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                                                                                                                                                 FINANCIAL REPORT                    10/17/2010
                                           Keith and Rita Haywood
                                                                                                                                                 Unified Budget…………………$11,405.98
October/November Prayer Requests                                                              Sunday, October 24:                                Food………………………………….179.50
 Pray for Keith as he prepares to present a proposal for partnership with OM                 8:30 am Worship                                   FBF…………………………………....70.00
   India to 30 Korean American pastors in Seattle on October 25.                               9:40 am Sunday School                             Multimedia…………………………….95.00
 Pray for Keith and the group of 5 others that will embark on a ministry                    10:40 am Sanctuary Choir                           Building Fund To Date……...2,429,334.27
   trip to Lebanon and Syria from October 27-November 6. Pray for good                        10:55 am Worship                                   Unified Goal To Date………....126,875.00
   contacts, safe travels, that the Lord will work in the hearts of those who go               5:00 pm Student Handbells                         Unified Gifts To Date………….110,430.78
   and that more churches will partner with the churches and ministries working                6:00 pm Worship                                   Short of Needs…………………..16,444.22
   in this region.
 Pray for Rita while Keith is traveling, that no major accidents or incidents will                                                             Weekly Budget Goal…….. …….18,125.00
                                                                                              Tuesday, October 26:
   take place that she has to deal with on her own!                                            3:15 pm Children’s Choirs
 Pray for two churches that Keith is talking to about starting a missions                                                                      ATTENDANCE REPORT 10/17/2010
   coaching process.                                                                          Wednesday, October 27:
 Pray for First Baptist Church of Peachtree City, which is in the midst of an                5:00 pm Praise Ringers                             8:30 Worship         ……………                   81
   Interim and Senior Pastor search. Pray for the right men of God to come lead                5:30 pm Fellowship Supper
   this congregation.                                                                                                                            10:55 Worship          ……………                 227
                                                                                               6:30 pm Children In Action                        Total in Worship       ……………                 308
                                                                                               6:30 pm Refuge
Praise and Answered Prayers                                                                    6:30 pm Prayer Meeting                            Total in Sunday School …………..                283
 Praise the Lord for the 52 people who attending the three meetings to                       6:30 pm Sanctuary Choir                           Evening Worship        …………...               112
   learn about God’s work in Algeria.                                                          6:30 pm Thomaston Brass
 Thank God for His work at the mission conferences at New Life Christian and                                                                   FAITH COMMITMENT OFFERING 2010-2011
   Bethel Church that we attended last month. Commitments, changed lives                      Saturday, October 30:                                       TO DATE: $59,376.70
   and a great time sharing the needs of India in children’s church, together                  8:00 am Church Prayer
   with meeting some lovely host families were the highlights of our time with                                                                                 STATE MISSIONS
   these churches. Pray for ongoing relationships in serving these                                                                               Our Goal: $3,300         To Date: $1,893
   congregations well in the future.
 Praise Him for enabling Keith as he spoke at First Baptist Peachtree City. It
   was a challenging experience to prepare and deliver the word that the Lord                                                                       WATCH OUR WEEKLY WORSHIP
   gave him.                                                                                                                                       LIVE BROADCAST ON CHANNEL 10
                                                                                                                                                   SUNDAYS @ 11:00 AM AND 6:00 PM
*******************************************************************************************                                                              TUESDAY @ 7:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                      (Wednesday Prayer Meeting)
                            INDIA ASIA OUTREACH
                                         Art and Deborah Foster                                                                                           FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                                                                                                                        208 SOUTH CHURCH STREET
ON THE MISSION FIELD                                                                                                                                   THOMASTON, GEORGIA 30286
                                                                                                                                                          TELEPHONE 706-647-7889
Bobby and Rekha, along with a Christian sister and her two children, are                                                                                      FAX 706-646-4595
praising God for her husband’s conversion to Christ last week. This is the                                                                         
woman who literally stood with Karnataka Gospel Mission (KGM) during the
persecution event in 2008 while Art was visiting. She spoke with the police and                     PLEASE REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE AS YOU PRAY THIS WEEK:
radical Hindus at the gate to KGM. Her love of Jesus has always been so evident
and she is rejoicing today that her entire immediate family is now intact in the
kingdom of God.                                                                               At Home: Mrs. Liz Thompson, Mr. Melvin Fallin, Mrs. Anne Page, Mrs. Wand Luckey-Johnson, Miss Mary
                                                                                              Beth Hosey, Mr. Donald Driver, Mrs. Verlie Smith, Mrs. Teresa Lowe, Mrs. Brenda Redd, Mrs. Laree
                                                                                              Slaughter, Mr. Bentley Adams, Jr, , Mr. Russell Kellett, Mrs. Juanita Driver, , Mrs. Kay Bray, Ms. Carol
Combined Worship Service. Today, Tuesday, October 12, Wednesday, and                          Kemp, Mr. Jerry Huckaby, Mrs. Gail Bramlett, Mr. Johnnie Caldwell, Sr., Mrs. Vivian Presley, Miss Edna
October 13, Bobby was expecting 200 people for a special 2-day combined                       Ruth Mitchell, Mr. Greg Nossett, Mr. Terry Joiner, Rev. Steve Maguire, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Jeanie
worship and Bible teaching in Byndoor. The theme is edifying the church. A Holy               Drummond, Mrs. Louise Dyer; Macon Medical Center: Mr. Keith McAlum, Thomaston Manor: Mrs. Lois
                                                                                              Boyers; West Village: Mrs. Betty Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Greathouse, Mrs. Toni Greene, Mrs. Aline
Spirit led guest speaker from Kerala plans to bring encouragement in the face of              Nicholson; Providence: Mr. Elvis Thompson; Riverside: Mrs. Mildred Brantley, Mrs. Hilda Koch, Mrs.
persecution, which they continue to endure. Bobby has asked that we be in
prayer for them.
                                                                                              Agnes Pressley, Mrs. Jenny Lee, Mrs. Dorothy Humphries; Gatewick Senior Village, Perry: Rev. John
                                                                                              Simmons.                                                                                                   SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2010
Emmanuel Receives Motorcycle. Pastor Emmanuel was scheduled to receive
his motorcycle last week. Purchasing thru Hubli or Karwar made delivery                                                              CHURCH STAFF
possible much sooner. Emmanuel is so thrilled and thankful for God’s provision                Rev. Bill Barber                            Senior Pastor
through one of our faithful supporters of this much needed mode of transporta-                Dr. Ed Cliburn                              Pastor Emeritus
tion. We are excited to see all that God will do now that Emmanuel is more                    Rev. John Cox                               Associate Pastor of Music
mobile and able to reach the outlying areas.                                                  Rev. Mark Matson                            Associate Pastor of Education/Administration
                                                                                              Mrs. Dale Moore                             Church Secretary
                                                                                              Mrs. Bernice Weaver                         Financial Secretary
ON THE HOME FRONT                                                                             Mrs. Catherine Harris                       Administrative Assistant
                                                                                              Mrs. Tempy Hoyal                            Administrative Assistant
Mission Trip To India. February 17-26, 2011. Continue to pray about participat-               Mr. Carey Goins                             Facilities Manager
ing and for those who God leads to go on this trip. Our first informational meeting           Mrs. Jami Chastain                          Director of Food Services
was last night. If you were interested and unable to attend, please email at for the latest information regarding this trip.
                                                                                              The Bulletin of the First Baptist Church is
                                                                                              published weekly. Periodicals postage paid at
Board Member, John McKinney, is recovering well from his shoulder surgery.                    Thomaston, Georgia, 30286. POSTMASTER:
Thank you for your prayers on his behalf.                                                     Please send changes to First Baptist Church, 208
                                                                                              South Church Street, Thomaston, GA. 30286.

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