Attached-Complaint letter 4.8.2010-1 by ajizai


State Peace and Development Council
Nay Pyi Taw

Date: 4 August 2010

Regarding : To take action against responsible persons who tortured Phyo Wai Aung physically
and mentally to get a confession

                                                        Mrs. Htay Htay, wife of Phyo Wai Aung,
                                                        submits as follows.

     1. The authories intimidated Phyo Wai Aung in various ways, tortured him different ways to
        induce hime to confess. Although Phyo Wai Aung wanted to make complaint about it ti
        the relevant authorities, he was unable to get permission to do so from the prison warden,
        so he had me , his wife, make the complaint that I am making now.
     2. Phyo Wai Aung was arrested on 22-4-2010 after midnight at home and taken to the
        Aungthapyay Interrogation camp for interrogation. Phyo Wai Aung explained but could
        not convince them that he was not among the persons involved in the bombing. Inspector
        Swe Lin intimidated him that “If you die it’s nothing to us, while Police Major Tin Kun
        intimidated him that, “Since all accused have absconded abroad, we will interrogate until
        you can’t take it. We’ll call your family and torture you in front of them”.
     3. Phyo Wai Aung was forced to stand throughout interrogation for two whole days and
        nights with his hands cuffed behind his back. He was forced to sit like jockey and hit and
        kicked in the head; stepped on the crook of the knee and hit with broom; boxed
        simultaneously on both ears; stripped naked and forced to kneel on gravel with arms
        raised; burned on his genitals with lit paper; had hot wax dripped onto his genitals; was
        blindfolded throughout various types of torture; was forced to sit down and stand up
        repeatedly for over an hour at a time; and was forced to stay seated in a chair for five
        days without sleeping. There was no order from a court for him to ve remanded in
     4. Phyo Wai Aung was give various promises as inducement that, ‘Iif you give confession
        we will make the case easy on you”; “You won’t get the death penalty”; “we’ll fix it so
        that you are out after one or two tears’ and “if we get another accused, we will make you
        a state witness”.
     5. As he was afraid for the threats to his life, as he could not longer stand the torture that the
        police officer unceasingly practiced on rotation; and as he believed the various promises
        made as inducement, he agreed to give a confession as they said.
     6. For the three days after he agreed to confess he was fed well and able to sleep well, then
        the officer then made Phyo Wai Aung repeat over and over what to say about the
        bombing. They made him learn by heart the colours of the 3 absconding accused persons’
        clothes. After he had committed everything to memory, then they took him to the location
        of the explosion for reenactment. The police took a record. A police inspector made him
        repeatedly practice his lines until there were no errors, then, “Just say it like that in court,
        and if you say anything wrong, it’s going to hurt”. After that, at 3-5-2010, he was brought
   to Hlaing Township Court. He gave a confession at the court due to fear that he would be
   tortured further.
7. This complaint is for action to be taken ad necessary against the police officer who
   tortured Phyo Wai Aung to force him to give a confession to a crime for which there was
   no eyewitness, circumstantial or supporting evidence and without questioning a single
   person among those whom Phyo Wai Aung identified as alibis as he was with them
   around the time of the crime.
           (1) Police Major Tin Kun
           (2) Inspector Khin Maung Ye
           (3) Inspector Swe Lin
           (4) Sub Inspector Aye Min Naing
           (5) Sub Inspector Aye Kyaw
           (6) Sub Inspector Bo Bo
           (7) Sub Inspector Si Thu and others

8. When on 11-5-2010 Phyo Wai Aung’s mother, Daw Mar Mar Swe and his younger
   brother Htet Wai Aung received permission to visit him in prison for the first time, he
   told them that he was not involved in the bombing, that he had been at work, and that
   there were others who had been with him. For telling this, starting from 12-5-10 for six
   days straight he was denied sleep day and night and again underwent interrogation.
   Inspector Kyaw Sein Win Tun (Win) and unit interrogated him on continuous rotation.
   As the head warden was anxious about Phyo Wai Aung’s health he himself came to
   observe. Inspector Khin Maung told that, “You have the VIPs are watching you. If you
   want to rest easy, don’t hire a lawyer, don’t blow your money”. So this complaint is also
   for action to be taken as necessary against the police officers who came to the prison and
   again interrogated:
           (1) Inspector Khin Maung Ye
           (2) Inspector Kyaw Sein Tun(Win) and those with them

     Ma Htay Htay
     (Wife of Phyo Wai Aung)
     7/KaTaKha(Naing) 075036
     27, 55th Street, Pazundaung Township.
     Ph- 095048524

   Copies sent for action to be taken as necessary to:
1. Prime Ministry, Union of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw
2. Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Nay Pyi Taw
3. Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General, Nay Pyi Taw
4. Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs
5. Secretary, Myanmar Human Rights Group, Director General, General Administration
   Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nay Pyi Taw
6. Office copy

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