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Arthritis is also known as Joint Inflammation.
In this condition lining of the joint, the synovium, becomes inflamed. The inflammation
may cause pain, swelling in affected joint.

Causes of arthritis-
Causes of arthritis is depends upon various type of arthritis.
● Bone fracture
● Bone or Joint dislocation
● Some muscular disorders
● Spondylitis
● Osteoporosis
● Gout
● Obesity
● Diabetes
● Autoimmune disorder

Signs and symptoms of Arthritis-
Signs and symptoms is depends upon various type of arthritis.
Some common symptoms of arthritis is,
● Joint pain
● Joint stiffness
● Swelling
● Joint deformity
● Difficulty in weight bearing activities (Joint movements, Walking, Bending, and
Moving etc.)
● Weakness of the joint
● Redness in affected joint.

Diagnosis test of arthritis-
● Affected Joint X-ray examination
● Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test
● Blood tests (CBC)

Prevention of arthritis-
● Healthy diet
● Regular Exercise
● Yoga

Treatment of arthritis-
Surgical treatment contains Joint replacement, arthroplasty, arthrotomy etc.

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