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Kappaventotto Showroom


Roberto Cavalli has chosen the contract furniture supplier Kappaventotto, specialized in luxury hotel and office furniture to design his showroom in Milan

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Roberto Cavalli chooses Kappaventotto for his New York Show Room

Luxury retailer Roberto Cavalli opened this 2011 once again his showroom in
New York to showcase the firm’s newest collections and, as usual, made of
the inauguration an unforgettable event. For this new installation, the
designer chose to bring some Italian style to the fashion capital of the world
by trusting Kappaventotto with the creation and production of its furniture.

Kappaventotto has been involved with the designer’s brand since 2010, when the company handled
showroom furniture design for his showroom in Milan. The team led by Marino Rossato has also created
the furniture for Cavalli’s private residences in Florence and London, and has in its vast portfolio of luxury
furniture a table created under specific request of the designer, the Team Matty table, an elegant black
ceramic item that reflects not only the research for modern, technologically and environmentally advanced
products characteristic of the Italian firm but also the exclusivity and brand identity that defines both
Cavalli’s and Kappaventotto’s designs.

2011 has been a year of international success for Kappaventotto, having collaborated with Starwood in the
furnishings for the W hotel in Barcelona, one of the most important openings in the city of the last few
years that has had significant impact both in the architectural and cultural fields. The hotel, projected by
the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill Levi consisted on exclusive contract furniture for 476 rooms and 45
luxury suites that complemented the interior designs of the hall, lobby and the already popular Eclipse bar
on the panoramic terrace of the 26th floor.

New challenges await for Kappaventotto in the year to come. One that is specially dear to the company is
the continuation of a project initiated in the 1970s by architect Vico Magistretti. A source from the team
confirms “this project is particularly special for us since the owners of the hotel have chosen Kappaventotto
to continue and maintain the high standard of Italian design started by Magistretti”.

Source: Kappaventotto Italia

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