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									Data Management Solutions for a Smarter Business

In today’s market conditions, a smart business is one that can reduce costs, cut down risks, make the most of
existing investments, and most of all, put information to its best use. But it is not half as easy as it may sound,
because not all businesses are equipped with the necessary tools and technology to manage resources, especially
data, in an efficient manner.

Data management is now a prerequisite for a successful and compliant business. Although you may have invested
in data warehousing or data compression solutions, you may still not be able to make the best use of data because
your data may be scattered in multiple databases, which makes it harder to retrieve the information you want at
the required time. Only a comprehensive data management solution can address this ongoing challenge. There are
many competent data management solutions in the market today. IBM Optim is one of the leading solutions that
your business can benefit from.

With its comprehensive, unique and advanced data management capabilities, IBM Optim can add great value to
your business. It can help you deliver better results and can dramatically increase your revenues by:

            Helping you unlock the value of data to your business and use it to your competitive advantage

            Enabling a clear understanding of market and customer needs by tapping into the potential of your

            Offering the means to bring down your data management expenses and clearing up resources that
             can be utilized for new, revenue-generating projects

You should remember that the mere existence of data is not sufficient to ensure the success of your business. Data
should be accessible and available in the right form, at the right time, to enable you to make the right decisions.
This means that your data cannot be fragmented and spread-out in different applications or databases. Therefore,
integrated data management is crucial to your business, and that is what IBM Optim has to offer. With its unique
capabilities IBM’s robust data management solution can help you gain complete control over your data, simplify
administration of large databases, and can significantly cut down support costs.

The business environment today provides great opportunity to all those businesses that can use the power of
information to respond to market needs with speed and agility. And IBM Optim data management allows you to
achieve this with better efficiency, and superior information quality.

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