TOSSUPS – SOUTH FLORIDA                                   SWORD BOWL 2005 -- UT-CHATTANOOGA
Questions by USF’s Nick Brata, Steve Brown, Pete Kahn, Anthony Napolitano, Kim O’Berry, Scott Pierce, Ahmad
Ragab, and Chip Thomas with help from Williams College

1.      In explaining the motives behind the writing of this novel, its author claimed, “I condemn slavery, I banish
poverty, I teach ignorance, I treat disease, I lighten the night, and I hate hatred. That is what I am, and that is why…”
Written in 1862 to immense popular success, the work begins in 1815. Memorable characters include the Thenardiers,
Fantine, Cosette, and the relentless Inspector Javert. FTP name this story about the moral redemption of Jean Valjean,
written by Victor Hugo.
        Answer:          Les Miserables

2.      “G.R.S.” “W.M.B.” “R.B.T.” “Ysobel.” “R.P.A.” “Troyte.” “H.D.S.-P.” “C.A.E.” The finale, “E.D.U.” The
intermezzo, “Dorabella.” The initial “Andante.” And the famous #9, “Nimrod.” These are all eponymous movements
from – for 10 points – what themeless work by Sir Edward Elgar?
        Answer:         Enigma Variations

3.      Due to its relatively low silica content it has a low viscosity. Common mineral variants include olivine, pyroxene,
and plagioclase. It is an iron-rich mafic rock, created extrusively unlike its silica-rich counterpart granite. FTP name this
most common igneous rock that makes up most of the sea floor, which despite its name contains little sodium and no
        Answer:            basalt

4.        The only court case to address it primarily was Engblom v. Carey in 1982. In that case, the AFL-CIO had called
for a strike of New York correctional officers. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals incorporated the amendment
addressing this to apply to the states under the 14th Amendment, and held that, like the 4th Amendment, the Amendment in
question applied whenever there was a “legal right to exclude others”, rather than only when ownership is involved. FTP,
what is this activity, prohibited in peacetime by the Third Amendment, except with consent?
          Answer:         Quartering troops (accept equivalents, and prompt on third amendment before it is read)

5.      The late Ross Martin was a co-star of the original television series, while Polly Prissy Pants and Clyde Frog
participate in Eric Cartman's spoof. In this film, "Bloodbath" McGrath, played by Ted Levine, is originally held to be
responsible for a gruesome decapitation---which is NOT committed by an absent Dr. Miguelito. Its smash hit single
featured Dru Hill and its original artist, Kool Moe Dee. A steam-powered spider travels from Utah to Washington and a
crippled Confederate inventor terrorizes President Grant in, FTP, what 1999 comedy starring Selma Hayek, Kevin Kline,
and Will Smith?
        Answer: Wild Wild West

6.       In this irreverent tale, an initiation is flunked because a wooden idol is mistaken for a god. Noisy ball playing
gives the rather obtuse gods a headache. Twins descend to the depths of the netherworld, but return unscathed, achieving
their salvation by flouting Divine Authority. Francisco Ximénez's translated copy was discovered in Guatemala City by de
Bourbourg and Scherzer in 1854. Lewis Spence translated these "Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kichés" into English in
1908. The Lords of Xibalba, the Maya underworld, fail to frighten humanity in, FTP, what tale of Hunahpu and
Ixbalanque, a "Book of Community" that contains the sacred traditions of the Quiche Maya?
         Answer:           the Popol Vuh

7.       At least two board games share this name, one by Eric Solomon in 1977, and one by Augustine Carreno in 1994,
as well as a song on the ‘b’ album by Moxy Fruvous. Shannon’s definition of it can determine the minimum channel
capacity required to reliably transmit a digitally encoded source, from the Greek word for transformation, introduced by
Clausius in 1865 it FTP it can be defined as the amount of energy in a system that cannot be used for work also according
to the 3rd of Thermodynamics as a system approaches absolute zero it a quantification of disorder approaches a constant.
         Answer:          entropy
8.      This poet was made for his career. A direct descendant of Anne Bradstreet , his experiences with tragedy,
poverty, and public disregard made him the stereotype for the lonely, struggling genius. His first book The Torrent and
the Night Before was published at his own expense. It was his second book however that introduced his residents of
Tilbury Town. FTP who is this 20th century American poet who is best known for “How Annandale Went Out”,
“Miniver Cheevy”, and “Richard Cory”?
        Answer:          Edward Arlington Robinson

9.       An aggravating factor was a reluctance to pull troops out of Manchuria. Though one of the warring nation’s staff
officers had worn leather only armor twenty years before the conflict began, that did not stop them from using machine
guns and howitzers to eventually take Port Arthur. FTP name this war, whose most famous battle naval battle is
Tsushima [Two SHE ma], and which is named for the two Asiatic powers involved.
         Answer:        The Russo-Japanese War

10.     Born in Johnson City, New York, this writer was raised in North Carolina and currently resides in France. He was
introduced to America in 1992 with his radio essay "The Santaland diaries". Today, he occasionally reads essays on "This
American Life". FTP name this gay author, whose sister Amy starred on the TV show "Strangers With Candy”, and who
wrote several books including Barrel Fever, Holidays on Ice, and Me Talk Pretty One Day.
        Answer:         David Sedaris

11.     A modern version of this program was reported as the third most popular development language. Its inventors
meant for it to be a stepping stone to more powerful languages such as Fortran and ALGOL. It was first implemented on
the G.E. 225 platform by its inventors Kemeny and Kurtz at Dartmouth College in 1964. FTP name this language with
update quick and visual versions, a Basic All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
        Answer:           BASIC [accept Basic All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code before it’s said]

12.       The man who it would eventually be named after, had named it for the Governor of Batavia. The French were the
first to land here, and named Marion Bay on the east coast after their leader Marion du Fresne. But the British were the
first to colonize across the river from its eventual capital, Hobart. In 1856 it took its current name, 31 years after
separating from New South Wales and becoming its own colony. FTP name this Australian state, formerly known as Van
Diemen’s Land and home to its eponymous Devil.
          Answer:          Tasmania

13.     This author had polio as a child and it left his left leg lame. Immensely popular in his day, he tried to stretch his
range with a novel of manners, St. Ronan’s Well (1824), but it was poorly received and he went back to the historical
genre he’d helped define. FTP, name this Scottish author of Kenilworth, Rob Roy, and Ivanhoe.
        Answer:         Sir Walter Scott

14.     Its chemical formula is C13H10N2O4. Currently, it is being tested as an antineoplastic agent, as a TNF inhibitor for
advanced HIV-related diseases, and as a cure for leprosy. Synthesized in Germany in 1953, it was marketed around the
world as a sleeping aid and, tragically, as an antiemetic for pregnant women. FTP, name this drug which caused
deformities and early mortality in 12,000 fetuses before being removed from the market.
        Answer:          Thalidomide

15.      It was briefly given responsibility for wagering laws in the 1970's, though that duty was soon returned to its
parent agency, the IRS. A 1982 act authorized this agency to investigate commercial arson nationwide because of its
proven ability to demonstrate arson in court. Organized crime activity during the 1920's led to federal legislation in 1934
giving the Miscellaneous Tax Unit of Internal Revenue, folded into this division in 1952, oversight of its third namesake
product, as gangsters were likely to carry guns when violating Prohibition. FTP, name this Federal bureau, transferred to
the Justice Department from Treasury as part of 2002's Homeland Security Act.
         Answer:          Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

16.      Its creator was disappointed that the Russian translation had not turned its language into an Anglicized Russian.
"Litso" is face, and "Staja" is the state jail in its language of Nadsat, while “gulliver” means head, “horrorshow” means
good and "in-out", we hope, needs no explanation. FTP, name this book in which Alex and his droogs terrorize the
populace, written by Anthony Burgess and adapted to film by Stanley Kubrick
         Answer:           A Clockwork Orange
17.      This man was the first person to receive a PhD from the California Institute of Technology. After working out
"most of the fundamental problems connected with the chemical bond," he discovered that the hemoglobin in veins is
attracted to magnets while the hemoglobin in arteries is repelled by magnets. This led to his work with the hydrogen
bonding in proteins and the discovery of their structure, though he may be more familiar to the layman as an advocate of
the health benefits of vitamin C. FTP name this chemist, the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes in different
categories -- one for Chemistry and one for Peace.
         Answer:          Linus Carl Pauling

18.      The fourth was the last monarch to appoint a prime minister contrary to the will of Parliament. The second was
nicknamed “Rufus” due to his red face, and his brother was a major player in the first Crusade. The third, after the 1689
abdication of his uncle, was the only king to rule Great Britain jointly with his wife. FTP, name this name of British
kings, first and most famously identified with a Norman conqueror.
         Answer:         William

19. His artistic roots are diverse, traveling to Venice, Rome, and Spain. He painted such works as Veronica, Madonna
and Child with St. Martina and St. Agnes, and Laocoon. Born in Crete as Domenicos Theotokopoulos FTP, name this
Mannerist painter most famous for The Burial of Count Orgaz and View of Toledo.
        Answer:            El Greco [or Domenikos Theotokopoulos]

20.     A supporter of monarchy, his mistrust of democracy is evidenced in his quote, “[he] would rather obey one lion
than 200 rats of his own species.” Author of such poems as the Henriade, and Pucelle , he also composed plays such as
Brutus, Erphile and Zaire, as well as a Treatise on Metaphysics . Highly critical of his peers in a letter to Jean-Jacques
Rousseau, after reading an early copy of “Ode to Posterity,” he commented, “I do not think this poem will reach its
intended destination.” Born Francois-Marie Arouet, FTP give the pen name of the author of Candide.
        Answer:          Voltaire [accept Francois-Marie Arouet before it’s read, but look at them balefully]

21.      A button containing its name may be found on large TV’s. In thermodynamics, it can refer to the ratio of specific
heat at constant pressure to the specific heat at constant volume. As a function, it represents the generalization of the
factorial to non-integer numbers. Also associated with the third major type of radiation, usually requiring lead to block it,
FTP, name the third letter of the Greek alphabet.
         Answer:          Gamma

22.      The University of South Florida has adopted its general design to map out the basement of their student center,
while Albus Dumbledore has a scar of this imprinted on his knee. Its name can be confusing as it refers to the entire mass
transit system, not just their subway. Mind the Gap FTP what is the name of this quickest mode of travel from the Tower
to the Royal Observatory over the Thames River.
         London Underground [prompt on subway before stated]

23.     Born in Minnesota, he contracted polio at a young age, though he was nursed back to health. His father a
Presbyterian minister in Washington State died when he was only six. His family impoverished for most of his young life
is perhaps why he considered him self a voice of the poor and powerless on the Court. A brilliant student at Columbia
Law he was disappointed when he was unable to obtain a clerkship with Harlan Fiske Stone whom he later served with on
the Court. Author of such works as Go East Young Man, FTP name this longest serving member some 36 years, 7 months
and 25 days on the Supreme Court.
        Answer:                 William O. Douglas
BONI – SOUTH FLORIDA                                      SWORD BOWL 2005 -- UT-CHATTANOOGA
Questions by USF’s Nick Brata, Steve Brown, Pete Kahn, Anthony Napolitano, Kim O’Berry, Scott Pierce, Ahmad
Ragab, and Chip Thomas with help from Williams College

1.       Given a verse from the NIV Bible, name the book that it is from, FTSNOP:
5: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have
eternal life.”
         Answer:         John
5: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth.”
         Answer:         Genesis
10: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
         Answer:         Romans
10: “So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
         Answer:         Revelation

2.       Identify the Stephen Crane work FTPE:
Critics say this short story showed the shift between the wild West and the modern taming. The color of the sand and a
set of footprints are two of the images the reader is left with.
         Answer:           "Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"
This work is set in the middle of winter in a small town during a blizzard; the titular building is where the Swede dies.
         Answer:           "The Blue Hotel"
In this novel, Civil War soldier Henry Fleming wrestles with his fears but finally receives the title object.
         Answer:           "The Red Badge of Courage"

3.      Given an opera, name the composer FTPE:
a) Madame Butterfly
        Answer:         Giacomo Puccini
b) Porgy and Bess
        Answer:         George Gershwin
c) Amahl and the Night Visitors
        Answer:         Gian-Carlo Menotti

4.       Name these scientists important in the field of electricity FTPE.
(10) This Italian is typically credited with the discovery of biological electricity when he touched a charged scalpel to a
frog nerve, causing its leg to kick.
         Answer:          Luigi Galvani
(10) This peer and intellectual adversary of Galvani developed the first chemical battery. The unit of electrical potential is
named in honor of him.
         Answer:          Alessandro Volta
(10) The unit of magnetic flux density is named for this Croatian-American, who pioneered the induction motor and
alternating current.
         Answer:          Nikola Tesla

5.      Answer these questions about WWII Battles FTPE:
(10)This battle beginning in June of 1942 resulted in the total loss of nearly 2 million causalities, but the Axis powers
never fully took the city now known as Volgograd.
        Answer:           Stalingrad
(10) The D-Day invasion, or rather the whole Battle of Normandy, was given this codename by the Allies.
        Answer:           Operation Overlord
(10) The 1944 Ardennes Offensive more popularly known as this was the last major German offensive on the Western
Front. Though ultimately unsuccessful, it id exact a cost in men and resources from the Allies.
        Answer:           Battle of the Bulge

6. Forget about the variant versions like the Simpsons edition, even if it is funny to see Smithers in a maid outfit. FFPE,
name the weapons in the original game of Clue. You have 15 seconds to begin your answer.
  Answers: Rope, Revolver (grudgingly accept “pistol”, prompt on "gun"), Lead Pipe, Candlestick, Wrench, Knife
7.       Name the literary families on a 10-5 basis:
a) (10) Lower-class parents John and Joan have two children, Abraham and the title character, and live in the village of
Marlott, home of Rolliver’s pub.
   (5) Upon discovering that they’re descended from aristocracy, John begins calling himself “Sir John” and his daughter
Tess goes off to her relatives’ mansion, The Chase.
         Answer:           d’Urberville or Durbeyfield
b) (10) Those marrying into this family include Fred Baer, Theodore Lawrence, and John Brooke.
    (5) Fred marries Jo, Theodore marries Amy, and John marries Meg.
         Answer:           March
c) (10) Polish Catholic dad John Paul and Mormon mother Theresa plan to break the two-child limit even before the
International Fleet asks them to have a third.
   (5) The first child, Peter, is a political mastermind, while Valentine becomes a commentator and historian. Andrew,
better known as Ender, is a military genius.
         Answer:           Wiggin

8.       Identify these chemistry terms having to do with solutions FTPE:
a) This term refers to the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent.
         Answer:          Molality
b) This term refers to the number of moles of solute per liter of solution.
         Answer:          Molarity
c) This is the molarity of extra hydrogen atoms in a solution of water.
         Answer:          pH

9.       Given a description name the British PM FTPE.
(10) Made Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1715, this Whig became the Britain’s first Prime Minister
         Answer:         Robert Walpole
(10) An accomplished writer, he published some dozen novels including Endymion in 1880. This Tory was responsible
for a great number of social reform acts and was instrumental in limiting Russia influence in the Balkans
         Answer:         Benjamin Disraeli
(10) He’s best known for a declaration he made after his tenure as Prime Minister. As Foreign Secretary in the cabinet of
a later PM, David Lloyd George, he promised the creation of a Zionist state in Palestine.
         Answer:         Arthur Balfour

10.      Name the psychologist from clues FTPE:
a. He developed the Psychosexual Stages of Development, wrote The Interpretation of Dreams, and created the ridiculous
concept of Penis Envy.
         Answer:         Sigmund Freud
b. This psychologist, considered the father of behaviorism, made poor Little Albert be afraid of a white rat, and other furry
things. (What a meanie)
         Answer:         John B. Watson
c.In his experiment at Yale, later summarized in his book Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, participants
were told to shock patients who answered problems incorrectly. 65 percent of participants administered what they
believed to be 450 volt shocks.
         Answer:         Stanley Milgram

11.     Identify the following marsupials on a 5-10-15 basis:
(5) Found only in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia, it looks like a cuddly children's toy.
        Answer:           koala
(10) A burrowing marsupial native to Australia and Tasmania, its teeth grow continuously, and it has long claws that are
used for digging.
        Answer:           wombat
(15) Distinguished from all other marsupials by the presence of fused toes on the hind legs, used for grooming, it has
many incisor teeth, and lives in New Guinea and Indonesia as well as Australia and certain video games.
        Answer:           bandicoot
12.      FTPE answer the following questions about Beelzebub’s favorite novel, Lord of the Flies:
Who wrote it?
         Answer:        William Golding
This blonde-haired main character was the leader of the civilized outcasts.
         Answer:        Ralphie
This fat bespectacled boy was killed after being knocked off a mountain by a rock
         Answer:        Piggy

13.     Obligatory identify-the-Civil-War-battle bonus, 5-5-10-10
a) One day after Meade’s victory at Gettysburg, Grant captured this port, gaining control of the Mississippi River
        Answer:           Vicksburg
b) In one day of fighting at this September 1862 battle by Sharpsburg, Maryland, McClellan and Lee’s forces suffered a
combined 23,000 casualties, leading to an inconclusive result but a strategic Union advantage
        Answer:           Antietam
c) Ambrose Burnside’s brief term as head of the Union forces is best known for his loss at this December 1862 battle,
leading to his retreat across Rappahannock River.
        Answer:           Fredericksburg
d) Grant’s worst mistake during the war was sending his men straight into Lee’s artillery at this final major battle of the
Overland campaign, where he took 7,000 casualties in a half-hour.
        Answer:           Cold Harbor

14. Given a poorly-acted Keanu Reeves role, which doesn’t exactly narrow it down much, name the movie, 5-10-20-30:
(A) Kevin Lomax
        Answer:        The Devil's Advocate
(B) Johnny Utah
        Answer:        Point Break
(C) Jack Traven
        Answer:        Speed
(D) Jonathan Harker
        Answer:        Bram Stoker's Dracula

15.     Answer these questions about early American painters FTPE:
a) Although he was born in America, he spent most of his career in the UK, becoming famous for such paintings as
“Death of General Wolfe.”
        Answer:           Benjamin West
b) This artist’s ubiquitous portrait of George Washington can be found on the $1 bill.
        Answer:           Gilbert Stuart
c) This artist’s famous painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence adorns the back of the $2 Bill.
        Answer:           John Trumbull

16.     Sophocles's Antigone has six named characters, in addition to a guard, two messengers, and a Theban chorus.
 OK, so one of them is obviously Antigone. FTPE name any three of the other five. You have 10 seconds.
        Answers:        any 3 of: Ismene, Creon, Eurydice, Haemon, Teiresias

17.      Time to convert your Olympians from Greek to Roman. Give the Roman equivalent FFPE:
         Answer:         Jupiter
         Answer:         Juno
         Answer:         Mars
         Answer:         Vesta
      Answer:            Apollo (Phoebos)
      Answer:            Diana
18.      Answer questions about African atrocities FTP each.
(A) After the Biafra war, General Gowon of this nation offered surprisingly mild terms to surviving rebels...when he was
able to locate any.
         Answer: Nigeria
(B) The USSR financed and armed advisers from Cuba and shipped them here in 1975, where they propped up an
unpopular regime. The U.S. backed the UNITA rebels led by Jonas Savimbi. Both sides did a lot of killing.
         Answer: Angola
(C) In 1963, Rwanda's Hutus slaughtered 10,000 unfortunates from this rival tribe.
         Answer: Tutsis

19.      Types of scattering FTPE.
(10) This type of scattering occurs when light passes through a medium where the particles in the medium are smaller
than the wavelength and hence explains why the sky is blue.
         Answer:           Rayleigh Scattering
(10) Showing that light cannot be fully explained by the wave-model of light this type of scattering occurs when a photon
interacts with a material with free electrons and due to the high energy of the photon an electron is ejected and the photon
is also displaced in a different direction with a lower energy.
         Answer:           Compton Scattering
(10)This type of scattering, observed in 1911 when a beam of alpha-particles was shot at layers of gold leaf, revealed the
existence of a small positive nuclei surrounded by negative charges in the atom and discredited the plum-pudding model.
         Answer:           Rutherford or Coulomb Scattering

20.     Name these economic terms, ten points each
a) A good for which demand decreases as the price of the good goes up
        Answer:        A superior good
b) A good for which demand increases as the price of the good goes up
        Answer:        A inferior good
c) A good whose demand curve is upward-sloping
        Answer:        A Giffen good

21.     Name that Chinese dynasty FTPE
Lasting from 618 to 907, this period was a golden age of literature, including the poets Li Po and Tu Fu.
        Answer:        Tang
Lasting from 1368 to 1644, this period is noted for its vast military and impressive pottery.
        Answer:        Ming
This dynasty conquered all of China in 1644 and ruled until 1912, when Henry Pu Yi was deposed by Sun Yat Sen
        Answer:        Qing or Manchu

22.      Given an instrument, identify it as a brass, woodwind, string, or percussion instrument F5PE or 30 for all 5:
a. Oboe
         Answer:        Woodwind
b. French Horn
         Answer:        Brass
c. Vibraphone
         Answer:        Percussion
d. Viola
         Answer:        String
e. Piano
         Answer:        Percussion OR String (accept either answer)

23.      30-20-10 Identify the Company
30       This company has worked with Interplay Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, and Bioware Corp.
20       Dealing with Forgotten Realms, It has dealt with the Sword Coast and Icewind Dale. Its logo is a mountain in
front of a sea of water with the mountain being struck by lightning.
10       Familiar Series Titles include Baldurs Gate 1, 2, and 3; and Icewind Dale 1 and 2.
         Answer:         Black Isle Studios

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