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									Best TI calculators keyboard review

Two of the best TI accessories is the TI keyboard and the TI graph link USB cable. These two increase
the utility of your TI calculator tremendously.

The keyboard is compatible almost with all TI calculators. It brings word processing capabilities to the
TI calculators.
It comes with some software such as the Notefolio Handheld software Apps. . This keyboard and the
handheld calculator compatible- so you can type and save notes for any class. The Notefolio Creator
software and the TI graph Link cable and the YI connect software all allow the handheld to be
connected to the computer. For example you can download files into Word, edit and even print. In other
words you can use Word capabilities on the TI handheld.
The Keyboard has full size keys for easy typing .However it is a little compact – about two thirds the
size of regular keyboard. It comes with three AAA batteries and a guidebook.
For the lowest prices check it out on Amazon.
Technical Details

Compatible with all variants of TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, TI-92 and Voyage 200 calculators
Full size keys for easy touch-typing
NoteFolio Handheld application for note-taking
NoteFolio Creator software for word processing tasks
Durable, compact design for portability
For the lowest prices check it out on Amazon.

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