Reflection Questions by Nooga


									                                Reflection Questions

*What was going on in your mind while you were writing?
      While I was writing to this topic my main problem was to try and keep
      myself focused throughout the entire time, I was in front of the computer. My
      main problem when writing this paper was the social media distractions in
      which I encountered all over my computer, whether it be Twitter, Facebook,
      or even Instagram.

* How do you feel about the finished product?
      I am fairly pleased about my finished product because, we were given such
      short notice about this essay. I also feel that I managed my time and my
      resources fairly well because I was able to work through many distractions. I
      feel like I could better improve my time management skills because, I could
      have put more time into the writing and research process of this essay. But,
      on a brighter note, I was able to get my point across loud and clear, without
      any tangents.

* Did you tell the truth?
       I really did tell the truth because; I do like to write when the topic is
       interesting. But, I felt like I would have been able to get my point across
       clearer if I could get my thoughts down on paper. The main problem I had
       with this essay was trying to get all my thoughts organized and down on
       paper, with out going crazy.

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