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									Custom Neon Sign

                                                                             September 21, 2012

                                                                              Contact: 855 636 6533

                                      Custom Neon Sign
    Neon and more providing the best service and products catalog at lowest cost with full information
                          according to selected product for their customers.

Welcome to the Neon & More Store we are currently updating our product catalog. If some product
images are not showing or you have a question about a sign. Please call 855-NEON-LED (855-636-
6533) for answers to your questions

Neon signs are available to purchase from the different online sources and even from the local
dealers. If you search for the signs online, you can find the many selections of sign in different
styles, designs and colors. You can also opt for custom neon signs if you want to personalize
the sign. Customizing the sign will give you the chance to choose the colors, decide for the style
and design of the sign. It will be your simple way to promote your business.

Neon Clocks come in several different designs. These are great for gifts or to enhance the look
of your business. They are made with a ring of hand blown neon tubing inside the clock. Each
clock comes with a power supply for you neon light. All Clocks use a standard wall outlet. The
quartz clock movement is powered by 1 AA battery which is not included. The neon clocks have
glass faces and feature black or chrome finished, multi-tiered art deco style rims.

About Us: Neon & More works hard to ensure that our relationship with our customers lasts as
long as our signs! Not only do our employees care about your satisfaction so does the owner, if
there is ever an issue that you do not feel like is being resolved in a timely and professional
matter please contact!

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