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Inland Marine Insurance Chubb Group of Insurance Companies


									                                                                                   business insurance
Think FORWARD. Think Chubb.                                                                    Marine

Inland Marine Insurance
inland marine risks are rarely straightforward.

                                 You need a forward-thinking insurer who provides creative,
                                 customized solutions.

                                 A spark ignites at a construction site, damaging the unfinished building….
                                 A truck loaded with designer handbags for an upscale department store is
                                 stolen at a rest stop…. An unexpected hail storm damages equipment stored
                                 on a machinery dealer’s lot…. A data center HVAC system malfunctions,
                                 contaminating hundreds of servers with metallic dust….

                                 A lot can happen in a day’s work. How do you keep up with constant change?

A solution that looks ahead
•	   in 1882, chubb opened its doors as an ocean           •	   Leased Property and Installment Sales
     marine insurer, offering innovative solutions to           comprises custom-designed policies that
     help protect ships and cargo. We brought that              address global regulatory issues and other
     passion and creativity to inland marine, providing         industry-specific needs for financed property.
                                                                Whether it’s mobile machinery, communications
     forward-thinking solutions that move with you
                                                                equipment or office equipment, chubb can
     as your risks evolve. We offer a willingness to
                                                                create customized solutions to meet your needs.
     listen and tailor insurance to your specific and
     complicated needs. Here is just a sampling of         •	   Special Property encompasses standard policy
     chubb’s more than 40 specialized products:                 features and specialized protection for unique
                                                                exposures, from agricultural equipment to high
•	   Construction includes builders’ risk, contractors’         value art to mobile imaging equipment and
     equipment and installation floater protection              other unusual property.
     for contractors. Our policies offer a variety of
     coverage options, broad definitions and tailored
     features for most causes of loss. chubb has a                   Chubb Inland Marine u•writerSM
     deep understanding of construction risks and           Our innovative solutions go beyond our insurance
     the need to keep projects on time and within            to help give you the protection you need, when
     budget. .                                              you need it. Our interactive underwriting system,
                                                           u•writerSM, allows your agent to submit, rate, quote,
•	   Transportation offers an array of specialized
                                                             bind, issue and service Contractors’ Equipment,
     solutions for transportation risks. examples
                                                           Builders’ Risk and Motor Truck Cargo risks…without
     include property in transit, trip transit,
                                                               the wait. Available 24/7 through our @chubb
     transportation legal liability, motor truck cargo
                                                            platform, u•writerSM allows your agent to provide
     legal liability, household good movers, and
                                                           you with better, faster service, even offering instant
     riggers’ legal liability solutions to closely match      proof of insurance for an accepted submission.
     the scope of protection with the exact risk.
Why Chubb?
                                                                               Target customer profile
•	   History—Over 130 years ago, we established our
     reputation for integrity, innovation and expertise                        Our target market includes companies large
     with our first line of business: marine insurance.                        and small across a range of industries:
     Today, we build on our tradition of excellence
                                                                               •	 General and trade contractors (builders,
     and deep industry knowledge to create cutting-
                                                                                  electrical, HVAC, road, bridge/tunnel,
     edge marine solutions, backed by a steadfast
                                                                                  telecom, concrete/masonry and plumbing)
     commitment to our clients.
                                                                               •	 Trucking/moving/storage (common/contract
•	   Global reach—Through our extensive network
                                                                                  carriers, warehouses, freight forwarders,
     of 120 wholly-owned offices in 27 countries,
                                                                                  freight brokers, riggers, specialized carriers
     chubb Marine underwriters delivers inland and
                                                                                  and household goods movers)
     ocean marine products and services to every
     marketplace, from the specialty markets in cities                         •	 Data centers
     such as London, singapore, new York and sao                               •	 Collectors
     Paulo, to local markets around the world.                                 •	 Schools/colleges/universities
•	   Loss control—Our Loss control risk engineers                              •	 Hospitals/healthcare facilities
     have the technical skills and deep marine
                                                                               •	 Financial institutions/leasing companies
     industry knowledge to identify loss trends and
     potential problems as well as recommend                                   •	 Alternative/renewable energy contractors
     solutions to mitigate or prevent loss.                                    •	 Equipment dealers
•	   Claim service—Our reputation for claim service                            •	 Fine art dealers/art galleries/museums
     is legendary. We strive to respond to every claim
                                                                               •	 Symphonies/orchestras
     within 24 hours of notification of loss and to issue
     payment for a covered loss within 48 hours of
     settlement. chubb is recognized for equitable
     marine recoveries and a proven track record of
     successful subrogation activity.                                          Connect with us today
•	   Stability—You can count on us to be there when                            For more information about how Chubb can
     you have a loss. chubb consistently earns high                            protect your ever-changing inland marine risks
     ratings from a.M. best company for financial                              and move forward with you, contact your agent
     stability and from standard & Poor’s and Moody’s                          or broker, or visit us at
     for claim-paying ability.

                 Chubb Group of Insurance Companies |
                 chubb refers to the insurers of the chubb Group of insurance companies. not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions. This literature
                 is descriptive only. actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. Whether or to what extent a particular loss is
                 covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the actual coverage of the policy as issued. chubb, box 1615, Warren,
                 nJ 07061-1615.
                 Form 04-01-0094 (ed. 5/12)                                                                              Printed on recycled paper

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