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Assignment - Career Fair 3


									Every Cooperative Education student is required to present an audio-visual presentation outlining the experiences they
have encountered during their Coop placement. This presentation must contain a visual display of their placement that
is attractively presented on a tri-fold display board. This pictorial presentation may contain photographs, pamphlets,
written work, graphs, diagrams, video or any other form of visual aid that you choose.

In addition to the pictorial display, you will be required to orally highlight your experiences at this placement. This
presentation should focus on your personal growth, career knowledge and experiences while working in the Coop

Your presentation will be evaluated on the content, delivery and use of audio-visual materials. The Career Fair
presentation format is a whole-school event where all C.C.S.S. students are invited to view the display. Your Coop
teachers will circulate, during the event, and evaluate you on your display and placement knowledge. Remember, you
are practicing your communication skills, which are vital in selling yourself in the real work world.

The teacher-evaluation portion of your presentation should address the following issues: (These are meant to be a
guideline for you to use. You may address any other aspects of your placement that you feel are noteworthy.)

       State the name/location of your placement.
       Name your supervisor and co-workers.
       Name any additional people that you feel were significant at your placement.
       State the nature and function of the employer’s business/operation. What responsibilities does this business
        have to the City of Bowmanville (or surrounding area)?
       Describe your duties and responsibilities as a Cooperative Education student placed with your employer.
        Discuss your first day experiences and how, through experiences, your duties changed in the workplace.
       What special skills, knowledge and education are required and/or beneficial for this placement? What skills
        were you able to bring to this placement?
       How did other employees react to you as a Cooperative Education student?
       What post-secondary education is required for employment in this career area?
       Describe any benefits that you can about this type of career? (i.e. salary, job security, health benefits, vacation
        allowances, advancement opportunities etc.).
       What are the job prospects for the next 5 to 10 years in this career area?
       Do you intend to pursue a career in the area of your Coop placement? If yes, what is your next step in pursuing
        this career? If no, why have you decided against this career and what career are you thinking of pursuing.
       What personal benefits did you receive from your Coop experience?
       What role did your supervisor play in the success of your placement?
       What type of recommendation would you provide for future students who may wish to do their Coop placement
        with your employer?

This career fair presentation will take place in the Library or Main Foyer (T.B.A.) at C.C.S.S. The morning and afternoon
classes will deliver their presentations in the morning and the afternoon students will deliver their presentations in the
You must include a written copy of the highlights of your presentation. This should be included with your pictorial

It is hoped that all Cooperative Education Students will view this career fair presentation as an opportunity to describe
their experiences to potential Coop students and to share their personal experiences with peers. Your employers will be
invited to attend this career fair and they will be excited to see your presentation.

Remember to give thought to the types of visual elements that your placement relates to and start planning now. Be
creative and innovative and have fun preparing for this day
                  Evaluation for Career Fair Presentation
Name:                                                                Evaluated By: _________________________

          EVALUATION ITEM                                                SCORE                TOTAL   COMMENTS
       name of placement, supervisor & co-workers                   1   2
       importance/function of business in Bowmanville               1   2   3
       duties at placement                                          1   2   3   4
       skills required                                              1   2   3   4
       reaction of co-workers                                       1   2   3
       education required                                           1   2   3
       salary range and benefits (eg. dental, vision)               1   2   3   4
       availability of jobs                                         1   2   3
       interesting points of information                            1   2   3   4
       personal reflections                                         1   2   3   4   5
       future plans; is this a career for you? why or why
                                                                     1   2   3
       benefits of placement                                        1   2
       role of supervisor/co-workers in your success                1   2
       recommendations for this placement for future
                                                                     1   2   3
       poise; eye contact; ability to communicate effectively
                                                                     1   2   3   4
        and articulately
       amount of knowledge                                          1   2   3   4
       self-confidence/professionalism                              1   2   3   4
Display Board
       use of photographs, creativity and colour,
                                                                     1   2   3   4   5   6
        attractiveness of display and eye catching
       use of a banner, headings, arrangement of materials
                                                                     1   2   3   4   5   6
        and informative
       other uses of creativity, other resources                    1   2   3   4   5   6
Overall Impression
       interesting and informative               1      2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
       creativity and visual appeal              1      2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
       effort and enthusiasm                     1      2   3   4   5
CAREER FAIR MARKS FOR PRESENTATION                                                             /100 TOTAL

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