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					Opening an account Public Bank Gold Investment Account (GIA)

Greetings to all readers.

Previously I have written articles articles made of gold investment through Public Bank Gold
Investment Account (GIA). But this time of the article, I'll tell you first hand experience of
this account.

It's fun

Not just going to tell you the experience, I also will put a picture book this GIA and the
information contained therein. I hope with this exposure, you will be more interested and
excited to make your own gold investment.

For information of all readers, Public Bank account GIA has some distinct advantages.
Among them are:

1. So easy!

You can open an account at any branch of the Public Bank in Malaysia. To find the Public
Bank near you, please visit

You can also buy and sell gold at all times operate Public bank. Easy is not it?

2. Low investment costs.

You only need to purchase a minimum of 20 grams of gold only a start. If you want to add
your gold investment, the minimum is 5 grams and in multiples of 1 gram.

Besides buying and selling price difference just RM3/gram. It's cheaper than Maybank Gold
Saving Passbook (the difference between 7-8 dollars / gram)

3. Gold prices easily monitored.

As an investor, you would want to see the development of the gold price is not it? Ker up? ker
down? So you can see the development of the gold price of Public Bank GIA over here:

Screen shot: Daily Rate Public Bank GIA
4. Safe

You do not need to store physical gold. Value of gold purchased will be recorded into your
passbook. No need to fear missing gold. If lost books shall be moved to Public Bank and for
the new book. Peace of mind. Is not it?

Public Bank account opening experience GIA:
Public Bank Pictures Ayer
During the day Friday, 17/10/2008, I have to open an account at Public Bank Public Bank
GIA Ayer.

So I want to share information with you about this GIA Public Bank account details.

First of all, to open the Public Bank account GIA, you must have a savings account (saving)
with Public Bank. If no, then you will be asked to open a savings account first. Public Bank
Officer will arrange for you.

There are two types of savings accounts that you can select are:

1. Regular savings account (Basic-deposit RM20)

2. Al-Wadiah savings account-i (deposit RM250)

After opening one of the above savings account, can open new GIA.

If you already have a Public Bank savings account, then you can continue to open the GIA.

Nice to jer ... bank officer will print your application form and you have to sign the forms. See
example below form with:

Last signature, you will be able to book you ... nie dier GIA apparently ..

Information GIA rules in the book
After you get your GIA book, now it was time for the much awaited.

Time to buy gold

You just need to take a queue number, then go to the counter to buy your gold. First time, we
have to buy a minimum of 20 grams of ye!

Your purchase will be recorded in the books of GIA.

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