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    Health & Well-being Through Physical Activity & Sport

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Kinesiology Public Relations                      Message From the Dean
Laurel Rossnagel Chair                            Welcome Dean Rodgers
Joel Barnes MSc'
Sherry Pederson                                   Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity
Cary Primeau BSPE'      MBA'                        in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Tera Schneider BComm'

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Message From the Dean                                                                               Dr Carol D Rodgers

     t is my pleasure to present                                      well-being through physical activity and sport.” The College of

I    the first issue of our new
     magazine - called
“Kinnection” with “Howler”
                                                                      Kinesiology has an outstanding record in research, education,
                                                                      and community service and is committed to continuing to
                                                                      build on this record and exemplify its leadership in the
on the flip side. Based on                                            upcoming year(s). I look forward to being an active participant
information received through                                          in enabling us to achieve these goals.
a survey conducted last year,
we have amalgamated the                                               The success and achievement of Kinesiology, Physical Education
publications called “In Motion”                                       and Huskie alumni have helped to build the reputation the
and “Dog Tales” into this flip                                        College enjoys today. And your generosity and support allows
style magazine that encom-                                            us to maintain that reputation by providing our students with
passes stories reflecting College priorities, identifying new         an outstanding education and the preparation needed to
initiatives and programs, celebrating College, student and            contribute to their communities in Saskatchewan and around
alumni success, announcing events and offering program                the World.
information, as well as donor news. This magazine will be
distributed to all alumni of the College of Kinesiology and           This year, I plan to visit many of you in your home regions.
Huskie Athletics, friends of the College and donors to the            The College, working with local alumni, will host a number of
College twice a year, in August and January.We look forward to        alumni events. Please contact my office if you have questions,
hearing what you think of the new magazine.                           wish to assist in organizing the events, or have ideas to share -
It is also my pleasure and privilege to have been afforded the
opportunity to become a part of the College of Kinesiology and        Your Kinnection to the College is important to us.We look
Huskie Athetics. I am particularly excited about the College's        forward to hearing from you.
potential to be a driving force in enabling our community, our
province, and the nation, to reap the benefits of “health and         Carol

Welcome Dean Rodgers
         r. Carol Rodgers joined the College as Dean this July.       of Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Physical

D        Her PhD'89 was in exercise biochemistry from the
         Univ. of Western Ontario. Her first academic appoint-
ment was in the Department of Physical Education and
                                                                      Education and Health.

                                                                      Carol was an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical
Exercise Science at Michigan State University.                        Education and Health and in the School of Graduate Studies
                                                                      and held a cross-appointment in the Department of Physiology
In 1993, she joined the Univ. of Toronto in the Faculty of            in the Faculty of Medicine at the Univ. of Toronto. She has a
Physical Education and Health. In 1999, Carol was appointed           strong research record, has supervised both graduate and
Director of the Center for Girl’s and Women's Health and              undergraduate students, and participated in committees at all
Physical Activity. Most recently, she was the Associate Dean          levels in the academy.

Canada Research Chair in Physical
Activity in Health Promotion and
Disease Prevention           Dr Larry Brawley

         or older adults, the path to better                              Dr. Brawley noted,“I'm very fortunate that the federal and

F        health and an improved quality of
         life through physical activity is
often fraught with challenges and obsta-
                                                                          provincial governments, the Univ. of Saskatchewan, and the
                                                                          College of Kinesiology have provided me with an opportunity
                                                                          that will be the highlight of my career.The Canada Research
cles - unfamiliarity, a lack of confidence,                               Chair award provides me with the financial support and
even pain. Developing interventions that                                  research freedom to examine physical activity as a health
help overcome those roadblocks is central                                 behaviour that is critical to our well being in an increasingly
to Dr. Larry Brawley's work as the new                                    sedentary society and specifically to the well being of older
Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity in Health Promotion            adults.”
and Disease Prevention at U of S.“Many seniors have never
included regular physical activity in their lives as older adults,”
explains Brawley.“Today, however, physical activity is recom-
                                                                                        “Many seniors have never
mended to promote their health and to prevent disease and                      included regular physical activity
related physical disabilities.” Unfortunately, people don't often                   in their lives as older adults.”
have the knowledge to manage exercise suitable for their age
and/or disability level and how to manage their lives to fit
physical activity into daily life.                                        The Canada Research Chair award is for 7 years and is worth
                                                                          about 1.9 million dollars. Beyond the salary to hire Brawley,
Dr. Brawley's research concerns the promising theoretically-              there is financial support to develop and equip the new
driven interventions that help people change their behaviour              Physical Activity and Health Promotion Laboratory which is
and improve their adherence. Social factors are also examined.            housed in the Williams Building. Colleagues in Kinesiology and
                                                                          other health units across campus will enjoy approximately
Dr. Brawley is developing interventions that equip older adults           3,800 square feet of air-conditioned space that includes recep-
with exercise programming skills and behaviour change skills              tion, open testing areas, interview rooms, a small conference
that help them manage physical activity on their own and                  room, graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, and faculty offices
maintain this lifestyle change. Older adults, aged 60 to 85, with         and storage. It is an ideal location because it allows older
and without disease have been able to complete three month                adults easy access to the laboratory for Brawley's studies and
training programs and then successfully maintain their new                to Dr. Phil Chillibeck's large clinical trial on resistance training
level of daily physical activity on their own.                            for older adult women, which is housed there.

Individuals who make successful changes not only learn how                                                            The new laboratory
often to be active and pace their effort but also how to self-                                                        will also be the
manage their lifestyle activity so that it occurs regularly.                                                          testing site for two
While this success breeds confidence and persistence, we know                                                         newly funded
little about how individuals maintain that change for years.                                                          research projects that
Therefore, understanding the self-management skills                                                                   are a collaboration
necessary for maintenance is a major research theme in                                                                between new faculty
Dr. Brawley's 7 year research program.                                                                                member, Dr. Nancy
                                                                                                                      Gyurcsik and her

kinesiology colleagues - Drs. Brawley, Spink and Chad. This project will
examine older adults who are effectively coping with knee osteoarthritic
pain while attempting to adhere to physical activity.The lessons learned
from older adults who cope effectively in order to exercise will be used to      Power
inform future interventions.
As Director of the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Laboratory, Dr.
Brawley indicated that “Dr. Gyurcsik's project fits well into the general        Responsibility
program of research for the laboratory and adds to the research program
planned for the laboratory for the next seven years.” He emphasized that                     group of staff and students within the
“the new facility will help further the development of graduate students in
the social-behaviour change research area who have interest in working with
older adults and are being trained through our research grants.The new
                                                                                 A          College of Kinesiology implemented a
                                                                                            pilot project with students employed in
                                                                                 the Fitness Centre in the fall of 2004. The pro-
facility, additional faculty, growth of the Kinesiology graduate program and     gram, called KIN LIFE (Leaders Initiating and
faculty success in obtaining research grants have already attracted new PhD      Facilitating Excellence) is a student leadership
and MSc students with federal and university scholarships to U of S this fall    initiative that will provide positive results for
term. I'm pleased to be a part of the College of Kinesiology's excitement and    both our College and our students. The goal is to
energy and a part of its future as a health science unit at the Univ. of         create peer run workshops, associated mentor-
Saskatchewan.”                                                                   ship, educational, and reward programs that
                                                                                 focus on professionalism, good service, and lead-

Reunion 2007                                                                     Shaina Swidrovich, Kinesiology student, describes
                                                                                 it like this:“Kin Life has the ability to empower
            Meet at the PAC                                                      students through responsibility. It leaves you with
                                                                                 a sense of accomplishment; it provides various
            Sept. 14- 16, 2007                                                   opportunities for personal growth and in the end
         o you ever wonder what happened to your                                 enriches the knowledge of those who graduate

D        classmates? If so, Reunion 2007 may be just
         the opportunity for you to reconnect with
friends and colleagues from your days on campus. I
                                                                                 from the College of Kinesiology at the U of S.”

                                                                                 The group facilitated several workshops on team
                                                                                 building, communications, and leadership in
remember the cold winter mornings, preparing banners
for games, pulling all-nighters to meet deadlines, and                           2004/2005 that were extremely well received by
of course, cramming for exams! But more importantly, I recognize the             our students. Sessions were provided by College
opportunity I had to learn, the lifelong friendships I made, and the excellent   Faculty and Staff, leaders within the University
education I received that started me toward the career I love today.             Community, alumni, and leaders from the greater
                                                                                 Saskatoon Community.
Join your friends and fellow Physical Education and Kinesiology graduates at
Reunion 2007 hosted at the Physical Activity Complex (PAC) in Saskatoon.          It is hoped that the program will provide the
This will be one of the many events held in 2007 to celebrate the University’s   necessary skills for our students to be not only
100th anniversary.                                                               successful as students, but also as graduates
                                                                                 and professionals. When the program is fully
We are looking for class representatives and volunteers to help plan the         developed, graduates will walk out of this College
Reunion. Please contact me if you would like to help - alumni.kinesiology@       not only with a degree in Kinesiology but with
usask.ca. And mark these dates on your calendar!                                 work or volunteer experience that will benefit
Dr. Nancy Burns, BA’88, BAPE’90                                                  them throughout their lives.

                                                                                   Karin L Lofstrom BSPE' BEd'
                                                                               Executive Director Canadian Association for the
Coming Full Circle                                                      Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity

          fter Karin's 3rd year at U of S, the                          in sport and physical activity. CAAWS is an advocate for equity

A         field hockey program was cut.
          Upon finishing her Phys Ed degree,
Karin moved to the Univ. of Manitoba for
                                                                        for girls and women in sport and physical activity, and pro-
                                                                        motes the values of equity, inclusiveness, fairness, and respect.

one year to continue her field and ice hock-                            As a passionate spokesperson for CAAWS, Karin mentioned
ey activities. She then returned to                                     “Team Spirit,” a program offering sport opportunities for
Saskatoon and learned of an internship in                               Aboriginal girls in 9 communities across the country. Karin is
Ottawa and applied, but heard nothing back. So Karin                    also interested in helping solve the problems of obesity and
completed her Education degree followed by practice teaching            low physical activity levels in Canadian children.
in Bruno, Sask.Then out of the blue, a notice arrived in the mail
for that same internship. Karin applied and her career began.           Over the last decade, women's sport has become much more
                                                                        visible (for example, curling, golf, and hockey shown on
The internship with the Canadian Association for the                    television). In addition, fathers are advocating for opportunities
Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity                    for their daughters, as well as for their sons, in all sports.
(CAAWS) was a seven-month placement with Basketball                     Karin feels there is still work to be done encouraging women
Canada.That was almost 20 years ago. Karin went on to work              to become leaders in sport as coaches, officials, sports
for Basketball Canada for 4 years when Jack Donohue was                 administrators, and volunteers - influential positions
coach. She moved on to the Canadian Figure Skating                      involved in decision making.
Association as National Team Coordinator from 1989-96 during
the heyday of Kurt Browning and Elvis Stojko. Reflecting on the         Karin attributes her success to the transition through sport
experience of attending the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer,               associations, the people she has met, the advocacy work
Norway, Karin said,“If you can't make it to the Olympics                undertaken, team sport experience, good people skills, and
through your sport,                                                     prairie roots that have contributed to her open, collaborative,
it is nice to know that you can still go and con-                       and friendly nature. She feels Saskatchewan offers people an
tribute in another capacity.”                                           opportunity to experience a variety of sports and to take on
                                                                        leadership roles, which might not have been available in more
Karin spent a year with the Canadian                                    populated centers - a good model for success down the road.
Interuniversity Athletic Union and was the
Chef du Mission for the 1997 Winter World                               Looking back to her Phys Ed days, Karin remembers her friends
University Games. After a short stint with Sport                        from field and ice hockey, classmates on ski trips, and great
Canada, Karin came full circle and accepted a                           professors. She acknowledges the wonderful female leaders
position with CAAWS as Operation Manager.                                                                  and mentors at the College
                                                                                                           such as Pat Lawson, Pat
Now Executive Director of CAAWS, Karin continues to enjoy the                                              Jackson, and Barb Dorsey. She
challenges and opportunities, meeting a wide range of people                                               admits
in all sports and collaborating with various organizations                                                 to being jealous of the new
including friends like Don Radcliffe-Smith (Saskatoon In                                                   facility, the Physical Activity
Motion) or Professor Karen Chad, who was a graduate student                                                Complex, and jokingly
when Karin was attending the U of S.                                                                       describes the Hanger as “the
                                                                                                           temporary building,” but one
CAAWS was established in 1981. Its vision is to ensure that             that “served us well.”Thinking back to her first internship, Karin
girls and women have access to a complete range of opportu-             said,“It is interesting to think that Pat Lawson was a founding
nities and choices and have equity as participants and leaders          mother of CAAWS. She probably put that brochure up on the

                                                                                      James (Jim) Daniel McClements
                                                    BPE ' (Manitoba) MSc ' (Alberta) PhD ' (Alberta) retired from the
Farewell Jim                                         College of Kinesiology in December after  years with the College

              hen reflecting on his time at                           Association Member of the Year in 1997; and the Saskatoon

W             the U of S, two words come to
              Jim's mind - value and pride.
Jim valued being at the University because
                                                                      Association Community Living Visionary Award in 1999. More
                                                                      recently, Jim was the Saskatoon Sportsman of the Year in 2003;
                                                                      Official of the Year for the Canadian Speed Skating Association
it offered the freedom to pursue issues he                            and Honorary Life Member of the Saskatoon Lions Speed
felt were important to society as well as the                         Skating Club in 2002. And, speaking of speed skating, Jim is
opportunity to interact with, and learn from,                         well known for his commitment to the sport and for sharing
young people. He was also proud to know                               his expertise locally, nationally and internationally. He was
and work with so many great faculty                                   Chief Referee at 10 international speed skating World
members across campus and with students, who have gone on             Championships and at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.
to make Saskatchewan a better place to live. Jim enjoyed his
involvement in a College and University, which prides itself on       Jim has been active at both the national and local levels
making a difference and in being part of the political process        serving as President of SCAPPS (chairing two conferences),
that helps the University to move forward in leaps and bounds.        Chairman and President of Elmwood Residences, as well as
Some examples of his involvement include: chairing the review         being a member of the Active Living Alliance for Persons with
of the Teaching and Learning Centre; reviewing the Library            a Disability and the Premier's Council of Disabled. In addition,
System, the Ethical Guidelines document, and the University           Jim has had many roles in sport.
Mission Statement.                                                    As a dedicated teacher, who was known for being hard but
In 1974 Jim joined the College of Physical Education as an            fair, Jim taught numerous Physical Education and Kinesiology
Assistant Professor. He progressed to Associate Professor in          classes over the years. He was also supervisor to 19 graduate
1975 and to full Professor in 1985. Jim also coached the              students. His research was presented at conferences and
Huskies Cross Country Team to two conference championships            published in journals. Jim was also involved in writing a
in 1979 and 1980. He was a Special Advisor to the Provost             number of books and book chapters.
during 2002-2004 and was an active and supportive member              The last word is Jim's:“When I started in the College, most
of the University community in his academic life. At his              faculty were directly involved in physical activity as coaches,
retirement reception, Jim was recognized by the campus                in the activity classes, intramurals, or in the community.
community for his commitment and integrity, and described             Today, faculty's primary emphasis is on scholarship.This is
by Dean Faulkner as a principled and enthusiastic member of           neither good nor bad; it simply describes the changes.
the College.                                                          Every faculty I shared time with over the years has made
Over the years, Jim received a number of honours including:           magnificent contributions to society.These successes must
the Sask Sport Volunteer Recognition Award in 1985; nominee           never be forgotten. What is important is not the emphasis
for the USSU Teaching Excellence Award in 1992/93 and                 but the effect the College has had on society.”
1993/94; CAHPERD Fellow in 1994; Saskatchewan Rowing

        he College of Kinesiology has a website location http://www.usask.ca/kinesiology/alumni_achievements.php just for you.

T       Send in your information to alumni.kinesiology@usask.ca and we will add your information. Check the website for the latest
        news on fellow alumni.

The Farthing Brothers
      on Farthing, BSc(Kin)'99, MSc(Kin)'02 has taken an               Jon and he has attended several workshops over the past few

J     academic slant and brother Dan Farthing, BSPE'93 made
      his mark in championship football circles. Both are grad-
uates of the College of Kinesiology, were Huskies, and have an
                                                                       years on teaching development through the Gwenna Moss
                                                                       Teaching & Learning Centre at the U of S. Jon's undergraduate
                                                                       teaching areas include Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity
interest in fitness and health.                                        and Health, and Research Methodology.

                                                                       When asked what one of the highlights of his football career
                                                                       was, Dan Farthing stated,“Sitting with my Huskie teammates
                                                                       at centre field of the Skydome after winning the 1990 Vanier
                                                                       Cup.We sat there for a long time... I remember that they had
                                                                                                          even turned off the lights
                                                                                                          and we were still in our
                                                                                                          uniforms, soaking up all
                                                                                                          the pride and fulfillment
                                                                                                          that came with traveling a
                                                                                                          journey of investing what it
                                                                                                          took to turn that team from
                                                                                                          a 2-6 team into a national
Jon Farthing is a true home-grown academic. He graduated                                                  champion. Little did we
from Kinesiology in 1999 after an outstanding undergraduate                                               know that our accomplish-
career and then entered graduate studies. In 2002, he complet-                                            ment was only the begin-
ed his MSc and will complete his PhD program this fall. During                                            ning of the present tradition
his undergraduate days he played Huskie football and was a                                                of a Huskie Football program
member of the 96 Vanier Cup Championship team. In the                                                     that expects to be in the
summers, Jon worked with Dan at his company, Level 10                                                     running for the Vanier Cup
Fitness, in Regina in 2000 and 2001.                                   each and every year.This is something of which we are all still
                                                                       very, very proud.”
In July, Jon was appointed as an Assistant Professor in
Kinesiology. "This is my dream job” says Jon. “ I get to stay at       Dan now owns Level 10, a fitness facility in Regina along with
home in Saskatchewan, which I'd always hoped I could do.               partners Brooks Findlay (former Roughrider), Mike Sillinger
I'm close to family, which is important with 3 kids under 4            (current NHLer) and, Brooks' wife, Andrea Hoffman (former
years old, and I get to continue my current research program           National Water Polo team member and sister of a former
working with the same great people.What more could a new               Huskie and Rider teammate of Dan's, John Hoffman). Dan
Faculty member ask for?” Jon's wife is Danielle and their 3            noted,“As the Director of Athletic Training at Level 10, I am
children are Grace, Jude and Simon.                                    often called upon to provide strength and conditioning
                                                                       consultative service to SaskSport and to the Canadian Sport
Jon has an active research program that focuses on neurophys-          Centre Saskatchewan.”
iology and neural adaptations of exercise using functional
magnetic resonance imaging. His research has application to            We have often heard the accolades of Dan's sports career and
stroke rehabilitation, neuromuscular control of movement, and          here are a few highlights: a member of the Holy Cross
recovery from unilateral limb immobilization or injury.                Collegiate football provincial championship teams in 85 and
Delivering quality undergraduate teaching is very important to         86; a Huskie career that started in 1987 and included a trip to

the Vanier in 1989 and a return in 1990 when the Huskies won                (a record still standing today), and scored 3 touchdowns among
their first Huskie Vanier Cup against Saint Mary's Huskies;                 his 31 receptions.
selected 2nd overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the
1991 Canadian Football League draft; a career with the                      “He was the most intelligent athlete I coached and 1 of the top
Roughriders that included a best season in 1998 with 67                     5 athletes,” said Huskies Head Coach Brian Towriss.“He led by
catches; a CFL career of 384 catches for 5,108 yards and 19                 example and by his demeanor, right from the get-go. He was a
touchdowns averaging 13 yards per catch; and an appearance                  fantastic player, a gentleman off the field, and the best student
in the 1997 Grey Cup.                                                       at the U of S.” Dan graduated in 1993 and was awarded the
                                                                            President's Medal as the University's Most Outstanding
He was the only Huskie to win the Peter Gorman trophy as the                Graduate.
outstanding rookie in Canadian university football. In his rookie
season, he led the nation with 759 receiving yards, set a team              Dan and his wife, SueAnn have 2 daughters, Jasmine and
single-game record with 259 yards in a game against Manitoba                Ella, and a baby son Theron.

Outstanding Students
          t Spring Convocation,

                                                                             cott Forbes (BSc(Kin) Honours with Great Distinction) was
          Marta Erlandson (BSc(Kin)
          Honours with Great
Distinction) was awarded the Dr.
                                                                        S    awarded the College of Kinesiology Dean's Medal for the
                                                                             highest academic average in the 2005 Graduating Class.

Gordon Garvie Prize for most out-                                                              During high school, Scott was an elite
standing undergraduate. During her                                                             athlete in canoeing and cross-country
third year, Marta was awarded the                                                              having competed in the Canada Summer
College's Exchange Scholarship and                                                             Games in 1997 and 2001 (1 gold, 3 bronze
attended the Univ. of Queensland in                                                            in 2001), the Western Canada Games in
Brisbane, Australia where she received the Dean's                                              1999 (4 silver, 2 bronze), the Alberta
Commendation for High Achievement.                                                             Summer Games in 1997 (2 gold), and the
                                                                        National Championships from 1998 onward (2 silver, 3 bronze).
Physical activity has always been an integral part of Marta's           Scott also placed 9th at the Provincial Cross-Country Running
life. As a high-level competitive gymnast, she has coached              Championships in 2001.
gymnastics for the past 10 years. In Australia, Marta was a
member of the Univ. of Queensland track and field team.                 Scott entered Kinesiology in 2001 with a curiosity for the
This past year, Marta competed in pole vault with the                   theoretical aspects of sport. During his first 2 years of study, he
Huskies. In addition, Marta was an instructor for the                   trained and competed as a paddler while maintaining a 90%
University's children activity camps and has been involved              academic average.Then Scott began to explore a variety of sports
with the University's inner city physical education program.            including kayak polo, making the Junior National team which
                                                                        traveled to the 2004 Junior World Championships in Japan,
This summer, Marta was research assistant in the College                placing 5th overall. In 2004/05, Scott joined the Huskies Cross
and she begins a Master's degree here in the research area              Country and Track & Field teams.
of human growth and development in September. Marta
recently received a 2-year scholarship from the Community               Scott is starting a Master's degree in Kinesiology. He has been
and Population Health Research Training Program. She will               awarded a Dean's Scholarship (value: $36,000 over 2 years) to
investigate the effects of physical activity in early childhood.        fund his graduate studies and is working under Dr. Phil Chilibeck.
Long-term plans include PhD studies as well as teaching                 Future plans include PhD studies and doing research as a
and research at the university level.                                   professor.

      From Volunteer to Program Creator….
TRACKING                      odi Simpson, BSc(Kin)’02, BEd’03 has         because I saw a need to take the PAAL

  PACK                  J     always been “involved” in the College        program with its foundation and provide a

                              of Kinesiology. As a student, she was        service beyond the university walls. The
                        an instructor for both the Dance and the           networking between participants and
                        Aquatics programs, volunteered for numer-          volunteers and participation in various
Canada's former
                        ous community outreach programs and                events was something that had not been
Olympic hockey
                        served as the student coordinator for the          explored yet. This way, a child who needs
coach, DAVID (DAVE)                                                        one-to-one attention and yet wants to
                        Children’s Activity Camps for 2 summers.
KING, BAPE'71, was                                                         participate in community soccer with their
                        So when she was approached to fill a
appointed head                                                             school peers, for example, could with the
                        temporary position coordinating the Physical
coach of Russia's                                                          assistance of a volunteer.“
                        Activity for Active Living (PAAL) program
Superleague Club        during the summer, it was no surprise she
called Metallurg on     said yes. What surprised Jodi was the
May 16, 2005.           passion developed to continue her involve-
                        ment with children and youth with special
LYLE SANDERSON,         needs. “I have always had a passion for
Coach Emeritus,         physical activity and it wasn’t until I was
BAPE'63, MSc'69         given an opportunity to coordinate physical
and LINDA BLADE,        activity and work with people with disabili-
MSc'87, were            ties that I discovered an area that is true and
recently appointed      dear to my heart,” Simpson states.
to the International
Association of          In the years she has been involved with the        Jodi’s interest in dance and her relationship
Athletics Federations   PAAL programs, Jodi has always strived to          with retired professor Joan Krohn led to the
(IAAF) School/Youth     make improvements and changes to better            development of the Spirit Flyers. Currently
Commission.             meet the needs of our patrons. She started         the program has 4 different Spirit Flyer
                        with simple changes such as report cards for       groups ranging from 5 years to 36 years
JENNIFER ADAMSON,       swimming sessions and structuring other            with a variety of disabilities. The Spirit Flyers
BSKI'05, teamed with    physical activity sessions to continually          continues to flourish, recently participating
Victoria Tuttle of      challenge the children in the programs, but        in the Dance Power competition held in
Carleton Place, Ont.    more recently has started expanding the            Saskatoon over the May long weekend and
to win the gold         programs and scope of the College’s offer-         receiving high marks for their efforts. Their
medal in the            ings. Additions like the PAAL buddy program        mark of 84% earned them a gold medal and
women's K-2 500         and the Spirit Flyers are now a mainstay in        the Kids...in motion won an award of
metres at the           the College’s range of programs offered to         recognition for “Dancing from the Heart”    .
Pan American            children and youth with impairments.
canoe and kayak
championships in
                        “My goal was that by exposing the partici-
                        pants to a variety of different activities,
                                                                           Student Notes
Lac-Beauport, Que.
                        perhaps they might spark an interest                  n July, Meaghan Buisson, a Kinesiology
on Saturday, July 9.
                        in one particular activity for lifelong partici-
                        pation to enhance their overall fitness levels.
                        The PAAL Buddy program was developed
                                                                           I  student from Saskatoon, swept all 6 races
                                                                              at the Canadian inline speed skating
                                                                           championships for a second straight year.

New Youth Climbing Program
      ince its inception in September 2003,        ing gym program as well as interdisciplinary
S     the U of S Climbing Wall has been            health promotion.

      strictly limited to adult programming;
however, in September the Fit Centre will          Following the inter-disciplinary approach to
embark into the world of youth climbing            health promotion, Shannon has initiated a
                                                                                                       On June 21st, 2005
programming. Courses will be offered to PAC        partnership with the Student Health Centre
                                                                                                       the Saskatoon
members and their children and will include        and will be working with dietician and fel-
                                                   low Kinesiology graduate Christina Ling,            Sports Hall of Fame
“learn-to’s” for both families and youths. In
                                                   BSc(Nutr)’94, MSc(Kin)’02. As the College           announced the 2005
addition, there will be specific drop in times
                                                   mandates active promotion of healthy                inductees. JACKILEE
designated primarily for underage climbers.
                                                   lifestyles and the Student Health Centre            (JACKI) NICHOL,
As children tend to be natural climbers, this
is an excellent opportunity to promote physi-      estimates that approximately one-third of all       BSc'97, BSPE'97,
cal activity in the youth population as well as    nutrition referrals are focused on weight           BSPT'01 is one of the
increasing utilization of                          management; a partnership between the               inductees. She
the climbing wall.                                 two was a logical choice. With the Fit Centre       became a regular at
                                                   providing a satellite office for free nutritional   national softball
Shannon Forrester                                  counseling for students, the partnership            tournaments, play-
(nee Gerstmar),                                    hopes to break down perceived barriers for          ing with teams at
BSPE’98, MSc(Kin)’01,                              students with weight management issues.             the midget, junior
is the interim Health                              By exposing these students to the facility          and senior finals
and Fitness Coordinator                            and aiming to enhance their comfort level,          including a gold
while Shana McLean is                              the partnership hopes to develop an envi-           with DBJ in 2000.
on parental leave.                                 ronment that will facilitate a healthy              She is the only
Shannon returns to the                             lifestyle.                                          woman ever to rep-
U of S from The Banff                                                                                  resent Canada twice
Centre for Continuing                              Shannon is looking forward to the exciting          at the world juniors.
Education, where she was Health and Fitness        year ahead of her, which will include not only      While on the
Coordinator from 2000-03 and promoted to           management of the Fit Centre but lecturing          Canadian national
Recreation Department Manager in April             within the College as well. Shannon and her         team she was short-
2003. She is eager to put to use some of the       husband Rob are both excited to return to           stop and captain.
valuable experiences she gained at the Banff       Saskatoon.                                          They won silver
Centre, including enhancement of the climb-                                                            at the Pan-American
                                                                                                       Games in Winnipeg
                                                                                                       and participated
                                                                                                       in the summer
 Did You Know...                                                                                       Olympics in Sydney
                                                                                                       in 2000. Jacki also
 There are 500 undergraduate and 50 gradu-        Professor Karen Chad was appointed as                played ringette and
 ate students in the College of Kinesiology.      Associate Vice-President (Research)                  basketball on
                                                  effective July 1st.
                                                                                                       provincial teams at
 The entrance average for the College is
                                                                                                       the national level.
 approximately 84% and the highest direct         The College offers an on-line course in
 entry College on campus.                         Historical & Comparative Education & Sport.

                              August 2005




 Table of Contents                                                               Huskie Events
 Track Stars Nominated to CIS Top 8 Academic                                       The 2005-2006 Huskie season is jam-packed
    All-Canadian Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1                       with exciting events. Here's just a taste of
                                                                                             what there is to look forward to…
 PotashCorp Saves the Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
 New Athletic Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2                               SASKTEL PRESENTS
 Game Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2              THE BATTLE OF SASKATCHEWAN
                                                                                 September 3rd as the Huskies kick off the
 The College of Kinesiology Donors . . . . . . . . .3                               2005 Canada West Football season
 Dog Tales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3       by hosting the arch-rival Regina Rams.
 The Farthing Brothers . . . . . . .See Kinnection 6
                                                                              THE POTASH CORPORATION OF SASKATCHEWAN
 Tracking The Pack . . . . . .See Kinnection 8 & 9                                  PRESENTS “DOG DAY” AFTERNOON
                                                                               as the Huskie Football squad will attempt to
                                                                                      ground the UBC Thunderbirds.
                                                                                    Receive a bag of Old Dutch chips

          PAW PRINTS                                                                   just for attending the game.

                                                                                  Nov 4th @ 7:00 pm and Nov 6th @ 6:00pm
For the second consecutive year, Jenine Stangier                              the Credit Union Centre becomes a dog house as
                                                                               the Hockey Huskies face off with the defending
played with the Ottawa Fury Elite Women's Soccer                                  national champion Alberta Golden Bears.
                                                                                Jan 13th @ 7:00 pm and Jan 15th @ 6:00pm
Veteran Ashley Dutchak traveled across North America                            once again you can join the Huskies at the
and to Europe this summer as part of the Out West                             Credit Union Centre as they face-off against the
Elite basketball team. Karen Fraser was a member of                                       Univ. of Calgary Dinos.
the squad's development program.Teammates Sarah                                           March 9th, 10th and 11th
Crooks and Keri-Leigh Porter were once again with                               The 2006 CIS TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS
the Canadian national program.                                                   take place at the Saskatoon Field House as
                                                                               the Huskies look to defend their National titles.
Over half of this year's Saskatchewan Canada Games Track & Field team
was comprised of Huskies.                                                            Saturday April 1st… join us at the
                                                                               Centennial Auditorium for the HUSKIE SALUTE
                                                                                  as we honour the best of the Dog Pack
Wrestlers Jeff Adamson and Ryley Walker both advanced to the                            from the 2005-2006 season.
quarter-finals at Junior World Championships in Lithuania.
                                                                                       Mark your calendar for the
Darren Dove spent his summer with the Senior                                     13TH ANNUAL XEROX-HUSKIE ATHLETICS
National Volleyball team, while Kris Brand and Mark                                 SCHOLARSHIP GOLF TOURNAMENT
Dodds were with the A2 team.                                                   June 22nd at the Willows Golf & Country Club.

In 2004-2005, 32% of all who participated in interuni-                              For the complete home and away schedule,
versity athletics as a student-athlete, trainer or man-
                                                                                  as well as other Huskie events, visit us online at
ager attained U of S and/or CIS All-Academic status.
                                                                                www.huskies.usask.ca. For tickets, call 306-966-1020.
Huskie Athletics awarded more than $300,000 in
scholarships to athletes in 2004-2005.

The 2005 Canadian College draft saw the most Huskies drafted to the
CFL in one season. Nathan Hoffart and Jeff Piercy have signed with the
Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Allouettes respectively, while
Ryan Gottselig and Curt Hundeby will return to the Huskies for the 2005

The following Huskies represented Canada at the World Universiade in
Izmur,Turkey: Brian Gavlas, Mark Dodds, Kris Brand, Stephanie Wheler,
Adrianne Vangool, Rob Hanson, Karlyn Serby, and Nicole Buchholz.
  Track Stars Nominated to CIS Top 8
           Academic All-Canadian Team
       Amber Mosewich and Matt Scobie have not only been outstanding Huskie athletes on the track, but are
          exemplary students in the classroom. The two track stars have been selected as this year's Univ. of
      Saskatchewan nominees for the CIS Top Eight Academic All-Canadian team, which is made up of the top
                      two athletes from each regional association (Canada West, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic).

Amber Mosewich, now in her third year                                         Matt Scobie completed his third year of Agriculture with an
of Kinesiology, finished last year with an 88.21%                             82.30% average. A two-time CIS All-Canadian and Huskie First Team
overall average. Majoring in Exercise and Sport                               All-Academic, Matt is majoring in Animal Science and planning to pur-
Studies, she is a two-time CIS All-Canadian and                               sue a career in Veterinary Medicine. He is a dual-sport athlete, a leader
Huskie First Team All-Academic. Last season, she led                          on both the Huskie Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Despite
the Huskie Women's Track & Field team to their                                being involved in a serious accident last summer that left him nursing
sixth CIS Championship title in five years, with                              an injury throughout most of his training season, Matt helped the No.
Amber earning gold medals in the 600m and                                     5 Huskies to a huge upset victory at the 2005 CIS National Track & Field
4x400m Relay, and a fourth place finish in the 300m. She won gold in                              Championship. Matt won silver in the 1000m and
all three of her events at the 2005 Canada West Championships. She                                his relay team won gold in the 4x800m, a first-ever
was named the 2005 Diane Jones Huskie Track & Field Female Athlete                                for the Huskie men.
of the Year. Amidst her studies and training, Amber still finds time to
volunteer coach with the Saskatoon Track & Field Club's junior devel-                             “As an individual Matt is extremely dedicated to
opment program.                                                                                   achieving his academic goals and athletic perform-
                                                                                                  ances,” said Jim Holmstrom, Cross Country Head
Event coach Todd Johnston has enjoyed coaching Amber over the last                                Coach and Matt's Event Coach in Track.“As a team
few years: "Amber's accomplishments this past season are amazing,             player Matt is passionate about motivating his teammates to be their
and considering she spent much of the past three seasons with injury,         best.This drive for academic and athletic achievement typifies what
even more so. Her dedication and hard work have allowed her to come           Huskie Athletics is about and is what drives all of us forward.”
back from where most people would have packed it in. Amber is also
very conscientious academically. She is always working on something,          Matt came to the Univ. of Saskatchewan from Vancouver three years
and it pays off in her academic accomplishments."                             ago, saying that it was the most important decision he has ever had to
                                                                              make:“It was the best choice to come here.The Veterinary Medicine
“I've had such a good support system, both my family and friends,”            program got me looking at the U of S, and the Track program is why I
says the Watrous-native about how she balances both school and ath-           chose it.The nicest part is being in a city that is focused on university
letics.“Doing something you enjoy definitely helps. Being busy has            sport.”
been good for me too.You just have to get the work done.”
                                                                              When asked the highlight of his track career so far, Matt immediately
Being injury-plagued for the first part of her university career, Amber       responded,“Winning both the 1000m and 1500m at the Canada West
has overcome many obstacles to reach success in the sport she loves so        Championships [in 2004]. I wasn't expecting to do that and then I won
much.“There was a time I never thought I would make it to the CIS             and came back the next day and won again. I couldn't believe I'd
Championships,” she said.“I've worked really hard to come back from            actually accomplished that.”
things, and winning the 600m was such a proud moment for me.”
                                                                              Matt credits his inspiration to many people including former Huskie
This past summer was a busy one for Amber, competing at Provincials,          Jamie Epp:“Just watching him [Jamie]… he never gave up. It was
Senior Nationals, Jeux du Canada Games and several international              amazing how much pain he put himself through to win a race.” Sean
meets in both Canada and the US. She is looking forward to the                Baynton, Assistant Coach with the Huskies, is another individual Matt
upcoming season with the U of S Huskies:“I'd like to defend our title         notes as influencing his career:“Sean has great leadership, and just has
next year.We have a great group of girls and our relay teams have             this presence to him around the track.”
always been strong. For myself, I'd like to become a stronger runner,
focusing on the 600m. I really want to keep training hard and keep            Over the summer, Matt has been training hard as well as competing at
getting p.b.'s [personal bests].”                                             Provincials, the Jeux du Canada Games in Regina and Senior Nationals
                                                                              for the first time ever.
           PotashCorp Saves the Day
 On July 8th, Univ. of Saskatchewan President MacKinnon (right) announced the University's newest recruit
         to the Huskie Football Team. Albeit an honorary position, Mr. Bill Doyle from Potash Corporation of
    Saskatchewan Inc. (left) received a Huskie jersey in recognition of a gift of $5 Million by PotashCorp to
                                   assist the University in upgrades required to host the Vanier Cup in 2006.

The University was awarded the 2006                                         meet all the requirements for bringing the Vanier Cup to
Vanier Cup by Canadian Interuniversity                                      Saskatoon. PotashCorp really saved the day,” said Carol
Sports (CIS) on the condition the field be                                  Rodgers, Dean of the College of Kinesiology.
upgraded with artificial turf and field
lighting.                                                                   The donation is the lead gift in the University's Thinking the
                                                                            World of our Future fundraising campaign.With a goal of rais-
The Vanier Cup will be held in Saskatoon                                    ing $100 million by the University's centennial year in 2007,
on November 25, 2006. It is the first time                                  the campaign will result in increased financial support for stu-
this national sporting event will be held outside of Ontario.              dents, improved facilities and enhanced opportunities for
“Without their commitment, we may not have been able to                    learning and research.

  New Athletic Scholarships
              Huskie Athletics is very thankful to the many donors who have established new student awards.

Scholarships are critical to both our recruitment of students              As well, we would like to thank all the donors who have con-
and for students to be able to participate in athletics while              tributed to the following new funds established this year:
they are pursuing their education at the Univ. of Saskatchewan.            • Campus Community Scholarships in Huskie Athletics
Here is a list of a few alumni and friends who have stepped                   (established with donations by on-campus members’
forward this year to set up new scholarships for Huskie                       contributions to the Campus Community Campaign -
athletes:                                                                     the on campus initiative within the University's Thinking the
• The Ron and Jane Graham Awards in Huskie Basketball                         World of our Future campaign)
  (established by Ron and Jane Graham)                                     • Guy Vetrie Memorial Fund Scholarship
• The Ron and Jane Graham Awards in Huskie Football                           (established by alumni of Men's Basketball)
  (established by Ron and Jane Graham)                                     • Sanderson Fund Scholarship
• Huskie Goalkeeper Award in Soccer                                           (established by the alumni of Track & Field and Cross
  (established by Kent and Nanette Kowalski)                                  Country)
• Barry Radcliffe Football Award                                           • Frank Enns Athletic Award
  (established by Barry and Ann Radcliffe)                                    (established in recognition of Frank Enns, former coach,
                                                                              Men's Volleyball)

        GAME NOTES
The CIS has welcomed its 52nd member               In 2005/06 there will be 9 men’s and 10             Plans are underway for the launching of a
institution, the Univ. College of Fraser           women’s CIS Championships.There will be             television strategy designed to raise the
Valley, effective September 2006.The               1,926 roster spots for women at CIS cham-           visibility of student-athletes through the
Abbottsford, B.C.-based school will com-           pionships (50.5%), and 1,882 roster spots           weekly telecast of “games of the week”   .
pete in women's and men's basketball, and          for men (49.5%).
women's and men's soccer.

  The College of Kinesiology Gratefully
    Acknowledges the following Donors
     The list below includes contributions to Kinesiology, Huskie Athletics and Community Programs received
     from May 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005. For a list of all donors who gave gifts of less than $500, please see our
                                                                             website www.usask.ca/kinesiology.

   $10,000 and over                          Tim Conlin                 Sask Sport Inc.                       Stewart Bauck                      Nanette Kowalski
    Dynaventure Corporation                  David Dube             Saskatchewan Amateur                       Eileen Bone                         Timothy Leier
     Football Saskatchewan                  Bob Faulkner             Wrestling Association                    Alynn Brischuk               MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman
          Jane Graham                  Fidelity Investments       Saskatchewan Government                     Philip Browne              Meidl Honda and Oakwood Nissan
          Ron Graham               Fidelity Investments Canada             Insurance                           Curtis Burks                       Midtown Plaza
     Saskatchewan Athletics                    Limited              Saskatchewan Lotteries             Canadian National Railway Co                 Laurie Moen
Saskatchewan Hockey Association          Henrietta Goplen          Saskatchewan Parks and                     Gerald Carline                North Ridge Development
        Xerox Canada Inc.                   John Gordon           Recreation Association Inc.                   Doug Clark                          Corporation
                                           Ronald Grozell         Saskatchewan Roughrider                       Bev Cooper                            Overdrive
    $5,000 - $9,999                       Brent Hamilton                 Football Club                         Brian Dasilva                      Ryan Parchman
       Donald Anderson                   Michael Kennedy                  SaskEnergy                         Robert Dougall                       Pamela Perkins
 Basketball Saskatchewan Inc.              Douglas Kester                   SaskTel                          Jocelyn Duncan                        Todd Peterson
 Siemens Transportation Group             Kerny Korchinski             Paul Schoenhals                 Edge Marketing Incorporated                Barry Radcliffe
    McKercher McKercher &             Leland, Kimpinski LLP               Doug Senyk                         Thomas Foskett               Spina Bifida Association of Sask
         Whitmore LLP                         Ron Lowe                 Charles Simpson                        David Guebert                   Stantec Consulting Ltd.
        Bob McKercher                        Bill McBean                  Paul Taillon                         Jason Halyk                  Suncor Energy Foundation
     Saskatchewan Soccer                    Bob Mirwald                The StarPhoenix                          Brian Hepp                       Fraser Sutherland
        Association Inc.                   Howard Nixon                Victoria Truss Ltd.                      Linda Hepp                           Andy Szocs
    Saskatchewan Volleyball            Dr.W. Stan Oleksinski              Ross Wilson                         Blair Hersikorn                     Stewart Tasche
          Association                     Prairieland Park               Lorne Wright                       Timothy Hodgson                     The Great-West Life
Wright Construction Western Inc.            Kerry Preete                                                   HSBC Bank Canada                     Assurance Company
                                            Quality Hotel             $500 - $999                   JD Peppercorns Steak & Pasta House             Judith Tokaryk
    $1,000 - $4,999                         Mary Ready           101016821 Saskatchewan Ltd.                 Gregory Jockims                         Garry Vann
        Allyson Adolph                    Brian Rossnagel                Dave Adolph                         David Karwacki                          Jim Weber
         Jack Adolph                     Laurel Rossnagel          AIM Trimark Investments                   Laurie Karwacki                     Lawrence Wegner
   AGF Management Limited                Orest Sadownick               Terrance Akister                    Russ & Merle Kisby                    Westcap Mgt Ltd
          Don Bailey                    Pauline Sadownick              Marlowe Allison                        Spero Kokonas                      Murray Woodbury
     Cameco Corporation                    Lyle Sanderson         Alpine Group of Companies                       Jay Kost
 Concorde Group of Companies           Stanley Sandomirsky                Daniel Ash                          Kent Kowalski

Annual Fund contributions supported Kinesiology scholarships                         Revenues from the Endowment continue to support student
for graduate and undergraduate students this year. These awards                      awards and the operation of Huskie Athletics.
will be presented in Fall 2005. Our students are very thankful for
your support of their educational pursuit.                                           We would like to acknowledge Russ and Merle Kisby who have
                                                                                     made the initial contribution toward the establishment of the
Huskie Athletics Annual Fund donors have helped to raise the                         Kinesiology Aboriginal Student Award which will begin this year.
Huskie Athletic Endowment to new heights and we hope through                         Alumni are welcome to contribute to this fund by directing their
continued support in 2005 to reach the $1 Million mark!                              annual contribution to this Scholarship.

               DOG TALES
  The Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame inductees for this year include                      ments who competed in interuniversity athletics. Fedoruk was a
  three former Huskies: track star Louis Christ, wrestler Shane                          multi-sport athlete (basketball, golf, hockey, track and volleyball).
  McDonald and basketball player Ralph Schoenfeld.
                                                                                         The fifth annual Dog's Breakfast on May 5th was the biggest ever,
  Alumni Sylvia Fedoruk is the 2005 L.B.“Mike” Pearson Award recipi-                     raising $70,000 for the Football team.
  ent, awarded to a distinguished Canadian for outstanding achieve-


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