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									Save energy, save money,
support schools.
The Bright Idea Fundraiser helps raise money
for your local student organization.
For every energy efficient product sold in the Focus on Energy territory,
your school or student organization receives $2.00—$3.00.
                                        Illuminating our success
                                        During the 2007–2008 school year, 92 student organizations sold
                                        33,133 CFLs and 7,298 LED holiday lights. These groups raised $88,200
                                        for their schools! This money was used to purchase classroom equipment,
                                        take class trips and fund special projects such as developing a rain garden
                                        on school grounds.

                                        These groups saved their customers $1,701,297 in electrical costs, and
                                        reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 39 million pounds over the
                                        life of the bulbs.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs—a bright idea!
Schools now have an exciting opportunity to raise money          safe to use. CFLs use less electricity and therefore they
and help their family, friends and community save energy         actually account for fewer net mercury emissions than
and money.                                                       traditional incandescent bulbs.

Lighting accounts for 20 percent of energy costs in the          CFL DISPOSAL
average Wisconsin home. Much of this energy is wasted            CFLs contain mercury and should not be discarded in the
by inefficient incandescent bulbs, which actually produce        trash. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
more heat than light. ENERGY STAR® qualified compact             recommends that consumers take advantage of local
fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use much less electricity to      recycling options, such as recycling centers and transfer
provide the same amount of light—saving energy and               stations, to dispose of CFLs.
money while offering quality light for your home.
                                                                 Many CFL retailers have partnered with Focus on Energy to
ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs:                                      provide no-cost recycling services at their stores. Visit
  Use up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs         for a list of participating retailers. If
  Last up to 10 times longer                                     there are none in your area, contact your local municipal
  Save more than $30 in energy costs over their lifetime         solid waste agency or see the “More Information” section
  Produce about 75% less heat than standard bulbs                at the end of this page.

By replacing your home’s five most frequently used light         MORE INFORMATION
bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs, you can save              Focus on Energy
about $35 a year.                                                Contact Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable
                                                                 energy program to learn more about smart energy choices
COLOR TEMPERATURE                                                that save energy and money.
Different bulbs emit different colors of light. Lighting color
ranges from cool to warm tones, and is known as color
temperature. The color temperature of a light source             The official ENERGY STAR Web site
indicates the color of the light emitted measured in             Find more information about energy efficient products
degrees Kelvin. ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs offer a              that meet ENERGY STAR standards. The lighting product
range of color temperature choices.                              information pages cover CFLs, fixtures and ceiling fans.
CFLs in the Bright Idea Fundraiser are 27000 Kelvin. This is
a warm color temperature, typically preferred by people          Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
who like the color of light from incandescent bulbs.             This page will direct you to a recycler in your area that
Lighting with warm color temperatures creates a welcoming        accepts used CFLs.
atmosphere in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. 

CFLS AND THE ENVIRONMENT                                         U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The increasing popularity of CFLs has prompted some to           Learn more about CFL recycling and locate facilities that
question the bulbs’ mercury content and its effect on the        accept these lamps.
environment. The fact is that while CFLs contain small 
amounts of mercury (like all fluorescent lamps), they are
       13-watt CFL              20-watt CFL                23-watt CFL                11/20/26-Watt                             LED (Colored)                                                                                                                               LED (White)
Equivalent to a 60-watt     Equivalent to a 75-watt   Equivalent to a 100-watt          3-Way CFL                                         FALL ONLY                                                                                                                          FALL ONLY
  incandescent bulb           incandescent bulb         incandescent bulb              Equivalent to a            12 foot, multi-color,                                                                                                            12 foot, white,
    10,000 hours of light   10,000 hours of light      10,000 hours of light          40/75/100-watt             end connecting strings                                                                                                        end connecting strings
                                                                                     incandescent bulb              for use indoors/                                                                                                              for use indoors/
        900 lumens              1,200 lumens               1,600 lumens
                                                                                    10,000 hours of light               outdoors                                                                                                                      outdoors

      Tally sheet for Students, Teachers and Group Coordinators
      (copy this form and send to KEEP when finished)

      Special Notice. A $2 contribution will be paid by Focus on Energy to the student
      organization for every compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) sold and $3 for every

                                                                                                                                                                                          LED (Colored) $5.50
                                                                                                            13-watt CFL $3.25

                                                                                                                                20-watt CFL $3.25

                                                                                                                                                    23-watt CFL $3.25

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LED (White) $7.50
      string of LED holiday lights sold to customers receiving their electricity from a

                                                                                                                                                                        3-Way CFL $6.25
      utility company participating in the Focus on Energy Lighting Program.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                ( FA L L O N LY )

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ( FA L L O N LY )
                                                             Apt.*        Electric                                                                                                                                                                                          Items        Total
            Name                        Address               Y/N        Company              Phone                                                                                                                                                                          Sold         Due

           Joe Sample               303 Any Street             N          Alliant          555.555.5555        2                   3                   2                  2                           1                                        1                              11     $48.25
















        A warranty comes with every light bulb and is explained in the packaging.
        Please allow 4–6 weeks for delivery after the order is submitted.
        Please make check payable to: Your school or group name
        All personal information provided will be kept confidential to the maximum extent possible.
      * Please mark Y if you live in a four or more unit apartment. Mark N if you live in a home, duplex or any other housing.
  2007/2008 Top Selling Schools
Name of School                            # CFLs Sold           # LEDs sold         $$ Raised            Lbs. CO2 Reduced
Lincoln Elementary, Madison                  1,500                   576              $4,728                  1,883,992
Rice Lake MS, Rice Lake                      1,711                    —               $3,422                  1,923,504
Port Edwards Schools, Port Edwards           1,423                   241              $3,328                  1,673,518
MacArthur School, Germantown                  905                    230              $2,500                  1, 096,348
Maple Grove Elementary, Monona                920                    215              $2,485                  1,108,052
Madison Memorial HS, Madison                  500                    438              $2,314                   712,426
Washburn HS, Washburn                         677                    288              $2,218                   859,936
Badger High School, Lake Geneva               886                    125              $2,147                  1,038,950
Baraboo HS Physics Club, Baraboo              891                    116              $2,130                  1,108,052
Fox River Academy, Appleton                   649                    234              $2,000                   809,908

Special Notice. A $2 contribution will be paid by Focus on Energy to the student organization for every compact
fluorescent light bulb (CFL) sold and $3 for every string of LED holiday lights sold to customers receiving their
electricity from a utility company participating in the Focus on Energy Lighting Program. It is very important that each
customer fills out the tally sheet correctly with a name, address and phone number. Below is a list of utilities
participating in the ENERGY STAR Program. If your utility is listed and the tally sheet is properly filled out, you can be
assured that the students will receive $2 for each CFL sold and $3 for every string of LED holiday lights sold.

Algoma Utilities                         Jefferson Utilities                       Reedsburg Utility Commission
Alliant Energy                           Juneau Utilities                          Rice Lake Utilities
Argyle Electric & Water Utility          Kaukauna Utilities                        Richland Electric Cooperative
Belmont Municipal Light & Water          Kiel Utilities                            River Falls Municipal Utilities
Benton Electric & Water Utility          La Farge Municipal Utilities              Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative
Black River Falls Municipal Utilities    Lake Mills Light & Water                  Shawano Municipal Utilities
Bloomer Electric & Water Utility         Lodi Utilities                            Shullsburg Electric Utility
Boscobel Utilities                       Madison Gas & Electric                    Slinger Utilities
Brodhead Water & Light                   Manitowoc Public Utilities                Spooner Municipal Electric Utility
Cadott Light & Water Department          Mazomanie Electric Utility                Stoughton Utilities
Cashton Light & Water                    Medford Electric Utility                  Stratford Water & Electric Department
Cedarburg Light & Water                  Menasha Utilities                         Sturgeon Bay Utilities
Centuria Municipal Electric Utility      Mount Horeb Utilities                     Sun Prairie Water & Light
City Utilities of Richland Center        Muscoda Utilities                         Superior Water, Light & Power
Columbus Water & Light                   New Glarus Light & Water                  Two Rivers Water & Light
Consolidated Water Power Company         New Holstein Utilities                    Viola Municipal Electric Utility
Cornell Municipal Light Department       New London Utilities                      Waterloo Utilities
Cuba City Light & Water                  New Richmond Utilities                    Waunakee Utilities
Cumberland Municipal Utility             North Central Power Co. Inc.              Waupun Utilities
Dahlberg Light & Power Company           Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Company   We Energies
Eagle River Light & Water Utility        Oconomowoc Utilities                      Westby Utilities
Eau Claire Energy Cooperative            Oconto Falls Municipal Utilities          Westfield Electric Company
Elroy Electric & Water Utility           Pardeeville Public Utilities              Whitehall Electric Utility
Evansville Water & Light                 Pioneer Power & Light Co.                 Wisconsin Dells Water & Light Utility
Florence Utilities                       Plymouth Utilities                        Wisconsin Public Service Corp.
Gresham Water & Electric Plant           Prairie du Sac Utilities                  Wonewoc Water & Light Department
Hartford Electric                        Price Electric Cooperative                Xcel Energy
Hustisford Utilities                     Princeton Light & Water Department

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