5th ANNUAL VALLEY’S BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE
                       SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 – DECEMBER 8, 2012

   1.   Challenge: A twelve (12) week competition in which prizes are awarded for certain accomplishments. This Challenge is a
        strenuous exercise and nutrition program with proper weight loss for a healthier life as its goal. A cash Grand prize along with
        additional cash and prizes are awarded based upon the cumulative highest % of weight loss over the 12 week competition. Ten
        weeks of the challenge are with the assistance of trainers, nutrition specialists and include participation in mandatory
        workouts, classes and instruction with your assigned team performed in Temecula, CA. The final 2 weeks all Contestants are
        on their own and come back for their final weigh in.
   2.   Applicant: all who complete the Registration Process and meet the rules, regulations and requirements.
   3.   Application Fee: $187.00 non refundable fee and paid at the time of applicants registration or on website via PayPal.
   4.   Contestant: is an Applicant who is accepted by the Committee as a Contestant for this challenge. A Contestant must participate
        in and attend all Monday night Nutrition Classes, Tuesday or Wednesday workouts and Saturday challenges as required,
        otherwise a Contestant is Disqualified.
   5.   Valleys Biggest Loser (“VBL”): is a 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to help provide individuals the tools,
        education and motivation necessary to once, and for all, make healthy life choices. VBL also encourages Contestants to give
        back to their community and will provide opportunities during the challenge in which they can choose to help others less
   6.   Valleys Biggest Loser Advisory Committee (“Committee”): is made up of five to seven individuals who volunteer their time and
        efforts towards the annual Challenges.
   7.   P4L Fitness (“P4L”): is a for-profit fitness and training company located in Temecula, CA. P4L is the Title Sponsor for the
        Valleys Biggest Loser Challenge.

                                    RULES, REGULATIONS & REQUIREMENTS:
   8. Applicants must be between 18 years to 60 years of age.
   9. Registrations will be taken from only those who have not previously participated in a VBL Challenge.
   10. Applicants must be a minimum of 40 pounds overweight. Because the acceptable amount of weight loss on an individual is
       somewhat subjective, it is at the sole discretion of the Committee to determine if an applicant is considered at least 40 lbs
   11. A total of fifty (50) Applicants will be selected by Committee. If an Applicant is not selected as a Contestant by Committee the
       Application Fee will be refunded to that Applicant. All Applicants must register on the designated Registration days of Aug.
       17th & 18th . All Applicants must register in person with photo identification.
   12. Contestants are required to attend and participate in the Opening Event and Starting Weigh-In on Saturday Sept. 8th, weekly
       scheduled workouts (Tuesdays or Wednesdays-depending on which team your assigned), Saturday challenges, Saturday weigh-
       ins and Monday evening Nutrition classes.(See Disqualifications if failure to attend and participate).
   13. Registration Process: All Applicants must complete the following Registration Process: (All Applicants must register in person
       with a photo identification)
            a.) Pay the $187.00 Application Fee at Registration Day: Aug. 17th or Aug. 18th @ P4L Fitness
            b.) Bring to the Registration the completed Application Form
            c.) Bring to the Registration a completed and signed Doctors Release Form and completed Active Medication Form (using
                 the VBL release form or equivalent)
            d.) Bring to the Registration fully executed Waiver, Rules/Regulations Form and the Challenge Details document
                 signifying that you understand, agree and meet the requirements of this Challenge. (all forms may be downloaded
                 from the website)
   14. There are NO REFUNDS.
   15. Disqualifications: A Contestant will be immediately Disqualified from the challenge if any one of the following happen:
                 a. Missing a weigh-in
                 b. Missing the Opening Event on September 8th
                 c. Missing more than three (3) of any combination of the scheduled workouts, Saturday challenges or nutrition/life
                       classes (Note: More than 5 minutes late to any workout, Saturday challenge or nutrition class is counted as a
                 d. Weight gain at a Saturday Weigh-In
                 e. If the Committee and/or P4L Fitness Trainers have suspicion that a Contestant is using weight reduction
                       enhancements/methods other than the recommended fitness and nutritional guidelines recommended.
                 f. If the Committee in its sole discretion determines a Contestant is physically unable to participate in the Challenge
                       in a similar manner as other Contestants
                 g. If the Committee in its sole discretion determines a Contestant is behaving in a manner that is offensive to the
                       Committee, Trainers, coaches or Contestants and/or behaving in a manner that is not reflecting the best interest
                       and purpose of this Challenge.

Print Name:_____________________________Signature:____________________Date:________
   16. Each Contestant is required to weigh-in weekly at the pre-determined dates and times (See Dates tab on website). Weigh-ins
       will be conducted in similar attire each week and will be conducted with socks (no shoes), shirts, shorts or pants (women, sports
       bras will need to be covered up).
   17. Immunity: Immunity is a condition granted to a Contestant(s) which protects them from being eliminated from this Challenge
       over a specific period of time. Immunity does not apply if the Contestant(s) are Disqualified for reasons other than a weight
   18. All winners must be present at the Closing Event to be eligible for prizes.
   19. Participation in this Challenge is strictly voluntary. Contestants may remove themselves from the Challenge at any time. In
       doing so they are considered Disqualified.
   20. Valley’s Biggest Loser, Committee may make changes to the Challenge at any time without notice.
   21. Any prizes offered by sponsors not accepted within the stated time parameters will automatically be defaulted back to the
       sponsor who donated such gift.
   22. Valleys Biggest Loser Challenge Grand Prize cash plus gifts from sponsors will be determined based upon a Contestants
       highest % weight lost at the conclusion of the 12 week Challenge which is determined at the final weigh in date of December 1 st.
   23. Contestants acknowledge that Valleys Biggest Loser its Committee and P4L Fitness and its trainers are not physicians and are
       not trained to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment or any medical advice.
   24. Contestants acknowledge they have been told that if they feel tired, feel pain or feel out of the ordinary in any way either
       related to training or otherwise they should contact a physician.
   25. Valleys Biggest Loser and P4L Fitness provide its clients with safe, positive and supportive environment. We never encourage
       unsafe weight loss tactics. This Challenge is specifically focused on healthy and recommended nutrition guidelines and a
       specific exercise prescription. Anything that aids in weight loss other than the above mentioned we will not support (i.e.
       cosmetic surgery, diet pills, malnutrition) and if Valleys Biggest Loser or P4L Fitness suspects in its sole discretion that a
       Contestant is using such aids they may be immediately disqualified.
   26. During the Challenge, the Contestants are not allowed to solicit other Contestants for the purpose of furthering and / or
       promoting their own business or the businesses of others. The Key Sponsors of this Challenge donate monetarily and volunteer
       hundreds of hours towards this challenge for two reasons 1st: To help others and 2nd: To promote their business. Many
       individuals and businesses, especially in the fitness, nutrition and health industry, attempt to gain exposure from this challenge
       by soliciting Contestants to bring their teammates to their business for free workouts, nutrition etc. The only individuals and
       businesses eligible for promotion are the sponsors of this Challenge. Any Contestant found soliciting/encouraging others to join
       them in their exercise and nutrition efforts with a professional (individual or business) other than the sponsors of this challenge
       shall be Disqualified. (This includes facebook and other social outlets).
   27. Contestants may collaborate together and organize amongst themselves runs and walks independent of the challenge. They
       may also participate in charitable events as individuals. If they choose to attend these events as a group they must represent the
       VBL and they must receive prior approval from Committee prior to participating in such events.
   28. Contestants contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses will be strictly for the use of the VBL and its
       sponsors. Shared information must be agreed to among the contestants.

                           I understand and agree to these rules and regulations:

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