Best graphing calculator for Physics is the TI89 Titanium

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					Best graphing calculator for Physics is the TI89

“This calculator is a must-have for just about any math class, or for any other class. The multiple
functions it performs definitely helped me in my Calculus I and II classes. The features and functions
are easy to learn and use, and this calculator can solve just about any math problem under the sun
with the touch of a few buttons. I would recommend this to anyone looking for “that perfect
calculator”. Read the rest of this review here.

We recommend the TI89 Titanium, for those in college in professions, which is quite advanced and
powerful. It solves many calculations automatically. The TI89 is not allowed in tests in high school and
standardized tests such as ACT and SAT.It is allowed for many physics tests and in almost all colleges.(
Some high schools are also TI89 centric).
However unless your high schools recommends the TI89 we strongly suggest you dont buy it. You
should get the TI84 instead.
Technical Details
16 preloaded Graphing Calculator Software Applications (Apps), including EE*Pro, CellSheet &
Electronic upgradeability for maintenance upgrades and new software downloads
Preloaded with Offiical AP Calculas exam review questions
Built-in USB port with cable
3x the Flash memory of the TI-89
The TI89 Titanium (read the full review of this calculator here) allows access to downloadable
programs that can greatly expand its functionality. These include (calculating divergence, curl,
gradients, multiple integrals, tensors and many others.
“Great product. This replaced my same calc that was stolen. A necessity for college mathematics and
engineering… Still using it as a professional”. Read the rest of this review here.
The TI89 Titanium is also great if you want to experiment some things really quickly without actually
going through the whole computation.
The best place to buy the TI89 Titanium is at Amazon. You pay much less than in regular stores, while
still getting all the warranties.No sales tax. They also have free shipping, great customer service and
great return policies. You also don’t pay state sales tax which adds as much as $12 to a $150 calculator.