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					        Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name

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A domain name is simply an address to your website (ie google
com) The best domain names for how to make a website are short,
descriptive and have a com, net or org extension Also, a good
domain name will be easy to spell, easy to remember and indicate
what your website is about Easier said than done, right? Try this�
Come up with a list of primary keywords related to the topic of your
website I suggest coming up with at least 10 keywords Then, add
prefixes such as the, my, top, pro, best, super, ultra, etc
 and suffixes such as central, point, site, portal, web, net, etc If you
need help coming up with various prefixes and suffixes, then use
Google Simply search for "domain prefixes suffixes" and your first
few results should be what are read more looking for By now you
should have a good size list of potential domain names Now we
need to find out if any of these domain names are available To do
this, I recommend using a bulk domain search tool such as the one
at dynadot com But, again, you can find these domain search tools
by doing a simple Google search such as "bulk domain search" Step
2: Choosing a Hosting Plan As for a domain hosting service for how
to make a website, I recommend sticking to a popular, well known
"brand" such as godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, brainhost, etc I
recommend going with a hosting service that will give you a free
domain of your choice when you sign up for one of their plans If you
are unable to find a hosting service that provides a free domain upon
sign-up, then you can purchase your domain through a provider such
as namecheap
com The domain and hosting do not have to be purchased through
the same provider! You do not need an expensive web hosting
service to build a website! Stick with the plans that run between $5
and $10 per month Make sure your domain is hosted on a Linux
based server and has cPanel and WordPress I also recommend that
you purchase a plan that has free unlimited domain hosting This will
allow you to add future domains, known as add-on domains, to the
same plan without having to fork over even more money to buy more
plans Step 3: Installing WordPress Now for the fun part on how to
make website! Once you have purchased your domain and hosting,
you should have received an email from your hosting provider with
important account information In this email, look for where it makes
note of the cPanel web address, username and password Write this
information down and keep it in a safe place! 1) In a web browser
such as Internet Explorer, type in the cPanel web address in the URL
box of the web browser and press the Enter key on your keyboard
2) Type in your cPanel username and password and press the Enter
key 3) Once in cPanel, scroll down until you see the section
"Software/Services" and click on the icon "Fantastico De Luxe"
 4) Once in Fantistico, on the left, look for the "Blogs" section and
click on the "WordPress" link 5) Under "WordPress" click on the
"New Installation" link 6) Type in the requested information and click
the "Install WordPress" button 7) Click on the "Finish Installation"
button That's all there is to how to make a website! You now have a
website up and running! Try it out, go to your domain in a web
browser and see what happens Next, let's personalize your website
a bit Step 4: Making it YOUR Website There are TONS of
WordPress templates to give your website that look and feel that you
are looking for when creating your website You can find these
templates freely available on the Web and in WordPress itself
 To administer your new website, in a web browser, simply type in
your domain name followed by a "/wp-admin" (minus the quotes of
course) Type in the login and password that you provided during the
WordPress installation and click the "Log In" button You will then be
presented with a web page where you will customize your
WordPress website First, on the left side, click on "Appearance" and
then "Themes" Here you will see a small preview of your currently
installed theme Above the "Current Theme", click on the "Install
Themes" tab There are a lot of available themes to choose from I
suggest narrowing down your search with the available filter options,
but if you simply want to browse through all of the themes, then click
the "Search" button without any search criteria Once you find a
theme that you like, simply click on the "Install Theme" under the
small preview image And that's it for how to make a website!
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