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					   E    MBEDDED


           [Z TECHNOLOGIES]

       S     PR        Titles                                    Year

.No    OJECT


       1     EM         Intelligent Energy Management System     2012

       B01        For Smart Offices

       2     EM         Design Of Automatic Meter Reading        2012

       B02        Based On Zigbee

       3     EM         Wireless Sensor Network Based Home       2012

       B03        Monitoring System For Wellness Determination

                  Of Elderly

       4     EM         Design Of Intelligent Home Appliance     2012

       B04        Control System Based On Arm And Zigbee

       5     EM         A Reliable Transmission Protocol For     2012

       B05        Zigbee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring

      6     EM        Design Of Monitoring And Management 9500091001   2012

       B06        System Of Tourist Attractions Based On Rfid

       7     EM          Home Healthcare Self-Monitoring            2012

       B07        System For Chronic Diseases

       8     EM         An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein           2012

       B08        Recognition System For Mobile Devices

       9     EM         A Smart Energy Meter Architecture In        2012

       B09        Indian Context

       1     EM         A Design For Wireless Access Control        2012

0      B10        System Based On Zigbee

       1     EM         Sensor Network Based Oilwell Health         2012

1      B11        Monitoring And Intelligent Control

       1     EM         Realization Of Intelligence Monitoring      2012

2      B12        System Based On Remote Sensor Technology

       1     EM         Validation Of A New Functional Design Of    2012

3      B13        Automatic Protection Systems At Level Crossings

                  With Model-Checking Techniques 9500091001

           [Z TECHNOLOGIES]
       1     EM        Intelligent Wireless Street Lighting System   2012

4      B14

       1     EM        Design Of A Wireless Sensor Network           2012

5      B15        Based Monitoring System For Home Automation

       1     EM        Zigbee Based Energy Efficient Outdoor         2012

6      B16        Lighting Control System

       1     EM        Performance Of Wireless Real-Time             2012

7      B17        System For Ecg Monitoring In Hospitals

       1     EM        Application Of Low Cost Inertial Sensors      2012

8      B18        To Human Motion Analysis

       1     EM        Parking Spaces Detection In Indoor            2012

9      B19        Environments Based On Zigbee

       2     EM         Home Healthcare Self-Monitoring              2012

0      B20        System For Chronic Diseases

       2     EM         The Study For Application Of Zigbee          2012

                  Location Tracing Monitoring System For Atm 9500091001
1      B21        Device Theft

       2     EM            Wireless Underwater Mobile Robot         2012

2      B22        System Based On Zigbee

       2     EM            Design Of Integrated Mine Safety         2012

3      B23        Monitor System Based On Zigbee

       2     EM            Detection And Localization Of Multiple   2012

4      B24        Spoofing Attackers In Wireless Networks

       2     EM            Environmental Wireless Sensor Network    2012

5      B25        For Road Traffic Applications

       2     EM        Agriculture Intelligence: An Emerging        2011

6      B26        Technology For Farmer Community

       2     EM        A Hierarchical Algorithm For Indoor          2011

7      B27        Mobile Robot Localization Using Rfid Sensor


       2     EM        Automated Voice Based Home Navigation        2011

8      B28        System For The Elderly And The Physically

                  Challenged 9500091001

           [Z TECHNOLOGIES]
       2     EM        Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied     2011

9      B29        In Coal Mine Detection Robot

       3     EM        Design And Implementation Of A Mini-       2011

0      B30        Size Search Robot

       3     EM        Integration Platform For Home/Building     2011

1      B31        Automation And Security System

       3     EM        Testing Resource Usage In Home             2011

2      B32        Automation Systems

       3     EM        Measurement And Control System Of Soil     2011

3      B33        Moisture Of Large Greenhouse Group Based On

                  Can Bus

       3     EM        The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning   2011

4      B34        System For Car Reversing

       3     EM        Design And Implementation Of Smart         2011

5      B35        Building Energy Management System Based On

                  Zigbee 9500091001
       3     EM         Design Of Landslide Warning System             2011

6      B36

       3     EM         Design And Implementation Of Train             2011

7      B37        Collision Prevention System

       3     EM         Design Of Spots Intelligent Monitoring         2011

7      B38        System Of Digital Scenic

       3     EM         Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply          2011

9      B39        Control And Water Theft Identification System

       4     EM         Cryptanalysis And Improvement Of               2011

0      B40        Remote User Authentication Using Smart Card

       4     EM         The Ship Monitoring And Control Network        2011

1      B41        System Design

       4     EM         Rfid And Zigbee Based Manufacturing            2011

2      B42        Monitoring System

       4     EM         Intelligent Vehicle Theft Identification And   2011

3      B43        Access Control System 9500091001

           [Z TECHNOLOGIES]
       4     EM           Green Evolution – Detection Of Plastics     2011

4      B44        For Recycling Process

       4     EM           The On-Line Monitoring And Diagnosis        2011

5      B45        System For Thermal Plant

       4     EM           Modeling, Control And Monitoring Of         2011

6      B46        Hydrogen Cooling System In Thermal Power


       4     EM           Software Design And Development For         2011

7      B47        Automotive Online Monitoring System

       4     EM           Malfunction Detection And Indication Dash   2011

8      B48        Board For Automobile

       4     EM           Four-Factor Verification Methodology For    2011

9      B49        Entity Authentication Assurance

       5     EM           Structural Analysis Of The Remote           2011

0      B50        Performance Monitoring System Used In Modern

                  Agricultural Machinery 9500091001
       5     EM           Design Of On-Line Interactive Data        2011

1      B51        Acquisition And Control System For Embedded

                  Real Time Applications

       5     EM           Intelligent Online Measurement And        2011

2      B52        Management Of Energy Meter Data Through

                  Advanced Wireless Network

       5     EM           Bidirectional Medication Support System   2011

3      B53        For Medical Staff And Home Care Patients

       5     EM           Deviation Detection In Automated Home     2011

4      B54        Care Using Commonsense

       5     EM           Advanced Network Based Wireless, Single   2011

5      B55        Pms For Multiple-Patient Monitoring

       5     EM           Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On      2011

6      B56        Rfid And Network

       5     EM           Rfid-Based Tracing Systems For Drugs:     2011

7      B57        Technological Aspects And Potential Exposure

                  Risks 9500091001
           [Z TECHNOLOGIES]
       5     EM          An Rfid-Based Reminder System For Smart   2011

8      B58        Home

       5     EM          Design Of Monitor-And-Control System      2011

9      B59        For Supermarket Fresh Area Based On Zigbee

       6     EM          Design And Deployment Of A Robust         2011

0      B60        Remote River Level Sensor Network 9500091001

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