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					                        AP General Rubric for Timed Writings

Characteristics of an 8 or 9:
 Answers all parts of the question while displaying original thinking; a mind at work
 Supports ideas with apt and specific references to the text (shows and tells)
 Displays stylistic maturity, with an effective command of sentence structure, diction,
   and organization (no usage errors)
 Essay is interesting, even exciting to read

Characteristics of a 7:
 Answers all parts of the question with excellent insight
 Less precise, less thorough, or less convincing than the best papers
 Well written and appropriate style, but with less sophistication than top essays

Characteristics of a 5 or 6:
 Answers the question competently
 Demonstrates the ability to express ideas clearly, but has some lapses in diction or
   syntax. (A few minor usage errors)
 Demonstrates an ability to analyze a literary work, but may reveal a less insightful or
   a more limited understanding than the best papers
 May contain minor flaws in interpretation
 Statements are supported by relevant evidence, but with less specificity or
   effectiveness than upper level essays (tells, but doesn’t always show)

Characteristics of a 3 or 4:
 Addresses portions of the question, but makes somewhat superficial or inaccurate
 Supporting evidence may be somewhat vague or unpersuasive (tells more than
 May misinterpret significant parts of the literary work or blur its meaning
 The writing is sufficient to convey the writer’s ideas, but suggests weak control over
   diction, syntax, or organization
 May contain recurrent stylistic flaws, grammatical errors, or misspellings
 Organization may be evident, but it may not be fully realized or particularly effective

Characteristics of a 1 or 2:
 Compounds the weaknesses of the 3-4 essays
 Either ignores the question or significantly misreads the literature
 Generally, unacceptably brief or poorly written on several accounts
 Attempts to respond to the question and may make some accurate observations about
   the literature, but supplies little or no evidence for the assertions (tells only)
 Reveals consistent weaknesses in grammar or another of the basic elements of

Note: An extremely well-written essay may be graded one point higher than it would
ordinarily deserve.

September 20, 2012

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