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					Katelyn Myers

Article Review

       The article that I selected was called “Boxing Training for Patients With Parkinson

Disease: A Case Series.” In this article, scientists took six male patients with idiopathic

Parkinson disease and put them through a series of 90-minute boxing training sessions. These

sessions lasted for twelve weeks, but the patients had the option of continuing them for twenty-

four weeks. In their session, it included boxing drills and traditional stretching, strengthening,

and endurance exercises.

       While the patients were working through their sessions scientists would measure their

progress in several different ways such as Functional Reach Test, Berg Balance Scale, Activities-

specific Balance Confidence Scale, Timed “Up & Go” Test, Six-Minute Walk Test, gait speed,

cadence, stride length, step width, activities of daily living and motor examination. After the

course of this study, they found that most of the patients had improvements in almost all of these


       Overall, I enjoyed reading this article. I found that this study was very interesting and

was very well thought out. Some of the article was easy to read, but other parts were very

difficult to understand and used a lot of medical terms that I did not completely understand.

Another part of the article I found confusing was the charts they were very advanced for the

common reader. The charts displayed the number results in a way that was very complicated. I

was not sure exactly how to read the chart correctly.

       I chose this article because I am very interest in sports science and the positive effects it

can have on the human body. I think it is fascinating how boxing and other physical activities
can help patients with disabilities such as Parkinson disease. I also liked that this article had a

very positive outcome that almost all of the patients had positive results that will help improve

their everyday lives.

                                               Reference List

Combs S, Diehl M, Staples W, Conn L, Davis K, Lewis N, Schaneman K. Boxing Training for

Patients With Parkinson Disease: A Case Series. Physical Therapy Journal. 2011; 91 (1): 132-


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