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									Edit Comments in Facebook, Yay!

Finally. It’s about damn time. If you’ve ever made a comment and realized you grossly
misspelled something, or got hit with the ubiquitous Apple “auto-correct”, then you’d have to x
the box and start all over. Annoying. Well, now, if you need to, you can go back and full edit
your comments.

It used to be that if you made a mistake you could edit your comment within the first minute, but
now you can go back and edit your comment any time you like. I do wonder what took the folks
of Facebook so long to come up with this idea. This has been suggested forever and a day ago,
so I’d love to be in the room and see why it took so long to figure out. Its simple too; to edit,
click the small pen symbol next to your comment, click “edit” and then change the text to
whatever your heart’s desire. The only downside though is that once you go back and start re-
writing and changing your mind, a small “edited” link appears below so people can look back on
anything you change. So, if you’re going to change your mind on something, it’s probably best
to delete your comment or simply offer a rebuttal. It seems as if this editing feature is best used
for typos.

According to Mashable, a Facebook representative says the edit ability is live for a number of
users now and will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.
I did read an article about this new development recently and they wondered the same thing I
did. If we can edit our comments on other people’s pages, then why can’t we edit our own status
updates? I can’t wrap my head around it, unless the editing feature is being tested on the
comments because it’s likely to get more use there and it’s a test of some sort. As Mashable
reported, it’s been live for a few folks, but I still don’t think it’s a beta test. Who knows what
Facebook is up to. One thing is for sure, they’ve definitely been making quite the stir lately and
driving their stock price back closer and closer to the initial IPO price, which is good news for
investors. With Camera and Airtime, and now comment editing, Facebook is doing a lot to
create a even more evolving unique and creative user experience.

Keep it up FB.

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