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					                                  BOARD OF GOVERNORS
                                            At-Large Ethnic Minority

                       Raul S. Banasco
                       Warden, Hernando Correctional Institution, Florida
                          Raul S. Banasco has been in the juvenile and adult corrections field for approximately 18 years. Since
                       1988, he has worked for the Florida State Department of Corrections in several positions, including correc-
                       tional officer, correctional probation officer and supervisor, assistant superintendent, assistant warden
                       and warden of a female institution. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Iona College and
                       an executive certificate in public management and master’s degree in public administration from Florida
                       Atlantic University. Banasco is the state president for the Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency for
                       2003-2004, vice president of the National Organization of Hispanics in Criminal Justice and has been an
                       active member of many ACA committees for several years.

                       Artis “Ray” Hobbs
                       Chief Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Correction
                          Artis “Ray” Hobbs began his corrections career as a correctional officer in Arkansas in 1975 and
                       worked his way up to his current position of chief deputy director. He supervises seven units and five pro-
                       grams within the Arkansas Department of Correction. Hobbs is a certified auditor for ACA and was chair-
                       man of its Program Committee. He has also served on ACA’s Shock/Boot Camp Reintegration Committee
                       and the Affirmative Action Committee. In addition, he is a member of the Southern States Correctional
                       Association and the Arkansas Criminal Justice Association. Hobbs holds a master’s degree in criminal jus-
                       tice (1990) and is a part-time lecturer/teacher at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He also coordi-
                       nates the United Way campaign for the Arkansas Department of Correction.

                                               Community Programs
                       Pamela Maddess
                       Correctional Program Manager, Tacoma Pre-release, Steilacoom, Washington
                            Pamela Maddess has been involved in the corrections field for more than 25 years with the Washington
                        Department of Corrections. She began her career at the Washington Correction Center for Women as a cor-
                        rectional counselor, moving into field operations after two years. She was promoted into a lead probation
                        and parole position and served in the community and then in the first work release program for develop-
                        mentally disabled offenders, which was co-located with a transition program for mentally ill offenders. Her
                        first position as a supervisor was in a prerelease facility, which was co-ed at the time. She then served as a
                        field administrator for 15 years, gaining experience in leadership, community involvement, work release and
                        programs, supporting the concepts of restorative justice. Currently, Maddess is involved again in prerelease,
working with female offenders and developing programs and services to manage their risk factors and transition them back into
their communities. She is also very involved in the Washington Correctional Association, having just completed a two-year term as
its president. She has attended ACA conferences and has joined committees that have included the Mental Health Task Force and
the Female Offender Task Force. She was recently appointed to ACA’s Adult Corrections Committee.

                       Robert Neri
                       Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, WestCare, Florida
                           Robert Neri is responsible for development and oversight of all agency clinical systems, clinical supervi-
                       sion staff training and program evaluation activities. He is a licensed mental health clinician and a certified
                       addictions professional. He is also a certified domestic violence facilitator. With more than 20 years of expe-
                       rience working in the health care field, he specializes in designing, implementing and evaluating clinical
                       operations for nonprofit substance abuse treatment providers. Throughout his career, he has developed
                       and managed residential therapeutic communities for adolescents and adults. Most recently, Neri served as
                       clinical director of Phoenix House of Florida. Prior to Phoenix House, he was with Operation Par for 23
                       years, where his last position was executive vice president. Additionally, he is nationally known and recog-
nized for his knowledge, expertise and experience in designing treatment systems for substance abusers in the criminal justice sys-
tem and specialized treatment for women and their children. Neri’s past and current professional affiliations include chairperson,
Standards and Ethics Committee for Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA); registered evaluator of TCA’s Counseling and Cre-
dentialing Board, 1978 to present; member, Certification Board for Addiction Professionals of Florida, 1989 to present; adjunct pro-
fessor in human services, St. Petersburg Junior College; and expert witness, U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Drug Abuse for the
“Crack Cocaine” hearings on behalf of Gov. Lawton Chiles (1986). He is also a training consultant for the Florida Department of Cor-
                                Correctional Administration — Adult

Eugene E. Atherton
Assistant Director, West Region, Colorado Department of Corrections
   Eugene E. Atherton has worked for 27 years for the Colorado Department of Corrections. He has held a
variety of positions throughout prison operations up to his current position as assistant director of pris-
ons. He has served as warden at Buena Vista Correctional Complex and Colorado State Penitentiary. Both
prisons have been recognized for outstanding practices at a national level. For more than 10 years,
Atherton has served as an instructor, national auditor and technical assistance consultant on a variety of
issues for the National Institute of Corrections. He has authored or edited critical publications such as
Guidelines for the Development of a Security Program, Use of Force: Current Policy and Practice, and Supermax
Prisons: Beyond the Rock. Additionally, he has served in the capacity of expert in legal forums on issues such as professional con-
duct, conditions of confinement and use of force. Atherton received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. He is a
member of ACA, the Colorado Criminal Justice Association, the South Central Law Enforcement Officer’s Association and the
North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents.

Mark H. Saunders
Warden, Correctional Reception Center, Ohio
    Mark H. Saunders started his corrections career as a military police officer on military stockade duty at
Fort Bliss, Texas, in 1977. He joined the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction as a classifica-
tion specialist, advancing to unit manager, administrative assistant and deputy warden before being
named warden in February 2000. Saunders has gone through ACA accreditation at five institutions since
1987. He earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1983.
Currently president of the Ohio Corrections and Court Services Association, Saunders has also served its
board as vice president, newsletter editor and in other capacities since 1993. He is the current treasurer of
the North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents and has served on the executive boards
of the Correctional Education Association-Ohio and the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice. An
ACA delegate since 1996, Saunders is on the ACA Congress Program Planning Committee for the second year and the ACA Mem-
bership Committee for the fourth year.

                                                   Detention — Adult
John Cary Bittick
Sheriff, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia
   Since 1983, John Cary Bittick has served as sheriff of Monroe County, Ga. He manages a full-service,
nationally accredited law enforcement agency of 105 personnel and operates a correctional facility with
nationally accredited medical services that houses 168 inmates. He has been employed with the Monroe
County Sheriff’s Office since 1972. The past president of the National Sheriffs’ Association, he also has
served as president of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association and Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes. Bittick is a
graduate of the 130th session of the FBI’s National Academy and the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive
Development Program. He is a past member of the State of Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Board,
and the State of Georgia Children and Youth Coordinating Council. He is the chair of both the Monroe
County Child Fatality Review Committee and the Monroe County Child Abuse Protocol Committee. Bittick served as a commis-
sioner on the Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and was on its Standards Review and Interpretation
Committee. He also serves as chair of the National Sheriffs’ Association’s Legislative Affairs Committee. Bittick is vice chair of
ACA’s Adult Local Detention Committee and is a member of its Program Planning Committee.

Jim Hart
Jail Administrator, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee
    Chief Jim Hart has worked in military and civilian corrections since 1975. During his military career, he
worked in five different confinement facilities, operated a correctional custody program and served as the
director of Marine Corps Corrections. Upon his military retirement in 1997, he was employed as a jail cap-
tain by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and promoted to deputy chief of corrections in September
1998, where he is employed as the jail administrator of the Hamilton County Jail, Chattanooga, Tenn. An
ACA member since 1986, Hart is an active ACA auditor of adult local detention facilities. He has a bache-
lor’s degree in criminal justice administration, is a certified jail manager with the American Jail Associa-
tion and currently serves as its third vice president.
                                              Detention — Juvenile
                      Wayne R. Liddell
                      Director, Berrien County Juvenile Center, Michigan
                         Wayne R. Liddell has served as director of the Berrien County Juvenile Center since 1991 and worked
                      in other supervisory capacities since 1982. He has worked in a private residential facility in Michigan and
                      a state juvenile correctional facility in Washington. Liddell also teaches corrections at Lake Michigan Col-
                      lege. He received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Illinois-Chicago and his
                      master’s degree in criminal justice from Michigan State University. Liddell has been active in ACA since
                      1985, serving on numerous committees and as a consultant/trainer. He served on the Commission on
                      Accreditation for Corrections from 1996 to 1998 and has been a member of the Board of Governors since
                      2000. Liddell is past president of the National Juvenile Detention Association (1994-1996) and the Michigan
Juvenile Detention Association (1992-1994).

                      Joanne Smith
                      Executive Director, Middle Peninsula Juvenile Detention Commission, Virginia
                         Joanne Smith has worked in the juvenile justice field for 30 years, 25 of those years as an agency direc-
                      tor. Her experience includes direct care, program supervision and administration of secure and less-
                      secure detention, group homes, foster care, home supervision, electronic monitoring and restitution
                      programs. She is active on a variety of local and state level boards, committees and work groups. Smith is
                      a board member of the Virginia Correctional Association, president of the Virginia Council on Juvenile
                      Detention and state affiliate and board member of the National Juvenile Detention Association. She has a
                      master’s degree in forensic psychology from John Jay College.

                                               Institutions — Adult

                      Glenn S. Goord
                      Commissioner, New York State Department of Correctional Services
                          Glenn S. Goord is a 29-year employee of the New York State Department of Correctional Services. He
                       began his career in 1973 as a drug abuse rehabilitation counselor. He rose through the ranks to the posi-
                       tion of deputy commissioner for operations. In April 1996, Gov. George Pataki named him acting commis-
                       sioner, and the state Senate unanimously confirmed his nomination in December 1996. He is the first
                       departmental employee to rise through the ranks to this title. Goord has received numerous national
                       awards, including: Association of State Correctional Administrators’ Michael Francke Award for outstand-
                       ing leadership; the Eagle Award from ACA, recognizing New York as the state with the most facilities hav-
                       ing achieved accreditation; and the American Society for Public Administration’s Alfred E. Smith Award,
its highest honor, for outstanding individual service. Goord is a long-standing member of both ACA and the Corrections and
Youth Services Association.

                      Emmitt L. Sparkman
                      Deputy Commissioner, Institutions, Mississippi Department of Corrections
                          During his 28-year career, Emmitt Sparkman has worked in both the public and private sectors of com-
                      munity and institutional corrections and held positions in Texas, Kentucky and Mississippi. He received
                      his bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University and master’s degree from Eastern Kentucky
                      University. His employment experience includes correctional officer, education director, adult probation
                      officer, juvenile intake supervisor/detention superintendent, director of security, warden and superinten-
                      dent. Prior to his appointment as deputy commissioner for institutions in November 2002, he was the
                      superintendent of the Mississippi State Penitentiary. He has been involved in the ACA accreditation
                      process since 1992 and has served as a national accreditation auditor for ACA since 1995.
                                            Institutions — Juvenile

Rhonda R. Richard
Bureau Chief, Correctional Health Care, Ohio Department of Youth Services
   Rhonda R. Richard began her career in 1990 with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correc-
tion. She served as a classifications specialist, case manager, unit manager and reception coordinator. In
1999, she transferred to the Department of Youth Services. She has served as both deputy superintendent
of programs and superintendent. Richard received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Miami University
of Ohio. She is currently serving as a board member for the Ohio Correctional and Court Services Associa-
tion and as vice president of the Juvenile Institutional Cabinet. She also serves as an adjunct faculty
member for Southern State Community College. She has served as secretary for the Ohio Wardens and
Superintendents Association and as co-chair of the Programming Committee for the North American Asso-
ciation of Wardens and Superintendents’ national conference in Cincinnati.

Willie B. Smith
Deputy Administrator for Youth Correctional Services, Las Vegas, Nevada
   Willie B. Smith has 16 years of experience in juvenile corrections. Appointed to her current position in
1999, she is responsible for oversight, budget development, and management, planning and policy develop-
ment for all division programs dealing with youth corrections and juvenile justice. In addition, Smith has 12
years of experience working in the private, nonprofit sector where she developed and promoted public/pri-
vate partnerships. While working in the private sector, Smith was responsible for staff and program develop-
ment and supervision, grant writing and management, resource development for adolescent shelter care,
substance abuse programs for youths and adults and related services. She is a member and former chair of
the Nevada Juvenile Justice Commission, the Nevada Association of Juvenile Justice Administrators, the
National Coalition for Juvenile Justice, the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators and ACA. Smith holds a bachelor’s
degree in sociology and a master’s degree in educational foundations and counseling from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

                                                  Member At Large

Jamie Keef
Regional Services Coordinator, Eastern Region, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
    Jamie Keef began her career with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in 1980 and has 23 years of
service. Her first 18 years were spent working in a facility where she held a variety of positions, including
procedures and accreditation manager for seven and a half years. She went through three successful reac-
creditation audits in that position. She also served as unit manager of a 132-man minimum-security unit.
Keef was promoted to her current position as regional services coordinator for the Eastern Region, Institu-
tions, in 1998. Her region supervises nine of Oklahoma’s 17 institutions, which includes Oklahoma State
Penitentiary, a maximum-security prison, two medium-security facilities and six minimum-security facili-
ties, including a women’s facility. She has been a member of ACA for 13 years and has been an ACA audi-
tor since 2001. She actively promotes ACA and the accreditation process throughout her agency. Keef has been a member of the
Oklahoma Correctional Association since 1990, has served on a variety of conference committees, and has been a workshop pre-
senter and moderator.

Ernie L. Moore
Warden, Lebanon Correctional Institution, Ohio
   Ernie L. Moore has more than 16 years of experience in the corrections field. He began his career in
1987 as a correctional officer and has been promoted through the ranks, holding numerous positions,
including correctional supervisor, inspector of institutional services, assistant warden and deputy warden.
He has been a warden at three Ohio institutions (two adult, one juvenile). For three years, he served as the
bureau chief of institutions in the Ohio Department of Youth Services. In addition, Moore is currently the
president of the Ohio Wardens and Superintendents Association. He is also a member of ACA, the Ohio
Correctional and Court Services Association and the North American Association of Wardens and Superin-
tendents. He is an ACA auditor and earned his bachelor’s degree with honors from Ohio University.
                                                Probation — Adult

                      Martin F. Horn
                      Commissioner, New York City Department of Correction and Department of Probation
                         Named by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to serve as commissioner of the New York City Department of
                     Probation Jan. 1, 2002, Martin F. Horn was subsequently appointed by Bloomberg to serve also as commis-
                     sioner of the New York City Department of Correction effective Jan. 1, 2003. Prior to his return to New York
                     in 2002, he served as a member of former Gov. Tom Ridge’s senior staff as secretary of administration for
                     the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He served from March 1995 until January 2000 as Pennsylvania’s sec-
                     retary of corrections. Horn earlier served in criminal justice positions in New York state. Most notably, he
                     served as executive director and chief operating officer for the New York State Division of Parole. He has
                     been a member of ACA since 1975 and has served as chairman of the Legislative Affairs Committee. He also
has served as chairman of the Association of State Correctional Administrators’ Technology Committee.

                      Justin Jones
                      Deputy Director of Community Corrections, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
                          Justin Jones has 26 years of experience, most of which has been in probation services, including work as a
                      probation and parole officer, district supervisor of probation and parole, deputy director of community sen-
                      tencing and deputy director of probation and parole. He is currently a regional representative for the Ameri-
                      can Probation and Parole Association and a member of ACA’s Parole Committee. He has served as conference
                      chair of the Correctional Accreditation Managers Association and past president of the Oklahoma Correction-
                      al Association. He is also an ACA auditor and has served as an ACA delegate on probation and parole ser-
                      vices. Jones has published several articles in Corrections Today and will soon have a book published on the
                      trials and tribulations of probation and parole work. He has degrees in sociology and communications.

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