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Inflammation condition of liver is called as Hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis-
There are five types of Hepatitis,
[1] Hepatitis A
[2] Hepatitis B
[3] Hepatitis C
[4] Hepatitis D
[5] Hepatitis E

Causes of Hepatitis-
[1] Hepatitis A Causes
● Contaminated Food and water
● Alcohol.
[2] Hepatitis B Causes
● Sexual contact by Hepatitis B virus infected person.
● Transmitted from infected mother to newborn child
● Transmitted from contact with Hepatitis B virus infected blood, semen, saliva.
[3] Hepatitis C Causes
● Contaminated blood transfusions
● Spread of Hepatitis C from Infected IV needles, Share of Infected person cloths, Share
of toothbrush, shaving blade etc.
[4] Hepatitis D Causes
● Sexual contact by Hepatitis D virus infected person
● Infected IV needles.
[5] Hepatitis E Causes
● Contaminated Food and water
● Malnutrition.

Signs and symptoms of Hepatitis-
● Skin, Eye, Urine is Yellow colour
● Loss of appetite
● Jaundice
● Vomiting
● Fever
● Fatigue
● Light colour stool
● Abdominal Pain

Diagnosis test in Hepatitis-
● Urine Examination
● Blood test
● Liver function test
● X-rays

Prevention of Hepatitis-
● Hepatitis A, B, C is prevent by Vaccination
● Good hygiene
● Avoid Contaminated Food and water
● Avoid Alcohol
● Avoid contaminated blood transfusions
● Avoid unprotected sexual contact

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