, FOIA Operations

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