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Newsletter 21.9.12 by catoncps


                                                   21st September 2012

                This week began with a values assembly all about RESPECT; respect
                for yourself, for others and for the environment. It was based on the
                tale of a frog called Freddy who had a lesson to learn with the help
                of his friends. The children loved it and were very good at
                suggesting what Freddy had done wrong, how he felt and what he
                should have done.

Class 1 have been busy creating puppets for their puppet theatre and writing
play-scripts based on the story of The Three Little Pigs. They have also started their
topic of the Great Fire of London and I look forward to seeing some exciting
accounts and pictures.

Class 2 have been archaeologists and discovering a little about who the Vikings
were as part of their class topic for this term. They were using problem-solving
skills to explore a burial mound and piece together any information that would
help them describe, explain and evaluate their findings.

Julie Fryer, our school adviser came into school on Thursday to conduct some joint
teaching and learning observations with me in both classes. We talked to the
children about their learning and how they know what they are doing and how to
get better.

May I remind parents and indeed grandparents that we’d love to see you in school
at any time, particularly if you have a skill you could share with the children. We
always welcome adults who can read to or with the children, play maths board
games or do a bit of ICT.

                       HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Ms Cad :)
                                                           Friday 21st September 2012
                                    Message from the office

From this week onwards, I will not be in the office on a Thursday morning until about 9.30, so
this will leave the office unstaffed before school. Please bear this in mind if you need to see me about
anything. I will no longer be leaving early on a Wednesday and will be in the office until after school has
                                           Miss Bown

This term’s Dates and diary events
                                                             Next Week in school
26th September—Harvest lunch
                                                             24th—28th September
28th September—Roald Dahl dress-up day—****see
letter in tonight’s book bags****                            Monday
18th October—KS2 trip to Jorvik                              AM—Swimming (Y1—Y6)
26th October—INSET day                                       3.15—Gardening Club (KS2 only)
29th Oct—2nd Nov—Half term break
31st October—closing date for secondary school               Tuesday
apps                                                          10.45am—Harvest assembly *see letter in book bags*
5th November—INSET day
21st November—Parents’ day/evening                           Wednesday
                                                             12:00—Harvest lunch
16th November—Children in Need
                                                             3.15—4.15 JAM Club
14th December—Christmas Fair
13th December—Christmas dinner (tbc)                         Thursday
17th December—Class 1 play for community (am)                 3.15—4.15 Multi-skills (R-Y2)
18th December—Class 1 play for parents (pm)
19th December—Class 2 play                                   Friday
20th December—Whole school trip to see                       Roald Dahl Day
Treasure Island                                              PM—Guitar lessons
20th December –break up for Christmas                         3.15—4.15 Football (Y2-6)

Car Park                                                                In book bags tonight
When bringing and picking up children, please do not drive
onto the school premises as this is a safety risk for the children      Holiday dates 2012/13—please note
playing outside. Thank you                                              as there have been some changes

Class 1 request                                                         Head Lice leaflet—please keep for
As the new reception children are already settling in so                reference
brilliantly, please can parents leave the children at the door
from next week and Miss Harkin or Mrs Harkin will take them             Data collection forms—please check,
into class.                                                             sign and return by 29th September

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!                                                         Attendance for 17th—21st Sept
It’s starting to get very cold and windy, please
remember to send your child to school with suitable                     Class 1— 96.5%
outdoor clothing so they can play outside at                            Class 2— 93.8%
                                                                        Whole school— 95.2%

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