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									                           Kinkade Estate Battle Could Last a Year or More

A lawyer involved in the Thomas Kinkade estate battle has said that the case could drag on for a year,
and possibly more, according to a story in the San Jose Mercury News. The attorney, Douglas Dal
Ceilo, says that it could be a year or more before the California probate court hears oral arguments on
whether the handwritten notes purported to be Mr. Kinkade's constitute a valid last will and
testament under California law.

The case began in April after the well-known artist Thomas Kinkade died. He left behind a live-in
girlfriend, Amy Pinto, as well as a wife from whom he had separated, Nannette Kinkade. Since his
death, Pinto and Kinkade have been involved in a court battle over control of the estate, Mr. Kinkade's
home as well as a host of other issues.

Though the probate court has set a mid-September date for when it will rule on whether Ms. Pinto
can continue to remain in the Kinkade home, the battle over the estate estimated, at more than $100
million, is only beginning. Earlier this year, Pinto introduced two documents she claims are
handwritten wills Mr. Kinkade made before his death. California law does allow for handwritten wills,
and the court's ruling on whether the documents are valid could be the key moment in the battle.
However, the Kinkade estate could challenge the ruling by appealing or by providing evidence to show
Mr. Kinkade did not have the capacity to make a will.

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