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|| 2012-2013 Business Indicators in the Pharmaceutical Industry|| - Survey Brief


MarketAark - announces report of "Business Indicators in the Pharmaceutical Industry - 2012-2013 : Survey Brief "and also avaliable SAMPLE PAGE of the Report

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									   Business Indicators in the Pharmaceutical Industry -
                2012-2013 : Survey Brief

On average, 52% of global pharmaceutical industry supplier respondents are ‘more optimistic’ about
                                       revenue growth

London, September 17th, 2012 – Optimism regarding revenue growth of global pharmaceutical
manufacturers, CROs and CMOs remained stable in 2011 and decreased marginally in 2012.
However, it is projected that revenue expectations in both emerging and recovering developed
markets will sustain growth levels in 2012. For example, Gen-Probe Incorporated, a developer and
manufacturer of molecular diagnostic products based in the US, achieved a growth of 16%in
revenues for Q42011, and expect similar growth in 2012. Additionally, the company reported
revenues of US$576.2 million in 2011, an increase of 6% from US$543.3 million in 2010, and also
expects further boost in its revenue up to US$655 million in 2012.

Following the global financial crisis in 2008–2009, and the subsequent European debt crisis in 2011,
global pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have accelerated their focus to reduce the cost of
drugs leading to a renewed evaluation of opportunities in the outsourcing of manufacturing
activities. These incidents favor the growth of the pharmaceutical market in emerging economies
and also present opportunities for CROs and CMOs. Moreover, manufacturing companies that
intend to expand in these markets will increasingly rely on existing CMOs before setting up
indigenous plants. This strategy helps pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to test the potential
of such markets without undertaking too many risks themselves, and also reduce their
transportation costs to a considerable extent, increasing the level of optimism about revenue
growth among CROs and CMOs.

Although optimism levels across all segments of respondent have dipped marginally for 2012 as
compared with 2011, suppliers are deemed to be ‘more optimistic’ than other segments of the
global pharmaceutical industry. On average, 52% of global pharmaceutical industry supplier
respondents are ‘more optimistic’ about revenue growth, as compared with 44% and 43% of
respective respondents from pharmaceutical manufacturers, and CROs and CMOs. The existing
growth optimism for supplier companies is factored by the increase in the number of prescriptions
with generic drugs and drastic expansion plans of key pharmaceutical companies in emerging

About ICD Research

ICD Research is a full-service global market research agency and premium business information
brand specializing in industry analysis in a wide set of B2B and B2C markets. ICD Research has access
to over 400 in-house analysts and journalists and a global media presence in over 30 professional
markets enabling us to conduct unique and insightful research via our trusted business communities.
Through its unique B2B and B2C research panels and access to key industry bodies, ICD Research
delivers insightful and actionable analysis. The ICD Research survey capabilities grant readers access
to the opinions and strategies of key business decision makers, industry experts and competitors as
well as examining their actions surrounding business priorities.

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• Analysis of opinions drawn from leading pharmaceutical industry executives.
• Analysis of revenuue growth of global pharmaceutical industry.
• Analysis of future expectations for the growth prospects of pharmaceutical companies.

This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from ICD Research’s exclusive panel of leading
pharmaceutical industry executives. In this report, executives provide their future expectations for
the growth prospects of their companies as well as insight into the type and likelihood of structural
changes in the competitive landscape in terms of mergers and acquisitions, and business structure.
This provides a snapshot of business outlook and the mood across the industry. Industry trends have
also been analyzed in comparison with the results of ICD Research’s 2011 and 2010industry surveys,
providing the opportunity to track changes in respondents’ attitudes.

• The opinions and forward looking statements of 247 industry executives have been captured in our
in-depth survey, of which 51% represent Director and C-level respondents.
• The research is based on primary survey research conducted by ICD Research accessing its B2B
panels comprised of senior purchase decision makers and leading supplier organizations.
• The geographical scope of the research is global - drawing on the activity and expectations of
leading industry players across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East.
• This report covers data and analysis on revenue growth expectations of global pharmaceutical
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