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									Ubisoft Toronto Core Team Bios

Lesley Phord-Toy – Producer

After spending 4 years in R&D as a software engineer in game development and visual effects,
Lesley moved onto the production floor in 2003 as a gameplay programmer. There, she shaped
her insight of the development of innovative, creative, and top-quality titles; they are truly born
of a collaborative effort from a group of passionate, talented, and diverse people. This insight
motivated her to become a Producer in 2006. Since then, she’s been making team building a
top priority. Having previously collaborated with accomplished partners such as Activision,
Pandemic, and EA, Lesley is thrilled to now be a part of the exceptional team at Ubisoft Toronto.

Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros.

If I could fight any game character, which would it be: Max from Sam and Max Hit the Road

Rima Brek - Head of the Toronto extension of the Technology Group

After completing her studies in Engineering at McGill University, Rima spent a short year
working at Nortel, until she realized she could focus her career on making games! Rima joined
Ubisoft in 1998 where she spent her first few years working on a number of games for children.
She later found her passion in AI programming and worked on titles such as Tom Clancy’s
Rainbow Six Raven Shield and Rainbow Six 3 – Xbox. As lead programmer on Rainbow Six Black
Arrow and Open Season, Rima refocused her efforts on more of a management role. After
spending a year as Programming Development Director for the Montreal studio, she joined the
Ubisoft Technology Group in 2008 as a Middleware Engineering Manager. The teams under her
responsibility develop and support technology used to make games across numerous Ubisoft

Favorite Game: World of Warcraft

If I could fight any game character, which would it be: Mitsurugi from the Soul Calibur Series
Jade Raymond – Managing Director

Jade Raymond is the head of Ubisoft’s new Toronto studio, and is perhaps best known as the
Producer of Assassins’ Creed and Executive Producer of Assassins’ Creed II. Well, maybe Jade’s
not best known for Assassins’ in some of the danker corners of game fandom, but hey, thanks to
Jade’s incredible team, Assassins’ is the fastest selling original IP in video game in history – The
franchise has sold over 17 million copies and counting and Assassins’II is widely regarded as one
of the best games of 2010. Jade got her start in games at IBM and Microsoft, while she was
studying Computer Science at McGill, and took her first full time job in the game industry at
Sony Online where she was lead programmer on titles such as Jeopardy! Online and got to start
up SOE’s first R&D team. After Sony, Jade was recruited by EA/Maxis to be a Producer on The
Sims Online. Jade likes long walks on the beach, unicorns, and poking dead things with a stick.

Maxime Béland – Creative Director

The Creative Director for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell : Conviction, Maxime Beland has been
designing games for Ubisoft Montreal since 2000. He began his career at Ubi as a game tester in
1998 before becoming designer on the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, ultimately serving as
Creative Director for the award-winning Rainbow Six : Vegas. Most recently, he was Game
Design Director on the bestselling Assassin’s Creed. Maxime is now joining Ubisoft Toronto as a
Creative Director on their first project, the next instalment in the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Favorite Game: Half-Life series

If I could fight any game character, which would it be: Tingle from The Legend of Zelda series

Alexandre Parizeau – Senior Producer

Alex Parizeau joined Ubisoft in 2005 as the Producer for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas. Prior
to that, Alex produced licensed-based titles at A2M, working in partnership with Warner Bros,
Take 2 and THQ. Alex has over 10 years of experience in the game industry and a broad range of
experience within the game production pipeline starting from his early roots in QA and game
design. He just finished his duty as the Producer for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction and
now joins Ubisoft Toronto as the Senior Producer on their first project, the next instalment in
the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell franchise.

Favorite Game: Grim Fandango

If I could fight any game character, which would it be: King Hippo from Punch-Out!

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