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					   Nailsworth News
  A free monthly community paper for the parish of Nailsworth
  Tel/Fax: 01453 832619                                       Issue 43                                                               June 2004

Congratulations to our newly re-elected
Mayor, Lesley Williams-Allen and
Deputy Mayor, Sue Reed.
Both were re-elected unanimously for a further term at the Council
Meeting on Tuesday, 18th May.
Congratulations, also, to Ann Makemson who was presented with the
Mayor’s Award for ‘outstanding services to the town’at the Mayor’s
Reception on Monday 10th May. Ann, inspired by her father, Ron
Woodward, who died not long ago, initiated the Nailsworth Archives
and has developed them into a really excellent resource for the town.
All three of these ladies are, of course, volunteers who give an
immense amount to the town.                                                           Ann Makemson (Archivist) receiving the Mayor’s
                                                                                       Award for outstanding services to the town from
                                                                                            Town Mayor, Lesley Williams-Allen

                                                                              In this issue we concentrate on
                                                                              Financial & Legal services in the
                                                                              Stokescroft, pictured here in earlier times is the
                                                                              home of A.E.Smith, Solicitors, in Cossack
                                                                              Square. (Note the washing!)

                                                                              DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR
                                                                              VOTE IN THE DISTRICT AND
                                                                              EUROPEAN ELECTIONS ON
                           Stokescroft, Nailsworth
                                               Courtesy Nailsworth Archives
                                                                              JUNE 10TH!!

       Nailsworth Ironmongers                                                 Martin Stone Photography
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 The Mayor’s column -                                               Silver Jubilee Shield
                                                         The custom of awarding the Town Shield was commenced
 Lesley Williams-Allen writes:                           in 1980, to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee
                                                         (1977). Its purpose is to recognise publicly outstanding
Town Council Annual Meeting                              service given by an individual or organisation to
May heralds the start of a new town council year, and Nailsworth. The Town Mayor has absolute discretion in
at its meeting on 18 May, councillors unanimously        making this award.
agreed to re-elect me as Mayor, and Cllr Sue Reed as
Deputy Mayor. I am grateful for their continuing         At the annual reception held in the Town Hall on Monday
support: Sue and I enjoy working together, and we will 10 May I presented the Shield to Ann Makemson, Town
continue, with our fellow councillors, to serve our      Archivist. Ann has given freely of a tremendous amount of
town.                                                    her time, expertise and dedication collecting, preserving
                                                         and recording the history of our town. She officially took
It was with much regret that we received Cllr Sue        on the role of Town Archivist in 1993, since when it has
Nicholson’s resignation. Sue has made a sterling         expanded to a larger location. Her interest in history and
contribution to Nailsworth. She became a District        love of Nailsworth are passed on from her parents, Ron
Councillor in 1988, since when she has served on both Woodward - who held the Shield in 1993 - and his wife
District and Town Councils. We shall greatly miss her Maud, both of whom played a significant part in the life
enthusiasm, and her effective and persuasive             of our town.
contributions to debate. She will continue to be
involved with many aspects of the town's life,
including the Festival and Fairtrade, and we hope that The Boy's Club - a chance to be saved
at some future point she may consider standing on the Whilst we are still actively pursuing the legal aspects of
town council again.                                      the issue of the Boys' Club, we have been asked to assist
                                                         with the setting-up of a meeting of interested groups and
Sue's resignation means that we have a casual vacancy individuals to support a revived management committee.
on the town council, and the statutory notices have      Now is the time for a concerted community effort to put
now been displayed. If you know of anyone who has        together a rescue package for the Boys' Club and its
an interest in standing as a Town Councillor, please get building. This needs to be a combination of business,
in touch with the Town Clerk on 833592.                  community, and youth use to tie in with both legal
As a guide to the responsibilities this entails, you     requirements and to make it sustainable. A meeting has
would be expected to attend a minimum of two             been arranged for 17th June at 7.00 pm in the Council
meetings a month, and be willing to take on other        Chamber. We shall be contacting those who have already
responsibilities, such as research and follow-up on      expressed an interest, but please get in touch if you feel
particular issues, and attendance at other meetings,     you have a contribution to make and wish to be involved.
sometimes outside the town.
                     Accounting & Computing                         Loss of another BT Phone Box
                          Services                                  Following on our lost battle to save the K6 phone box in
                        Sage Software Vendor                        Newmarket, BT have now written to us indicating that
                                                                    within the Nailsworth area we have to lose 1 more
     We offer complete practical ‘one stop’ solutions               telephone box. There are at present six: Fountain Street,
      for your business on a regular or project basis
                                                                    Northfield Road, Nympsfield Road, Old Market,
ACP Solutions services include:- Hardware & software - supply       Shortwood, and Watledge. BT suggest, that according to
 and installation, network design & implementation, data security   frequency of use, the Northfield Road box should be taken
& backup, bookkeeping, payroll, accounts for the Self Employed,     out of service. We have until 11 June to comment on this
                management & company accounts
                                                                    proposal. If you wish to make a representation, further
                     Tel: 01453 834883                              details are available from the Town Clerk on 833592.

                                                                                            A.E. SMITH & SON
                                                                         A.E. Smith & Son, Solicitors is a thriving three-partner practice with
                                                                         offices in Nailsworth and Stroud. We give clear, practical advice and
                                                                         enjoy lasting relationships with many of our clients.
                                                                         Our range of legal services includes Conveyancing, Wills, Probate,
                                                                         Family, Employment, Education and Liturgation.
                                                                         We look forward to being of service to new and existing clients.
                                                                           A.E. Smith & Son                       A. E. Smith & Son
                                                                           Stokescroft, Cossack Square            Frome House, London Road
                                                                           NAILSWORTH, GL6 0DZ                    STROUD, GL5 2AF
                                                                           Tel: 01453 832566                      Tel: 01453 757444
                                                                            Free parking                     Visit our website:
                                                                     2          Email:
 The Editor writes:                                             NAILSWORTH ENTERPRISE CENTRE
                                                                  Nailsworth Town Hall, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth
Between the last issue and this one I have had the
                                                               Thinking of starting in Business or in Business already??
unfortunate necessity to try out the local version of the      Please contact us re: any of the following;-
Emergency Services of the National Health Service! An
                                                               Accountancy and Taxation
emergency eye operation and two nights in Cheltenham           Start up advice
Hospital left me deeply impressed by the efficiency and
                                                               Finance Availability
kindness of nurses and surgeons. Everything went               We can mentor for Prince’s Trust Finance
smoothly and quickly.                                          We can arrange finance from Gloucestershire Loan Fund
Less pleased was the lady in the same ward who fell over       We can arrange Department of Trade finance under the Loan
on Tuesday night and came in with a very complicated hip       Guarantee Scheme
fracture. She was still hoping for action on the following     Business Structures
Monday.                                                        Available e.g.:
When it’s good, it’s very good. It’s unusual to find           Sole Trader; Partnership; Limited Partnership; Limited
                                                               Companies etc. Limited Company Formation Service
individuals who are less than professional and kind but
sometimes the system is, undoubtedly, a bit creaky.            Computer Advice
                                                               Best systems to use for Accounting and other Business functions
                   ******************                          e.g. Marketing, Stock Control etc.
There’s a lot of controversy over the plans for the town to
                                                               Other Areas
have a pig of some sort (see p.8) especially while the Cross   Marketing
remains poked away and deteriorating in Old Market.            Best Banking facilities e.g. our Bank Check Service to ensure no
Sue Reed assures us that the pig venture, unlike the Cross,    overcharging in interest etc
would be paid for from specific grants, not local              Health and Safety at Work
government funds. The main problem holding up the re-          Employment Law
                                                               Management Consultancy
siting of the Cross is that it’s uncertain who owns it - the   How to survive in business and prosper
Town or the District.
                   ******************                                  Contact: Mike Jefferies or Emma Mills
If you’re looking for funding, Khurshid Akhtar has drawn                  01453 836683 or 01453 835050
my attention to the following website:
                                                               Nailsworth Spring Clean – 24th April
                                                               This year’s Spring clean was less well attended than
                                                               last, possibly because the date clashed with Festival
                                                               Saturday. Still, those who took part worked jolly hard
                                                               and we thank them for their efforts. Afterwards we met
                                                               to discuss future action. We will contact Stroud and
                                                               Nailsworth Town Council to get some ideas and
                                                               perhaps more help.
                                                               Other ideas put forward include:
                                                               • Forming a Keep Nailsworth Tidy Group
                                                               • A Stewardship Scheme to formalise work already
                                                               done by residents
            Two young members of the litter brigade            • A Competition, sponsored by shops whose
                                                               packaging litters our town
 ST. GEORGE’S CHURCH FETE                                      • Sponsored litter pickers paid by the above.
                                                               • A schools initiative.
   NAILSWORTH VICARAGE GARDEN                                  • More Spring Cleans [Summer, Autumn and Winter
  SATURDAY, 17 JULY 2004 AT 2.00PM                             cleans!!]
    Silver Band, Town Crier, Teas, BBQ, Street                 More recycling
  Dancing, Stalls, Sideshows, Bouncy Castle, etc               Any thoughts to Don Luke 832812.

                                                                  NAILSWORTH CHIROPODY CLINIC
   THE COMPLETE DECORATING SERVICE                                    Run by the Old People’s Welfare Committee.
                INSIDE OUT                                          We run an excellent service at Ringfield Close
     Experienced, reliable, efficient ladies team                     on Wednesdays & Thursday mornings.
       01453 835497            07766 712066                     We would be pleased to welcome new patients
                                                           3      Please ring 01453 835215 for further information
Community News                                                                                Paul Dangerfield writes

                                                                                              This month there were four thefts from vehicles, related
Time to vote                                                                                  to badges stolen from vehicles parked in the Northfields
On June 10th we have the opportunity to elect new MEPs                                        Road area. The burglaries appear to be mainly along the
and District Councillors.                                                                     Horsley side of the parish.
For European elections we are just a part of the whole of                                     Please report anything suspicious immediately to police,
SW England and because it uses the system of                                                  and by working together, we can reduce crime.
proportional representation we can vote only for the Party
we want to support, not the person. The ballot sheet will                                     24 hr switchboard: 0845 090 1234
show 8 parties. You can only vote for one. The parties are:                                   Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111
British National Party, Conservative, Countryside, Green,
Labour, LibDem, Respect, & UK Independence Party.                                             The cows are back on the common
Votes for each party are counted up and seats are allocated                                   ...with no deeper understanding of the 40mph limit than
according to the proportion each party has received.                                          they had last year. Don’t be like the chap who,
Elected MEPs have to divide their time between Brussels,                                      surveying his write-off car (and the written-off cow),
Strasbourg and their Home Constituency. They always                                           kept muttering - ‘But I was driving within the speed
seem rather faceless - they don’t get a lot of publicity. You                                 limit..’
won’t hear the result until Sunday 13th. Because we have
to wait until each country has voted.
District Elections
Stroud District (not Stroud Town!) has 51 Councillors and
1/3 of them are up for re-election this year. Khurshid
Akhtar’s term is up and 5 people are contesting his seat.
They are Dorcas Binns(C), Hilary Howe(LibDem), Alan
Lomas(UKIP), John Nicholson(Green) & Audrey Smith
(Lab/Co-op). Again, we have 1 vote. At present the
balance is Cons(27), Lab(11), LibDem(6), Green(4) & 3
Independent. The DC is responsible for Council Tax,
Business Rates, Housing, Refuse & Planning, etc.
County Council (Education, Roads, etc) elections will be
next year.                                                                                    A change of name - but the cakes and plants
Town Council - There probably won’t be an election                                            remain the same!
because not enough people come forward! As usual,                                             Nailsworth W.I. Market is to become Nailsworth
numbers will probably have to be made up by co-opting                                         Country Market Ltd.
those people who are willing to volunteer.                                                    But it will still be in the Mortimer Rooms on Fridays from

                                                           Creating the kitchen of your dreams
FURNITURE                         Open to the
                                  public 7 days
                                                               . . . at truly affordable prices                              ANDREA’S
                                                                                                                          Alfresco Services
Come in and visit Gloucester’s unique, most                                                                                NAILSWORTH
exquisite furniture emporium. Beautiful hand-
made furniture from India at superb value for
money, direct from us, the importers.
• Dining Sets from £495      * Soft Furnishings
                                                                                                                          TEL/FAX 01453 836681
• Coffee Tables from £25     * Unusual Giftware
• Sofas from £195 * Gazebos & Garden furniture
                                                                                                                           MOBILE 07855127431
                                                            The complete service from an established
• Bedroom furniture      * 7500 sq. ft showroom             family business. With an envied reputation
• Home lighting             * Free Parking                   For quality and service at pleasing prices.                  Garden maintenance
• Credit facilities         * On-Line Brochure               All approved by ‘The Kitchen Specialists’
• Buy today - Take Away (most items available for                           Association’.                                 Fence & shed staining
  immediate delivery)
                                                                                                                          Patio furniture restoration
A massive selection for you to see, many pieces             Cotswold Kitchens
exclusively designed in-house, such as our
Railway Sleeper dining sets!                                              01453 833910                                    Decking preservation
123 Bristol Rd,
Quedgeley , Gloucester
                               Gallager Retail Park
                               Tewkesbury Rd,
                                                              HO & Design Studio: 2 Market St, Nailsworth, GL6 0BZ
                                                           Showroom: The Old Art Gallery, Market St, Nailsworth GL6 0BX
                                                                                                                             Patio cleaning
                                                                                                                            Garden lighting
(01452 729729)                 Cheltenham (01242 254256)        
(250yds from Tesco)            (Opposite Sainsburys)

 Events                                                              ‘NOT FOXED’
Nailsworth Gardening Group is taking a coach to                       NAILSWORTH
Iford Manor, Bradford on Avon and Heale House
Gardens, nr. Salisbury on Tuesday June 22nd. Non-club             Book Tokens - Children’s Corner
                                                                  Order (in print) books and
members welcome. £14. Leaving the bus station (‘Town              Collect next day (usually)
Square’?) at 9am. Barbara Uzzell 872132.                          2, Market Street, Nailsworth Tel: 835833
St. George’s Church Fete
It’s time to begin thinking about
                                                                                            Play reading
the Church Fete. It used to be                      This month’s Local           Nailsworth Dramatic Society are
one of the great events of the
year and it’s hoped that it will                    Hero!                        now holding play reading
be once again. It’s planned for                                                  evenings the first Tuesday in
                                                  Paula McLean                   every month. In May, they read
2pm on the 17th July.
The Rope Store Studio                             At                             a John Godber play - Weekend
Gallery is showing the work                       Emmaus.                        Breaks, which was funny yet
                                                  Friendly and efficient.        thought provoking, looking at the
of three local artists from May
                                                                                 difficulties in communicating
29th to July 3rd. Matthew
Harris and Daniel Fisher                                                         experienced by parents and their
combine to produce some           Next month?                                    (grown up) children.
exciting decorated porcelain                                                     Next up, on Tuesday 1 June
vessels alongside Maggie Shaw’s restrained paintings.     (7.30 at the Band Room, Brewery Lane) is Rattle of a
They will be talking about their work on Wed. June 9th at Simple Man by Charles Dyer. Do join them for
6pm. 753799.                                              refreshments and an
Emerald Tea-time Concert                                  enjoyable evening's read-around!
Christopher Northam, piano, Roger Huckle, violin and Sir William Romney’s School Summer Fete
Rachel Howgego, Cello will be playing music by Haydn, Lots of our youngsters go to Sir William Romney’s
Schubert and Beethoven at Christ Church on Saturday 27th School in Tetbury. They are having a Grand Fete on
June at 3pm. £5 in advance, £6 on the door. 821360.       June 27th with Circus Skills Workshops and shows by
                                                          Thomas Trilby, Gentleman Juggler. Magical!
Mini mini roundabout                                            Stroud Valley Open Studios
The Nigglesworth about traffic lights at the Nailsworth         Every year, for two week-ends in June, most of our
mini-roundabout: there is a problem and many of us have         local artists open their studios to display their paintings
seen horrendous near misses – but what exactly is the           & pottery, their fabrics and artefacts. It covers the five
problem?                                                        valleys but more than a dozen are in Nailsworth.
                                                                Week-ends of 12th & 13th & 19th-20th. Get the
Roundabout warning signs on the A46 trunk road are              beautiful guide, with route maps & pictures - free-from
generally restrained – compare them with those on the
                                                                the Information Centre.
A40 round Gloucester – but those for the Nailsworth mini
are pathetic. If you come into Nailsworth you may notice
a roundabout sign tucked in behind the Egypt Mill hedge                         Month,
                                                                Paper Team This Month THANK YOU!!
and there’s another more or less on the give-way line of        Distribution Co-ordinator Bill Affleck:(832619)
                                                                Kathleen Beard, Mike Brinkworth, Harold Butterworth, Lucy Carter,
the actual roundabout, presently hidden by drooping             Jonathan Duckworth, Rhona Fox, Barry Hathaway, Maire Jarman, Just
cherry blossom.                                                 Traiding, Stella Knight, Don Luke, Ann Makemson, Ann Marshall, Ollie
                                                                Payne, Tamzin Phillips, David Penn, Richard Kendall, Joan Rowbotham,
If this was the A40 in Gloucester you’d have had a              Martin Stone, Barry Wade, Craig Williams, Lesley Williams-Allen.
roundabout ‘reduce speed now’ sign somewhere about the
Shell garage, repeated for more conservative drivers by
Tradeplas; then there’d be distance chevron boards, and                NAILSWORTH GARDEN MACHINERY
maybe a change of speed limit.
The roundabout itself is pretty easy to miss. But then it                                     of a large
isn’t a roundabout in the sense that people go round it. If                                    range of
you’re driving an artic, delivering to Tesco or the Co-Op,                                    Domestic
coming from Stroud, you’ll drive over it; you have to. If                                        and
you’ve come down Spring Hill and are going towards
Minchinhampton you, quite properly, go straight across.
If you’re coming from Stroud and going on to Bath the                                          Garden
minimal dog-leg you do is not going round the                                                Equipment
roundabout; it’s to avoid running into the Old George.      5       Tel: 01453 834787 Mob: 07966 149539         Pensile Road, Nails-
                                                               Ross Workman, Head of Nailsworth Primary
Focus on Youth                                                 School writes
Nailsworth Scouts                                              Families in Partnership
                                                               Congratulations to more than 10 parents and carers who
Now, as the evenings get lighter and the days get
                                                               took part in our extended Parents in Partnership course
warmer, Nailsworth Scouts (aged 10 – 14½ years old)
                                                               at School over the last months. With the support of
are looking forward to a busy summer term.
                                                               outside tutors and our own staff from our school and
It started with some traditional knot tying as the Scouts
                                                               Phoenix Playmates, parents have completed an extended
built chariots and raced them round King George V
                                                               course designed to strengthen the link between home and
Field, but Scouting in the 21st Century is not just about
                                                               school. They worked in sessions alone and alongside
tying knots and doing good deeds. For example
                                                               their children, designed to help them support learning in
Nailsworth Scouts are looking forward to taking part in
                                                               each of the key areas of experience in the Foundation
the District Scout Orienteering Competition in the
                                                               Stage. Our thanks to the parents, staff and tutors
middle of May and feel they have a good chance of
                                                               involved. We are looking forward to running a new
winning; we look forward to bringing you the results in
                                                               course next year.
a future issue of Nailsworth News.
In June some of the older Scouts will be putting into
practice some of the map reading and navigation skills         Digital Stroud Group
                                                               We have also been delighted to host a basic computer
they learnt last term as they go back-packing among the
                                                               skills course run under the auspices of the Digital Stroud
valleys of the Black Mountains.
                                                               initiative each Monday morning this term. This course
“The Malvern Challenge”, also in June, is an annual
                                                               has been particularly taken up by members of the
Gloucestershire event for over 3000 Scouts from across
                                                               volunteer team running the Town Information Centre -
the UK - the Nailsworth Scouts will be there enjoying a
                                                               we hope they have enjoyed their time back at school!
weekend of challenges, competitions, sports and a huge
“scouting party” ending with a firework display.
Looking further ahead to July there’s a huge district fun      History comes to Life
                                                               Nearly 100 children were transported back in time
day with activities ranging from rock climbing, archery,
                                                               following the visit of the local Rainbow Theatre group.
shooting and competitions, to arts, crafts, sports, games
                                                               As part of their history studies, children dressed in rags
and many more. Troop summer camp is always one of
                                                               and journeyed back to Victorian times in a short but
the highlights of the year and in 2004 it’s taking place
                                                               lively presentation by a group of 5 actors. Life was very
near Malvern at the beginning of August.
                                                               different for children then and the role-play gave our
We’re proud that 3 Scouts from the troop are part of the
                                                               children a vivid experience of how things could have
Stroud and Tetbury District Contingent to the Scout
                                                               been as a chimney sweep, a mine worker, a match girl or
Association’s European Jamboree in 2005. This will be
                                                               a Board School pupil. History has never seemed so real!
the largest Scouting event in Europe for over 10 years
and will bring together over 25,000 Scouts from across
Europe and beyond. All the members of the contingent,          Out and about
                                                               This is the season of school trips and our children have
drawn from across the Stroud and Tetbury area, have
                                                               been 'out and about' this month. Children from 3 classes
already met one another at their first pre-Jamboree
                                                               have been enjoying programmes at Westonbirt
“getting to know you” day on Good Friday. They are
                                                               Arboretum for the first time this year. Other groups will
                                     now all looking
                                                               be visiting Bristol Zoo, Oldown Country Park and
                                     forward to the next
                                                               Slimbridge. Our most intrepid journey is saved for the
                                     pre-Jamboree team-
                                                               Year 6 children in the last full week of term who are
                                     building event later
                                                               travelling once again to the Isle of Wight. More than 30
                                     in August where
                                                               children and 4 staff will be enjoying a 5 day stay in
                                     they will spend three
                                                               Shanklin and, among other adventures, will have a
                                     days taking part in
                                                               chance to visit a medieval castle, hunt for fossils, live the
                                     sailing, kayaking,
                                                               life of a smuggler and explore the 'amazon' rainforest.
                                     dragon-boat racing,
                                                               And all without leaving the island!
                                     raft-building and
                                     camping at the
                                     National Scout                             Nailsworth Domestic
                                     Water Activities                            Appliance Repairs
                                     Centre near Marlow.
                                                                                 Matthew ~ 833310
                                     In addition to all this
                                     there are the weekly                       A fast, local & reliable service
                                     Scout meetings.                  Most makes of washing machines, dishwashers,
                                     833054                    6      fridge/freezers, tumble dryers & electric cookers
         Sport in Nailsworth Sport in Nailsworth
                 Please contact Don Luke (832812) or Martin Stone (833132) for inclusion on this page.
Nailsworth Mills Bowling Club                              consistency of line and length could be a fine bowler. This
As part of Nailsworth Festival, the Bowls Club had a year Commoners have entered the Pratt Cup so cricket is
‘Taster Day’ when non-members who would like to            played most Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons
try out the game could come along without any              for the next few months. [See the diary for details.]
obligation and satisfy their curiosity with bowls and      Please put the date of the Commoners Eights in your
instruction freely available. It was a cold, wet,          diaries: Sunday 15th August. This is a great fun day for all
miserable day but still 5 people turned up to have a go the family with good cheap food and drinks plus
and 3 of them applied to join the club – so something entertainments. For details phone Ron Birch on 750371.
was right!                                                  Nailsworth Tennis Club
We are holding 3 more taster days – Wed. 26 May            has started a very busy summer season of matches
from 1pm-5pm, and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday 6th competing at various levels with other clubs throughout the
June and Saturday 12th June. We hope to see you            county. Despite all the uncertainty about its venue, the
there!                                                     members still enjoy a
                               Photographs by Martin Stone friendly competitive
I visited the Commoners’ Nympsfield ground on              and social
Sunday 16 May with your intrepid photographer and atmosphere.

witnessed a most entertaining game of cricket. In          The club run six
                           scoring 178 by tea, with 71 teams in the summer
                           from Nailsworth’s Simon         leagues, 3 Men's and
                           Elmer, I was fairly             3 Ladies and can offer
                           confident that the home         team tennis for the
                           team would enjoy an easy        majority of members.
                                                           Since the formation in             The Men’s ‘A’ team
                           victory. Not so! North
                           Cerney overcame their total 1989 the club has
                           in 11 fewer overs to            gone from strength to strength with the Ladies A team
                           comfortably win the match. competing in the Premier division for a second season.
                           Of course winning and           Three qualified LTA coaches offer coaching to all standards
Nareen Kumar opening the
                           losing are only secondary to from the beginner to the team players. Adult membership is
  bowling for Commoners.                                   up to maximum so this year we are concentrating on and
                           the “occasion” in village
cricket. Tea was exceptional by any standards.             encouraging junior membership. Phil Sims takes control of
(Particularly the egg sandwiches and the green olives the juniors and has been progressively building up his
– yes olives!) The view of the countryside from the        'squads'. The teaching sessions make the youngsters work
pavilion is stunning and the bumpy outfield provides but are also good fun.
endless entertainment, except if you happen to be one Contact Phil on 834903 or take a look at our website,
of the unfortunate fielders! The Commoners youngest
player, India born Nareen Kumar, works for               FGR new signings
Williams Kitchen and, much to the delight of the         Manager, Tim Harris, has signed 3 new players: Charlie
team, has recently had his visa extended by one year     Griffin (25), Danny Greaves (20) & Matt Aubrey (19)
enabling him to complete the 2004 season. He has a       (Can anyone tell us about the whippet racing on Sunday
whippy bowling action and if he can achieve more         mornings at Nympsfield or was somebody pulling my leg?)

                           Psisoft Games                                  NAILSWORTH Recreation Centre
                                                                         Nailsworth Primary School, Nympsfield Road
                              Lan Gaming Centre,                                              Tel (01453) 836951
                             Hobby Games Shop,
                             Card and Board Game               •   Get Fit, Stay Fit classes
                                                               •   Badminton and Table Tennis facilities
 Party Hire: Looking for a different Party venue?
                                                               •   Function rooms available for hire
 14 Networked PC’s, Games Room and RC Racetrack
 available for Private hire. Suits all ages!                   •   Soccer pitches and training areas available
 Events: Sanctioned events for a variety of games
                                                               •   Indoor 5 A-side and basketball facilities for hire
 running weekly. Come and see us!                              OPENING HOURS - Monday to Wednesday and Friday
 See for event details.                                           . . . 6pm to 10 pm
                                                           7       STROUD DISTRICT COUNCIL
Feedback & Letters                                                               PAW-CASSO
Sue Reed of St. Chloe (NOT Cllr. Sue Reed!)
Phoned to say that the Mr. Grant in the Price’s Store
picture in the April issue was Cecil, her father, not
Arthur, who was his brother.
Ruth Liengaard writes
As the artist who made the proposal for the bronze pig in    Martin Stone writes
Nailsworth I write in response to the remarks made by,       Re the spring edition of The Fountain about the proposed
‘the very distinguished sculptor, Ian Rank-Broadly’ i.e.     Pig sculpture and the comments from Ian Rank-Broadly
that the cost of a bronze pig for Nailsworth was rather      in last month’s NN. It seems quite nonsensical for all this
high – or more precisely, preposterous’.                     money to be spent on such a sculpture when there are
Of the options a bronze pig was undoubtedly the most         many more worthwhile causes.
expensive at £16,250 but having carefully considered the     The Town Council seems to have been slow in coming
figures I estimated that even if I gave my time as an        forward with comments although this was partly because
artist entirely free it would still cost about £15,200.      the delivery of The Fountain was upset.
The making of the mould and the casting of the model in      Have tenders been put out and accepted? Is it too late to
bronze alone costs around £10,000.                           stop such a scheme? If there are companies who wish to
I believe the proposals can be looked at in detail at the    spend their money in sponsoring such a monument then
tourist information shop. I personally like all the ideas    so be it, but to spend taxpayers money is not right. What
and would love to see them all realised in different parts   happened to the great scheme to move the Fountain in
of the town.                                                 Market Street? Surely this should be addressed first
Finally, if Ian Rank-Broadly knows of a foundry that is      before such monuments are erected in our name! The
substantially less expensive and of an equal expertise to    Mortimer Gardens would be a fine place to put the
our local firm, Pangolin, I would genuinely love to hear     Fountain, not squashed into Cossack Square or on the
from him.                                                    corner of Fountain Street where major foundations would
The origin of this proposal came from the ‘The               have to be built just to house the thing!
Fountain’                                                    For a fraction of the cost we could plant trees along Old
In the Spring 2004 issue they gave the following figures:    Market. As for the money wasted on The Town Square
‘Bronze pig on plinth - £16250+£4400 for plinth              sign at the Bus Station ... sheer nonsense.
Concrete pig on plinth - £6900+£4400 for plinth              Winifred Page writes
Reclaimed iron & steel pig - £6500                           On-pavement parking is only one of the hazards facing
Cedar pig - £4000                                            mothers with push-chairs, the disabled and the elderly;
Wooden sculpture on concrete plinth—£2500-£2700              others include too few lowered kerbs, shops with difficult
Old Spot seats - £900                                        doorways, pavements in disrepair and narrow pavements
All quotations will have VAT, installation, groundwork       blocked with advertising boards, displays of goods or
such as plinths, plaque, lighting & sculptor’s fees          plant tubs. Many of these problems could be overcome if
added.’                                                      the local authorities and people in general were more
There seem to be some anomalies here!                        aware. We would like to hear from anyone interested in
                                                             becoming part of an ‘access awareness’ group. Please
                                                             contact me (835841) or Reg Urquhart (832777).
A great place to work…                                           Canvas signs. Quite a lot of businesses - C2, Psisoft,
Shops...offices...factory units                                  Hobbs - advertise their businesses by draping canvas
                                                                 signs outside their (listed) buildings. They need to let us
sometimes available                                              know what they do but they can’t get planning
                                                                 permission for permanent ones. Wouldn’t it be better to
To register your interest, please call 832754
                                                                 have good approved stylish permanent signs?

         ~ LOOSE COVERS ~
        SOFT FURNISHINGS                                              ESTATE AGENTS & LETTING AGENTS
                                                                    Residential Property Management & Letting Special-
  For advice and estimate ring Jenny Powell                                                ists
       Wright Interiors ~ 01453 768899                       8 Tel: 01453 836736 Fax:
                                                                     Transitions at 16
Hazel Redding writes from Tetbury
Re the picture of the chimney on the May NN: there       by Ollie Payne, our youth reporter
used to be an incinerator along the Avening Road
where Chamberlain’s used to dispose of rubbish. I        Gloucestershire’s Summer Activities
know it’s not the Holspring Bedding chimney as it is     Programme
the wrong shape.                                         Following pilot schemes in 2001, Gloucestershire Youth
James Chamberlain tells us                               & Community Service can now tell you that it’s been
that the chimney was the chimney of the boiler house     successful in getting funding for this scheme for the
for Nailsworth Mills and possibly dates back to the      following three years. (2004 will be its third year).
time when the mill went from water- to steam-power.      It’s mainly aimed at those 16 year olds who, after GCSE’s,
Big, reciprocating engines drove lay-shafts running in   are at risk of drifting out of education, training or
the roof space of the mill, driving individual           employment but it’s also open to 16 year olds who are not
machines through long, leather belts. The brick          sure what to do after their GCSE’s.
chimney was demolished and replaced by steel             The programme is completely FREE to all participants
chimneys, the most recent                                from Gloucestershire. There are 234 places available all
installed in the early 1970s.                            across the county.
Congratulations to
                                                         All the programmes options will have a ‘taster’ day or
Hazel Webb who abseiled
                                                         sessions sometime during the spring and will have a core
down the Eagle Star Tower in
                                                         residential programme in the summer. These include
Cheltenham and raised £400
                                                         activities, support and careers advice.
for the Spring Centre in
Gloucester.                                              Programme options include an outdoor education
Nailsworth & District                                    programme for each district. There’s a choice of any of the
Flower Arrangement                                       following: Football, Rugby, ICT and Arts and Drama
                                    Hazel Webb
Society who have achieved                                programmes. Recruitment is through youth workers at
their 30th (Pearl) Anniversary.                          youth clubs all across the county. Youth workers will be
340 members & guests attended their Open Day from        seeking assistance from teachers, tutors, deputy heads and
which they raised £1000 for the Samaritans               careers staff to help choose people who are suitable to
                                                         complete the residential courses. They will also be looking
                                      Back row:
                                      Daphne Turner
                                                         for genuine students who are most likely to benefit from
                                      (Founder           the programme.
                                      Chairman),         Further information will be available at local Youth Clubs
                                      Barbara Pollard
                                                         across the county at opening times. In Nailsworth this will
                                      Abbey Gardens)     be Tuesday nights between 7 and 9pm.
                                      &2                 If you are interested and think you would benefit from the
                                      of the
                                                         experience, ask your youth workers for more information.
                                      Samaritans.        It will run from 26th to 30th July 2004.
                                      Front row: Jill
Mark Saunders who was awarded £500 for the                    Views in ‘Nailsworth News’ are not necessarily those of the Paper Team. We
                                                              reserve the right to edit or omit material. No liability is accepted for loss or
garden he created in Stroud for Worcestershire                damage arising from any omissions of copy or advertising. Nailsworth News is
Mental Health Association.                                    published and distributed entirely by volunteers. Printing and paper are financed
                                                              by advertising.
and Thank-you                                                 More volunteers are always welcome.
                                                              If you would like to join the Team, please contact the Editor: 832619.
To all the shopkeepers and traders who sponsored the
Nailsworth Festival.
           W Y
P R I N T E R S                                                    CARPENTER AND CHARTERED BUILDER
   The professional approach
                                                               •        EXTENSIONS
   to all your printing needs                                  •        ALTERATIONS
                                                               •        DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL
      ALL COMMERCIAL PRINTING                                  •        MAINTENANCE
      MAGAZINES, BOOKS, ANNUAL                                 •        TOTAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT
         REPORTS ETC ETC …
  Old Market, Nailsworth, Glos. GL6 ODU                               01453 836451 OR 07966 431869
   Tel: 01453 833675 Fax: 01453 833713                    9
Business News Round-up                                        At ‘My Fair Lady’, the boutique opposite William’s,
                                                              they’re still selling new and good quality nearly new
by Bill Affleck                                               clothing as well as hiring hats. The wedding season is
                                                              under way so why not make some money and take your
Business News Round-up                                        unwanted occasion wear into ‘My Fair Lady’.
Five Valleys Communications is the new phone shop             The garden room has opened at Old Mother Hubbard,
next to the Cross. Brian was here before, but this is a       selling outdoor furnishing - and there’s a coffee bar!
new, independent company, starting with mobile phones
but with plans to extend into compute consumables and         The Chamber of Trade and Commerce
other IT areas.                                               Officers of the Chamber were re-appointed at the AGM
                                                              on May 14th. The roles of membership & minutes
Unless you were setting up a polar expedition you
                                                              secretary have been merged.
probably haven’t had contact with the Snow Sled
                                                              Input for the ‘class action’ compensation claim against
clothing and personal kit operation which was in
                                                              Severn Trent is progressing, but slowly. Anyone who is
Nailsworth Mills. It, and the part of the operation more
                                                              sitting on the form and thinking about getting round to it
concerned with hardware, are being brought together
                                                              sometime might want to think NOW.
under one roof and – you can’t win them all – that roof is
in Tetbury.                                                 The first judging of the ‘Make it a Golden Summer in
                                                            Nailsworth’ initiative will be in the 3rd week of July;
Anyone who has battled the traffic to deliver or collect at
                                                            judging by Tony Russell. Entries by 30th June, please.
the Nailsworth Mowers shop and workshop on Pensile
Road will welcome news of their upcoming move to new The Chamber now has a number of proposals for
and larger premises near the bowling green in the           possible solutions to Nailsworth’s car parking
Nailsworth Mills Estate.                                    problem. Further action, which will need serious money,
                                                            whichever solutions are chosen, is on hold pending the
Also moving to larger premises on the Estate are Ionex,
                                                            outcome of the Town Health check, currently under way.
reflecting their expanding business.
                                                            Meanwhile traders might follow the example of Graham
Hoopers Sheds are moving from Ebley to a site adjacent at C2 who has made arrangements to park in a private
to Anglian Conservatories at the entrance to the Garden drive during the working day.
Centre on the Avening Road. They do everything from
                                                            No, the Post Office sign is not there yet - but we’re told
dog kennels to substantial garden buildings – contact
                                                            it’s now on order; no delivery date specified.
Chris or Linda on 839415.
The Avening Barn site, opposite the Garden Centre is          Jackie & Karen have sold their business but it will still be
being cleaned up, after nearly 100 years of being used as     a lovely flower shop in the capable hands of Sue Clarke
a tip: a major operation. It is planned to renovate and       who currently teaches floristry at Bath College.
repair the barn…                                              They would like to thank their customers and their loyal
Some confusion over two items in our last issue:              staff, Christine, Amee & Heather but especially their
they are still cooking at Williams Kitchen; it is only the    Mum who has helped them so much and their beloved
mechanics of off-site catering (waitress service, etc.)       Dad, Norman Green, who sadly died last year but who
which has been hived off.                                     had been such a mainstay of the business.
                                                                                          Bob Pike & David de Sousa at
                                                ELECTRICIAN                                The George Inn
                                              Dave Humphries                              Newmarket

                                            Tel/Fax 01453 836681
                                            Mobile 07971 979194                            “NAILSWORTH’S
                                                                                          BEST KEPT SECRET”
                                               Domestic, Commercial,
                                               CCTV, Security Home                       NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                & Garden Lighting                          Luncheon 12 noon - 2 pm
                                                                                            Dinner 6.30 pm - 9 pm
                                             PL2M       JIB App 30 yrs                      Evening reservations essential
                                                                                 Away with the Fairies but still on the Hill
                       Terrascapes Ltd                                           by Lucy Carter
                       Hard and Soft Landscaping                     A neighbour of mine who frankly should know better
                                                                     has taken to asking me daft questions such as ‘Who is
 Tel: 01452 740533                                                   Hanro?’ She clearly hasn’t been following the plot and
 Mob: 07866 515715              Giles Granger HND                    for those of you who have only recently tuned into my
                                                                     ramblings I shall explain. Hanro is the stage name
Fish Farm                                                            given to my current husband in this column in order to
Ruskin Mill plays a great part in Nailsworth. Every month preserve his anonymity. Some issues back it was
we print a list of the opportunities they offer to our               decided that it made him sound like a wealthy German
community - arts & crafts of all sorts, story-telling, music
                                                                     banker crossed with a pair of good quality ladies
and a very nice little café. They are immensely generous as
                                                                     undies. He is neither of these things. He does however
anyone who went to the supper for Friends of the Festival
or has been involved with Twinning will tell you.                    bring me tea in bed at 6.45 every morning during term
The College is a registered Charity which provides                   time and at 7.45am in the holidays and for that alone he
specialist further education for 90 students with learning           deserves my undying love and respect.
The restoration of the fish farm has been one of their many Also, the name Hanro is spookily similar to that of Mr
successful projects. It dates back to1886 and is recognised Anne Robinson, who is known simply as Penrose,
as the oldest trout farm in                                                           although he sounds more like a Cornish
Europe.                                                                               banker. I admire Anne and would like
In April they held a                                                                  to be her. For a rabbit seller’s daughter
Community Day, funded by                                                              she has done well for herself and that
the People’s Places Award                                                             face-lift is fairly enviable too.
Scheme, operated by the
British Trust for Conservation
                                                                                      Following a recent rather gamine
Volunteers who awarded them
a grant of over £8,000 for                                                            haircut (regular readers will not need
plants, tools, etc. 25 willing                                                        the brains of an Archbishop to work out
workers turned out in glorious                                                        who did it) some of my crueller friends
sunshine on the 2nd day. Work                                                         advised me not to shop in Waitrose in
involved planting up the long            Volunteers take a rest at the fish farm       Cirencester as I would almost certainly
bed opposite spring Pond,                                                              be mistaken for Anne Robinson and
building block walling alongside water channels and                  pestered for autographs. Then she went and had that
constructing post & rail fencing along the path.                     face lift and they gave me the all clear telling me I
Ruskin Mill students, Scott Hunter, Jonathan Perrin and              could just about pass for her granny on a good day.
Geoffrey Hicks joined in with Staff members, John Cooper,
Cliff, Rose & Sam Dressell, Michael & Linda Frosch, Jay
                                                                     It’s enough to make a priest scream.
Whiting, Paul Grellier, Annabelle Mitchell & Richard
Rodgers and local volunteers, Mike Offord, Fleur
Robinson, Karen Saunders, Alex Crocker, Liam Kilyon,                 STOP PRESS! Anne has just announced that she is
Marcel Ogurchak and George Rowles.                                   hanging up her laptop in order to ‘spend more time
Take a walk along the valley and see the improvements –              with her family’. Presumably, she has ‘woken up and
they planted roses, fuchsias, sweet briar and lavender.              smelt the coffee’ and ‘been living a lie’ amongst other
It makes a lovely short outing for locals and visitors and           clichés.
you can finish with a good cup of coffee and a cake and
come home with some of the fresh home grown vegetables. COME ON TELEGRAPH., I AM YOUR MAN!

TON     NAILSWORTH EST 1980ESTEST TD                                               GIFTS FOR ALL at ‘STARSHINE’
                                                                                       6 BRIDGE STREET, NAILSWORTH Tel: 01453 839204
 DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING & DESIGN SERVICE                                * A wide range of children’s toys, books & crafts
           * Specialists in Modern & Traditional Water Features                    * PLUS gifts for all ages and budgets, including
           * Decking & Pergolas                    * Driveways
                                                                                    * Glassware                     * Greetings cards
           * Garden Lighting               * Competitive Prices
           * Planting & Lawns                   * Video Library                     * Jewellery                     * Gift wrapping
           * Low maintenance Gardens           * Free Estimates                     * General giftware              * Gift stationery
                                                                                           TOP QUALITY AND VALUE FOR MONEY
      Tel: 01453 832576 Mob: 0788 7841076
          Brentmoor House, Newmarket Rd, Nailsworth, Glos. GL6 0DQ                       Wrapping service and gift vouchers available
                                                                                       Children’s play area - so you can browse in peace!
     Visit our Display Ponds at: World of Water, Highfield Garden Centre,
                         Whitminster, Glos on the A38                       11           Open 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Saturday
Local History — Ann Makemson                                          GABRIOLA
                                                                                                           Mark Tolfree
                                                                                                           Dip GD.(Inst.GD.)
Stokescroft, Chestnut Hill                                             GARDEN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPE SERVICES
Stokescroft, near Cossack Square, is a very attractive                  To book a free design consultation, or a free quote for
house, built about 1700, with three gables with the usual
                                                                      landscaping work etc… Call 01453 843133 (7 days)
small oval windows and, below, elegant sash windows.                    
The doorway has a fine shell hood. The rainwater heads               A DOWN TO EARTH SERVICE FOR YOUR OUTER SPACE
are the original lead ones as are the interior oak staircases
with twisted balustrades. The room to the right on the           Rebels with Disabilities
ground floor still has its Cotswold stone flags and              Not just another
fireplace intact.
The house probably incorporates a smaller 17th C. house.         Charity shop!
The whole building was restored with the help of a grant         The Shop for the Guild of
in 1972 when scribblings were found on an attic wall             Disabled Homeworkers in
suggesting local soldiers had been billeted there in 1812-       Fountain Street is in trouble.
1815 giving rise to it being called ‘The Barracks’.              It has almost run out of
Legend has it that Russian prisoners were kept here during       money. If it has to close it
the Crimean War giving Cossack Square its name.                  will be a great loss to several
In Victorian days it was the home of the Stokes family.          groups of people. It is, after
Adrian Stokes J.P. was a magistrate and before anyone            all, the only place in town
could be taken into custody by the Nailsworth Police and         where it’s possible to get any Fay Ede & Margaret King
sent to Horsley Prison they had to appear before him.            sort of haberdashery, knitting
Adjoining Stokescroft a ‘blind house’ was built in 1834.         wools, embroidery threads, etc. (to say nothing of
This was a small windowless prison where the ‘drunk &            Dolly’s clothes). Nothing in the shop is second-hand
disorderly’ could be lodged temporarily.                         and their greetings cards are second to none.
In 1889 Stokescroft was privately converted to become            More important, it is unique in Britain as the shopfront
Nailsworth’s first flats for the elderly.
                                                                 for about 350-400 people who, though disabled, can
The restoration of Stokescroft took place in 1972. That’s
                                                                 and do make a huge variety high quality goods for sale.
when Smiths Solicitors moved in from Smith House in
Pensile Road.                                                    These goods are sold free of any surcharge. The shop
The building is open to visitors on Wednesdays 2-4pm by          depends on the haberdashery sales for its income
appointment only.                                                which has to cover rent, lighting, heating, staff, etc.
                                                                 The staff include Fay Ede the co-ordinator, Margaret
William Smith, the founder of the family firm of
                                                                 King who looks after the shop helped by Lucy
Solicitors, died suddenly at the age of 53 and in 1862 a
                                                                 Williams and volunteers including Val Pride and
memorial stone drinking fountain was erected
commemorating him and the fact that he was instrumental          Rosemary Bowman.
in securing a pure supply of water for Nailsworth.               They are looking for sponsors - can anyone

We have had contact with Mrs. Bythway who lives in                          LIVING LANDSCAPES
Sherringham. She is a direct descendent of William                        Garden Maintenance & Improvement
Smith. Her father, Geoffrey Pavey-Smith gave land to the                    Vegetable growing & composting
town in the old Market in 1931 & in 1938, the land on                           Hedge cutting & Mowing
which the bus station now stands. Her view is that if the                 Planting borders, pruning small trees,
fountain is to be re-sited (again) it should be to Cossack                          Fencing & Patios
Square, near the Solicitors’ office.                                      CHARLES GRAYSON 01453 7665269

  rope store studio gallery
             making their mark
                  a collaboration
          daniel fisher - ceramics
     matthew harris - textiles & drawings
          maggie shaw - paintings
               may 29 to 3 july                                              General Building Contractors
         wednesday - saturday 11am - 5pm
 open discussion with the three artists – june 9th                       Specialist in Stone & Listed Buildings
   rope store studio gallery, old market, nailsworth                      Traditional Hydraulic Lime Work
     01453 839440                12           Tel 01453 825948 Mob: 07976 383969
Nailsworth folk: - Norman Phillips                                                       Ruskin Mill
by Mike Brinkworth                                                             Centre for Cultural Development
                                                                    Ruskin Mill is inspired by the work of William Morris, Rudolf Steiner and John Ruskin
Because of his deep-rooted
association with                                                   2 -27 June
Nailsworth, Norman has                                             EXHIBITION:
become one of the town’s                                           A contemporary drawing show by selected artists, both local
                                                                   and national, organised by Lorraine Robbins. This exhibition
most recognisable
                                                                   forms part of Stroud Valleys Open Studios visual arts festival..
personalities. He keeps
himself extremely well                                                              10.30-
                                                                   Saturday 26 June 10.30-12.30
informed on all town and                                           STORYTELLING
local issues by regularly                                          for children (aged 5+) with Allison Cumberbirch
attending Town Council                                             £4 Adults, £3 child, £10 family ticket
Meetings, devoting much                                            Thursday 8 July
of his time to reading in the                                      A YEAR’S WORK
library, and assisting in the Nailsworth Archives. ‘I like to      Ruskin Mill students’ exhibition of art and craft
know what’s happening’, he said. He takes a special interest       Monday 12 July - Friday 15 July
in environmental and conservation issues and is well-              Chris Wood and the String Summer School
known for his enthusiasm for recycling steel and aluminium
                                                                              10– daily:
                                                                   GALLERY: 10– 5 daily
cans. He is also a member of the team that regularly               Regular exhibitions of art, craft and the environment
delivers the Nailsworth News.
                                                                   REGULAR EVENTS: Rag Rugs, Felting, Indigo Dyeing with Margaret
Norman came to live in Glendower, Watledge in 1949; his            Docherty 833320: Plant Dyeing with Marianne van der Tas 762862:
mother had bought the property from her Aunt Helen,                Soapmaking with Jonathon Code 766931: Stonecarving with Greg Tricker 755352:
                                                                   Voice & performance Work with Robin Labron 07977 174758: Community Art Clas-
widow of the poet, W.H. Davies, who had occupied the               ses 833472: Yoga with Chris Hewett 834304: Children’s Storytelling 837537.
house until his death in 1940. In those early days he                          Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, Glos GL6 0LA
remembers a very different Nailsworth with family-run                          Tel: 01453 837537    
stores, a busy railway station yard, a clock on stilts and a            Please use car park at HORSLEY MILL or public parking.
garage in Fountain Street, six town pubs, and two-way                      Evening & weekends please use DIPPLES car park.
                                                                        see web site for full listing of events:
traffic passing through Market Street (much of Old Market
was still in private use). Since then, he has witnessed all its    Nailsworth Library displays the town’s only permanent
many changes, but happily admits that he wouldn’t want to          memorial to W.H.Davies. This beautiful tinted
live anywhere else.                                                limewood relief panel was especially carved by
As a great nephew of W. H.                                         sculptor David John for the W. H. Davies Evening
Davies, he has often been                                          held in September 1990 to commemorate the 50th
consulted about the poet’s life                                    anniversary of the poet’s death. During that very
and has contributed a number                                       special evening celebration of poetry, music and
of items to the town archive                                       narration, David presented the panel to Nailsworth
collection. He especially                                          Civic Society, who received it on behalf of the people
remembers being a guest of                                         of Nailsworth. The question then arose ‘where could it
honour at the unveiling of the                                     be safely housed for the maximum number of local
W. H. Davies sculpture in                                          residents to see it?’
Newport, Monmouthshire in                                          The library, a literary resource and a central location
1990 commemorating the 50th                                        and meeting place, became the obvious choice,
anniversary of his death.                                          particularly when the idea was so warmly welcomed
Each week he takes part in                                         by the staff there.
three distinctly different kinds of church meeting. At the         It has proved to be the ideal site.
Friends’ Meeting House he experiences quiet meditation
and silent worship, whilst at Christ Church he shares in                                           COACHING
                                                                                Need to gain clarity and a fresh perspective?
readings and discussions with the Bible Study Group. In
complete contrast to these gentle, contemplative activities,                  Are there hidden aspects to your work problem?

he greatly enjoys the Stroud Christian Fellowship meetings                        Want to find a way forward that suits you?
with their joyous and exuberant music making and song. He
quietly boasts that, ‘By attending more than one church, I          If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, contact
meet a wider range of fellow -christians’.                                         Helen Wade at
Sadly, Glendower Cottage now awaits essential repairs and           Monkswood Associates
Norman is housed in temporary accommodation. He looks
forward to returning home when the work has been                    Tel 01453.835263 Email
completed.                                                    13
                                                                                   Email for free monthly e-newsletter
 Our monthly theme page.
 This month we look at Solicitors, Accountants and all those people in the
 town who deal with our financial affairs.
 So far this year we’ve looked at such diverse themes as Fitness (Feb), practical services, like gardening (March), the
 Festival(April) and places to stay (May). If you’ve been left out this month please let us know and we’ll mention you in
 the next issue.

                                   Clive Barlow
                                   is at Wheelwrights Corner.
                                   He’s an Accountancy & Taxation Consultant.
                                   Tel/Fax: 835351.

                                   John Berry Insurance Services
                                This is a firm of Insurance Brokers, represented
                                here by Paul Lennard. He’ll give you
                                independent advice and, despite his address,
                                we’re sure he’ll give you peace of mind.
                                He’s at Frustration House in Market Street.
                                Tel: 834800. Fax: 835848
Clive Barlow outside his office
Nailsworth Accountancy & Tax Centre
This firm which deals with accountancy and Tax matters is in the Town Hall.
They specialise in helping small businesses and they’re very much
community based. They’re open from 9am to 8pm.                                                    Paul Lennard
Tel: 835050
Fax: 836683
                                                        Photographs by Martin Stone
                                                       Edward Jones Investments
                                                       is in Fountain Street.

                                                       Liz O’Dell, their Investment
                                                       Representative offers friendly
                                                       individual advice.

                                                       She has taken on the useful role of
                                                       getting local professional women
                                                       to meet and get to know each
                                                       other.                                        Liz O’Dell
     Mike Jeffries (Director), Emma Mills (Director)   Tel: 836151
           & Clare Allway (Office Manager)             Fax: 836140          Email:
       of Nailsworth Accountancy & Tax Centre

         Extending a warm welcome to old
           and new clients and their pets                               Hobbs House bakery/café
                                                                          The things I love about Nailsworth
                                                                            Number 16:
              THE VETERINARY CLINIC                                              “Vital, small unique shops
 OLD MARKET PLACE, NAILSWORTH TEL: 834930                                  Williams & Hobbs top of a great pile.”
      Full 24 hour emergency hospital facilities at
 The Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital, Wallbridge, Stroud                         Ed Zactly            Bussage
   (01453) 752555
                               Anne Hester is an                      Community Spot by Stella Knight
                               independent financial adviser.
                               She’ll help you with mortgage          A.E. Smith & Son is a long established firm,
                               and other financial matters. She’s     founded nearly 200 years ago. Today it is a
                               independent and has been in            thriving three-Partner practice with offices in
                               business for 25 years & doing          Nailsworth and Stroud. Caroline James is the
                               mortgages for the last twenty.         Partner at Stokescroft, Cossack Square.
                               Open 5 days a week and out of
                                                                      A.E. Smith is justifiably
                               hours by appointment. You’ll
                                                                      proud of its excellent
                               find her office at 10, Bridge          reputation and
                               Street & although the shop is          professional,
                               well-labelled                          experienced staff. The
                               the pretty                             legal team comprises
                               antique sign                           three Partners
                               carries the                            supported by three
name of a predecessor.                                                Assistant Solicitors. A
 Tel: 839286                                                          further two Assistant
Fax: 839289                                   Anne Hester’s shop      Solicitors are being
email:          with its antique       recruited.
                                                hanging sign          Within its range of
Sutton Dipple                                                                                          Caroline James
This is a firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered                legal services the firm
                                                                      has developed four important specialist
                                                                      departments of expertise: Education Law, Family
Their services cover everything from Income Tax to Savings,
                                                                      Law, Crime and Commercial Property. The
Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax and all sorts of related             remainder of the portfolio includes Domestic
matters.                                                              Property, Probate (including Wills and Trusts) and
They’re at                                                            general Civil Litigation, including Employment.
8, Wheelwright’s Corner, Old Market.
Tel: 833060 Fax: 833070.                                                     The firm is competent to advise on local and
Email                                                                        national issues and is known to give clear, and                                                practical advice. It is regarded highly within
their website is                                                             the local communities and a particular                                                    strength is its ability to offer a personal and
                                                                             flexible service, which is evidenced by
ACP Solutions                                                                enjoying lasting relationships with many of
Accounting & Computing                                                       its clients.
Services offer a complete
                                                                             An extension to the firm’s premises in
modern approach to
                                                                             Stroud was completed last year. This
accounting.                                                                  provides additional offices and will allow
All work is supervised or                                                    room for future expansion.
undertaken by professionally            Tim Dipple & Ian Sutton
qualified Chartered Accountants.                                      Tel: 832566
They also sell the accounts package, Sage.                            Fax: 835441
Tel: 834883                                                           Email:
Fax:835824        Email:            

Co - op Community Dividend Scheme
A minimum of 1% of the Society’s profits are returned              Abbeyfield House offers comfortable, secure and affordable
     to benefit the local community through the                    accommodation for active elderly people. So are you-
           Community Dividend Scheme.                                     Tired of preparing your own meals?
                                                                         Would you like more companionship?
    If you think a project you know of could qualify
                                                                        Want to live as part of a caring family?
               for a grant of up to £1,000,
         Call 01865 256235 for more information.                             Why not think of joining us?
                                                                   To find out about possible vacancies please ring us.
                                                                     Abbeyfield House, Nailsworth. 01453 834987
Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester
                                                           15               Industrial & Provident Society 22425R
  What’s On - June. For free listing ring                                                         Small Stuff
  Maire Jarman 832933
29 May-3    Making their Mark exhibition at the Studio Gallery.         P/T Secretarial Staff needed. Ian Sutton. 833860.
July        Daniel Fisher, Matthew Harris, Maggie Shaw.
12-13th &   Stroud Open Studios - see page 5.
19-20th                                                                    NAILSWORTH ACCOUNTANCY
1 June-28   ‘Time Out’, exhibition at the Rivers gallery.                & TAX CENTRE IN THE TOWN HALL
         Nailsworth Society Theatregoers. Now booking ‘Blood
                                                                           ACCOUNTANTS TO THE SELF EMPLOYED,
         Brothers’, musical. Cheltenham, 7 Aug, matinee £28.              COMPANY DIRECTORS & THE COMMUNITY
JUNE     ‘Blithe Spirit’, starring Penelope Keith, Malvern, 8 Sept,       OUR ANNUAL FEE IS BASED ON YOUR SALES
         matinee, £22. Further details on Library Notice Board.           Less than £15,000 fee is £50-100; >£30,000-£150; >£40,000-£180;
2 Wed    ‘Rugby, My Home Town’ demonstration by Mrs Jane Fox,              >£60,000-£210; >£75,000-£230; Over £100,000 by negotiation.
         Nailsworth Flower Society, 7pm Town Hall.                      Our Service includes: Self Assessment Tax Returns; Self Employed Accounts;
                                                                         PAYE / Wages Completion; Limited Company Accounts; Limited Company
3 Thurs ‘Four Gloucestershire Poets’, David Walton. Luncheon                Formations; VAT Returns Completion; SAGE & Quickbooks; Manual
         Group, Nailsworth Society. 11.30 at Egypt Mill. Sign up        Bookkeeping; Business Start Up Advice; DTI Loan Guarantee Scheme Reviews.
         on board by Tues 1st.                                                            Mike Jefferies MAAT & Emma Mills
                                                                                  Town Hall, Nailsworth 01453 836683 or 01453 835050
4 Fri    W.I. Country Market. Every Friday, Mortimer Room
7 Mon     ‘Yet More Mediaeval Instruments’, Mark Venn. Ceramics         Nailsworth News Editorial Information
         & Decorative Arts Group, Nailsworth Society 7.30               EDITOR~ Joyce Affleck, 832619 or c/o ‘Not Foxed’
         Mortimer Room.                                                 Bookshop, 2 Market St. Nailsworth or
8 Tues   Nailsworth News Paper Team Meeting. 7pm. Barley Hill.          PHOTOGRAPHS/Asst. Editor ~ Martin Stone 833132
9 Wed    Open discussion with 3 exhibiting artists.                     DEADLINES for copy and advertising: 15th of month
         6pm. Rope Store Gallery.                                       ADVERTS: Copy, payment and queries please to Ann Marshall
10 Thurs Election Day for European Parliament and Stroud District       C/o ‘Just Trading’, 7 Fountain St. Nailsworth or 833857 Sizes: Small:
         Council. Polls open from 7am-10pm.                             9.5 x 3.75 cm: £15 or £42 for 3; Medium: 9.5 x 6 cm: £26 or £75 for 3;
                                                                        Large: 9.5 x 14 cm: £50 if space. Payment to Nailsworth News.
13 Sun   Dunkirk Mill Visitor Centre open 12-4pm £2(1.50).              Photographs in adverts or requests for front page £5 extra.
         Disabled parking available or park at Egypt Mill & walk        POSTAL SUBSCRIPTION: £5/year ~ J. Rowbotham 833110
         along the cycle track. Leaflet & other dates & times from      DISTRIBUTION: organised by Bill Affleck. Please ring 832619
         the Information Centre.                                        with offers of help. Thanks to all 60 splendid volunteer distributors.
14 Mon Nailsworth W.I. 7.30 St.George’s Parish Rooms. New               PAPER MEETING: 7pm Tues 8th June at Barley Hill
         members welcome.
14 Mon ‘Family & House History Hints’, with John Loosely &
         Nigel Paterson. Local History Research Group, Nailsworth
         Society 7.30 Mortimer Room.
15 Tues Town Council Meeting 7pm. Town Hall.
                                                                                        PROVIDING ESSENTIAL PEOPLE
16 Wed Stroud & District Macular Disease Society 3rd Wed each
         month 10.00-12.00 Christ Church.                                 We are now recruiting for applicants seeking a career in the
21 Mon Blood Donor Sessions, 1.30-3.15 & 5-7.15pm.Town Hall.              Finance Sector.
22 Tues Gardening Group coach trip to Iford Manor & Heale                 NEW BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR C£13.5K
         House Gardens. 9am. Car Park. £14.                               Excellent communication skills essential, plus the ability to work
         Barbara Uzzell 872132.                                           to agreed deadlines. Experience in providing helpdesk support.
23 Wed ‘Views around Nailsworth’, a walk led by Cotswold                  For further information: contact Carol (01453) 757951
         wardens, suitable for families. Starts from the Bus Station
                                                                          email:    Stroud House, Russell Street, Stroud GL5 3AN
         at 6pm. 2.5miles, 1.5hours.                                                    Westaff is an employment business
24 Thurs Rambling Group, Nailsworth Society. Meet outside
         Library. See Notice Board for time and details.
26 Sat
27 Sun
         Country Market 9am-1pm in the Mortimer Gardens.
         Sir William Romney’s PTFA Summer Fete.12-4pm.                             KEEP IT LOCAL!
27 Sun   Emerald Tea Time Concert. Christ Church. 3pm.
         £5 in advance. £6 on the door. 821360. See p.5.                                            1 CALL
28 Mon    ‘The Everyman Theatre: Past, Present & Future’, Derek                                   DOES IT ALL!!
         Aldridge. Local Studies Group, Nailsworth Society 7.30
         Mortimer Room.                                                                                 832468
1 JULY ‘Nailsworth Now’, A Town Councillor. Luncheon Group,
         Nailsworth Society. 11.30 at Egypt Mill. Sign up on board              LOOKING FOR WORK?
         by Tues 29th.
5 JULY    ‘Local Pottery’, Lucy Birtles. Ceramics & Decorative                  WE ARE LOOKING FOR
         Arts Group, Nailsworth Society 7.30 Mortimer Room.
7 JULY ‘Steps Along the Way’, demonstration by David Martin,
         Nailsworth Flower Society, 7pm Town Hall.
  Next month’s issue will be for July & August.
            (There will be no Nailsworth News in August)           16          

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