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                          e-commerce | e-promotion | e-gallery
Need of the hour
Upsurge in design market
•   Brand consciousness
•   Aware of changing fashion, trends and styling.
•   Ready to shell out for quality and the exclusivity.
•   Design is collectible today, like art.
•   Emerging design connoisseurs amongst Indians, globally.
•   Significant rise in the no. of design schools, designers, creativity & experimentation.
Upsurge in online buying
•   Internet user base of over 50 million in India, and growing.
•   India has the 3rd largest online customers after US & China.
•   With development in online marketing, Indian e-commerce Industry is expected to get bigger. Indians actively participating in
    online business.
•   With far reach of internet, mobile service and credit card usage, future is bright and unlimited.
•   e-tailing, that includes purchase of personal items such as apparel and jewelry will register a growth by 62% to reach Rs
    2,700 Crores by the end of 2011. As per report released by Internet and Mobile Association of India on e-commerce in India.
The potential of a 360°e-solution
The brick and mortar boutiques as well as individual designer’s websites see very limited visitors and do injustice to the
designer’s capabilities.

The need arises to have a one stop platform for designers which is well networked and has a global reach.

      Personal Boutique                  Isolated Portfolio Website                    Connected Portfolio Website
This is where we come in!
Your e-commerce | e-promotion | e-gallery partner.
Design Emporia is first-of-its-kind online forum of brilliant designers of India, particularly in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

We understand that design is an integral part of any culture and it mirrors the creative and emotive aspirations of any community.
Indian design has come of age and seamlessly intermeshing education, profession and industry, it is now drawing inspiration from
the world as well as from its ethnic roots. Design Emporia is an enterprise which represents this excellence at the crossroads of
creativity, vision and entrepreneurship.
We are determined to become a one-stop destination for Indian designers and global visitors, where they can browse, study,
interact and buy designer products worth quality and marque.

Completely democratic, we host side-by-side the established, the celebrated and the budding designers who are here to wow
the world with their excellence.
The e-revolution
e-promotion + e-commerce + e-gallery

Design Emporia has brought the magic of World Wide Web to create the first of its kind, organised platform where the creative with
Indian roots co-exist and interact directly with a global audience.

•   Create your online personal boutique– unlimited space.
•   Showcase unlimited products.
•   Manage MRP, orders, customers, payments etc.
•   Create your own circle of regular customers, fans and followers on a
    global scale.
•   Get customized orders on new collection as well as liquidate existing
•   Conduct sales, discounts and offers in your style.
•   Orders come directly to you- no middlemen.
•   Reach the global audience with our worldwide delivery.

•   Manage and update your microsite- no coding hassles.
•   Interact directly with your own circle of regular customers, fans and
    followers on a global scale.
•   Promote your label and discuss your brand philosophy, inspirations, USP.
•   Share your contact details: store locations, link of your website and your
    social networking pages.
•   Instantly and efficiently promote your events and shows, sales and more.
•   Benefit with our much targeted promotions done inside as well as outside
    the ‘e’ space- just to promote you.

• First time in India, online exhibitions curated by design critics.
• Selection of products exhibited as collectibles to be acquired.
• Published catalogues.

We are here to initiate a dialogue on design; stir a passion that
goes beyond labels and brands and to enlighten our visitors
into becoming informed connoisseurs of design.
Other existing online business models

         product listing              product listing          list product/service with
                                                               prior deal from the label

    supply chain by the brand   Consignment / warehouse
                                                              supply chain by the brand

                                supply chain by the website

         Homeshop18                 Fashion and You                   Snapdeal
Our business model
                              Designer personal Micro-site
                                    Product Listing

             User-friendly interface for direct management from Designer Office.

                                  Generate Direct Leads
                                    Generate Orders

                       Worldwide supply chain by Design Emporia
Design categories
Fashion:      Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry
Lifestyle:    Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Interior Accessories

Neither restricted by form nor compelled to stick to a certain type, we represent brilliance. Period.
The Web look.
The landing page.

With easy navigation gives equal
leverage to every designer.
Product page.

View all products and filter them
as per you choice.
Product page.

Zooming in at each product and
choose your selection to buy.
Designer’s personal microsite.

An easy to update microsite,
customised for each designer
with a personal URL for a direct
The designer Login

Just login with your ID and
password and update your
microsite and manage your
virtual store then and there.
The designer Administrator

Its vey simple to inform
customers about you products.
Come, partner with us.
Showcase your work and let the world admire.
It’s your personal virtual boutique.
•   Get a personalised-easy-update e-commerce microsite for your own label.
•   Display unlimited products, ideas and inspirations.
•   Host your own sales, shows and events.
•   Manage the price, discounts and stocks as per your standards.
•   Liquidate existing stock as well as get custom-made orders.
Gain unparalleled exposure and business.

•   Get discovered by global prospective customers through our unique and target based
    marketing strategies.
•   Logistics, transit insurance and worldwide delivery are all taken care of by our vast
    customer services network.
•   Widen your reach to target NRIs, Tier II cities, other geographical bases.
Build your own circle.
•   Become the favourites of many and build a customer database.
•   Gain appreciation by design connoisseurs.
•   Follow other creative Indian designers from across the globe.
•   Select a chosen few to view your exclusive collection- not shared with everyone.
Publish here, appear everywhere.
•   Connect instantly with our well networked global audience.
•   Update your circle of customers and followers with your new collection, events and more.
12 features you will love

•   A collective of brilliant designers of India.
•   A directory of their details including store locations and websites.
•   One-stop-destination to browse through complete collections of every designer.
•   The only place to track the latest and the newest trends; the innovative and out-of-the box.
•   A virtual boutique to buy products worth quality and marque.
•   View exclusive collections on personal invitations from designers.
•   Facilitates online purchases and worldwide deliveries.
•   Builds virtual circles of designers, customers and followers.
•   Integrates with most popular social networking platforms to interact with a larger audience.
•   Hosts India’s first curated, online exhibitions on design for its more design conscious audience.
•   Facilitates acquisition of exclusive design collectables recommended by experts.
•   Through scholarship, patronises young talents in the field of design.
Marketing Strategy
•   A huge promotional budget just to promote you.
•   Through a much targeted marketing strategy.
•   Multi channel promotions: online, print (newspapers and magazines), outdoor activities, PR, celebrity brand endorsements.
Partnership plans

•   Regular & Premium partnerships available (Premium products viewed only by approved members / invited members).
•   Partnership based on 1) Standard E-Promotion fee
                         2) Commission on Sale.
The people
     Surbhi GuptaTanga, Director
     An Architectural Historian and designer herself, Surbhi is extremely passionate about design and its theoretical
     realms within India. A graduate from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and Masters in History, Theory and Criticism
     from Architectural Association, London, Surbhi continues to work on various research and conservation based

     Raman M Tanga, Director
     Ex-advisor to state governments on IT and E-governance, Raman has more than 11 years of experience in IT
     solutions and Management Consulting. Computer Engineer with an MBA in International Business from Marshall
     University, USA, Raman brings to the table his expertise in technology and enthusiasm for e-ventures.
     Mahesh Gupta: CMD Kent RO Systems Ltd.
     Mahesh Gupta is an Engineer from IIT Kanpur with a Masters in Petroleum Technology. An Entrepreneur, who
     successfully established multiple ventures, he brings with him years of business expertise and the experience of
     marketing new concepts in a country like India.

     Dr. Kusum Chopra: ex-chairperson NIFT, Delhi
     A Ph.D. from I.I.T. Delhi, Prof. Chopra has around forty years of teaching, research and professional experience. During
     her 15 years tenure at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi she has held the position of
     Chairperson and co-ordinated the setting up of NIFT Centres at Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkatta.

     Abhimanyu Dalal: Abhimanyu Dalal Architects (ADA)
     Abhimanyu Dalal is an architect and Urban Designer from Harvard University. One of the most leading architects of
     India, he is also a visiting faculty at various architectural universities in India. His projects have continuously featured in
     many international and national journals / magazines including the Wallpaper

     Varun Gupta: CMD Kent RO Systems Ltd.
     Director at Kent RO System, Varun holds a degree in Engineering from Purdue University, USA and an MBA from
     Columbia University. A keen follower of the latest trends in e-commerce technology, Varun mentors Design Emporia
     with technological intelligence and support along with harnessing an overall vision for the venture.

     Praveen Kenneth: Co-Chairman & MD of Law & Kenneth
     Praveen woke up the advertising establishment at 29 years of age when he became the youngest-ever CEO at Publicis
     Group, overseeing the $6 billion group's operations in the Indian sub-continent. Co-Chairman & MD of Law & Kenneth,
     the fastest growing communication company of India, he brings to us a passion for building innovative ventures and
     investing in people.

Net Funda
Alliance Media Pvt. Ltd
EKA Cultural Resources
Aman Nischa
Kormoan Design Services

Logistics partners
C-56/46, Sector 62, Noida, UP-201309 India   +91 120 3870498

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