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					 Increase Productivity
 with a GPS Vehicle                                                    GPSNVISION
 Tracking Service

                                                                  Mobile Control Management solution

                                                                 Effectively and efficiently monitor your mobile work force.
How GpsNvision Vehicle
Tracking Can Benefit Your                                        Reduce Fuel Cost
Company!                                                         Increase Response Time

The GpsNvision Vehicle Tracking                               
                                                                  Real Time Alert Notifications
Solution provides fleet managers
                                     A GPS Tracking Service      Reports Automatically delivered to your inbox
and owners with powerful GPS
                                                                 Eliminate Unauthorized Stops
fleet tracking tools that can help
reduce fuel costs and increase                                   Automatic vehicle maintenance reminders
fleet productivity                       McKinney, TX            Alerts When Truck Mount is Turned On
                                     Phone: 214-862-1887
To schedule a live demonstration,      Fax: 877-456-2910         Unlimited Access, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Vehicles

call 214-862-1887          
                                                                 No Activation Fee, One year warranty
                                                                 No Long Term Contract

                                                                 One time device purchase $249

                                                                 Unlimited monthly fee $29.95


                                                                       Phone: 214-862-1887
Reduce Fuel Costs                           Multiple Tracking Events

                                            You will be able to learn in detail the
                                            current and historical state of each      “There is nothing more crippling as
                                            vehicle. The system will provide you      a business owner (Not Knowing)
                                            with the following events:                where your employees are at or
                                                                                      doing. This system is so detailed. I
                                            Turn ON: Sent immediately every           know when our service vehicles are
                                            time the vehicle's ignition is turned     parked. If they are working or Not.
                                            ON.                                       Highly recommended by Jimmy
     The GPSNVISION Tracking System                                                   Garza"
 includes management features to ensure     Turn OFF: Sent immediately every
      your vehicles use fuel efficiently.
                                            time the vehicle's ignition is turned     El Paso, TX
                                                                                      “We have been using this service for
                                            Movement: Sent every minute while         the past year to track our vehicles at
Monitor Vehicle Speed                       the vehicle is driving.                   Fox Valley Cleaners. Awesome
                                                                                      service and excellent customer
High speed is a major source of             Input ON: Sent immediately every          support! "
wasted fuel. According to the U.S.          time the input is activated (a door, a
Department of Energy, each 5 mph            PTO, etc.)                                Fox Valley, WI
you drive over 60 mph is like
                                            Input OFF: Sent immediately every         "Our Fuel bill went down by using
paying an additional 21 cents per
                                            time the input is de-activated (a         Gpsnvision. Totally satisfied with
gallon. Maintaining efficient vehicle                                                 the product, outstanding service,
                                            door, a PTO, etc.)
speed provides a fuel economy                                                         really knows our industry" Bruce
benefit of 7-23%.                           Speed Alert: Sent immediately every       Little, Pasco, WA
                                            time the vehicle goes above the
Our fleet tracking system allows                                                      The Gpsnvision system helped our
                                            predefined speed threshold.
you to monitor the speed of each                                                      Company be more efficient.
vehicle. In addition, alerts will           Idle Alert: Sent immediately every
notify you when any vehicle                 time the vehicle is idling over the       Crystal Henning, PC Floors
exceeds your designated speed               stipulated maximum idling time.           Belton, TX
.threshold. With GpsNvision fleet
tracking, you’ll always know which          Geofence Alert: Sent immediately          To schedule a live demonstration,
drivers are speeding and wasting            every time the vehicle enters or exits    please call 214-862-1887
your fuel.                                  a geofence.

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