Membership Benefits of the Young Presidents’ Organization

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					Membership Benefits of the Young Presidents’ Organization

By Kevin Fallon

A prominent business network of young executives across the globe, the Young Presidents’ Organization
(YPO) brings together some of the brightest, most promising business talents from more than 110
countries. Established in 1950 in New York City, the YPO has since grown to include nearly 20,000
leaders in a variety of fields. Members of the YPO must be under the age of 45, at which point they
“graduate” and become a member of the World Presidents’ Organization. Here is a brief overview of
some of the benefits enjoyed by members of the YPO.


Throughout the years, YPO members have expressed an eagerness to interact with their fellow business
leaders on both a personal and professional level. Because business success depends in large part on a
person’s connections, the YPO represents an ideal opportunity to bolster one’s business and social
networks. One of the primary benefits offered by the YPO, networking allows young executives to meet
in a variety of settings and establish meaningful business relationships. YPO members have come
together over a number of diverse interests in the past, ranging from manufacturing outsourcing and
microfinance projects to triathlons and art collections.


Although many members of the YPO already hold degrees from prestigious universities, the organization
believes in the importance of continuing education. YPO members have the unique opportunity to
participate in a series of far-reaching educational programs, including a Navy SEALs training camp and
the Harvard Presidents’ Program. Furthermore, YPO members can learn from their fellow young
executives, many of whom have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. In addition to
academic programs with institutions such as the Harvard Business School and London Business School,
the YPO sponsors a number of global conference calls and industry roundtables.


As one of the premier organizations of young business leaders worldwide, the YPO provides valuable
mentoring services for its members. In particular, the YPO draws upon support from the World
Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a YPO graduate organization with an expansive global membership.
Although the YPO and WPO operate individually and maintain their own priorities, members of both
organizations benefit greatly from peer exchange and mentoring services. In addition to providing useful
guidance, peer mentoring at the YPO also strengthens professional networks and allows members a
chance to make lifelong connections.

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About the Author

Kevin Fallon, an experienced global business leader and entrepreneur with companies such as City Bin
International and MX Logic, Inc., currently serves as a Founding Officer of the YPO/WPO Manufacturing
Excellence Network. Today, Fallon works as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fallon
Associates, LLC, an executive consulting service based in Denver, Colorado.

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