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            Tennessee Oncology   CQrour Cor<! in Your """"",njly
                                                                                                    who are (oping with a
                                                                                                    life-limiting illness.
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================W~W~W~.'~'~"'~'~~",~'~d:;we l
5 Health & Wellness June                   2011         - Middle Tennessee

Contents June 2011
6   How To Protect Your Skin                             20   You 've heard of Menopause
    This Summer                                               in WOmen ... Have you heard
                                                              of Andropause in Men?
8   Men and The Blues
    More Common Than You Think                           21   BIG BOY YOGA

10 The Value of Having Hair                              22   M ED180" Weight Loss
                                                              TURN YOUR LIFE AROU ND
12 Cumberland Brain & Spine
       Se1ected as Research Center                       24 Lung Cancer: A Largely             Good News ...
       for FDA Siudy                                          Preventable Disease
                                                                                               A simple In-office treabnent gets you
14 High-Speed Technrnogy                                 25 Preparing for Summer Travel        back In action quickly without surgery
       for Severe Varicose Veins
                                                         26 Mysterious Ways
16 Tennessee 's First New                                     A chaplain considers the
     Generation Premium Forever                               odd nature of his work
     Young Lens for Cataract SUrg&fy
                                                         27 Leaky Bladder? You Could
18 Crist Chiropractic & Wellness                              Be Flushing Money Away!
      The Natural Approach to Effective                                                                        (615) 301-1000
      Back Pain Treatment                                28   Protect Against Periodontal
                                                              & Cardiovascular Disease
_      ta n:
In It. May 2011 isouo 01 _
              TN _           a.                               wrth Xylrtol
_~ , ~nowO """ ... Ii<>' 1<l1t.
                                                         29 Meeting Your Heatthcare
___ __
~ ion 01 It. NEW T....on.. _         Suipo<y lor
SIMp ~ as lisIod on 11>0 <XIYOf. _.....,.." is                             0
                                                              Needs Close 1 Home
.... 1<> .. 00<1 ., M.- T. . ' M Mo<IicoI    c.n..
(MTMCJ by Or. - . , Grooo. M.O" 0(MMCJ. wo

~         1<> _
                ~ _u            Chc .. ... Iic:io ..
                   oonfuoiun or . .... ......... !his
                                                         30 Spiritu al Wellness
                                                              The Spring of Spirituality
mttI t-.o-._.

                                                                                                Dr. Kenith Robins
                                                                                                Dr. Robins has over 20 yearS experience assfsti"ll men, women,
                                                                                                Children, and families make poSitive me changes. Over his tenure
                                                                                                of hea lth care practice he has worked with career and life stress
                                                                                                management, chron ic pain conditions, depression, anxiety. and
                                                                                                adu~ focus and attention concerns, life changes assoc iated with
                                                                                                weight loss, fam ily member concerns after a loved one has been
                                                                                                deployed, and assisting families wilh stressors and emolions asso-
 MlrkI,. T.nn.u_ H..II"'W.sI~s MOlloz/,.. CIIn tloI found in (MIl" 1,000 Middle                 cialed with aging family members. Dr. Robins can help you or your
 Ta""",_ medical fadlition incIu<Iing. hi)$pilllr., _  's, ctoirop-lOCIO<'s ."" <!enlist',
 office • . FOnd a <XiPY 01 your FREE HuIll'l&W&lIneU Magazinol in most
 (:OI\V(!(1ieroo::e , tonl . . . W(!II.
                                                                               \If<X'ItY'' '    Joved one to develop solutions to get your life, relationships, and
                                                                                                career back on track today.
    To get your article publi shed an d for ad rate s, call615.714.3051
                                  Millie@sjcmar1\ t

               SJC MlrI<.tlng, Inc.l l08 Clyde lin Court I Nuhvill., TN 37205
6 Health & WeIne$s June             2011        Middle Tennesue

How To Protect Your Skin This Summer
By Lori and Barry Knell

             ummcr is tile season of the year when           your lipS from the sun. Lips an: also exposed to
             t~ are mon: chances of eXp05ing                 cancer and s un damage if not protected. Usc a
             oorsch'es to sunburn. Tlkina; care of           lip balm with SUllSCrttn to prollXt your lips from
your skin is one o fthc moo>1 irrq'lOl'Wll things you <;an   hannful "'ys and burning.
00 for )'OIIfSClfbccause your skin is the largest organ
in your body. II is particularly imponant to take can::      Sl~)'ou, of Dired S""lig'" nll';IIR tile /lours
of your skin during the $Urnmet' months because              of 10   I"" -
                                                                       -I pm.
thesc are the months thaI tend 10 put the most strain        Try to stay out of diTI:Ct sunlight during the
on your skin O\It of any of the 01hc-r months.               harshest times of the day. Sunlight is extreme
                                                             during the hours of 10 am - 4 pm, and most                  Supplem,,,' ,.;,11 AnnoxidiJnrs.
Uit... violel radiation is the c-nc'iY tile suo gives off    cxtrc-rno;: mid-afternoon because this is when the          Supplc~nt your diet daily with any of these
tM.t C"'~ skin cancer and advan«<.! aging. This              sun is dim:tly abo"" you. If you are planning on            ingredients: vitamin E • bilberry or asuxanthin
$limmer, make sure you are fully prepamI for !he             beina outside. sed; dwk. [f you are goina 10                before exposure 10 the sun. 'Thc$oe antioxidants
hu1h sunlight and long &lys. Protecting your skio            the beach. bring I beach umbrella.                          neutraHu free radicals producw by lhe Sun in
this summer .... ill reduce the risks of skin uncer and                                                                  response 10 sun exposure.
sun damage as well Wi reduce Ihe signs of aging.             Cf"~~ Up.
                                                             U!Wl hats, protective clothing and UV protective            Ori'"   n"le,.
Here are some great ideas to help keep                       sunglasses as barriers to protect you from                  Last but not least. drink plenty of water 10 stay
your skin safe this summer:                                  sunlight. Your nose and f~ get bumo:d the .... or.l1        hydrall:d.
Tile I\'U"'M~ One Defense: Su nsuutf.                        b«:ausc il is the rrI061 sensiti,.., type of skin on your
Tbc number one defense agains! the sunlight and              body and il protrudes the 1l105I, By ....earing a large     Don't wony. if you ha", not taken c:an: of your skin
hush UVA and UVB "'YS is • &ood SUns<.:n:CII.                brimmed hat, it ....ill proIeCI the mOSI important          in tho:: past.. rananba" iI's Il0l100 late 10 start. We em
                                                             aspects of)'OOl" body •••. your face.
Although avoiding the sun .ltogether is the only                                                                         help you with pm'enri'"e ~ protccti,<                     e
way 10 protCCt your skin from harmful "')'$, it is                                                                       measures and help revcnc tho:: sigN of aging and
unlikely, hard to 00 and not much fun, Thcrefon:,            SlOP T""n;ng.                                               yean in tho:: sun.
you want to find tile best sunscreen that will protcct       If you like the look of having a tan or .... ant to look
you from both types of hannful rays, SrF stands              darker, use a sclf!anning product or choose to get          If you have concerns regarding your skin like prema-
for sun protection factor and i! represcnts a panicu.        a spray tan. A spray tan " 'iII give you a bronzed          lure Bgirqplln damage, age spotS. discoloration, floe
I.r sunscreen's ability to bla<;k dangerous UV rays,         tan that is safe and UV free:.                              lines Of wrinkles, broken capillaries. fo.<;ial "elns and
Make lUll: your sunscreen bla<;ks both UVA and                                                                           tone and teJ(tUll:. we al Bellevue Mwispa ean help.
UVB "'YS, If the sunscreen does not specify both                                                                         We em help you look and f«1 your best. Gi,'l: us a
UVA and UVB prottttion. than«s are you are only                                                                          call 10 khcdulc your Free consuiulion which
blocking M.lf of the sun's danuoging "'ys. The                                                                           includes a Free skin anal)'lis. We'd like 10 take tho::
highef tile SPF. the more protOC!ion it offC1'S_ You                                                                     time 10 get 10 know you and what your skirocare
definitely want a sunscreen of at least 30 to SO SPF.                                                                    neWs and roncems arc and how we ean help. At
l1terc a", 60 and even 100 SPF. These are the best.                                                                      Bellevue Medispa.. We arc dedicaled to restoring
look for ingredients like zinc oxide. titanium                                                                           ballll\Cc and harmony 10 the face and body. We want
dioxide and Otyl-mc1hoxycinnamate to ensure you                                                                          you 10 "Show Your lnncr Beauty 00 the Outside."
are actually gening I broad speclrum of protc:ction.
You should apply 10 expllS(d skin evenly and often.                                                                      We offer laser hair        ~,          Ia$er treatments.
especially if you are going to be in the water. Make                                                                     enhanced skin reju,'c:t131ion, microdcrmalnsion.
sure you apply ~ whc:ne''CT you arc                                                                                      facials. chemical ~Is and Spn.y W'dting, as well as
planning on going outside or going to be outside.                                                                        Ilotox and JII"edcnn.
Not just if you 1m: going to the pool or the beach.
Take special care 10 protttt your facial skin from                                                                       We hope you havc a healthy. $afc and happy summer.
premature aging and sun damage . The higher the                                                                          We look fo.-ward to seeing you,
SPF numbers the betler. There an:: prodUCIii to help                                                                     Many Blessings. Bany and Lori Knerr
protect your face with SPF like creams, lotions and                                                                      Ownm of Bellevue Medispa
foundations. Remember,"'"e show sigN of suo                                                                               AI Old NlcIoOoY - . N••   to_
danuoae and sigN of agina ITIO$tly on our f~.                                                                             '1I_"Nim

:                                        '      ..
                                          Call today for your FREE consultation!

                                                  r                    9
 bellev ~mediSQa
              laser skin care & die t center
                                         631 Old Hickory Blvd. NashYilie

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· Fine Une and \Vrinktc Redu cti on' Facial Veins ' Leg Veins ' Birth Marks
• Spider Veins ' Rosa(:ea' Enhanced Skin Reju"cn:Uion • Hocox· · Jm'cderm™
• Mkrodcrmabrasio n ' Facials' C hem ical Peds
• Spray Tans ' Permanent Makeup' Laser Ha ir Removal

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      (t .. ,                                        rn'ATI-I'",                                    RUNENAllON                          ,
    W~n   c_. No, . . - ..,Il                    W~n c_. No, . . - ... ,Il                         Wlth~. No, . . - .. ,Il
 ....,. .,.... of! .... ('pO'e> 6· »11        ....,. .,.... of! .. . (,pi<e$ 6 · )0-11   ,    ....,. .,.... of! • . bpite$ 6 · )0- 11   ~

.----------------- -----------------.-----------
                                                                                                  $20 00
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           REMOVAL                              (BlJY 1, GET 1 FREE)          w~h c _
                                                                                         ,    _No • ..- .. <h                           ,
      Wotn c _ . No, . . - ... ,Il
 ....,. ...... of! • . (,pio .. 6 · )0-11
                                               Wotn c _ . No, . . - .. ,Il
 __________________________________ 1 ________________ I
                                          ....,. ..... of! ... b". .. 6·»"
                                                                           OIl)' othor 011 .... bporn 6--»"

                                                                                             www . t n he ~ lt h~ nd w e l lness . com
8 Heallh & Wellness June            2011 - Middle Tennessee
                                                                                                                         Anger. Anger can show itself in different ways like

Men and The Blues                                                                                                        road rage, having a shon temper. being easily upset
                                                                                                                         by criticism, and even violence.

More Common Than You Think
By Dr. Keni1t1 Robins
                                                                                                                         Ris k TakIng: Sometimes depressed men will S\lItI
                                                                                                                         taking risks like dangerous sports, compulsive
                                                                                                                         gambling, reckless driving, and casual sex.

                                                                                                                         Rather than admit to whal they sec as a failure to
                                                                                                                         cope with life. ollen men are more li kely to abuse
                   e all have good and bad moods.             is that tnI'II are less likely to seek treattnl'llt for    drugs and alcohol. isolate themselves often by
                   Unhappiness is really a regular            depression as they may see dealing with emotions           working more, and engage in risky behavior such as
                                                                                                                         gambling or having multiple sexual partners as a
                   response 10 life's challenges.             as a sign of weakness. According 10 the National
                                                                                                                         way toavoid confronting depression. experts say.
difficulties, and disillusionment. But what if the            Institute of Mental I Iealth (N IMI I), dc-pression puts
feelings don't fade and the "funk~ you feel persists          men at high risk for suicide. In fact. four limes more     "For the moment, it allows them to feel better and
from day to day, perhaps from week to week. and               men die by suicide than wotnl'll. But there's good         escape from the pain rathc-r Ihan entering the fun
you really canllQl put your fingc-r on what is causing        news .. NIMH also says that with the right treat_          impact oflhe depression: said Or. Jonathan Alpert,
or underlying the depressive type feelings?                                                            10
                                                              ment. depression improves aboul 80" oflhe time .           psychialrist and associate director of the Depression
                                                                                                                         Clinical and Research Program at Massachusetts
The blues .. or. perhaps even a depressive condi-             Four 01 the Most Common Signs 01 Deprnsion                 General Hospital. "Men are less likely to talk about
tion. can have a lot of negative effects. like                Depression has a number of signs and symptoms,             l""'er self esteem or feel ing bad about themselves. A
sa pping your energy. crumpling your posture,                 especially if they last for a few weeks or months:         man's allention is more likely 10 be gotten by a
adding wrin kles to your face. and a huge negative            feeling guilty. worthless. or that you always fail:        physical symptom than an emotional one."
impact upon your sex drive.                                   feeling restless andlor irritable: having nO energy:
                                                              problems sleeping (not sleeping or sle<:ping too
Aeknowledg"*1l b often the Hardest Pari                       mudl); feeling angry or violent: feeling like you
For many tnI'II. it takes a lot more than feeling down        ean't work Or get things done: using alcohol Or
- even for long stretches - to rccogni~ that they an:         drugs to feci bener; sexual inability: losing
depressed. and then Stc-p through the doors of a psy-         inleresl in hobbies. work, andlor sex: having
ebologist or thc-rapisl's office. or a friend Or relative's   problems focusing. remembering, Or making
home to se<:k help. "When men get depressed. the              choices: missing work. class. or appointments:
depression can be quile severe." said Dr. Ian Cook,           not caring about anyehing or feeling "blank":
professor of psychiarry at the Geffen School of               always feeling sad Or nervous: changes in appetiee
                                                                                                                         Keep a Goal In SIght . People who have goals
Medicine at UCLA and din:x:tor of its Depression              andlor wcight; working too much; feeling alone:
                                                                                                                         and visions for accomplishment are typically less
Program . "llle challenge is gelling men to acknowl-          being negalive aboul everyehing: thinking about
                                                                                                                         li kely co be depressed Ihan those who don't have
edge when they're depressed."                                 death Or suicide. Four of the most COmmOn signs
                                                                                                                         goals. Write down a list of goals you want to
                                                              of depression are:
                                                                                                                         achieve and ch« k o ff goals as you achieve them .
The American Psychiatric Associalion (APA) esti-
                                                                                                                         The sense of accomplish men I can be a huge boost
mates that at least One out of every 10 men will have         Sell: One COmmOn problem associated with male
                                                                                                                         to mood and help to decrease feelings of depres·
depn:ssion during lheir lifetime. The big difference          depression is impotence and problems with male
                                                                          sexuality. Approximately 40% of men            sion or the blues
                                                                          cxpcricncc some degree degree of dif-
                                                                           ficulty in allaining and sustaining           Sweat it Out. Exercise is a fantastic way 10
                                                                          ereclions,        lethargy.    depression.     relieve depression. Aerobic exereise such as
                                                                           incl"C3$cd irritability, and mood swings.     wal king, running, swimming, or bi king chemi-
                                                                           Ill.ll sexually-based symptoms of             cally cffccts your brain in ways thaI can ollen
                                                                          depression in men are commonly 001             reverse Ihe effOXIS of even a major depression
                                                                           nxognizcd hc<:ause the relationship of        wilh an oOen welcome booSI 10 sex drive and
                                                                           sexual COncetTlS with depression is           libido. Regular exercise is a powerful depression
                                                                          ollen ovc-rlooked.                             fighter. Not only does it boost serotonin, endor_
                                                                                                                         phins, and other feel -good brain chemicals, it
                                                                            Pain; Depression may show up as              triggers the growth of new brain cells and connec-

                                ,                                           physical signs li ke conSlanl head·
                                                                            aches, stomach problems, or pain
                                                                                                                         tions,justlike anlidepressantS do. Best of all. you
                                                                                                                         don', have to train for a marathon in order to reap
                                                                            Ihat doesn't seem to be from other           the benefits. Even a half-hour daily wal k can
                                                                            causes or ,hal doesn ' t rcspond 10          make a big difference. For maximum resulls. aim
                                                                            nonnaltreatmcnts.                            for 30 to 60 minutes ofaclivily on most days.

~~~~_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~:~::::::.~~~www.lnheallh .. nd we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                                                  MIddle Tennessee - June 2011 Health & Wellness                          9
Nutrition . Eating well is important for both your      Sleep. Sleep has 8 strong effoct on mood. When you          The bonom line is, you do not have to live wilh
physical and mental health. Eating small. well -        don't get enough sleep. your depression symptomS            depression - it is treatable and curable. If there is
balanced meals throughout the day will help you         will be worse. Sleep deprivation exacerbates irrita-        no underlying medical cause for your symptoms of
kcep your energy up and minimize mood swings.           bility. moodiness. sadness. and falign<:. Make sure         dcpression. thcn finding a psychologist is the next
While you may he drawn to sugary foods for the                                                                      beSt step for treatment. Although there are many
                                                        you're gening enough sleep each nighl. Very few
quick boost they provide. complex carbohydrates                                                                     types of mental health professionals. One of the
                                                        people do well On less than 7 hours a nighl. Aim for
arc a beller choice. They'll get you going without                                                                  most important things to consider when choosing a
                                                        somewhere between 7 to9 hours each nighl.
the all-too-soon sugar crash.                                                                                       clinician is your connection with this person. The
                                                                                                                    right professional will be a supportive panner in
Go Easy on the Boon. Although it might be               Stress Reduction. Make changes in your life to
                                                                                                                    your depression treatment and nx:ovcry.
tempting to drown feelings in a pitcher, try not to     hclp manage and reducc S1ress. Too much stress
overindulge. Alcohol is actually a depressive drog      e~acerbates depression and puts you at risk for                                          Dr. K~njlh Rabins has over
that can drag you further into the dumps. Exces-        future depression.                                                                       20 years experience in the
sive drinking will also disrupt your sleep and may                                                                                               field of BchaviOl'llI Health
drive friends and family away at a time when you        Depression Is TrwtabIe and Curablel                                                      helping men. women. and
need their support the mos\.                            "There are many effective ways to deal with depres-                                      families make po5itive life
                                                        sion, including, goal scning, exercise, nutrition, talk                                  changes. lie can assist you
Lean on Your Friends. Friends and relatives have                                                                                                 or your Iovoo OIIC in
                                                        therapy. sleep. healthy lifestyle choices. as .....ell as
been then: through the fun times - now they can                                                                                                  making headway to figure
                                                        medication and natul'l'll suw1cmcnts. Learning about
help you through a bleak time if you let them. This                                                                                              out whal is W>dcrIying your
                                                        various tn:alInC'nt options will help you dc<;idc what                                   feelings of depression and
doesn't mean they will solve your problems for you.
                                                        measures will most likely work best for your particu-                                  develop solutions to help
it just means you arc asking them to listen and let
you get things off your chc$t. Beyond an ear to         lar situation and needs. "There are no quick rilles or                                 you get to feeling like your-
listen. you may need the help ofa neutral third party   instant cures - but usually a combination of interven-                  ;;;:;;;d.i;;;'3p!XIintment. please call Dr.
such as a psychologist to help you sort out what is     tions are besl to treat depression and keep it at bay              Robins with Consulting Associatcs. LLC at
underlying your feelings and keeping you "stuck.·'      once you have returned to feeling more like yourself.       615-JI0-1491 . Get rid of your blues staning today!

   Your Prescription For Easy Travel
        • Easy-open, tear-off packets · Simplified medication tracking · Pocket-size portability

                                                                                                                      Pack lighter with the
                       Meets all
                requirements!                                                                                       presorted prescription

                                                        IMediPACKI                                                       Sign up for MediPACK
                                                                                                                         at or

     Av'''tbl • •   «"'....            -
                              Iy f",,,, IW.VlS.!AI< 
                                                                                                                    866·278·0770, ext. 366 (toll·free).
                                                                www.tnhe~lth~ndwe l
10 Health & Wellne$$ Ju n e            .2011       Middle Tennesse e

The Value of Having Hair
By~S.~,M~M                                                   .--------------------0------------........................

P             eople suff<:ring with hair loss usually
              blow the personal value of havi",
              hair. When you lose your hair you lose
I link piece of yourself. You ,,~bom with hair
and ha"e it through childhood and early aduh"'-l
so it is I pan of you. So, when )IOU lose pan of)lOU
it often affet~ how )IOU look It )IOUrself and how
)IOU feel OIhers look It you.

People ant Negatively Atlected by Hair Losa
Manystudies have shown that it is ~rfoxtly normal
to feel bad or dc-prnscd about )lOUr hair loss.
Prople are negatively affccted by hair loss. Hair
loss will sometimes affoxt the carcer choice a
person make5. While large FOftune 500 companies
and others don't intentionally discriminate against
men with hair loss in key positions. il is widely
believed thi 5 occurs. Especially if these poople are
in ules posilions or )I05ition5 where they interact
with keycustome". They tend to be man: auraelive
                                                             Group I WcGrowHair.oom, we've found that               the hormone called Oihy-    f}
and this often means they have liule to no hair loss.        people who fust stan OOIicing hair loss have better    drotestosterone (Dlln.
                                                             rcsul~ with hair treatments ~han those who've          'l1lis hormone "'as deter-
AI PAl Medical Group I WeGrowl·, many
men and women we've counseled with over the                  tx:cn thinning or balding for many years. The key      mined to be the main
                                                             seems 10 be catching the hair in the Catagcn or        cause: of hair loss on the
yean report a diminishro Kif-image because of
                                                             Telogen phase. These are the last IWO phases I         top of the head but did noI impact the hai~ from the
their hair loss. I·lair is one orlhe few natll ...1 adorn-
mcn~ we ha, ·e. Uair can be Cut and sryled to
                                                             hair "ill go through before 001 re-gmwmg. TICal.       sides or baek. 1"b!:rcfore. the hair from these areas
                                                             men~ are often quite effective at bringing health      also known as Mdonor arras" was OOII5idered perma-
portray our personalilies and moods. Whelher your
hair is toIlKTVIti,< styled or Sf'iked and high_
                       ely                                   and vitality bact 10 the hair. Sc\'mI1 commonly        nent. With this " -'Ied", in hand, hair tnnsptam
lighted different 001001:, il Sp\:Us to others IIbouI        used treatmcnlS for hair loss are f'rop«:i&,           $UrJ«Y bet;anw: I lOlution for men and ""OmCIl
who we are and is an utension of )lOUr personality.          Roga.ine, the Laser Comb as ...~1I11:S the EXT .lair   Kdting hair rcsIOI"Mion in areas of hair loss.
                                                             Treatment prognun.
00 You Overcompen158t, for YO\.r Hair Loss?                                                                         Greet OptIons for ..... Lou
                                                             Cosm nk Co,....,..                                     Today. 60 ran later. there are some great opriQns for
Men and women " 'ho lose their hair often O, 'er-
compensate for their hair loss and this negati,~             a.mct:ic rovers arc products that help conceal         men and ...-omen $Uffering with hair loss. Whether
drag on their app:annc:e. W~n will somc:1imn                 hair loss. They range from vcry natural looking        in lrC.lIilll your hair loss carIy to keep it from con-
use ITIO<l' makeup 10 detraet from the !lair loss or         non-surp:al hair systems 10 products)lOU sprinkle      linuing or hair rcsIoration surgery to fill in thinning
tease or perm their hair 10 make Whalthe)' still have        in thinning hair 10 make it look fuller and ITIO<l'    or balding areas with pemw>ent, nal\tnllty growing
seem funer or thicker. Men will usually hide under           nalural. Both ofthcsoe options can woO: ''cry well     hair _ t<Kby we ha"e choices. These: choices an:
a hat at e'lCT)' opponunity or crcatively sty le their       for men and women with hair k>ss.                      rcally imponant for those of us who wly undct-swxl
hair 10 minimize the appearance of thinning hair.                                                                   tM value of hair.
                                                       JlGi, T"'" iip1G" "
Some men who can't " ·(3r. hal will grow facial        Hair transplan~ have been around since the late
hair to IiOmehow minimize the look of baldrlC$$.       50s when doc~ began rclocating hair from the
These arc all natural defense: mechanisms for          bal;k and sides of ~I>e Ilcad to an:as of thinning or
dealing with hair loss.                                                                                       PAl M I~CIII Group Nash~
                                                       balding. The premise was that men don't lose hair
                                                       in the very back or sides. Studies " 'ere condUCled
Three Options for P80pie Sutlerlng with                                                                            Michael Ramsey, MBNHCM
                                                       to dcU:11ninc why hair in the back and 5ides ofa            PAl _     ClInIc DirIoctoI
Hair Losa                                              man's head don'1 fall out. What di$CO"crcd is
Jllli, Trtllrme,,"                                     that hair from these areas had a 51ightly diffcrcnt   i:I learn more .bo!It ~it tnlnsp!ant solutions, ~ OO(
Uair treatments tend 10 help men and women with        genetic makeup or "genetic code:' The ha ir           website et _ .WeGrorwtIllr.cont or call 6 1S-37to.6010
mild gcneIic hair loss if caught car1y. At PAl Medical from here ,,'as genClically coded Or rcs istantto     or 800-496-7225 III schedule • ~ alllSlJ1taOOn1
- - - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www .tnhe a lth;on dw _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                        Free Cataract & LASIK Seminar
                          First Tuesday of Every Month at 5:30 p.m.
                                                (Refreshments will be provided.)
                                              Each attendee receives a savings of:
                           $680 for bladeless all-laser LASIK, $780 for premium lens cataract surgery
                           ... and an evaluation for a FREE new eye surgery (value: $10.000) at
                         one of only three centers in the United States conducting an FDA clinical
                            trial research study to treat age-related loss of near vision (presbyopia)
Harva rd & MIT: MD                  WANG VISION CATARACT & LASIK CENTER
(magna cum laude);               1801 West End Ave· Ste1150 • Nashville· TN ·37203
PhD (laser physics)    615·321·8881 •
The RRST surgeon in
Tennessee to implant
a new premium lens     Dr. Wang's textbooks on cataracts,
for cataract surgery                the cornea and IASIK

______________                           www.tnhe~lth ndwe" ness_comlllliillllll~::~~'::::::~1IIIII1IIIII1IIIII~
12 Heafth & Wellness June            2011 - Middle Tennessee

Cumberland Brain & Spine
Selected as Research Center for FDA Study
By Chris Taleghani, M.O.. M.SA

D              r. Chris Taleghani of Cumberland
               Brain & Spine is an investigator for
               a research study of an investigational
devi~e for lumbar spinal stcrosis (LSS). Heexplains
what LSS is and why this study is nceded.

A prospective rnndomi:red study like this one is the
way that "'C develop the most reliable evidence for
the efficacy of treatments in this country. It is an
honor forCumberland Bmin & Spine to be included
as a rescareh ~entcr for an IDE study. This kind of
honor is usually reserved for l:uge academic institu-
tions. The FDA looks at the data frQm these types of
studies to decide if a product meets FDA standards.

What is lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Lumbar spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the
spinal canal that Can cause nCn'C root irritatioll.
This painful and sometimes debilitating ~ondiTion
affects more than 300.000 people every year. LSS
is defined as leg, bUllOCk Or groin pain, with Or
WiThoUT ba~k pain, that may improve WiTh sining
or bending forward.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a ~ommon problem
where people develop narrowing of the spine as
they grow older. This problem leads to weakncss            This trial will investigate the USC of an Interspinous
and numbness in the legs accompanied sometimes             Spacer placed between Ihc affected vc-nebrae
by back pain. and it usually limits the patient's          without spinal fw;ion. The device is inserted using a
ability to walk. O ften, the first tell tale sign of LSS   unilatcrnl approach bc!wccn two spinous pr<>CCSIlCS.
is needing TO lean over the basket TO gCl thrQugh          which is Ihc pan oflhc "cncbrac you feel along Ihc
the grocery store. We call this neurogenic claudi-         hack of your spine.
cation. It is in contrast to vascular claudication
which is pain with exercise of the legs and is             The spacer is implanted through a small ineision
relieved by rest. Neurogenic claudication can              which may require a shorter opcrnting time than tra-
most often be treated with conservative nOn-               diTional surgcr)'. The surgery allows the vertebral
operative treatments.                                      structures to remain intact with potentially less dis-
                                                           ruption 10 nom\3l anatomy.
Cutting-Edge Techniques Shorten Recovery
Times Considenlbly                                    Both male and female patients may panicipatc
If surgery is required. howe''Cr. cuning<dge.         provided you are SO years of age or older and have
minimally·invasive techniques have minimi:red         had aT least 6 months of non-surgical IJCatrncnt
complications and shonened recovery Times ~onsid­     Additional criteria must also be met.                COMPASS t ONAH COMPR~H~NS t V~ CARt
e-rably. Be sure to ask your doclOr if he pcrfonns
minimally-invasive surgery and. if so, how long he    Contact Us                                                Two dinic offic(' locat ions
has been doing it. Th"", is a learning curve 10 this  If you would like more infonnation about this                  in Middle Tt'nnt'ss('('
type of surgery and you want 10 be sure your surgeon  study and/or are interested in participating, please    Phon,,: I:\M-OOOI • C,lX : 1:\1:\4-0009
has extensive experience. Patients need 10 be careful ~all Melissa Collings, PA.(: aT 615-884-0001 or
of unprQven procedures and overstated success rates   email mcollings@cumberlandbrainandspine.eom.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www.tnhealthandwe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                    RAIN &
                           SPINE gl                                                                   Hendersonville Lung &
                                                                                                       Sleep Center is Now
                                           We believe tllat at it is our role to
                                           understand what is happen ing,
                                           give the patient correc t information
                                           and uptain the best !reatment
                                           options while providing a mo",                                                                EN T E R
                                           positive patient experience - even
                                           during the stress and anxiety often
                                           related to the medical condi tion.
                                                                                                    Uniquely qualified to help you breathe easier and sleep better
                                           O ur multidisciplinary approa<:h will
                                           ex haust all possible operative and
                                           nonoperative treatment options.

                                           Chris Tilfeghani, M.D" M.B.A.

                                                                                                                            Clyde O. Southwell, MD., FCCP
                                                                                                                            Board Certified in
                                                         615-472·1795          I   www.caamd·OIll
                           Doctors 4 LIFE                                                                                    & Critical Care

    _         ..........                    _
                            -."'..........-_.. -...... -.-....
                       ~I,. ~""ODS . NMO.B~


                                    ---_ -
                              , ~_O<o<_,....._",.,...

        ~ _ _ _ .... _ _ _ ~
     _ _ ~ lIoIa, PC, - . . ~CltlfOPKIIc....... EMIl, _

             DeN!< Myets, DC. - . . c.t\JI\od
            _ _ _ ......... _ CIIIIOP'ICIk: _ _ .
                                              ... S. 'M PIIysIc:IoorI

                       J. n SUn.." RH. MS. _"" . ... N _ Cou..-

                                     - ---.
           "'-- _""",,_" H'-                       ~._             ... , .. ' - . . . . . -
                            Susan   eon-. lIN.   ~_           SpecIIIIst

                           ___ """'-             .....
                                         . IMT,~_eo~

   ,. t '! t'!"'l"' ....   ~, _ W     . ..... '-CI ...... _ _ .., _ ...            O\ok_,
                                ... CI*o>o<_ .......... ""' ........ '
 y"", I:>o<:bn 4 Ufe (fIInnortr CAlMD. 1nc I 3351 Aspen G.... Dme Su,te 350 F"nlJi" TN 37061
                        _ yourdoclOt.41 ore " ' _ ewncI ore

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14 Keatth & Wellness June             2011 - Middle Tennessee

    High-Speed Technology
               Severe Varicose Veins

                 aricosc veins are an old problcm -
                 llipp<>cr3tes and the ancient Egyp-
                 lians wrote about them - and for
    many seniors. they are an unfonunatc rite Qf
    passage. Half of all Americans over 50. and two·
    thirds of wOmCn O,'Cr 60. suITer from those big.
    ropey Icg veins . Thc prQblem is far mQrc than
    cosmetic - the pain. swelling and leg fatigue can
    really discourage an activc lifestylc. and SevCre
    variCQSC veins "n even cause ehrQnie infeclions                          \
    and skin ukerations.

    Varicose vcins generally occur when the valves
    fail in the primary superficial kg vein. which is
    called the grealcr saphenous vein. Those valves
    are supposed to push blOQd back up towards the
    hean. but when lhey cannot do the job anymore.
    the blOQd pools up in the ,'cins. Women with mOre
    than two ~hildrcn and people who work on thcir

    feet. like nurses and teachers. arc paT1icularly at
    fISk. Hcredity and obesily are also factors, 11 is a
    prcny common problem affecting patients younger
    than 20 and older than 90.

    Medlc;:al tec::hnology ha, c;:aught up with
    treatrneot of varic;:ose veins                              I
    Until recently. the only surgical treatment was
    stripping OUI the saphenous vein. a painfUl and
    barbaric procedure that required a gencral anes-
    thetic and weeks of reco\'cry tIme. Needlcss to say,
    most paticnts a\"Qided that <>pCration if they could.
    and We still sec lots of patients who havc been suf-
    fering for decades and lhought vein stripping was
    the only alternative . They are delighted to find out
    that medical technology has finally caught up with
    varicose \'eins. and we now have mInimally-
    ;nv~lve office procedures that can deal with the
    problem in minutes.

    The breaklhrough is ~alheler lechnoh>gy. Ihe same
    kind that is uscd for hean inlervenl;ons. Under a
    local anesthclic. a catheter. aboutlhe thickness of a

~§~§~~~:'~"~'~'~"~"'~'~d~;~"~' '~' ~'~'~' ~;~"~'~' ~' '~ '~':~:::::::::::::::::::::::~
                                                                                             Middle Tennessee         ~   June 2011 Health &. Wei lneS5                       15
The doctor pulls the device through the vein , using
either radiofrequency (Rn energy or a laser to heat
the vein walls and cause them 10 collapse inward on
Ihemselves. Once Ihe vein is sealed. Ihe body auto-
matically re-routes blood flow Ihr(lUgh healthier
vessel s and normal cireulation is restored. The vari-
cosily symptoms quickly dissipate , and the sealed
vein is eventually absorbed by the body.

The VNUS'" Closure FAST"" can seal veins
in three to five minutes
The speed and comfo" of this te<:hnique are amazing
to our patients. The device ....·e use is called VNUS"
ClosureFASyr ... and it uses rndiofrcquency <:nCJID'
to seal a typical 45-centimeter length of vein (about
14 inches) in thrtt to five minutes. The onlydiscom-
fo" the patient feels is a few needle sticks, and the
procedure is SO simple that it can be perfonned in our
office under local anesthClie .

                                                            Disposable catheter                       Vein heats and                        Catheter withdrawn
                                                             inserted into vein                         collapses                              closing vein

                                                         The patient is nonnally in and out in well under an     Th= is so much media buzz about technology
                                                         hour. Patients arc encouraged to get up and walk        today that somClimes the simplest and most impor-
                                                         immediately after the procedure. and most return        Iant breakthroughs get lost in the noise. For almost
                                                         to nonnal activity the vcry next day. The pain and      a hundred years, progress on treating varicose veins
                                                         fatigue disappear almost instantly, and the             was, like the surgery ilSClf, slow and painful. Now
                                                         swo llen veins begin to deflate in a week or two.       there is a fast and vi"ually painless way 10 change
                                                                                                                 a patient's life in a couple of minutes. and that's a
                                                         The RF device is preferred to the older laser           great feeling for a physician.
                                                         catheters because the lasers operate at eXlremely
                                                         high temperatures - over 800 degrees Fahrenheit
                                                         - and that can be traumatic to the tissues, causing
                                                         pain and bruising. RF operates at much lower
                                                         temperatures - comparable to the l<lw setting on
                                                                                                                           M UHI" R FI:SR O RO
                                                         a crock pot - and it's far more comfortable fw
                                                         the patient. Both devices are effe<:tive. but the            MEDI C AL C LINI C
                                                         latest studies of the ClosureFAST device give it                      &SU N (; I CE1'I 1" t: ~
                                                         the edge in our book.
                                                                                                                 David Chatman , M.D. and Rame s h Gowda ,
                                                         More men are requesting treatment of                    M. D. are Vascular Surgeons at Murfreesboro
                                                                                                                 Medical Clinic and SurgiCenter. If you think you
                                                         varicose veins
                                                                                                                 might be a candidate for this consultat ion,
                                                         This procedure is considered a medical ne<;cssity.      please contact the Vascular SurgeryNein
                                                         rather Illan cosmetic surgery, SO it is co~crcd by      Center at 6 15-867 -8044 . or vis it our website at
                                                         Medicare and most insurers. That clears away the        _w.mmc linl to learn more.
                                                         one final barrier to longtime varicose "eln sufferers
                                                         seeking treatment. Also, more men than ever before
                                                                                                                 1 _.. no" " NUS ~Io>" ... ..... "'.... ' " J..'<Nkd '" """"
                                                         are requesting Ille procedure - having one's            _ """Is ,..;,~ , ~I ''"''''"' ...p.... ,~ M»J<rl)v.g
                                                         varicose "elns treated is no longer considered          <"0"'" of ~      .......
                                                         unmanly. A rush of interest in Ihe technology is        C....... idkr!OO"" Pa,;"'u ~'illr
                                                                                                                 ", k 'l'NUd.
                                                                                                                                                     ,."""btu i.   ,~ wiIr   HfI1M"'
                                                         corning from acti\"c scni<m in their 70s and 80s. As
                                                         their middle-aged children are undergoing the pr0-      _ _ _ c•...,\· ••             ,....' b~;rII""rwdi.:aI~

                                                         cedure, and when the parents see the results., they     ""'"' It IN _ _j>r~ kIwIing """""                     p'if""'_
                                                         want Ille treatment Illemselves. Patients are wearing   -~-'~.~
                                                                                                                 _ f o.... ...... "-'lIo"· onJ'O'~                      ­
_~~    __~~:=-_________~~'~_
                           :~forthe                                   first time in 40 years!
                                                                www . tnhealthandwe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
16 lieafth &. WellneS5 June   2011 - Middle Tennessee

Tennessee's First New Generation Premium
Forever Young Lens for Cataract Surgery
                                                                         Dr. Ming Wang performed the inno-
                                                                         vative cataract surgery, wh ich has
                                                                         enabled seniors 1 rega in youthful
                                                                         eyesight, a wider range of vision
                                                                         and freedom from their dependence
                                                                         on glasses!

                                                                                          he ",tlI'ld-rcnowned eye swgcon. Dr.
                                                                                          Ming Wang, introduced to the State a
                                                                                          new premium lens technology for
                                                                          catarnc! surgery. and performed the state's ftr.i! such
                                                                          surgery at Wang Vision Cataracl & LASI K Cenler. The
                                                                          breakthrough eye ""'Eery ushered in a new ern in
                                                                          cataracl surgct)'. Seniors can now enjoy rcslOflllion of
                                                                          their youthful eyesight, regain a much wider range of
                                                                          vision. and be fTC<: from their dcpcndcncc on glasses.
                                                                          This groundbreaking surgery put Nashville on the
                                                                          national map as one of the firs! cities in the U.S . 10
                                                                          implant the new lens after its FDA approval.

                                                                          "We arc ~cilCd to be the ftr.i! cenler in TCItI1CSSCC, and
                                                                          one of the flnt in the country. to implant this new lens
                                                                          after its FDA approval." said Dr. Wang. He has inlro-
                                                                          doced many new cataracl and LASIK surgery technolo-
                                                                          gies to lhe Stale in rttcnt years. including the
                                                                          Slate-of-the-an bladel= all_laser LAS IK procedun:, and

                                --                                        is cwrently the only surgeon in the state who uses this
                                                                          technology for 100" of his LAS IK procedures. Wang
                                                                          Vision is also one of only three <:enlCn in the U.S. con-
                                                                          ducting a new fDA clinicailliallo treat presbyopia. an
                                                                          age-related Io:s.$ of r>car visiQn.

                                                                                    \lVAN G           V IS IO        N
                                                                                    CATA RACf k     LA$IK     CENTl: R

                                        ____'                               for more Informallon , please ca ll 615·321·8881 or
                                                                             I'IsII OUr webslle al www.wangc
                                                www.lnhe ~ lth ~ nd w e l ---------------------
                                                                                                 Moddle Tennessee             June 2011 Health" Wellness                 17
                                                           Ms. Ikll explained the problems she "'~ having
                                                           before her eawact surgery. ·'1 had fallen thrtt times
                                                           because the eataracts had caused me: 10 lose my
                                                           depth percqllion, and I was $Cared to drive at nighl_"

                                                           Ms. Bel! was Or_ Wang's second patienl to
                                                           receive this new intraocular lens implant for her
                                                           catanlCt sU'lIcry, and on her finl posl.opc:rali~..,
                                                           vis il , s he was 20120 for bolh dis tance and ncar
                                                           withoul any glasscs! - My life has lotally changed
                                                           already! I can see so mueh now, the whole big.
                                                           wide world, and I fcel like I a m 30 years
                                                           younger!"' Ms . Bell e~dai med.

First Patlent in the State to Receive                      Premium Forever YOlIng lens for Cataract
Advanced New Cataract Surgery                              So....,.
Joyce Ryan from Whites Cn:cl<. TN. suffeml from            Dr. Wang e~prcs.!iCd thai he feels God hils blessed U$
eamacts and progress.i' 'e "jsio!1 loss for years.         with a wonderful. amlWlli and revolulionary
~Liehl$ ran KJ&e!her so when ~ came "",'8I'd me. I         cawacl surgery ICChnology that, for the fir$1lime in
only saw one long blur o flight. ~ Ms . Ryan She    hislOl'Y. has enabled caww;I ""leT)' patients 10
had to give up driving at night and in the rain due to     regain I wide range of vision (from reading 10
her poor vision. Her hu§band, Don. had successful          distlll'OCC), clear vision (with the COITCCIion of astig.
catamct surgery by Dr. Wang.1iO hc referred his wife
                                                           matism), excellent night vision, and an unprec·
to him for Iter own sUfg<'ry. "I am so ucilCd to be the:
                                                           edented frttdom from their dependence on glasses!
veT)' fint patient in our state to .... ~ this advanced
new eye: surgeT)', and 10 know that my new and
youthful sighl may last for the ~ of my life!~ Ms.         However, tkspile these cumcndous benefits thaI
Ryan beamed on her fint posI-operati''e check·up           Ihc premium lenses are bringing 10 catara"
with Dr. Wang. and added, ·'1 have reading glasses         surgery palienl$, cum:ntly the ,,'crage implama-
sining all around my house, and now I 00 longer            lion rate for premium lenses in the U.S. is slill
need thrn1!"                                               very low (only 5·10%). Why? The reason is Ihat,
                                                           in order to implant Ihe premium lens successfully
                                                           50 that an excellent outcomc is achieved. a
                                                           , u'lleon needs 10 have dual e~pertise in both
                                                           LASIK and cataract surgcr1cs, and a level of
                                                           expertise ""hieh has only been achieved by • small
                                                           number o f cataract surgeons in lhe U.S. today.
                                                                                                                                               About     Or, MI",     wane:    A
                                                                                                                                                H~llId " MIT &rOOlIMe (MD,
                                                           What queslion should a palient ask a cataract
                                                                                                                                                mBgn. cum t.IIM), one 01 tile
                                                           surgeon in order to objectively assess if the surgeon
                                                                                                                                                few eaUaract" lASIII surgeons
                                                           is updaled in the techO'Hllogy he uses for cataract                                  In the world toda, wllo holds a
                                                           surgtry? Dr. Wang's suggestion is to ask the                                         dodorate de p In lase<
                                                           SUlieon: "Doclor. for what pcrttntage of your                                        p/lysk:s. lrod eIIrtbl Issoclate
                                                           eatanl(:l surgery palients 10 date have you been able                                prvfes$Of of op/ItMtmoloC' 01
                                                           10 implant premium lenses?'" Ideally, !hi: higher the                                tb, UnlvefSlty 01 Tennesse. ,
                                                           percentalC'. \be Il"OOI"C dedicloled and $p«ialized !hi:                             Dr.watIc;lII5perbmedwd_

My ute Has Totally Changedl At Age 11, I
                                                           cawact surgeon is with the mtc..of·the-an premium           ~~~~~;!.                   25,000 Cltaraet .. Will pro-
                                                           lens technology.
                                                                                                                       :e                   on ewer 3,000 cIoc:toB. A resean:her
am Now 20120 for Both Distance AND Neart                                                                               with • publication In tile world rell(lWlled journal
Wilda lkll from Waverly, TN, is. 71 . year..old who                                                                    "Nature", Dr, Wang holds a U.S. patent for his Invention
fir$t found out about Dr. Wang whcn her husband        It is imponant to also koow that wilh the heallhl:are           of a new bIotedlO'Hllolf\' to fIISIOr. slIM, and pefformed
had LASIK with him several yeatS_g<). '·LAS IK has     refonn. which has created a lot of red tape, Medicare           tile wofId's nrst laser artilieial comel Impl.nUation. He
grutly helped my husband, who has multiple             (and all insurance companic$) may be f~ 10                      foundedu:tta~, tlleWangFOllrod.tionIorSJtltlResto-
mtdiclol problems. yet IlO>O' he can sec so mucb       redoo: mo:diclol coverage in !hi: coming months-co.             ration, Meld! 1Ia5 helped bIiod patient:I from ewer 40
bener. We are SO graleful lO Dr. ....'an&, and thai is years for procedun:$ that are mtdically needed, 5IlCh           stites In tile U.S. and __ 55 countries WO<1d\IMe, witIt
""hy I came 10 him for my 0>011 eye: surgery U weU.~
                                                       as eawacl surgery.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www _                                                           ~~: ~: :~~.
                                                                                                           -:::::~~'~"~""'~~_~~:M~oceo... ..': .:":... ............
18 Health & wetness June           2011 - MIddle Tenneuee

                                                                    By Dr. Jason S. Crise

                I CriSI Chiropracti, & Wellness.                                                              e WHO ~A Ll F I ES FOR
                we ~ no.... offering Spinal                                                                   DECOMPRESSION THERAPY?
                Decompression Therapy. " 'hith is                                                             Clients who qualify for this t)'pC oflhcrapy ha,'c
a non·surgical means of relieving pain to the                                                                 tried most other forms of t~alment. Candidates
lower bad, and ned. Decompression therapy is a                                                                ofDccompression lbcntpy are clients with back
spinal disc rehabilitation program Illal slowly and                                                           or ne.:k pain caused in whole or in pan hy a
gcntly strelches the area of the spi ne while de.:om·                                                         damaged disc. These condilions include hem;·
pressing the discs.                                                                                           aled. prolruding or bulging discs. spinal slenosis.
                                                                                                              sciatica or radiculopathy (pinched nerves). Other
The unique design of our new Decompression of                                                                 candidales include palients who have had back
Choice (DOC) table utilizes • state-of.lhe-art                                                                surgcr)' and continue to have bad, pain (Failed
digilal command center for specific vcnebral tar·                                                             Back Syndrome).
gCling, separate lumbar and cervical decompres-
sion progn.mming and continuous readout and                                                                    People who suITer from scv~. ehronic pain
graphing of treatment protO<.:olJ.                      Spinal Decompression Therapy                           know how it can unerly disrupt one's life. Pain
                                                                                                               ~an make it hard 10 enjoy cvcn the simpiesl daily
~ HOW IS SPINAL DECOMPRESSION                                   Now Offered!                                   activities and makes il a challenge 10 carry oul
DI FF EREN T THAN TRACT ION?                                                                                   excrci§c routines and other healthy aClivities.
Regular trat;tion stretches your spine and muscles      This deeompression table will allow us 10              People ollen li\'C a life of oompromisc in lheir
simultaneously_ If you only stretch the spine. your     target your treatment area in three different          atlivitlcs. Many palients find that as !hey grow
body naturally ~braces~ for the nellt stretch           dimensiOll$. This isolales specifi' spinal discs       older. episodes of low back pain btcomc mo~
reducing the ahilily for the lreatment to be effec·     and allows us 10 "Iargel" your treatment. " 'hik       frequent. lheir pain "vrKIU in inlensity. and il
tive . DttompITssion therapy is different than con·     lraction often just "stretches" the entire spine.      takct longer for them to n:cover. There is no
ventional spinal lraction; il alternales bct"'een                                                              reason 10 needlessly suffer.
strelching and relaxation. The relantion stage          Spinal Decompression Therapy allows uS to
Irich your body into staying reluCt! and there·         personalize Ihe §css;on for your age. weighl           Dr. CriS! will study your x-rays and/or MRl's in
fore. maximizes the load and the effe.:tiveness of      and condition. as well as the ability 10 adjusl        detail to make wre thi$ form of rehabilitation i$
the treatmenl.                                          your trcalments as we track your resulls.              best for your condilion. IllI nol every clienl wilh
                                                                                                               pIIin qualifies for this Iype of treatment. After
                                                                                                               earefulrevicw. Dr. Crist will determine if you
                                                                                                               ~ • candidate for Ikcompres$ion Therapy.
                                                                                                               Call (6I.S) 77 1-0022 or COI11C in 10 our offICe
                                                                                                               loday 10 find out more about our slate-of.the·art

                                                                                                    Or. JtISOn S. Cris ' _ _ _ _ _ __

                                                                                                     Fmutder and ~nd c/tiroprnclor al Crisl Cltiroprnclk ..
                                                                                                      Wd/ne.u. Dr. Jason S. Crisl ~ dedirored 10 he/pil{jt It~
                                                                                                     clients nnd memben of Ihe comm~nity ""M",,,, rheir rnu
                                                                                                     hen/lh po/en/lailltro~gh nutritional cou"leli"g. lifestyle
                                                                                ,h""g'" antI flalurol olle"'nli,'e~. Dr. Cnslfirst di$cowred chiropractic "'he"
                                                                                    ,m.l to'" he .muld need bnc~ .Iurgery ar Ihe age of 19. Not wanting TO go
C R I ST C It I Ro r   RAC T I C                                                  'M.g' litis In",...i"" proced~re. "or ils lengthy nnd painful tU'O.'ery. he
        & W EL lN US                                                            .IOUghr cltiroprac/ic cnre nM got unbelie>Vlble res>Jlts_ Not only did he (n'(lid
                                                                                .Iurgery and rereb... comp/ele Iteulmg. bur he ulso disco.'Cred Itis passion for
                                                                                ""nunl. ltoIislic care nnd decided 10 punue Itis Docrorolt: ofChlroprnctic.
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                                                                                                                     Not sleeping well?
                                Now Offired!                                                            Just don't have the energy you once had?
                                                                                                     Can't put your finger on it? WE HAVE ANSWERS!
                                                                                                     otm_,....t.,.,Io,.. -..lo&:. .pi»"-" ......,,,.-I .....
                                                                                                       T_ ..W: "I /qaIt.,.."..,

                                                                                                             ......... . _   _
                                                                                                                                           ~ ""' I--.I..,-'-" . I"'-"""';'",,;.,
                                                                                                                                     - - ..•       _    46,..,.<JU -.k; Fnd1, ..
                                                                                                                                                                                    folly ".,uJ.-I

                                                                                                    Proven Benefi ts of Bio-Equivalent Hormone
                                                                                                    Replacement 1JtCf'Upy _ I...,.

                                                                                                                                                                  d IntOJde _           l- otreDt;tb
                                                                                                                                                   _ I,....        ibDido .. -...l ..,ioD<tion

                                                                                                                                                   _ No   b....        i riU: of ~.,....,.,.
                                                                                                      _ PaiD rdid                                  _ I ..., oedboMdmsiIy
                                                                                                      _ M;p.oi ... ,-,,.diof                   _ Oft..    i .".          r.tty
                                                                                                                                                                       t ......
                                                                                                      _ Improved ....-y .. _           ,.-.lion    _ Impco.ed plIyWaI pnbmanoo
                                                                                                      _   Rd ieffrom~ion"~

                                                                                                       CAL L FOR CONSU LTAT ION
                                                                                                     CONfIDENTiAliTY GU .... AAtHI FI)

                                                                                                     www. Wellness ~l onnoneBalance .org
           CR I ST C II [ ROPRA C T IC
                           & W ELLNESS
                                                                                                    Not All PhysiulTherOlpy Is The SOIme

  A Natural Apprwllh to Po,in in a Hrabhy. Hraiing £nv;ronmml
                                                                                                    ~ IOU oeeing. lie.......:! ~ ""'. .' or NoCh

   SPINAL DECOMPRESSION OfFERS                                                                      00> IOU .... IN .....    ~ theroplsl II - "
  c- _ .."." __ .,. ._ .. _ s,-J Dn ;, 1"-11' M_ m..                                                ~"",~.1

   _..b._                    . . __'f _ '" . '.
  -.J...J _ """,.,JJ ...........fiII--t _ .. M U') -a, ".-I J. ,
                ~.....,.,..                                 -J ......,~..,..        II. _   wry     ~ IOU   9fttinII. ~
                                                                                                                                    pion of ~     "* II
   ~"""""""'''''''''''''''''N%lCJ (6IJ)71I.(J(J22fw'''
   ........ -     II     =..,!n..I _ _ ~<#m!t O#r".,....6-~II .
                                                                                                    IIiII PfOIJIf"'*'II .. _tedl

                                                                                                    [)oft }'OUf ~ ""'''' \1M _
                                                                                                    ........... ther_ to help_}'OUf ,*,,1
   [VUYONE .. en. a...o,. ......... NICE Mol I<>Iy _               AII....,. ........ do .. """"
                                                                                                    N no\, then IOU ...., i"IOI bt .... ftWog m. _ of         :   W.   .If    ,It     ,.,... >tho' py.c:om
   you jOd       f   obi< """..."., .1..       f EVERYONE..... ...... ...               • .. UI)'
                                                                                                    ~       ""'_ "*        1OU~. IIt<uIb Physio-
   ochc.lodpw;oh dorir IoodrNUOS .... to CliST . HE IS A).IAZING and .. ;, dot ..... I
   _ -u.        to .........              nTnll>d.... "'" I WlLl._. dot - , _ to
   N., Of< doao """ .. ClI$T ! ,) I ..... """ ..'V..... probk ... """ I _ S 1"....
                                                                                                    ther_ know> \hoi i"IOI .. ~ " " ' _ II me
                                                                                                    ....... ltt OJ> W- 10U '"""' IrUI porIent.focuw<l
                                                                                                    ~ ther""", (MI dolor.,.....
   old _ I J.o..1ood.,.",. ONE in .... Luo 6 -w .... . Moo ...... ",",'" "'- . 1_10 1"
   ......;".,. """' • ..w. ....... 1f~....,. ...... ..., ......
                                                                                                      MOf@ s~ially tralj)@(jphysicaltheraplmthan anyothe«ompa ny in TN.
   Chiropractic ' Massage llu mpy • N aruml Allt:rgy Rtlte!
                                                                                                     A referr~1 for   ph~k.1     theJipy i$ not r!qui.1!!! by most Insurance providers.
      Acupunaurt . Wtigln Loss · D« ompression 7hn-ap}

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                   M ... l l O IlV      l A N l     rllANl.:llS
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20 Heafth & Wellness June                 2011 - Middle Tennessee

You've heard of Menopause in Women ...
Have you heard of Andropause in Men?
                                                                 Common SIgns of a Testosterone DefIciency                    and expected, there are safe and effective ways to treat
                                                                 DaYk!'s annual p/lySiCa1 showed e'IeIl more alarming         these symptoms. Unfortunately, malYI physicians don't
                                                                 results. His blood pressure was elevated for the first       Inform their patients of these opUons. Bio-identical
                                                                 time, and his dloIesIeroi ~ jumped 60 points. The            hormooe replacement therapy using testosterone is a
                                                                 symptOmS ~ common si~ assoo;jated with a tes-                safe and effective way to treat these symptoms."
                                                                 tosterone deIiciency, His doctore>ptained how!he 00dy
                                                                 produces less tesIOSIerone as ~ a~, and that these           Moore recommends Bio-identical hormone replacement
                                                                 noticeable p/lySiCa1 and emotional symptoms ~                therapy because this method of treatment delivers con-
                                                                 referred to as ' andropause," or ·male meoopause."           sistent and positive results, as evidenced below,

                                                                 Many men have never heal(! of "andropause,- They're          -I never imagined Wliting a testimonial lille this'- begins a
                                                                 hesitant to adm~ to episodes of depression. loss of          letter from a 4Q.)'ear old businessman who recently
                                                                 libido, or impotence due to embarrassment or an              started Bio-idenlical tIo<mone replacement therapy- '1
                                                                 unfam il iarity of possible solutions_ However, recent       noticed that my body had changed. My musde tooe

                                                                 stUdies show how the human bo<i)' produces less              wasn~ wllat ~ was a)'ear ago, eYen though I was working

that trend?
                uj'S, there comes a time when
                hearing age-related comments like

as lOung as lOu used to be.- Would lOu like to change

                }I::Iu're just getting Older," or 'jOU're not
                                                                 testosterone as ~ ages (as ea~y as 3S )'ears of age)
                                                                 and how this l'Iadual decline (I'll. per )'ear) can take
                                                                 )'ears to notice, What some men believe is a sudden
                                                                 problem has actuali)' been )'ears In the making.

                                                                 Ways to l!\Crease Enero and Passion lor ute
                                                                                                                              out. more intensei)'. I also had a diffleulty steepjng througtl
                                                                                                                              the night. I did some resealch 00 hormone <eplacement
                                                                                                                              theral7l' and decided to give it a try. Within a lew days 01
                                                                                                                              my treatment, I began steeping deeply though the night
                                                                                                                              and was fuli)' rested and alen when I wok.!! up in the
                                                                                                                              moming. When I resumed my 'M)I\(Outs, I found ~ easier
                                                                 There is ~ news for David and mill ions or other             to I\ave a more intense 'IIIlIkout and get througJ'l ~ wilholll
As men get oIdf.!(, they notice the ptr,oslca l and emotional    men ~o want their enefgy and passion for life                ~ wiping me out My wife and friends noticed that I was
changes tilat are tailing place in tl\eir OOdies. They           restored. Bio-identical hormone repla<:ement therapy         more balanced and wasn~ as anxious and stressed. At
remember a time when they had energy for wor!< and               is a safe and Pr(Mll1 treatment that has helped              first. I didn1 realize it, t>ecause I was back to wllat I atways
lamii)', blll those days are now few and lar between. They       scores of men and women. Bio·identica l hormone              remembf.!rfrom)'earsbe/ore, I was bact to normal. I h~
find ~ harder to concentrate at wor!<, or their WO<kouIS         replacement therapy will not reverse all signs of            a sense of ~II being, a steadiness:
are cut soon by pains that didn't used to bother them.           aging, but ~ can certa inly help improve a person's
The realiZation is even more troubling fQ( those men who         pllysical and emotiona l wel l·being.                                                 Restore and Balance Hormones
begin to e~perience impOtence.                                                                                                                         for Posltlwl R85IIIts
                                                                 Is natuml hormon-e replacement with testosterone                                      The p i of any treatment is
These ptr,oslcal and emotional symptoms are often found          the -fountain of jOUth- for men? No, but il may be                                    simple: to restore and balance
in men awroaching midd le age. The symptoms are so               one of the keys to ·quality aging" and to living to the                               one's tIonnooes througtl a safe
common that doctors and other medical professionals              age dictated by individual genetics. The first step is                                and prWf.!!1 method of treatment
sometimes label this cond i~on as -andropause,- or               recognizing the symptoms, fol lowed by an evaluaton                                   Bio-identical hormone replace-
                                                                 of blood wolil and present hormone levels, low                                        ment !hern17l' is a proo.en method
' ma le menopause." But unlike menopause in women,
                                                                 levels 01 testosterone can affect the daii)' lifestyles of                     I      that has ronsisteIltly produced
men e.<perience andropause for a variel)' of reasons. No
                                                                 men and women including losses of energy, libido,               _,~" loISH, _         positive results. Imponant indica·
defined pattern 01 symptoms Indicates andropause,
                                                                 mental clarity and lean muscle mass_                         tions 01 successful thera!lIr include an iflCrease in strength,
which could present a problem for pract~ioners who are
trusted to advise their patients on tlearthy Inestyles.                                                                       stamina, and energy ~, all of -M1ich reflect Impowed
                                                                 Ucensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN),                 muscle tone and muscle function; increased libido and
                                                                 Cristina Moore offers gu idance to men and women             sexual ~: the reu.n of mental a.cuity;
David   defin~ei)' fa lls into the andropause category.

                                                                 who are curious about hoonooe replacement                    Impowed mood; and a ~ rest for I~e. These are just
Soon after tuming 50, David t>ecame increasingly con·            therapy_ Over the ~ars, she has noticed many simi-           some of the areas that can be imprwed through balanced
cerned about changes In his mind and bo<i)'. Throughout          larities in the physical and emotional symptoms that
his life, he achieved success in his business endeavo<s.         men and women describe.
He was handsome, ath letic and confident But that
\lademar!< confidence started to waver as he lost          "Menopause can be miserable for women ~o
inte<est in both his wolil and WO<k-outs. He gained        e.<perience Ilot flashes, mood swings, ~ight ga in,                       'Cff WELLNE55
weight and recognized how his mind, concentratioo, and     decreased libido, and fatigue; said Moore, 'What       To learn mort .bGut t/1a symptoms and Blo·ldentical
attention to detail ~re stipping. To make matters 'M:Irse, ~'re finding in the medical community is that men      hormona repl,u men t the .. py I .ulmen t$, u ll
he experienced impotence for the r<rst time and started    are e.<periencing many of the same symptoms (with      SO l btiOftS Welln ess I t 615·569·2529 Or visit
to stide into depressioo.                                  the f.!.Wlption of hot flashes), While aging is oonnal Yrtf'If, Well nessHormont Balance. oft,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www,tnheatthandwe ltness_com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                                               Middle Tennessee· June 2011 Health '" Wellness                     21

By Shawn Heflir>-Akngren

H              appy Father's Day to all the dads out
               there! As a Dad. the best gift you
               can give your family is to be around
forthem as long as possible. So, in honorofFathCT's
Dayand Men's Health Month, ['ve pU110gcthcra list
                                                          3. WARRIOR I INTO
                                                          WARRIOR II: Warrior I & 11
                                                          increase space and mobility in
                                                          areas where men need il mosI:
                                                          shoulders, hips, and knees.
of 6 of the trI(lS{ beneficial yoga cxer<:ises for men,   Since il generales great stabil-
You can learn the tcdmiqucs at My Yoga My Way             ily in and around the kncc. it
and experience the awesome benefitS orthes<: exer-        increa$C!; )'Our capacity for
cises. 11Iey require a minimal amoont of time. and        high_impact workouts or jusl
can be done from the comfor1 of your living room          being aclivc. Tight hips can
while you'", watching the game. TIle name Big Boy         cause lower back pain, knee
Yoga was coined by members of the Tennessee               Slrain. and injury. which can
Titans after coming 10 the realization that some          keep you out oflhe game, out
people JUSt weren't designed 10 <:vcr balance upside      of the gym and oul of an
down with their feet behind their cars (Ita, ha ...)!     enjoyable. active life.

6 Most                                                    4. 1- LEGGEO UPWARD
                                                          HERO INTO I -LEGGED
Beneficial Yoga Exercises for Men                         UPWARD PIGEON: This
                                                          combination was a favorite
1. BREATHE OEEPLY & FULLY: Internationally                with my boys on the Titans. as
acclaimed Dr. Andn:w Weil has stated that if he had
                                                          il stabilizes and strengthens
10 limit his advice on hcahhicr living to just onc tip.   the vulnerable knee joinlS
il would simply be 10 team OOW to ~athe COl'l'ttlly.      while lubricating the connec-
The average person only uses the upper third of their     live tissues in and around the
lungs when they breathe. Obviously, operating at          knee with blood, oxygen, and
330/. capacity is not oplimal. By making the con-         fluid. making it an essential
scious effort to use your IWlgs 10 their full capacity.                                      Shawn with husband, Shane and daug hter, Sahara
                                                          pose for athlelcs or anyone
you can instantly improve circulation, lower blood
                                                          desiring an active lifestyle. It also strengthens and  BIG BOY YOGA is offered at My Yoga My Way.
pressure. reduce stress and anxiety. raise your energy
                                                          opens the quads, making them less PTQne to injury,     As always, the first class is free . We also offer
level. improve the qualily of your sleep, promote         and giving them lTI01'l: contractile power.            perwnal instruction at Sl50lhour. and you can
weight 10$, and improve athletic performance.
                                                                                                                 bring as many friends as you can fit in the room
                                                          5. BRIDGE: Many men an: tight in the intercostal and splilthe cost. You pick lhe time. day, and what
                                                          muscles and connective lissuc surrounding lhe rib      your focus is that you want to work on. For more
                                                          cage, which can limit lung capacity. Bridge pose       infonnation. call My Yoga My Way at615-6-M Y-
                                                          opens the chest and releases those tight muso;ies,     YOGA (669·9642) or visit OUr website at
                                                          allowing for fuller, easier breaths.                   www.myyogarnyway.oom.

                                                          6. REC LINING BIG TOE: This pose stimulates
                                                          the prostate gland and improves digestion. You may
                                                                                                                    Shaw•• COIM.f from a ~ back·
                                                          find it useful for relieving sciatica caused by a tight   ground and AIlS been tellCAing
                                                          piri fonnis, and it increases flexibility in the ham_     fiM~.JS fo r 25 ye<ln. yogafor 15 of
                                                          strings, which can help align the pelvis and relive       tAo. e. She has laugh. f or the
                                                          back pain .                                                YMCA. CentnrnjQJ SporlSplrx, TAe Club. Exercise
2. DOWNWARD- FACING DOG: Most peoplc,                                                                               Plus. Vande'bill Un;'·ers;ty and Saplis l Ho spilal.
nol just men. have very light shoulders, and often                                                                  Sha,,'n is cu,renlly lhe ream Jog" inJTrUClor f o,
e xperience back pain due to chronic tightness in   Free Mommy & Me Ctass on Father·s Day to                        'he Tennessee 1llans.
the hamSlrings and hips, and a weak core. Down     gIVe Dad some lome 10 Tel"". Sunday, June 19,
Dog releases those areas, while building upper         4:30 pm . 5;15 pm (3 years old and up)    To learn more, caM My Yoga My Wwt at 61S-6-MY·'t'OGA
body strength.                                                                                   (669-9642) or~ CU M!bsiIe. _.~oom.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www.tnhe a lth a nd we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
22 Health '" Welnes.s J",n e        201 1      Mtddle Tennessee


I       f y(KIr           is like that of most of (KIr
        patients, y(KI've probably tried SCVC11llI
        diets in an attempt to lose weight, yet the
weight keeps coming back. The MEDI80" Weight
loss and Wellness Program is a safe and effective
approach designed to be the last diet you'll evcr
need and • wcllness program Y(KI will want to
maintain for a lifeti~.

At cvcry Stage of the program " 'c anpiwizc good
health because that is our ultimate goal for you as
our patient. And as it turns oot, a healthy lifestyle
JUSt llappcns 10 be the most effeetive " 'ay to 1051:
weight and keep it off. Yoo will not only 1051:
weight, you will achieve beller h.calth - the
ultimate objectivc.

Perhaps beSt of all, the MEDI80· Weight Loss
Program is more enjoyable than you might
imagine. We =ogni7.c that eating is one of the            • MED 180" IS THE PROGRAM YOU 'VE                   • THE M ED 1SO' SOLUTION
great joy, of life and mo"en>enl in the form of           BEEN LOOKING FOR                                    Phase I _ Rupid H ~iglrl I.MS: The Rapid Weight
e~crdsc is • life enhancer. We ha"e designed our          The MEDI80· Prognm is NOT a one-siu-                Loss Phase is designed to tnlnSfonn your body into a
diet 10 be filling and satisfying and our exercises to    fitS-In approach. Our is more elfe<:-       fat burning machiM and give you an immediate
empow~. We promise you are notonly going toeat            live llIan traditional weight 10$S ~thods           incmJ:iC in enc:f)p' and vitality.
wcll. you..-.: Il50 going to enjoy wllat you eat.         because " 'e use our ~ical and nutritional
                                                          expcrlisc to develop a CliSlom program              Phase II - T,..",sitiOfl: The T....ition Pba5e is
. OUR MED 18O" TEAM                                       tailored for y(KIf specific needs. Your pl'rsonal   designed to follow the: Phase [- Rapid Weigh! Loss
The MED I so- SUtIf is highly qualified wilh    I1lOI"e
                                                          program, developed by y(KIr MEDISD" telm,
                                                                                                              Phase and continue Unlil you KOOITIJllish your
than 20 years of e~perience in weight management.                                                             weight loss goal. Our modical ,talfworb with every
                                                          will help you adopt healthy new habils ar>d
All of our medical provio:lCf's, are members of the                                                           patient to adjU51 plans and keep you on track.
                                                          break unhealthy old ones, allowing you to slim
Amencan Sociely of Barialne Physicians and
                                                          down quickly and transition into lifetime
Board Cenified through national credentialing                                                                 Phase III - 1f~II"ess: When you have pctSC\'ered
bodies. Every ME[)180" stalfmember is dedicated           wellness. Optimal health is our ultin,ate goal      and ~hieved your Optimal weight loss goal, you will
to your suoxess. Our suceess will be measured by          for you.                                            reach Phase III ofthc MEOI8Q" Program. Multiple
your success. We arc with you every Step of the                                                               studies haye shown the importance of an on-going
way. You will find oor commitment to helping you          We ur>derstar>d in today's bu!y world Ihe last      wellncss regimen that requires accountability and
achieve your goals to be nothing shon ofamazing.          thing you r>e<:d is a weight Ion prognm tha!"1i     utilizes monitoring and in,'oh'al"lClll.
Our approach is superior. Our mults an: SUfJerior.        complicated or ti~ consuming. lnstead. you
                                                          want and need an easy-to-follow way of eating       . THE ME Dl80" PROGRAM ENHANCES
                                                          that 811mn you to slim down quittly and tnn-        YOUR ENERGY AND ACCELERATES
                                                          Silion into wellness. We keep all aspects of(KIr    WEIGHT lOSS
                                                          program as simple as possible.                      When you change your diet to a grealer allocation
                                                                                                              of protein and h.calthy fats and lessen yOllr pl'r-
                                                          We =ognize that short-tenn success is simply        tentage of carbs. your body produces much less
                                                          nol enough. You've probably already experi-         insulin . By controll ing your insulin levels through
                                                          enced the disappointmenl that short.lived           your carb intake you enable yOllr body 10 bum
                                                          wcight loss inevitably produces. We have built      body fat as its main fuel source. Burning fat on a
                                                          our MEDI80· Program around Ihe three                          ,
                                                          concepts essential for any weight loSl program
                                                          to succeed long_lenn . Those thre<: thinp are ...

~:~~~~::::::,:,,:::~~~~~s~;m:PlidlY. Adaptability and Sustainability. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                                                                            888-633- 1806
_                             _w.lnheilUhilndwellneu.eom _
                                                                                            Middle Tennessee - June 2011 Health & Wei lneS5                       23
consistcnt basis allows you to rapidly lose lots of
weight Vou will mainlain your energy on a mueh
mQrc stable level by aVQiding sugar spikes and
crashes. Vour cravings will dis.appcar and your
hunger will diminish as your energy level stabi-
lizes thrQughQut the day. You will be amazed at
how much energy yQU have on thc MEDlgO· diet .
Th e ME D I80· Program is specifically fonnulated
to emp<.>wcr YQU to limit "arbs and losc weight
quickly and s.afely. There is nQ faster way to lose
weighl wilhout compromising your health.

Most of our patienls have tried muhiple weighl
loss prQgrams. all with no rcal impact Qn their
long-tcnn weight. From thc outret. wc have
designed our ealing program 10 enable you to nOl
only losc the weight, but mQrc imp<.>nantly to keep
it Qfr. Shon-tcnn fi ~cs arc nOt really a fi ~. Thcy
are an illusion. Your hopes are raise.:! by some
minimal amount of weight loss only to be shat_
tered when the weight returns plus rome . This is
not the case with the MEDI80· Program. The
weight YQU IQSC will be maintained with Qur help .

Schedule your FRee complim enlQ ry consullQ-           Get )"aur m<!dical assess",,,,,t and ""';ght loss plan.   Using this critical medical infQnnation. our
lion tot/a, ·.                                         After your initial consultation. your team Qf             cxpcns will develop a dctaile.:! plan that win
Your eQmplimcntary eQnsuhatiQn allQws the              me.:!ical professionals and educators will                enable you to achie,·c your weight loss objec-
MEDI80· me.:!ical providers and staff to design a      pcrfonn a mOre in-depth medical evaluation                tives as quickly and safely as p<.>ssiblc.
program lhat best meets your individual needs. 11'5    and perwnal interview to detennine precisely
frcc. so what dQ you have tQ losc, except those        what your personalized weight loss and                    S tQrf losing .......g hl!
unwantcd p<.>unds?                                     wellness plan should entail.                              Once your pefS()nalil/!d plan is in placc. yQU can
                                                                                                                 immediately stan losing wcight and progressing
                                                  •                                                              toward bener overall health and wellness .

                                  iJlED180'                                                                      .. Mention this article to receive a
                                  i'/iIGHT LOSS
                                                                                                                 Grand Opening discount of 20% off
                                                                                                                 your Initial visit. ••

                                                                                                                 · HERE·S TO EATING WELL. LO SING
                                                                                                                 WEIGHT. GETTING HEALTHY AND
                                                                                                                  ENJOYING LIFE !
                                                                                                                 Call Now to Tum Your l ife Around. 888-633-1806
                                                                                                                 or email ncwyoo@mcdlso..."Ciglltloss.CQ[Il for tro:}I"C

                                                                                                                 Discover us at MEDlBOwE IGHTlOSS.COM

                                                                                                                 WEIGHT LOSS
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24 Health '" wetness June               2011         Middle Tennessee

Lung Cancer: A Largely Preventable Disease
By MidI&eI Brian Hemphill, MD MPH

L               ung cancer accounlS fQ1" more dealhs
                tlLan any other canctt in both men
                and women. In 2010, there ..~ an
tstimatcd 222.520 new f;UC$ of lung cancer. which
ao;c:ountcd for approximately I in 8 Ile\to'ly diag-
                                                                lifetime lung canett risk among heavy smokers
                                                                as high as 30%, oompan:d " 'ilh less t!Lan 1%
                                                                amonl nonsmokers.        As a I'IIOI'C concrete
                                                                example , one study placa the risk o f dying from
                                                                lung cancer in • 3S ~-old man ,,'110 smokes
                                                                                                                         From 1975102006, smoking rata fell among both
                                                                                                                         men and women and was accompanied by 1
                                                                                                                         de<.:reasc in the dc.ath ralC from luna cancer. BUI
                                                                                                                         since 2(l().I , this ITtnd has changed link:; and in
                                                                                                                         2008. 46 million Amcric:ans still smoked cigarettes.
nosed c.nccrs, but was responsible for I in 4 cancer            fewtt than 2S cig=ttcs po:!" day al around I in
dealhs. as estimated by the American Cancer                     10. which doubla 10 I in 5 ifhc smokes grealCT           Oth er Risk Factors for Developing
Society (ACS) . This made lung cancer the most                  Ihan 25 cigarettes pcr day.                              Lung Cencer
lC1ha l cancer and the second most common cancer                                                                         Among smokcrs., cancer-specific death Tates for lung
in both mcn and women behind prostate and breast,               Sym ptoms o f Lu n g C an.cer                            cancer «tipse the olhcr !ObaI;:ro.asso<;iated cancers
rcsp«tively. In fact. I1"I()rc men die annually from            Poulbl, $""'Pto",s o/I""g tl",et' j"d ud"                (i.c. head and ncd, esophagus. pancreas. bladdcr,
lung c.nett tlLan oolort'Ctal and prostate cancns               • Chest Pain· Difficulty Breathing                       kidney. etc). Other impo!Ullt risk fac:1OfS for dc\~I­
combined. In 2010, then: were an estimated                                                                               oping lung cancer include asbcsW5 Vlpo5UIe. radon.
 I S7 ,300 lung CanttT related dcath$ among Ameri-              • Coughing Blood · Unexplained Fe'"Cn                    seoondhand smoke, organic chemicals. and air pollu-
cans. In Tennessee aloTte. there were an estimated              • Night S"'CI15 ' Weight loss                            tion. The risk of dc\~loping lung cancer does 001
5,980 new lung canCtt Ca$CS with 4.520 estim.oted                                                                        diminish in pIItien15 wllo smoke low-tar cigarettes.
dcath s in 20 10. according to the ACS.                         If you an: cxperiencing any of thcse                     Regular cigar and pipe $lIlOkcrs are also at increased
                                                                symptoms_ specially if you an: a smokcr-                 risk of developing lung cancer.
Most Importan t Risk Factor for Developi n g                    you should notify your primary care physician.
Lung Can.cer: Smoking                                                                                                    Survival rates havc impro,"Cd ovcr the past 30
Tbc most importanl risk factor for developing lung              Decn:asc Your Risk of Developing Lung Cancer             ycaJS, but there is still muc;h room for impro'~
cancer is smokinS- It is re$pOtI$ible for almost 90%            for CUfTCllI smokers. it is not tOO late 10 dramali-     mrnt. The I_year relali,<t surviva l inen:ased from
ofal! Ca$CS of lung cancCf. In facl, the risk of devel-         Qlly docrease your risk of de"cIOping lung               lS% in 1975-1979 to 42% in 2002-2005, which
oping lung cancer is 23 times higher in men and 13              Can«!". Smoking cessation dcarly decn:_ the              " 'as thouJht to be due to improvement in treat-
limes higher in women w ho smoke compan:d to                    risk of lung cancer among fonner smokers                 ments, When the disease is loc.liv:<l. the 5-year
lifclona nonsmokers. The risk of devcloping lung                compared to current smokers. as evidenced by             survival ratc is 53 %. which only comprises 15% of
cancer incn:ascs based on quamity and dural ion of              multiple studies. The reduction in risk becomes          all lung cancer patients.
c igarette consu mption . On c eSlimate places the              evident in as little 8 S fivc year'$ of quilting. f or
                                                                former smokers who ha", been abslinent for
                                                                I1"I()rc tlLan IS years, there is up to 1 90% reduc-
                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Jle""iII lJ bc>mrI~ifW
                                                                lion in risk of devdoping lung cancer compaml                                     ill M~ I ~. fI~­
                                                                to current smokers. T1Icrc is abo some evidente                                   ""'0. Md I~_I                MrJiriM
                                                                that among smokers who have chronic         omuuc:-                               III1d ....... b«fo ... 111   ~MeU«
                                                                tive pulmonary disease (corD), adhcmtcc 10 1                                      O>oroJ<>;O'sill« 1009.
                                                                n:gimen including inhaled conicoslcroids may                                        n r. lIe",p~1II campleiM ~is
                                                                10wCT the risk: of developing lung cancer.                                           /lemMlllol/)' lI11d Oncology
                                                                                                                                                     Fello,,'Ship a, H"ke Forul
                                                                                                                                                     U~iW!"ity. lie /ooIds 0 Bocll.
                                                                S«ondhand smoke has been implicaled as a risk:                                      elan INK'" I~ A~I~mpology
                                                                factor for developing lung tancer based on epide-                                   fro'" F.... ory Ullin. siry. He
                                                                mioIoait studies.   In fact, for $pOU$CS of smokers.     co...ple/nllris ~I $C1taaI al wr Te~ SIa ...
                                                                the risk o f developing lung tan«T is 2S% higher         UIIi' -erJity Md ItoIds 0 MM IUS Ihg_ ill PIthIic UNit.
                                                                                                                         j . - I " u ,.i.v-siry o!NonJ, Carol,,.,,. Ue co.pIetetlA"
                                                                lhan the risk for spouses o f norumol<m;,                Ra~ <JI IIIe U~i'YrSity of New MuictJ. ..~ lie
                                                                                                                         l~rmllly lenYti M /Joe Cltie     iRaltk~Ifor U"i'Yf"Jiry
                                                                Appro~imately    1.
                                                                              60" of new lung cancer cases               IIMpilol olld ..", iNilKr~ inlo 11K Alpira o..'X" AlpM
For Inform.lIon                                                 an: diagnosed in men. The ovcrall rates in               Medicalllo"","s Society. o..ri~g ~is Rald~MY, he .. w
For I~'o'm .llon on thl. or other I)'pel 01 c. n•• r, contlct                                                            .'OIM Inl~'" of Ihe leaF, $€niur 1I1JI4S. Office' of Ihe
                                                                      women have leveled off after I long pcriod of      Yrar, oml Tetx:Mr oilhe Yrar.
Ten",_      OncoioO . t 6t~2!·0570 or 01111 ... tI
                                                                      increase, and the ratcs in men havc been                                                                                                    Dr: lIelllplrilllJ" "'~mMr 0/,lOA. ASCO. olld ,1511. lie
The foIowInt Ire rep1Iaille _           IS ....: ....... CiNlOI!f."'i decreasing over the past 20 years from around
(ArI>etIctfI Cll'lce, Society ... bIUe) :            100 cases po:!" 100.000 in 1984 down to around .p«/al~a IN all adull         _'ig""""'/eI.
                                                                                                                                                               bt.1 ....... sp«/al
                                                                                                                     rm,,-al i~ ,...rro<~lUfi",u. hI..g. aNI brrtul CQIICerJ.
www.uptocllte.comJlN'tientl/indnMmI;                                  70 elSC$ po:!" 100.000 in 2006, lartely due 10 Dr. lIewtpltill SNS pafiftls 01 /IOU T~ OttcoIogy
www.tnoftCOIoO·com/Qnceriotlo.hllnl.                                  decn:asing smoking trends.                     s-, ...II affi«.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www .tnhciOlthlndwellneu . com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                                            Middle Tennessee - June 2011 Health & Wel lness                  25
T               he next few months will be filled with
                outdoor activities, summer camps,
                vacations. church trips, even interna-
tional travel . And, one Qf the most imponant parts Qf
summer packing and planning, are your medications.
                                                         or vacation, and it works for any age. We have
                                                         provided our system for special camps and youth
                                                         gatherings and have received high marks for its
                                                         case and accuracy."
                                                                                                                their meningitis inoculation, and other individuals
                                                                                                                require additional treatments for both nonnal and
                                                                                                                emergent Sl1ual1ons. We have specialized in the
                                                                                                                broad scope of immunizations. staying abreast of
                                                                                                                the needs and maintaining an inventory of these
                                                         Specialized Imm unization s Available                  treatments SO that we can be ready tQ help poople
Whether it's regular immunizations, special inocu_       In addition tQ the regular medicatiws, Reeves-         who will need this kind of medication. It's an area
lations for international and eXQtic travel, or prepa-   Sain is an imponant Stop for special immuniza-         of our business that we oontinue 10 see growing."
r31ion for regular medication usage during a             tions. Jason Greene, pharmacist with Rccyes-Sain,
summer camp scssiQn, how you prepare for the trip        oommcnted that IIlQSt trips abroad involve some        So no matter the need---summcr camp, an intema-
and IIQW you lIandle your meds can make tile travel      specialized immunization. "People 1ravel long          tiQnal adventure. or even as prOlettion from the
much more enj oyable and a lot mOre convenient.          distances these days to yisit remarkable places, but   flu----having your medications is ;mponan1. And,
                                                         for many of Ihese locations, you haye to receive       at Reeves-Sain, that kind of service and conve-
P ortability of Meds Provides Con venience               some specialized immunizations. In addition.           nience is always available. To learn more. visit uS
& Ease of Mind                                           students headed to college hayc to have reeeiyed       at WWW.recv=lIl.eom.
Shane Rccves, owner and pharmacist at Reeves-
Sain, says that one of tile key features of medica-
tions for thc summerlime is portability. "Summer
camps away from home, church camps and mission
trips tOQlllerparts oftlle U.S. and the world invQlve
many activities away from the nonnal situations.                                                                  
Uaving oonvenient access to your meds and being                                                                                 615-278-3366,
able to access them and take them accurately and                                                                       866-278-0770 , ext. 366 (toll-free)
regularly is important in order to increase the
enjoyment Qf the vacation or travel."                                                                                  •
He commented that the company's MediPACK
system has proven ideal for the traveling commu_                                                                   -.'~
nity. The system combines accurate dosages with
clear, precise instructions to ensure they are ta~en                                                            ,;..;JI
comx:tly. And, the daily packing process makes it
easy for somrone to tear off a roll of medications
for the number of days they're traveling and avoid
juggling multiple pill bottles. "II's an ideal system
for the traveler, whether that traveler is on business                                                          --

 To you. it's about making the right choke.
 To   .,

 or • loved one • lew hours • week or need more
 <omprehen ......sis.. r.ce. Home tnste.>d <lin ""If>.

                              • Pwsonalc....

                                                                www.tnhe~tth     .. ndwe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
 26 Health &- Weiness June             20 II - MIddle Tennessee
                                                                                                                   Rosie shyly lold me she slill hoped ror Ihe beSI-

 Mysterious Ways                                                                                                   pcrh;Ips C\'CI1 a miracle. y", this was also the CtUl< of.
                                                                                                                   spiritual prOblo:m. She'd been tauaJlt God <:an do
                                                                                                                   anything, if Ihc Christian would only belic>'t'.•'t\sk
                                                                                                                   and you shall rttciYl:," teachers had told her. She had
 A chaplain considers the odd nature of his work                                                                   asked for healing during her illness. but had only expt-
 9t Gregory Al.I'1lburg. ChapIarI. Odyssey l lospiat                                                               ric:nCI:d rwlhcr   decline. She her won. 10 say
                                                                                                                   good~ may be WlIaI1>(UlIIQ doubci1lll God's pov......
                                                                                                                   and ..  = .. 00. SI>I' wOfried about the spirilual wimcss
                                                                                                                   sbr: ..... olrcring her husband and c:hilonn.

 I       commonly receive one of t....o I't'Sponscs
         .... hen I tell people abou t my ....ork as a
         hospice chaplain.

"You ha"c a ....eird job!" Or. "Wow, that must be
                                                                                                                   TOfIether we talked, prayed and consKkml the
                                                                                                                   PUlms. both Ihe ones celebrlting God's loving
                                                                                                                   presence and the one 's lamenting Ihosc moments
                                                                                                                   thai feel deS!",iring.

rea lly difficull !~                                                                                               "I'm Ready to go See Jelu.•' -
                                                                                                                   One Dec<mbc:r .ftcmoon I ";sited Rosie apin and
In fao:I , bolh ans! can he lrue , BUI more. 1 find                                                         she shared news: •... m ready 10 go see Jesus. ~ she:
Ihe work I do to be life g;"ina Ind hO!X'fuI. for                                                                  said. "I belie'o't' J_Io,'cs mc.~ l'bal was about all
me and for Ihe folks who open their homes to me.                                                                   the explanaliom she could muster. P~ps it was
                                                                                                                   b«.usc she had grown far wcaker, Or. as others
Hospice Alms to Care for a Person's                                                                                have e~plaincd 10 me. pcrhap' Rosie found a $Cnsc
Body, Mind and Spirit                                                                                              of peace . Rosie died at home early the ne~I
~Iospiee care .ims to Care for a person's body,                                                                    morning wilh family at her bedside.
mind and spiril as they live wilh I life-limi ling
illneu. The team includes I chaplain (so~Iimes               BUI as August rolled an)Und, Rosie's body
caUed I spiritull care coordinator) _ Iheotogieal-           was breaking down. Ber doclOr acknowl-                The   ,,'SCfaof friends and f....ily during ooc's
Iy-trained clergy, often specialists in pBStoral             edged her caoccr appeared 10 be in a life-            illnesl ="bincd with ,....~ stories about the
                                                             lim iting slage. thai. if nom\IIl disease             fulfiltin& mornenIS of their lives---is life ai'ins- C\'t'O
care who supplement the w ppon being provided
                                                             progression tool< pl~e. she would have less           asdeatb inc>itabty appmachc5. People fmel courage 10
by the individual's pastor, priest. imam. rabbi or
                                                             Ihan ,i ~ monlhs to li,·e. She r(l;ommcndcd           let go of this life in order 10 tnO\Ie 1O\\'3I'd .... halC\'CI'
s piritual guide. Chaplains can help foslcr oppor-           there " 'as one Care approach sliIl 10 offer          may come IICllI.
tunilies to facilitate reconciliation in relation_           ROile-working for her comfort and JlCace_
ship' wilh God, sclf and others. OlTering                    Hospice would be helpful . Rosie and her              New Clpportu1ity and Hope as £ad! Day BegilIS
ueraments, sacred lexts and prayer can foster                husband agreed.                                       WorI<ing as • hospi« chaplain is, indeed. boUt
OIle 'S inner strength. reassuring I~ person of                                                                    ...·eiM and diffICult. ~ is weirdness in Ihc
God's pfl'Senc:e in their lif~.                              For her own reasons., Rosie postponed her             mystery intcnv.incd in. around and Ihrough life.
                                                             initi.l visit with a chaplain. OU as green
                                                                                                   I               And lhen: is diffICulty as I sha~ in some of the loss
Chaplains work on a tcam rounded OUt by a reg-               le:l\'es lurned to fall's bright colors. her spirit   expcri~n«d by families, As my"ery ushers all o f
istered nurse. a nUr!ing or home-health Issistanl            seemed 10 be un!iC1tlcd. and Ro,ic'l observant        us from life to death to birth into new life in God's
and I 'ocial worker, and together we work with               hospice nurse suggested il may be helpful for         presence. incredible experiences-like being wilh
an individual and Iheir family toward a person's             her 10 meet with me                                   Rosie-tellCh mc. I'm learning 10 be more inlen-
comfort. relieving pain. wh~n prescnt Thai                                                                         tional about the oppo;munillts this prescnt momc:nt
inc ludes spiritual p,lin.                                   Beeome Intentional About Preparing                    olrers. As ROliie was, I belic''t'. birthed into new life
                                                             for the End of Life                                   with God, 50, too are each of us. binhcd into new
Rosie'. Story                                                During our inilial ,·isil. ROJie ...... quile frail   opportunity and new hope as ~h day begin$. It '$ a
                                                             and Ikpcndent on her family for nnrly all her         hopefulleaming from another day al " 'orI<.
I remember one individual I met. whom I'll call
                                                             daily care n«ds. She had leamc:d from her
Rosie. She was a petite woman and mocher in her
                                                             hospice nurse 10 bcro~ intentional about
early SOS with a ~<:SI for country living. She'd begun       preparing for the end of life. With her mind
her SUlllmer thai year hopeful that her treatments           still sharp. thai teaching w.s increasingly
were: pushing back breast cancer. She was hoping to          makinglcnse to Rosie. She felt a pcacc-
""joy the hoi months in Middle Tc:nncsscc " 'ith             heavy-hearted though il w _ she: olTcnxI
family and friends IS anyooe mighl_ith chun::h               to her Yisittw'S ....annth and compassion.     To learn how Odyssey Iiospice can help you or
activities. ball games and pienie$ at the lako:. Some        enjoying wllcc1i,'t' ~ and sharing             someot III you loYe. visit OU" W'8bsite at
ofhcr plaRI unfolded as ex~.                                 tean anlicipating Rosie', <klIth.              www.odsytIeaIth..eomorcal61s-J65.1009.
--------------------- www.lnhe~lth~ndwellnes' .co m                                                  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                                           Middle Tennessee - June 2011 Health & Wel lness                  27
Leaky Bladder? You Could Be Flushing Money Away!
A study shows women spend up to $900/year to manage their incontinence.
A new treatment called Renessae may bring relief.
By Dr, Royce T, AdIOOs Md Dr. Philip Bressman

I       fyou routinely leak urine when you laugh,
        cough. sneeze or exercise you are not
        alone. There are over 28-million women
with urinary incontinence in the U.S. and more
than IS-million of those women experience the
                                                        Decrease or Elimi-
                                                        nate UrinalY leaking
                                                        with No Incisions!
                                                        A new option, called
                                                        the Renessa~ treat-
in"oluntary leakage of uri ne during routine activi_    ment. is now offered
ties such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, and          by local physicians Dr.
exercise called stress urinary incontinence (SUI).      Royce T. Adkins and
SUI occurs when the tissue surrounding the              Dr. Phillip Bressman
bladder no longer provides adequate support and         of Tennessee Women's
often develops as a result of childbirth.               Care in Nashville. The
                                                        Rcnessa treatment uses
Wha1"s more. if you suffer from SUI, you are            a small catheter-like
likely paying for diapers, protective pads, laundry     device which the doctor
and dry cleani ng. A study published in the             tcmponlrily passes into
medical journal ObstetriCS and Gynecology found         the bladder. During nine
that women with incontinence are paying an              one minute treatment
average of S900 per year for routine care and           cycles, low temperature
supplies. And because incontinence is a chronic         heat is gently applied 10
condition, women often pay these costs for year.;,      small areas at the base
potentially adding up to thousands of dollars.          of the bladder. Once the
                                                        tn.:atment is completed,
00 You Avoid Activities for Fear of Urinary             the device is removed
leaking?                                                entirely. O ver time, the
Women with SUI know just how much it can aITe<:1        heat causes the natuml
their daily lives: embarrassment and fear of leaks      collagen in the tissue to
often means they avoid activities they enjoy such as    become finner. which
sports or playing with grandchildren. Many women        de<:reascs or eliminates
don't discuss their incontinence and feel il is a       leaks.    Most women
normal pari of aging, so they do nothing about it.
                                                        experience the full
Bul help is available.
                                                        efTe<:t of the treatment
SUI is a medical condition that can be tn.:ated.        within 60-90 days.
SomClimes. special exereises or lifestyle modifica-
tions are suggested, but often these measures are not   One-Time Treatment Completed in less                   "'My patients remain comfortable during treatment
enough, Surgery is an option for some. but many         Than an Hour                                           and have been very happy with their symptom
women are unwilling to accept the risks and scveral     T1lcre are no incisions. no foreign materials are      improvement,"
weeb of recovery associated with surgery, "'I was       left in the body. and the tn.:atment is completed in
vcry distressed about my incontinenee:' said Mary       less than an hour visit. "Rencssa is a one_time        Reduce or Eliminate Need for Diapers or Pads
S.·. 67, of Nashville. "Not only did [ worry about      treaunent performed in Our office," said Dr.           Clinical studies have shown that most .... omen are
leaking whene>'er I picked up my 5 year old             Adkins.        '"There's virtually no downtime. My
grandson, but I was spending S40 per week on pads       patients ha,'c been able 10 TClum 10 their normal      able to reduce or eliminate the use of pads aller
and lawJdry, and that really added up,» she reported.   a;:;tivities the same or the next day:' he continued   being treated with Renessa. Sidc elfe<:\S are typi-
                                                                           cally mild and most resolve shortly aftcr treatment.
                      Dr. Adkins and Dr. Bressman report that patien1S     "'Now I can pick up my grandson without worrying
                      are comfortable during treatment and have becn
                                                                           about leaks:' Mary- reports. "And since I no
                      happy with the results. "I usc a combination of
                      an oml sedative and a little local anesthetic in the longer need to wear diapers or pads. r have more
                      bladder area for numbing," said Dr. Bressman.        money to spend on him!»
________________________                    .. ndwe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
28 Heafth & Wellness June          2011 - Middle Tennessee

Protect Against Periodontal & Cardiovascular Disease with Xylitol:
Nature's Perfect Sweetener Improves Overall Systemic Health
By Thomas L Lokensgard,    ~os,   NMO                                                                            Xylitollmproves Bone Health
                                                                                                                 It gets even better. X yli101 ....,Ips improve ostoopol'Q-
                                                                                                                 sis and in<:reases heme mineml density (SMO). In

                                                                                                                 several double-blind studies, Xylitol is showing

Y     oftcn heard the
               "Your eyes are the window to your
               soul." Likewise, we nOw know that
your mouth is the window to your entire body.
That'S why as a biological dentist, I've taken a
                                                                                                                 promising results in raising SMD. According to
                                                                                                                 figures compiled by the Academy of Orthopaedic
                                                                                                                 surgeons. ostcoporosis causes some 1.5 million frac-
                                                                                                                 tions in the United States each ycar. The cost for
                                                                                                                 treating these fractures is approaching to billion
                                                                                                                 dollan: annually. Women develop osteoporosis four
very =ious look at how my patients can best                                                                      times more oftcn than men.
protect themselves against periodontal disease
and systemic health issues. especially cardiovas-                                                                Scientists propose that Xylitol's bone density
cular disease. We now recognize the direct con-                                                                  enhancing propcnies arc duc to its ability to promote
nection between inflammatory bacteria in thc                                                                     intestinal absorption of calcium. They point out that
                                                                                                                 calcium absorption i§ impaired with aging. [We are
mouth and systemic disease states. such as cardio-     because this amazing new healthy sugar causes a           in the process of developing osteoporotic nutritional
vascular disease. periodontal disease. OStooporo-      rapid decline of hannful bacteria in the mouth.           protocol's and life style modification for this condi-
sis, diabetes and some cancers.                        To start, I recommend a minimum of 12 to 15               tion, as ....'CII as other anti-aging regimen's].
                                                       gram~ of Xylitol daily to reduce the acidity and          Although t"'" cost of Xylitol may seem to be more
Xylitol Promotes Better Oral Health                    dry mouth issues. This will decrease dcntal               expensive than commercial sugars. it clearly repre-
Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol that naturally     decay dramatically, upwards of80%.                        sentS a savings due to its many health bcnefit§.
OCcurs in fruits, vegetables and woody plants, like                                                              X ylitol docs not appear to have a toxic dosc. Poople
birch. This sugar is very safc in human s. Xylitol     XylitollmprOVeS Insulin-Signaling                         have safely taken up to 400 grams daily without sig-
helps to decrease the bacterial load especially with                                                             nificant ill-effects. High doses, ho .....ever. have been
                                                       Diabetes and Weight loss
                                                                                                                 shown to causc diarrhea. at !cast initially. My rec-
streptococcus mUlans and Helicooocter pylori (H.       Xylitol is also safe for diabetics and helps with
                                                                                                                 ommendation is 12 to 15 grams daily (Q.D.).
pylori). the bacterium primarily responsible for       ....'Cight loss. Yes, you read that OOITCCtly. Xylitol
causing dcntal carics (decay) and gastric ulccrs,      does not caliSe a significant rise in blood glucose and   As a Biological Dentist, I tell my patients that
respectively.                                          insulin levels This is impoMant for those on an           10,,'Cring inflammation in your mouth and gum
                                                       anti·aging regimen, as excess insulin can add 15          tissue (gingiva) is the key to your oral and systemic
Along with its other known health benefits,            years to your biological age. TIle more table sugar       health. Using Xylitol products. Xylibrite tooth_
regular Xylitol consumption improves periodontal       you consume, thc higher your insulin lC\'Cls becoll1C.    paste. mouthwash, gum and mints. and repia.::ing
disease by d«reasing inflammation. The use of          Research has sho"TI that excess sugar and insulin         commereial sugar with Xyli101 will help you 10
Xylitol has shown a reduction in nasal. sinus and      are a lethal- combination that causes ,,'Cight gain       a.::hieve better OVCJll!1 health
oropharyngal infections.     It is also effective      [this es~ially in<:ludcs diet and non· diet soda's        To learn more. please visit -.youf'
against H. pylori, the mireo_organism implicated       and high-fructose com syrup]. In<:reased insulin-         (fomJerIy .........caamd.OI&) or ca~ 615472-1795 for an
in periodontal disease. bad breath. gastric and        signaling can dramatically increase fat storage in        appo;ntmenI \lXIay1
duodenal ulcers, and even stomach cancer.              your cel!s. This in<:re3SCS the inflammatory cycle by
                                                       in<:reasing the cells [eytokines] that '1um on" the
                                                                                                                                          Tho",,,,, J.   Lok~~.g"rd, DDS,
Xylitol-Sweetened Gum Can Reduce                       inflammation process. Xylitol disrupts this cycle.
                                                                                                                                         NMD, COO "          a Doc«" of
Cavities in Children                                   thereby acting as an anti_inflammatory su!»tancc.                                 ~n,,,1    SUrg<'ry and Chi~f
In the Joumal of the American Dental Associa_                                                                                            ~nlal Officer ofYo..-r Doctors 4
tion, studies have shown thc use of Xylitol-           Clinically Proven Effects of Xylitollnclude:                                      Life. Ife groJua,ed from tne
sweetened gum reduced cavities in children in a                                                                                          Uniwrsity of MinM5oto School
                                                    , Inhibiting plaque [biofilm] and dental cavities
dose-dependent manner, [i.e.. the more gum                                                                                               of Dentis'ry i" 1997 and the
chewed the fewer the cavities]. One pie.:e of          Retarding demineralization of tooth enamel                                        Cla}'!on College of Natural
Xylitol chewing gum contains 3.5 grams of              Promoting retnineralization of tooth enamel                                       /lea/ing. ",ith l!igncJI /loMrs,
Xylitol and long_tcnn studies have shown it to         Increasing salivary production                                      Dr. l.c*ensgord .peciolizu in Biological and
prevent dental caries. 00 NOT GIVE XYLITOL             Relicving "dry mouth"                                     Family ~nri$lry, Oral SU1)!''''Y, COS"",ti<: &$toroti""
                                                       Protecting salivary proteins has a                        Dent""Y, F~IUmaI OrthodontiCS. Oral DNA Testing.
TO YOUR PETS, they cannot digest this type of
                                                       protein-stabilizing effect                                Sofe Melt'W)' Amalgam Filling Rem",,,,/' and more. lie
~ugar and it could be fatal.
                                                                                                                 " " me",b.,r of ,Iu, IntenwlUmaI Acad~my of Oral
                                                       Impro ving breath odor
                                                                                                                 Medicine and Toxicology (IAO.lfT). A"",rican ACademy
The easiest way to combat these health -related        Reducing infections in the mouth                          ofAmi_Aging Medicine (.'14M). Associo'ion ofOnlwdon.
concerns is to introduce Xyhtol into one's dietary     and nasopharynx                                           tics (lAO) and A"",rican Nutrae<!Urical Associotion
protocol. Substitute Xylitol for any and all sugars    Reducing middle car infe.:tions in                        (ANA). "Your Doctors 4 Life" " located at 3351
                                                                                                                 On»'" Dri,." Suit" JjO, Franklin, TN 37067.
that you presently cat Or drink. Why? Well. first      pediatric patients
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                                                                                             Middle Tennessee           June 2011 Keal\h & Wei lneS5           29
Middle Tennessee Medical Center:
Meeting Your Healthcare
Needs Close to Home
By Angie EIoyd-ChamIl&rs

                       idd1e Tennessee Medical Center       Breast Health, Centered around You                  Orthopedic Experts to get You baek in
                      (MTMC) has served the health-         Saint Thomas Hcalth Services Centers for            the Game
                      care needs of Rutherford and          Breast Health at MTMC and Baptist and Saint         At MTMC. the onhopedic team is fcllowship
surrounding '?',"~i" for 84 years. and today has            Thomas Hospitals in Nashville, are the first        trained and highly experienced in joint replace-
grown to a medical staff of m<>re than 400 physicians       facililies in Middle Tennessee to receive a         ment. which means the beSt outcomes and fewer
covering nearly every available specialty. Its new          three-year, full accreditation designation by the   complications. An extensive network of specialists
statc..of-thc-art facility is equipped with thc latest in   National Accreditation Pl"Qgram for Breasl          pl"Qvidcs a wide range ofonhopedic surgical capa-
patient-ccntcrcd care and medical techoology.               Centers. a program administered by the              bilities. from tOlal joinl replacement to computer
                                                            American Collcge of Surgeons. MTMC's                assisted knec surgery.
MTMC is the largest, most comprehensive hQspital
                                                            Center for Breast Health provides two
between Nashville and Chattanooga and has received
                                                            digital mammography units and easy.                 weight -loss Solutions
numerous distinctions on local. regional and national
                                                            on·line appointmcnt scheduling through              The MTMC Bariallic Ccnter is rccogniwi asa Bar_
levels for providing the highest icvel of care.
                                                                              iatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American
                                                                                                                Society f()t" Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Provid_
Advanced Procedures on da Vinci Surgical Syslem
Robotic surgery at MTMC is a less-invasive                  Committed t o being Tennessee's Best                ing consultation. advanced procedures and a
surgical approach that incorporates the latest              MTMC earned the Commitment Award in Ihe             wcllnes. afie",are program, the Ranallic Center
advancements in rcl>otic-assisted technology and            annual Excellence in Tennessee ~eognition           helps you "'gain the quality of life you descrve,
allows a surgcon greater visualization. enhanced            program administered by the Tennessee Center
dexterity, precision and eontrol. It allows patients        for Performance Exccllence. This is Ihe             HealtheaT8 f or Al l
to stay close to home while receiving leading edge          second consecutive year MTMC has received           In fiscal year 2010. MTMC provided more than S9
technology. MTMC provides Bariatric. Gyneco-                this designation,                                   million for the care of the poor and community
logic, Sleep Apnea, and Urologic procedures On Ihe                                                              benefi1. Commined to its mission. MTMC advo-
rcl>ot. To find a physician who is da Vinci cenified.       M ore Experience In Cardiac Care.                   cates for a compassionate and just society through
visit www.mtmc.orglrobotics.                                More Survivors.                                     charity care and communily collaborntions.
                                                     Saint Thomas Heart al MTMC is MurfTttSOOro's
'Outstanding' Cancer Center                          dedicated heart program. providing patients           To learn more about Middle Tennessee Medical
MTMC's regional Cancer Center recently received      with the highestlevci of heart care, 24 hours a       Center's services. vi~it www.mtmc,org or
an Outstanding Achievement Award from Ihe Com-       day, 365 days a year. As part Qf Saint Tlwntas
mission Qn Cancer of the American College of         Hean. the cardiQl<:>gists perfQml many Qf the         at 1700 Medical Center Parkway in Murfrccsbol"Q
Surgeons. MTMC is onc of only 90 cancer programs     same intcrvcntiQnal procedures that. unlil            and is a member of Saint T1lomas Health, a faith-
across the United Stales with this designation.      recently. were Qnly available in Nashville.           based. not_f()t"_profit hcalth S)lSlcm including fivc
Through innovative treatments. integrated therapies
                                                     MTMCs Chest Pain Center is accredited by the          regional hQspitals, as well as a comprehensive
as well as comprehensive education and preven-
                                                     Society of Chesl Pain Centers. an international       network of affiliated joint ventures. medical prac_
tion, MTMC gives hOpe to thousands banling
                                                     mganization dedicated to eliminating hean             tices and rehabilitation facililies,
canccr - Qne paticnt at a time.
                                                     disease as the number one cause Qf death w()t"ld-
Best Place t o Have a Baby                           wide . The hQspital's We!lness Center offers a cer-

                                                     tified cardiac rehabilitatiQn program by the
MTMC delivers nearly 2.500 babies each year and
provides the only neonatal intensive care unit in    American Association of Cardiovascular and                             Middle Tennessee
Rutherford C<lUllty, caring for lhe tiniest and most Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Saint Thomas Heart at
                                                     MTMC brings an extraordinary level of care
                                                                                                                            Medical Center
vulnerable patients. The hospital i~ locally dcsig-
                                                     closer 10 your home where you need il mOSI. In                    A me mber of Saint Thomas Health
nated as '"Best Place to Have a Baby" by both
Rutherford Parent Magazine readers and The Daily
Ncws Joumal's Ruthie Awards vOlers,
                                                     fact, they have the IrK>St heart care centC1'S in the
                                                     entire state _ because yQU want to survive.
                                                                                                             6 153964100                    IMTMC ORG
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www.tnhealthilndwe llness.eom _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
30     Keah:h & Wellness June 2011 - Middle Tennessee

                                                                             The Spring of Spirituality
                                                                                                                                    By BrandonArbuckla, MA, LMFT

P            erhaps those intrigued enough to read
             an a"icle on Spiritual Wellness will
              find no surprise in the observation that
spiritual health for most, like diet and exercise, has
seen better days. In privileging the sovereignty of
                                                           who want it can have enough to keep them
                                                           gOIng. Those who don't want their life, and
                                                           their way of life, disrupted by anything 'reli_
                                                           gious' can enjoy driving along concrete roads,
                                                           visiling concrete-based shopping malls, living
                                                                                                                 Jesus - The Fount of Everlasting Life from
                                                                                                                 Whom Spirituality Flows
                                                                                                                 Jenson serves to both illumine and summariu
                                                                                                                 Bishop Wright insofar as he observcs spiritual
                                                                                                                 health to be very specific, nOI ambiguous - that is,
the sclfas the fundamental discerning entity in deter-     in concrelc-Ooored houses. Live as if the rumor       spiritual health is an expression of the God one
mining what is good, right, or useful, the nolion of       of God had ne~er existed! We are, after all, in       worships. And this is to say that spiritual health
"spirituality" has become dclached fn)rn its verb          charge of Our own fate! We are the captains of        involves specific aclions and behaviors called
fonn SO as to function primarily, if not exclusively, as   our own souls (whatever they may be)! That is         practices - verbs rather than adjecti~es - whieh
an adjcclive. Thus, commenlS like, "It was such a          Ihe philosophy which has dominated our                serve to reveal the God who informs every aspect
spiritual experience," and any number of similar           culture. From this point of view, spirituality is     of one's life, in both the great and small facets.
phrases, all: quite common, and yet rarely does such       a private hobby, an up-market version of day-         The Christian tradition recognizes the fullest
language provide any clear, practical, concrete action     dreaming for those who like that kind of thing."      expression of this God to be revealed in and
SO as 10 indicate what "spiritual health" actually is or   (pg.18-19)                                            through the life of Jesus of NS7.areth as is
how it might be lived out.                                                                                       m:ordcd in the Bible. To this end, spirilual health
                                                           lnfonned by Something Much Greater                    is intimately lied to thc lifc of a specific person
There Remains a Deep and Abiding Hunger                    than Self-Sovereignty                                 who came to seck and save human life from the
for Spirituality                                           Bishop Wright is quoted at length here because        torture of ambiguity, and to redeem - make whole
With no amazement, autonomy has replaced                   in his remarks he captures so well the nature of      rather than simply "endorse" - all human endeav-
fidelity as the "vinue" of the hour. Again, this is no     the dilemma - that is, at the risk of minimizing      ors. It is from this fount of everlasting life alone
surprise to anyone in a culture of fast food and           the issue, to bolTOw from FOlTCst Gump, spiri_        that the well spring of spirituality floods the
inslant infonnation. Slill, if the proliferalion of        lual health has become "like a box of choco-          hearts and minds of human lives wilh a never
self-help and personal growth material down the            lates, you never know what you're gonna get."         ending supply of every good and wonderful thing.
aisle of one's favorite bookstore (provided iI's still     It is the nature of ambiguity to be arbitrary and     For this and so much more, may God continue 10
open) indicates anything, there remains a deep and         Iherefore spiritual health has become trivial or      provide thc strength to be failhfully worshiped.
abiding hunger for spirituality. To spite Our satiated     at best superfluous to the more important issues
lives - bloated on T M Z, American Idol, and what          of life like choosing the right cell phone plan.      Counseling at The BABBCENTER
sccms to be an endless number of "realil/' spin            Yet, Bishop Wright also m:ognizcs that spiritu-       The mission of The BABBCENTER is to become an
offs, a voracious appetite for spiritualilY persists .     ality has nOt always been understood in lhis          expression of Gods healing wor\.: in the world
                                                           way. Of eoufSC, to understand spiritual health        through counseling, consulting, and coaching
Bishop N. T. Wright remarks in his book, "Simply           differently will inevitably in,'olve use of an        pcnons with the truths about life we can know
Chrislian" that "Many peOple today hear the very           imagination informed by something much                through Gods Word, the wisdom God has gi\lCll
word 'spirituality' like In"'elers in a desen hearing      greater than sclf_so~ereignty.                        others, and what we have learned in our relatiot\Ship
news of an oasis. This isn't surprising. The skepti-                                                             with Him, in ooIer \0 help people relaIC mon: effec-
cism that we've been taught for the last two            In considering the work of$t. Augustine, theo-           tively with God, themselves, and oth<.n. To learn
hundred years have paved our world with concrete,       logian Robe" W. Jenson in "The Two Cities of             more aboul The BABBCENTER, visit our "..ebsi1e at
making people ashamed to admil that they have had       God" notes, "Wilhout God there can be no        If you would
profound and powerful 'religious' experiences.          human fulfillment and no genuine communal                like an appoinlmCllt with one of the counselors,
Where before they would have gone to ehur<:h, said      life. A society that denies or excludes from its         please uoll 615-824-3772 or SOO458-1755.
Iheir prayers, worsh iped in this way or thaI, and      life what makes human beings human - lhat we
understood what they were doing as pan of the           are made in the image of God and are restless                                Bnrndim ArIH<dJ~ is a T~"""""""
[very fabric) of the rest of life, the mood of the      until we find our rest in God - will be neither                              Slate l.i«nsed Marriage and
Weslern world from roughly the 1780s Ihrough to         jusl, nor vi"uous, nor peaeeful...Hence, all our                             Family 1herapUl, a Tcnl\elJ"""
                                                                                                                                     f)jjlri~1 LiCMMd MinUl~r in I~e
the 1980s was very different. We will pipe you          actions come to fulfillment and perfection in
                                                                                                                                     C~u"'~ of /he Nazom>e, and an
(said the prevailing philosophy) the water you need;    the God who is Lord of all and the desire of all
                                                                                                                                     Adjwu;I Prof ssor at r"""""",
We will arrange for 'religion' to become a small        human hea"s . [Fu"hermore,] life directed                                    Na::aren~ Unlwrsily. Brandon
sulxlepanmcnl of ordinary life; it will be quite safe   toward God is always social. [Therefore,]          pro<:llcu t~~rapy '" The BABHCENTER Jor Couns~/ ·
- hannless, in faet - with chur<:h life carefully sepa_ virtue cannot be purs ued independently of other   lng, " mlni.lIIy ext~nsion of First Oap,;S! Churr~ Hen ·
rated offfrom everything else in the world, whether     human beings [to spite autonomous efforts to       dersondlle a. well as ol~e' ..",lollS/oemiOllS In Ihe
polilics, art, sex, economics, or whatever. Those       the contrary]." (pg. 39)                           m~tro N{J.f~,'llIe "",,,.
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                                              Heart ~ionecrest

 A New Beginning


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    are not
   a/ways a
cosmetic issue.

   Varicose veins and heavy,
                                                                   • Minimally invasive
painful legs can now be treated                                    • Fast and mild recovery
 in the doctor's office with the                                   • Covered by most insurance

  VNUS Closure· procedure.

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      Murfreesboro Medical Clinic &: SurgiCenter
                        1~   North HIghland Avenue, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130

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