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					Nail polish tips

Why do you think some people are very go tu love for manicure and pedicure treatment?

   1. Actually for a woman, if one can not take care of the health and beauty exhausted all if
      possible nie body from head to toe up. This all is not to proud-proud of yourself .. but
      all for the sake of my love is also right ... hehe ..
   2. And as many already know, nails are also a symbol of female beauty. From the look of
      ur own nails already can reflect a woman's personality that. Imagine if there was a
      cross beam across a past extreme-kat but see long nails do not look hand cut and
      finished ber'daki 'more .. huhu ..
   3. Apart from that, pretty nails nie also is not looking pale nails seem to look like there is
      not enough substance. Ha ... the main reasons why the time for manicure tu usually
      there is also oil rub Patrimonio what ur nails look so sparkling.
   4. So, time nie che want to share tips about beautifying nails nie tips that may be adopted
      by the Laksa desires but actually did not want to waste money go for manicure and
      pedicure treatment that. Money to do the treatment if collected as savings to buy a new
      handbag to travel with or to go right to the good family ... ahaks ...
   5. Nail polish tips
   6. There are 2 ways that can be tried ... select ler follow their own discretion ...
   7. The first is to use garlic. Prepare a few cloves of garlic. Peel the skin and pound until
      broken. Then rub the nails. Preferably practiced regularly, especially in times of
      leisure time contonhya that night while watching tv see sad dramas hihi ... If we do it
      always kana sure ur nails look shiny and sparkling like the shining gem.
   8. Tip of the second hand is to use bamboo leatherback ingredients. Take starfruit reed,
      then slice into several parts and rub it on the nail. If you still practice insyaAllah nails
      will look clean, healthy and beautiful skin.

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